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Boneless Chicken & Sweet Potato Dumplings in Creole Sauce By Chef Gregory Austin

Ingredients 2 Starchick Chicken Legs quarter (deboned) ½ red, green, yellow peppers (thin sliced) 1 whole tomato (diced) 4oz sweet potato (boiled) 4oz flour

Method ½ onion (diced) ½ oz parsley and Thyme 2 tbs Roberts health Spread 2tbs Roberts soya bean oil 1 tsp MIS basil, cumin, curry & paprika

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1. Add a teaspoon of basil, cumin, curry and paprika to bowl, add crushed pepper, a little salt and mix together with ½ oz of parsley and thyme. 2. Add deboned Starchick chicken legs to this mixture of spices. 3. Add the Roberts soya bean oil to a hot pan. Then add ½ of a sliced pepper, a teaspoon of Roberts Health Spread, add water and allow to boil and then simmer.

4. Place boneless Starchick chicken in the hot frying pan, then add Roberts soya bean oil and a teaspoon of Roberts Health Spread to pan. Fry on both sides until brown, crispy and cooked. 5. Take a cooked sweet potato, crush it, then add flour and roll into tiny balls. Place balls in pan with the cooked, steaming creole vegetables and allow to sit for two minutes. 6. Serve and enjoy.

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