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1. Always think ahead: Many tourists visit London every year although there is a large competition between rental companies, only a few survives which are the most cost efficient. Every person goal is too caught between the one with the best deal.

2. Time Saving It saves a lot of time if you already hired a car rental Greenwich, usually; there are many professionals’ handlers present which is waiting to offer this service.

3. Exciting Deals Most of the times there are good deals and packages which are mentioned in our Car hire genie website. Agents at the minibus hire Heathrow airport are aware of these promotions who could also further guide about the recent deals.

4. Best time to Visit

According to the survey, July and august are considered to be the busiest months for London, Still, if you are planning for these months, don't forget to prepare additional time at night, reserve hotels and book vehicles as early as possible.

5. Choosing the vehicle. Depends on which sort of activities you will be likely to do in London, choose a cheap van to hire London depending upon your needs and standards e.g. size, speed or fuel efficient

Conclusion: London is an amazing city which is best if visited by car. Other options also include Hitchhiking taxis etc. but owning your vehicle through Car hire genie will give the opportunity for freedom on your own.

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