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“Many people dream of moving to the Caribbean; and after some research and a visit to Dominica in February 2007 my wife and I decided to make our dream a reality.” says Andy Sawers as he recounts his family’s relocation to Dominica, The Nature Isle. There were many reasons for our relocation from our posting in

Anticipating the market slowing in the UK, we sold up aiming to

Belgium. One was the need for a lifestyle change. After 15 years,

purchase a Dominican property to renovate, sell at a profit and

corporate life was beginning to pall, although we still enjoyed

then buy another property to call home.

the overseas lifestyle. It was also important that our 3 young

children enjoy their childhood years for as long as possible.


In February 2007 we came to Dominica and met Tina who showed us our options. We found a couple of potential renovation

Our research led us to the Caribbean and Dominica, my wife

projects but after calculating the costs involved, the economics

having lived there briefly as a child. We both felt comfortable

did not stack up. So on our return we embarked on the new-build

with the Caribbean approach to life. Dominica was also

option, having found a house plot advertised on the internet.

financially more attractive than some of the other Caribbean islands; we felt we could afford to build and live there coupled with the property investment potential. Research also led us to Tina Alexander of Island Guests, a company specialising in real estate and relocation to Dominica.

The financial benefit of not relocating at that time was the main reason we decided to buy, design and build a property remotely. It was a proposition with financial risks but we were very comfortable with Tina’s ability and integrity. Also with today’s modern technology, building long distance is very feasible.

We have been property investors for the last 10 years,

Quotes are scanned, progress reports via pictures are emailed,

speculatively buying in Turks & Caicos, Montenegro and Dubai,

fittings and fixtures are agreed using SKYPE and interestingly

before they ‘took off’. So buying in Dominica, an island not

the minimal choices in Dominica made decisions much easier.

as well known as some of its neighbours, did not deter us.

As far as the builder/contractor side of things was concerned,

Caribbean Homes and Lifestyle 8 - Spring2009  

Published in Antigua - Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle magaizne features news stories and information for those interested in property investmen...

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