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MEDIA KIT | 2011

PACIFIC FISHING P c Fishing Pacifi is strong.

Welcome to the world of Pacific Fishing, where you’ll find the best visibility that money can buy in the North Pacific! Your goal is to increase your market share in the North Pacific commercial fishing marketplace. Our goal is to continue to provide th best b t context t t for f you to t accomplish this. the We are the North Pacific fleet’s favorite publication. Why? Everything in each issue is relevant and interesting to them, because we focus exclusively on this region, producing top-quality content. The West Coast industry, from the Baja to the Aleutian Chain, has a very fluid workforce: a California fisherman fishes in Bristol Bay while an Alaskan fisherman heads to California in the winter to fish squid or to Oregon for Dungeness crab. We reach and are read by a targeted audience of serious participants, who pay for their subscriptions. Our circulation represents quality versus quantity. We connect you to your most valuable customers, all decision-makers in the North Pacific commercial fishing industry, including the processors.* We are dedicated to your most attractive market. We’re dedicated and they know it. Your ads show the same about you. Be seen where it counts: If your budget is unlimited, advertise everywhere. If your budget is average, place in the top two. If your budget is tight, choose Pacific Fishing! We have the attention of the North Pacific commercial fishing industry: share it with us in 2011! I look forward to working with you to create an advertising schedule that meets your needs. Thank you! Diane Sandvik, Advertising Sales Manager *Link to recent processor survey: P.S. Keep in mind these other advantages for advertisers: • Suggest vessel names for our “Boat of the Month” feature • Ask about our “What’s New” section • Submit ideas for articles • Be consulted for article content

P c Fishing Pacifi m magazine is the jewel oof the Northwest PPublishing Center ggroup, and no wonder — the publication is th the hands-down leader in its market sector, the N North Pacific.

W We’re growing. EEven as other printed ppublications withered dduring the recession, PPacific Fishing thrived. H Here’s why: We know fishing fishing in the North Pacific Pacific aand we know its fishermen. Want proof? Just ask any commercial fisherman who subscribes to Pacific Fishing. Most likely, he’ll tell you he reads each word in each issue. You won’t find such acceptance anywhere else because no one else is serious about covering the North Pacific. We walk the walk. We have paid correspondents scattered from Dutch Harbor to Eureka in Northern California. Pricey, but it’s the only way — and we’re the only publication doing it.


Ad ti i iin “PF” equates t to unparalleled Advertising visibility with those who control key purchasing decisions for the world’s most productive, successful commercial fisheries fleet. We’re not just proud to be the publisher of Pacific Fishing, we’re excited about the 2011 fishing season because no one will cover it, and deliver to it, the way PF will. Don’t just take our word for it — ask the commercial fishing industry! Peter Hurme, Publisher

Remember, we know the North Pacific because we live here. Don McManman, Editor

Testimonials: Response to our October ’10 issue: “All of the guys are glad to see the ‘rest of the story’ in the morning coffee clatch here at Mallott’s General Store. Lots of fishermen here in Yaktutat, as you can imagine. PACIFIC FISHING is the most popular magazine in this group.” – Larry Powell, owner “UFA provides Pacific Fishing magazine to our members to help keep them informed of the important fishing issues in Alaska and the North Pacific.” – Mark Vinsel, Executive Director, United Fishermen of Alaska

“Pacific Fishing: the only magazine for West Coast and Alaska fishermen! Among the pack, I find it the most informative — it’s nice to open up the magazine to see what’s going on in a particular area. I get updates on electronics and other equipment. It’s always great to see familiar faces (Faces of the Fleet) as well.” – Harley Ethelbah, skipper F/V Jean C. (blackcod, halibut, herring, salmon) “Our ads in Pacific Fishing magazine allow Baier to effectively promote our hatch products to all levels of the Pacific fishing industry. We recommend it.” – Alex Smith, General Manager, Baier Marine

“Pacific Fishing reaches our markets along the Pacific Coast and we have been particularly pleased with the expanded coverage in Alaska. Most importantly, Diane Sandvik does an outstanding job of serving us.” – Glenda Blakey, WESMAR Sales Manager “Our monthly ads in Pacific Fishing ensure that our customers and future customers can always find our contact information. It makes it convenient for them. We choose Pacific Fishing because it’s so popular with the fleet.” – Patrick Ellis, Wrangell Boatshop, owner

No editorial calendar? 2011 is our third year without pre-determined monthly features. Our continued growth since then bears out our position: It’s a benefit to advertise on a regular basis, rather than place infrequent ads based on arbitrary decisions of a magazine’s editorial board. You decide when to get your message to your customers! Your ad schedule with us can be adjusted to ensure that you do appear in the issue/s containing content related to your products/services. How will you know about these articles? A monthly promo is mailed, listing the content of the upcoming issue.

Member Association Statement The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission is our newest member association. They join the United Fishermen of Alaska, the Western Fishboat Owners' Association, Cordova District Fishermen United and the Washington Dungeness Crab Fishermen’s Association in endorsing us as their preferred publication!

