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Gloria Kalmar’s new reachstacker sets the bar high in ergonomics and driver adaptability.


ith the roll-out of its newest reachstacker called Gloria, Kalmar is taking a whole new step forward and setting a new industry standard in ergonomics and driver usability. In development for a year and a half, this fifth generation model is an important new product in the relaunch of the Kalmar brand. Mikael Persson, Vice President, Reachstackers and Empty Container Handlers at Kalmar, who is responsible for the development of Gloria, says that reachstackers are the hallmark of the Kalmar brand. Persson says, “The reachstacker is probably the most popular product we’ve got, and we are unrivalled in this field. The prior generation was launched in 2002 and has been a very successful product, but the time had come to develop a new one. The cabin for the machine from 2002, Spirit Delta, was a giant step for reachstackers, but with the new one we’ve taken a real leap.” According to Persson, market surveys show that Kalmar’s biggest competitor in cabins is the generation prior to Gloria, which underscores Kalmar’s dominance in this market. “But we can’t look back. The focus is on the future, our goal is always to improve the machines.”

A focus on performance and driver adaptability With the new Gloria reachstacker, Kalmar has paid particular attention to overall performance with improved ergonomics, functionality, and driver adaptability. KALMAR GLOBAL


Kalmar Global 1/2013  
Kalmar Global 1/2013  

Welcome to Kalmar Global,Kalmar's new customer magazine. In this first issue: launching the Gloria reachstacker and Kalmar Care service cont...