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Slow soulful jazz, cool blues and rhythms, that beat in time with the hearts of music lovers, may not be a nightly occurrence in Bim, but Jazz still seeps its way into the pores of Jazz connoisseurs at weekly escapes around the island. The local Jazz adventure gets going with the perfect mix of Jazz, Latin, Soul, Funk and Blues, to draw us in, titillate our taste buds and compel us to tap our feet in time to the infectious sounds. Find Monthly Jazz Sessions *

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Jazz Dinner (7pm) & Sunday Jazz Lunch Lobster Alive, Bay Street, Bridgetown. $ No cover charge, reservations suggested but not required. Thursday Jazz Evenings Colony Club, St. James $ No cover, reservations required. Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evening Jazz The Waterfront Café, Bridgetown $ Dinners will require reservations. No cover charge. BAND

Thurs – VSOP Friday – Ayana John and Jerry Roberts Sat – Victor Linton & George Gill

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Saturday Jazz Evenings Oceans 15, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church $ $25 cover – Band varies weekly, walk ins accepted. Sunday Jazz Brunch Naniki
(from 11am) $ No Cover Charge, Reservations are welcome. Sunday Jazz Oceans 2, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church (from 6:30 – 9:30pm) $ Walk-ins welcome, no cover charge.

Smile Night club ICE Breakers!

Heading out to a bar or a party and not sure what to say to the cutie across the room? Try these crazy icebreaking suggestions from our readers: q: What’s the craziest icebreaker/ pick up line you have ever used or heard? • “I was so caught up by your beauty, I ran into that wall. So I am gonna need your name and number for insurance purposes.” • “My friend, I have a weakness for Sweetness!” • “There’s something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.” • “Hey Angel! Looka God!” • “If being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty!” • “If a thousand painters, worked a thousand years, they couldn’t create a work of art as beautiful as you.”

a bajan funny The Last Meal Three prisoners are waiting to be executed and they are asked what they wish to have for their last meal. The Trini responds, "A chicken Roti." The warden serves him his Roti, and then escorts him to his execution. The Jamaican requests Jerk Pork. The warden serves him his Jerk Pork, and then escorts him to his execution. The Bajan requests a bag of plums. The warden asks: "plums???" "Yes,plums" says the Bajan. The warden replies, "but them outa season!" "So?" replies the Bajan. "I gine wait..."


NJ 3.0


Be sure to call to confirm or make reservations.

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