MEDIA KIT | 2011




2011 Marketing Packages Maximize impact, while saving time and money!


✓ Avoid wasting time on month-to-month decisions ✓ Enjoy a complementary subscription to PF and lower

Quarterly inserts (or any 4 months)* 6x rate 25% discount on any E-Fish business

group subscription rates for your employees, enabling you to keep up with the industry ✓ Get locked into these rates for the duration of your

consistent relationship with PF (like the forever stamp!) PACKAGE PRICING breakdown:

GEAR-IN-THE-WATER Every-other-month inserts (or any 6 months)* 12x rate 50% discount on any E-Fish business

Permit Holder (4) 1/6 page 1/4 page 1/3 page S/V 1/2 page 1/2 island Full page Inside front cover/back cover Back cover

Gear-in-the-Water (6)

HIGHLINER Monthly inserts 12x rate One ad is a bonus! One month of E-Fish is a bonus! 50% discount on any additional E-Fish business

(*) If we run an article related to your business sector, and you’re not scheduled for that month, we’ll switch you, or you can add this month for half of your monthly average!

Marketing Packages

1/6 page 1/4 page 1/3 page S/V 1/2 page 1/2 island Full page Inside front cover/back cover Back cover

Highliner (12) 1/6 page 1/4 page 1/3 page S/V 1/2 page 1/2 page island Full page Inside front cover/back cover Back cover

B/W $1,361 $1,775 $2,218 $3,182 $4,064 $5,202 $6,487 $6,949

B/W $1,804 $2,349 $2,938 $4,212 $4,903 $6,885 $8,586 $9,196

B/W $3,307 $4,307 $5,386 $7,721 $8,989 $12,623 $15,741 $17,859

Color +$250/insert +$300/insert +$400/insert +$450/insert +$450/insert +$500/insert +$550/insert +$600/insert

Color +$250/insert +$300/insert +$400/insert +$450/insert +$450/insert +$500/insert +$550/insert +$600/insert

Color +$250/insert +$300/insert +$400/insert +$450/insert +$450/insert +$500/insert +$550/insert +$600/insert

MEDIA KIT | 2011



2011 Advertising Rates DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES All rates are per insertion Print ad frequency: 1-3 4-7 8-12 Full page $1,785/2,515 $1,517/2,247 $1,339/2,068


2/3 page

$1,375/2,105 $1,170/1,900 $1,032/1,762

B. Display Sizes


1⁄2 island

$1,271/2,000 $1,080/1,810 $953/1,683

Full page

8-1⁄4" 10-1⁄2" + 1⁄8" bleed*

1⁄2 page




1⁄2 page horizontal



1⁄3 page S/V




1⁄2 page vertical



1⁄4 page




1⁄2 page island



1⁄6 page V/H




1⁄3 page square



1⁄3 page vertical




A. Page Size: 8-1/4" wide × 10-1/2" deep Height

Inside front cover

$2,226/2,956 $1,892/2,622 $1,670/2,400

1⁄4 page square



Inside back cover

$2,053/2,782 $1,740/2,470 $1,533/2,263

1⁄6 page horizontal



Back cover

$2,384/3,113 $2,026/2,756 $1,788/2,518

1⁄6 page vertical



C. MarketPlace Sizes







A. MarketPlace is a “business card” type advertising section.




Print ad frequency: 1-5X Single (2-1⁄8" × 1-1⁄2") $126

6-11X $100

12X $84

D. Commercial Classified

Double (2-1⁄8" × 3-1⁄4") $236



*prices are quoted for black & white or four color.

B. Commercial Classifieds are bordered display advertisements within the classified section. For commercial businesses only. Print ad frequency: 1-5X Per column inch






C. Classifieds Liners For private parties only, not intended for commercial businesses. Rates: $25 for the first 30 words and $0.50 per word over 30 $10 for a photo $10 for Internet posting Fee charged monthly, until you stop the ad Contact Christie Daigle at to place an ad.

Advertising Rates

Column width:


E. Bleeds *Single page trim size is 8-1⁄4" × 10-1⁄2". Add 1⁄8" all sides for bleed allowance to yield 8-1⁄2" × 10-3⁄4" image area. For copy safety keep live matter at least 1⁄8" from gutter and final trim edges. Pacific Fishing is printed at 300dpi with a 150-line screen in CMYK. Currently, we accept digital files on CD or uploaded through our website. Please Note: At this time we cannot accept film, spot colors, .gifs, ads created with Microsoft products, images embedded in Word, PowerPoint or Excel and .jpegs saved less than “image options, quality: high.”

ELECTRONIC FILES Please upload your files from our home page – Christie Daigle – Project Manager (206) 324-5644, ext. 222


MEDIA KIT | 2011


2011 E-FISH

Online Tools for the North Pacific Commercial Fishing Industry… Another dynamic way to reach your market

Fish Wrap If you haven’t yet subscribed to Pacific Fishing’s daily news updates, you will. Each day, we assemble articles from throughout the North Pacific. We package them in an easy-to-read presentation, and send them to our subscribers via e-mail. Our Fish Wrap is the best compilation of news exclusively from the North Pacific. We’re not distracted with other fisheries. We’re focused only on you and your customers. Has the business model worked? In the past two years, our readership doubled, re-doubled, and re-doubled again. Now we have over 2,000 daily readers! We achieved this success because we know Pacific fishing and we know the fishermen. We know Pacific Fishing because we live here.

