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Fall 2011 Greetings,


As Americans I truly believe we have a natural animosity to tolls, fees, and taxes. Our independent rebellious nature makes us rebel against any organized attempt to grab small amounts of loose change when we drive on a road, buy food, or just live in a particular area. The thought of paying shipping costs turns our blood cold. Look at all the free shipping offers. Many people will pay more for a product to get FREE shipping. It must go back to Colonial times. I picture the Boston tea party as the American people's first war against tolls when angry locals dumped the very tea they wanted to drink into the sea to avoid paying taxes on it. The amount of the tea tax was unimportant. The penalty of getting hung for tossing tea into the harbor was worth the cost. The principle of fighting against oppressive fees motivated us to get creative in our attempt to fight the toll system.

Toll Running A Dangerous Game Most Likely Place To Experience Cargo Theft Congratulations!

Well, I think that spirit of rebellion is alive and well today. Our first story is how some creative Americans are fighting back against tolls using ILLEGAL, DANGEROUS, and ridiculous methods. Forget the fact that they will spend 100x the money in legal fees if they get caught trying to cheat the toll system. Forget the physical risk incurred to avoid paying that dollar. Regardless, I have an amusing story about a recent toll runner and some creative methods to avoid paying tolls. Read on and don't try this at home...ever. Sincerely, Michael Saks Editor of Haulin

TOLL RUNNING A DANGEROUS GAME A Virginia truck driver has been caught running the New York / New Jersey toll system using inventive Hollywood inspired methods to hide the license plate. The driver used a cable to retract the front license plate when going through the toll. The driver folded the corners of the rear license plate as well. Unfortunately it did not work and I don't know how many CSA points you get for defrauding the transit system but I would imagine a lot. The CSA points are pale in comparison to the fact the driver is getting booked with criminal charges. I doubt the money saved on the toll will cover the amount of legal costs and penalties.

The story piqued my interest as to what other methods have been tried to elude tolls. Before I begin I must give this disclaimer:

PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS! I scoured the internet to see just how far people are going to avoid tolls. Here is a list of methods I discovered


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z Take alternate routes z Putting a reduced amount in the toll change pouch z Taping an I.O.U. to the toll pouch (You are not a bank executive asking for a government bailout, you will go to jail for z z z z z z z z z

that) Taping two pictures of the rapper 50 Cent in the toll pouch to pay the dollar toll (2 x .50= $1.00) Putting in foreign money or Chuck E. Cheese tokens( if you have kids you will have these) Putting oranges into the toll pouch Fake a hand motion of throwing change in without doing it (I saw someone do this in Virginia Beach when they still had tolls) Driving off road onto a walkway Driving between barricades...with no road Tape over the license plate Use a CD to cover the license plate Sending the car airborne over a barricade (this technique is also known as the 'General Lee' from Dukes of Hazard fame)

Many of these were inspired by this website. Go there for 'proof' Just don't do them. This person is nuts!






Original source of toll runner concept inspiration

MOST LIKELY PLACE TO EXPERIENCE CARGO THEFT One of the most dreaded byproducts of an economic downturn is the potential for increased crime. Alarmingly, cargo theft has been on the rise. One of the best ways not to become a victim is to look at what professional thieves have targeted. Finding patterns of where they like to strike can help us avoid many of the situations that create cargo theft victims. There is an old saying in business: location, location, location. Unfortunately thieves use this saying as well. According to statistics, crooks targeted unsecured parking lots over 70% of the time. The times when criminals are most likely to strike are Saturday through Monday. This paints a pretty vivid picture of what trailer is going to get hit. The real key is figuring out how to stop it Some General Rules Of Parking In A Lot:

z Park in busy places since there are numerous potential witnesses z Park in the front rows of lots in well illuminated locations z Park near security cameras and other surveillance devices if possible

Another idea is to use cover technology if you can afford it. I was reading that an embedded GPS or RFID tracking system placed inside the trailer is very effective as long as thieves cannot find it very easily. I would say take it a step further. Put a sticker on the truck that says "secured by hidden GPS or RFID system." This is not too unlike the ADT signs you see in front of houses. You know that a criminal is going to look for the easiest target, and lack of a security system is about as easy as it gets. For more information go to these links:


Congratulations!!! To Cars Etc. in Knoxville Tennessee On Their Purchase Of A New Cottrell Trailer


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East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales wants to be your premier dealer for truck and trailer sales, parts and service. We sell a variety of parts from tie down bars, chains & clusters, strap technology, chrome, dollies, safety gear, and more. Please call us anytime at 1-866-849-2178. Sincerely, Michael Saks, Internet Commerce Manager East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales


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