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Personal Contact Still the Most Effective Networking Method It seems that despite the advantages the internet provides to do business remotely, the corporate world still likes much of the interaction with clients and work colleagues to be done face-to-face. There are still early morning flights taking off across the skies filled with business executives preparing presentations mid-flight, getting organised for meetings or reviewing background information on a new client. The internet has not diminished the number of people travelling for business, nor has it caused a drop in the demand for hire cars. No Time for Leisure on Modern Business Trips Many business executives now do their preparation work on-line, and use their interstate business trips as an opportunity to meet as many clients and colleagues as possible in one trip. It is not unusual for their calendars to be filled with meetings, presentations and consultations, often at opposite ends of the city, and all within the space of two or three days. The schedules are tight, with little margin for lost time, so having reliable transport to get from one place to another is essential. Renting a vehicle from a car hire Brisbane company is a far better option than waiting for taxis or public transport. A hire car provides the executive the freedom to plan their travel and allows them to make instant adjustments if last minute changes are made to meeting venues or times. Trying to juggle an already crowded schedule to accommodate delays caused by others is difficult enough if there is a car handy to just jump into and go. It would be impossible to manage if the only way of getting from one place to another was reliant on taxis or buses. Hire Cars Provide Busy Executives with Freedom of Movement Regardless of the image often portrayed in movies, travelling for business is not as glamorous a life-style as it seems. Most business people, by day’s end, have absorbed mountains of new information, talked to a dozen new people, and are clutching wads of papers to be read before tomorrow’s round of meetings. The last thing they have time for is a leisurely dinner followed by a relaxing drink at

the bar. They are far more likely to be dining on room service while making notes about the day’s proceedings on their tablets. What does that have to do with hire cars? The hire car is a portable office, housing their laptop and charging their mobile phone in transit, its GPS guiding them through the city to their accommodation. A quick turn into an underground car park, into the lift and in the space of a few minutes, the busy executive has the shoes off and is ordering room service. Without the hire car they could still be outside the last venue trying to hail a cab in peak hour. The ability to travel quickly between one city and another is still essential to keep the wheels of business turning. Successful networking is best conducted personally, and the role of the hire car is to bring the parties together. It provides a great balance between cost and freedom of movement. If you want to know more about our services then Click here.

Personal Contact Still the Most Effective Networking Method  

Nowadays the ability to travel quickly between one city and another is important to keep the wheels of business turning. Car hire Brisbane k...