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6 Great excuses to get a massage!

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executives have a masseuse work?top Rubbing them down while at work? the Rubbing them down they manage office? Well there’s while they the office? a reason formanage that: massage hasWell there’s a reason that: massage has incredible healthfor benefits, that can incredibleimpact health benefits, thatlevels, can positively your stress positively levels, , your mood,impact boostyour yourstress immunity your mood, your immunity , improve brainboost function and relieve improve brain function and relieve long term and even chronic pain.

long term and even chronic pain.

Reduce stress hormone levels Get a massage to reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body; this can help lead to a reduced heart rate and consequently, a lower blood pressure. Give your immunity a boost Studies have indicated that the use of massage therapy to reduce stress and stress hormones, boosts the level of good cells which act as your body’s first defense against invaders. Massage

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therapy has been shown to even boost immunity in people with severely decreased immune systems, such as patients with breast cancer. Regulate your moods Doing things to pamper oneself releases the body’s “feel good hormones”, like dopamine and serotonin. Giving you that wonderful buzz and euphoric feeling when the spa treatment is all over. Relieve pain Massaging the body is said to increase blood flow to the muscles and improve circulation; when these processes work in conjunction with the body’s mood regulators and decreased cortisol , they block the nervous systems pain receptors and relieve pain. Relieve PMS A common belief among reflexologists is that the act of applying massage therapy

to the ankle and the big toe, calms the endocrine and reproductive systems, helping to relieve the symptoms of PMS. Other studies have suggested that a massage can also reduce the incidence of PMS Pain, mood swings and water retention. Improve Brain Function A study conducted by The Touch Research Institute showed that a 15-minute chair massage boosted alertness, improved attention and stimulated brain-wave activity. Imagine improved productivity with a titillating massage.

With all these benefits, we’ve never had a better excuse to pamper ourselves, and while we may not be able to have a professional on call, we can afford to occasionally splurge on the spa!

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