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Consider travelling in off season! We all know that fruit and vegetable prices at the market drop when there are copious amounts to go around. The same is true for vacation accommodations; when rooms are in less demand the price of some locations can drop by 50% or more and with great weather all year round, any time is a good time to be in Barbados.

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If you have a kitchen or a kitchenette, USE IT! Dragging yourself away from eating sumptuous, exotic island food every day may be a challenge; the alternative however - eating out every night - can be frightfully expensive. Why not try a few days of light eating: frozen pizza, sandwiches, subs and cereals - supplemented by the local fast food or Chinese joint. Conversely you can save hundreds of dollars over your entire trip, by making lunch your large meal of the day and snacking lightly for dinner (most restaurants offer a similar, less expensive lunch menu).





ld School Bajans and repeat visitors may remember the Frugal Gourmet with Jeff Smith, a popular television cooking show from the 80’s and 90’s which emphasised fantastic meals at a reasonable price. Well move over Jeff, this one’s “The Frugal Va-Stay-cationer”, with great tips on maximizing (not just your eating) your entire va–stay–cation experience on a budget.

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The words “vacation/ staycation” and “frugal” are difficult words to tie together but spending wisely just means more bang for your buck, with equal amounts of fun. If you think about it, many of us start the va/ stay-cation process by being frugal – saving for that perfect vacation. So these are just a few more things that can be done to make vacationing more affordable.

Consider all your options. The allinclusive hotel may be the most popular option, but a frugal vacationer needs to consider every possible alternative. Small hotels, apartments, condos, guesthouses and even house swapping as viable options. Look for free or reasonably priced things to do. The park, window shopping, the movies, art shows & exhibits, bike riding, self guided sightseeing (Getting lost is a big part of the experience) and of course the beach; carry toys and games and the experience gets even better. Look for deals or coupons. No sense paying full price if discounts are available. Several island attractions have a good local rate or a discounted rate for visitors with coupons. Check the net before you arrive and you might save yourself a few dollars. Consider traveling as a group. Group deals can drive prices down to rates that are easier on your eyesight and your pocket. So call up your friends, plan a group trip, and save. Join mailing lists and use the social media where possible. Simply sign up to get deals and steals right in your inbox, to your Facebook and your Twitter feeds making it easier to get a better deal without the hassles of the big bothersome search.

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