CONSTANT CONTACT STATISTICS: Fish Wrap’s open rate is almost double the industry average* Fish Wrap’s click-through is triple the industry’s average* Fish Wrap’s bounce rate is half the industry average* *Statistics culled from several industry comparables based on over 20 million blast emails courtesy of the largest email blast provider in the world, Constant Contact.

“I get a lot of use out of your online Fish Wrap — keep up the good work!” – Larry Ward, commercial fisherman and vessel owner, Gulf of Alaska

A powerful team: Pacific Pacific Fishing’s Online Fishing and Today’s Fish Wrap Marketing Program deliver: A banner ad on one or more of our sites Our daily e-news service — Today’s Fish Wrap — is sent each business day to more than 2,000 decision-makers in the North Pacific. (This isn’t spam. Each recipient has asked to receive Fish Wrap daily.) Our numbers continue to grow: industry members forward it to colleagues and clients! Your message will reach a self-defined, targeted audience.


offers the perfect opportunity to deliver your message to the decision-makers in the North Pacific, strengthen your brand and drive clients to your website.

We do not rely on a web crawler that mindlessly harvests information based on key words. Rather, we have real editors — in Alaska and the Lower 48 — who know the business of commercial fishing in the North Pacific. • We focus on your marketplace. • We know your marketplace.

No other service can make those claims. We can, and that’s why you should Fish Wrap brings the day’s top news, tools become our partner. and issues that impact the commercial fishing industry.

Updated each business day


MEDIA KIT | 2011



2011 Online Advertising Specifications ADVERTISING RATES






728 x 90 px




News Leaderboard

650 x 90 px




Full Banner

468 x 60 px




Half Banner

234 x 60 px




Vertical Banner

120 x 240 px




Button Banner

120 x 60 px




Headline Banner

468 x 120 px




Fish Advertorial

468 x 120 px




FISH ADVERTORIAL SPECIFICATIONS Headline: up to 10 words Body copy: up to 75 words Logo: 100 pixels wide, .gif or .jpg file sent separately with links

Banner Ad Dimensions 728 x 90 px

Leaderboard Banner

Additional Specifications: 120 x 240 px

650 x 90 px

News Leaderboard Banner 468 x 60 px

Full Banner 468 x 120 px

Headline Banner / Fish Advertorial 120 x 60 px

234 x 60 px

Half Banner


Online Advertising Specifications

Vertical Banner

• Please provide client URL for hyperlink • Ad banners in .gif format or rich media with .gif backup • Ad size under 10K • Animation limit maximum of 3 loops • All ads must be according to specification on arrival or they will be returned to the client. We cannot change or correct submitted banner ads, • We can build banner ads upon request to the preceding specifications. For any banner ad, building requirements that exceed the preceding will be billed at an additional fee. Contact your sales rep for further info. Ads should be uploaded from our homepage:


MEDIA KIT | 2011



2011 Publishing Schedule ISSUE



January ’11



February ’11



March ’11



April ’11



May ’11



June ’11



July ’11



August ’11



September ’11



October ’11



November ’11



December ’11



Geographic Distribution Appearing in wheelhouses and boardrooms all over the Pacific, our magazine can legitimately claim a sizable readership: we estimate that 15,000 industry members read each issue.

Alaska - 48.8% Washington - 25.6% Oregon - 7.3% California - 7.9% Canada - 3.6% Other US/International - 6.8%

Contact Information Editor: Don McManman Email: Tel: (509) 261-0161 Advertising Sales: Diane Sandvik Email: Tel: (206) 962-9315 Publisher: Peter Hurme Email: phurme@ Tel: (206) 324-5644, ext. 233

Project & Circulation Manager: Christie Daigle Email: christied@ Tel: (206) 324-5644, ext. 222 1000 Andover Park East Tukwila, WA 98188 Tel: (206) 324-5644 Fax: (206) 324-8939

Mission Statement PACIFIC FISHING’s coverage focuses exclusively on the most productive and lucrative fishing region in the world: the North Pacific. Since 1979 our objective has been to provide the information that our readers rely on to make them more efficient, more profitable and safer. For 32 years the fleet has looked to PACIFIC FISHING as their trusted source of news and information. This makes our magazine your most effective advertising tool for the promotion of your products and services that increase efficiency, profitability and safety!

Publishing Schedule / Geographic Distribution / Contact Info / Mission Statement


1000 Andover Park East, Tukwila, WA 98188 • Tele: (206) 324-5644 • Fax: (206) 324-8939 •

Pacific Fishing Media Kit 2011  
Pacific Fishing Media Kit 2011  

The 2011 media kit for Pacific Fishing Magazine