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urses are a special group by virtue of their profession. To be a nurse, working long hours and still volunteer your time to help your community is commendable. Forty-five years and going strong, is the Trinidad and Tobago Nurses Association of America doing just that. Their ultimate goal in America and the twin-island republic is to build professionals who will impact the world and future nurses. The organization was formed in Trinidad and Tobago by a group of nurses in the 60’s. Their mission was to build an organization that gave back to the community, specifically aspiring nurses. To be considered for a scholarship, the nursing student must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and be born in Trinidad and Tobago or is a descendant of Trinidadian parent(s). With their mission to build a community, “Everyone come together to make sure we are active in the community here and in Trinidad” said Pamela Charles, the public relations officer for the organization. “What we are here for, is to help the people in the community” she said. In 2010, they were able to donate six electrocardiogram machines to the Ministry of Health in Trinidad and Tobago. The 40 active members are dedicated to the idea of giving back to both nursing

Seated In Front L-R: Valerie Rawlins & Pamela Charles Standing: TTRNA & TTNA of Amer Inc & RHA Representatives

students and medical institutions in Trinidad and Tobago. The Nurses Association has joined forces with Caribbean American Nurses Association (CANA), and Trinidad and Tobago Alliance, an umbrella of various organizations. In order to reach out the community, the association usually host health forums every two years. They also join

forces with other networks and host health fairs. This is their fourth year of hosting health fairs in New York. To raise money for scholarships and to support their liaison in Trinidad and Tobago, the association organizes gospel brunches and concerts. With their busy schedules, the members are dedicated to giving back in their spare time. Charles believes that “It is not about us, we are

not doing it for self-gratification, but we are doing it for our community so they in turn can help another.” The association is looking to increase their membership, looking for more nurses with the heart of giving. “There is a need for service; if you can, provide it,” said Charles. Working endlessly in this association requires patience. Charles thinks that once you are in such a position, “You become the people’s only hope.” At their yearly celebration event, an annual scholarship grant is awarded. On September 15th, 2013, the association hosted their 24th scholarship grant ceremony and celebrated their 45th anniversary in Queens, New York. At the anniversary luncheon celebration, LeJune Sealy-Horsford and Elizabeth Burnette were the recipients of the Trinidad and Tobago Nurses Association of America Scholarship Award. In order to build a community of professionals, the association is looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to give their free time to help someone in need of assistance. Also, to be active in their community, every fourth Wednesday, the association meets at Dr. Susan Smith Mc Kinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to discuss and organize plans and ideas to reach their ultimate goal.l

How to Become a Licensed Childcare Provider

Join us for a comprehensive overview of the financing, planning, application and start-up procedures to become a licensed childcare provider. Topics include operating costs, program planning, insurance, contracts, licensing and, fire and safety standards.

lApplication & Registration Process lHealth Statement & Safety Training lHome Inspection & Background Checks lGrants & Business Loans lBookkeeping Tax & Workers’ Compensation Issues lMarketing Your Daycare

This seminar is designed specifically for anyone who wants to start a daycare or make their business more profitable. For dates and registration details:

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CAW 48 - The Light of Mandela’s Legacy for World Leaders  

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