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very night is movie night in Barbados! However, if you are on a tight budget or simply the frugal type then Monday or Tuesday may be the best days to take in the newest blockuster, see a fantastic tear jerker or laugh till your sides ache. Movie night isn’t just about selecting the right type of movie, its also about the experience; and where you go is sometimes a big part of that, particularly in Barbados where every theater on the island offers a varying movie experience! The Globe Drive - In If you are up for a double feature, head over to the Globe Drive In. Sit in the comfort of your vehicle and turn your personal surround all the way up. Load the car up at home with snacks to save even more, but buy your popcorn at the movie because movie popcorn is always a part of the experience! Additionally, if you happen to have an open cab truck, go all the way! Carry cusions and a blanket and turn the back of the cab into an intimate evening for two, or a cosy and memorable night for the kids. Show times 6:30 and 8:30pm Cost Monday & Tuesday Special on select movies: Adults $8 Children $4 All other nights: $15

The Olympus Theaters $6 Tuesdays at the Olympus theaters are particularly popular. This multiplex, which has 6 huge cinemas, offers a wide selection of movies, including 3D, sure to be suitable for even the most discerning movie goer. Pick a flick, then

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head over to their snackette for a wide variety of snacks, candy and sodas. We suggest you arrive early, as it’s common to find long lines on Tuesdays. Show times vary but there is usually a Sunday Matinee at 3 pm Cost Tuesdays $6 All other nights: Adults $16 Children under 12 $9 (extra for VIP or 3d movies)

Lime Grove Cinemas Another great location to catch a flick is at the Limegrove cinemas on the West Coast! Offering a luxury movie experience. There is no need for lines, as tickets can be bought online, and the snackette comes to you at the push of a button, so no waiting in line for popcorn here! Show times See online or call 420-2000 for start times Cost Tuesdays $6 All other nights: Adults $25 Children under 12 $15 (extra for VIP or 3d movies)

Check the weather before you go at, as rain can spoil a Drive in movie. Call for listings and showtimes, or check online. If everything sounds good check YouTube for trailers to whittle down the choices. Plan to arrive 20 – 30 minutes before the movie, especially on weekends or special days. Add a few minutes, if its opening night of a much awaited blockbuster. Where possible, buy tickets in advance to avoid, disappointments and to increase your chances of getting great seats. Not much to spend? Consider saving money on snacks by carrying candy or smaller snacks in your pockets or bag. or smaller snacks in your pockets or bag.

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