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The Galley Bar

Cambusa Italian Restaurant Road Runners

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, St. Paul’s T: (268) 460 1533 | E:

Catamaran Marina, Off Falmouth Main Rd, St Paul’s T: (268) 562 2226 | E:



“Ahoy me hearties”, join all the crew for breakfast, lunch or an evening bite at the Galley Bar. This historic bar was once the site of Nelson’s kitchen in the dockyard. Now it’s a hive of entertainment for captains, crew, backpackers, locals, tourists and professionals from all corners of the globe. For over 20 years they have met and conversed here, taken full advantage of the harbour views and marvelled at the impressive yachts or hillside landscape. Sandwiches, burgers, light meals and a full array of drinks are served throughout the day and evening. Gather one and all; everyone is welcome at any time of the day, but it is especially magical as the sun goes down. Open daily year round from 7:00am in High Season (8:00am Low Season) until 7:00pm



Bar & Yacht Catering

Food to go!

Situated in the quiet oceanfront atmosphere of the Catamaran Marina, Cambusa Italian Restaurant is special for its exciting show kitchen. Cambusa’s two Italian chefs will prepare fine food for you, from appetizers to dinner, right in front of you. With great Italian flair, this restaurant offers delicious “comfort food” from ancient Italian tradition. They offer a sampler selection of dishes that are great fun and nice to share. Try tantalizing fish and vegetables locally sourced, traveling ‘Zero Food Miles’, seasoned with Mediterranean flavours. Cambusa offers an excellent Italian yacht catering service & a bar-lounge in which you can relax with a drink.

Why is Road Runners the buzz in English Harbour? For four reasons. First, the owners Stefano and Paolo insist on quality. They rock the harbour with their thin crust pizzas - introducing pizza the Italian way. Light, crisp crusts and fresh quality toppings packed with Mediterranean flavour. The real stuff. Second, the unbeatable prices for all 3 pizza sizes. Third, the location; walking distance from every hot spot in English Harbour. And finally, the fourth reason is still in the pipeline: an express delivery service to start this season. Road Runners is not only pizzas: try their salads, meat or veggie lasagna, fried wings French fries and calzone with more to come.

Open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner.



Dockyard Drive, English Harbour T: (268) 726 2757 E:

Open Mon-Sat from 5:00pm-10:30pm



Antigua & Barbuda Food & Drink Guide 2013  
Antigua & Barbuda Food & Drink Guide 2013  

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