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Maxine Erasmus | Editor

Editor: Maxine Erasmus Designer: Gemma Gilbert

eader’s you are going to love this Winter issue; we have put together the ultimate Winter Survival Guide, uncovered beauty tips from the kitchen and created a gorgeous gift guide that will take you through to Spring. We reveal our favourite treatment to warm you up and chill you out this season and the new hearthealthy hobby. Find out how Wave 105 Drivetime DJ Rick Jackson and his wife prepared for their wedding and in MenSpa this issue we are giving our chaps a reason to care for their skin and their very own guide to men’s fragrances.



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Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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Winter 2012

Contents Beauty 3 | Beauty Tips

We’ve whisked up a delicious range of beauty recipes to keep you looking gorgeous.

4 | You

The best beauty tips from you the reader

5 | 25 Years of Living Nature Celebrating with the ultimate truly organic product!

6 | Spa Gazing

We show you how you can do beauty better than Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Gweneth Paltrow…

18 11 | Winter Survival Kit

Your very own tool kit to keep you right as rain until Spring


13 | Seasonal Treatment

A Spa Evening!

A taste of Thai tranquillity

14 | Chilli

SenSpa loves Chilli. 8 reasons to let Chilli spice up your life.

15 | What’s your Fitness Personality Follow the fitness quiz!


16 | Get some Senspiration

Don’t worry chaps, we have your skincare covered.


7 | Your Daily Routine 8 | Men’s Fragrance

Gift ideas that will take you through to Spring

A Gentleman’s guide to fragrance

17 | Swimwear


The Guide

9 | Editors Favourites

It’s great news for SenSpa and find out why our Editor loves Hydrotherapy!

10 | Diary

Discover why Nutrichef was the answer for Sarah and Rick Jackson before their big day

Swimwear is not just for Summer!

18 | What’s On

Find out what’s NEW and what’s on.

18 | Competition

WIN a luxurious spa day for two!

Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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Beauty |


Morning Tea with a difference At SenSpa we love Clipper Green Chai Tea, so much so that we have thought of a great way to use the bags once you have enjoyed them. Simply pop them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes and then lie back and relax with them on your eyes for 5 minutes in the morning to refresh and reduce puffiness.

Olive Oil

Lemons for your hair

A wonderfully natural makeup remover when you have run out of the usual; even waterproof make-up doesn’t stand a chance, plus it will leave your skin beautifully moisturised.

A lemon and tea combination is a great natural treatment for oily (non-colour treated) hair and will help give it a great shine. Mix half lemon juice and half black tea and rinse through clean hair.


Coffee & Oatmeal Body Scrub

Milk & Honey Bath An indulgent and soothing experience made from your kitchen cupboard. Combine a couple of tablespoons of honey with one large cup of powdered milk for a silky smooth bath fit for a queen that will leave you feeling beautiful and nourished. (Substitute the powdered milk with fresh if you are feeling really indulgent!)

A fabulous cupboard concoction to create your very own body-loving scrub to smooth, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. simply mix these ingredients together and rub all over your body. • 2 tablespoons ground coffee • 1 tablespoon fine oatmeal • 1 tablespoon brown sugar • 1 tablespoon honey • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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Beauty |


yOu u

Your Beauty Secrets Revealed

You sent us your favourite beauty tips after reading our Summer 2012 Escape magazine and we loved them. So much so that we collected them together and gave you, our readers, your very own column with all our favourites…

Congratulations to Sharon Bain who we think sent in the best beauty tip, ‘how to shape your eyebrows’… she won a bundle of SenSpa goodies.

How to shape your eyebrows •

Do not pluck from the top of the brow as this is your natural line.

Tidy the brow from below and step back from the mirror every now and then to see the natural shape.

If you have thin, over-plucked eyebrows or just need a little more definition, use a pencil. Hold the pencil on its side and use soft feathery strokes to keep to the shape of your brow. A grey colour will suit any hair colour, as browns can leave a “Tone your yellowy shadow. face with

Do not pluck too wide on the bridge of the nose.

Do not pluck the strays; this will cause gaps in the brow, instead trim them with scissors and then tidy with a brush.

lemon water in the morning” Sviatlana Trybush

Win a Spa Facial!

ng Nature’ luxurious 1 hour ‘Livi st beauty a IN W n ca u yo w No ply send us your be facial at SenSpa…sima winner! tips and you could be Visit; html your-beauty-tips. k/ .u co a. sp en .s www

“Always wear sun cream, always remove all makeup before going to bed at night. Drink lots of water and be happy and laugh lots!” Katie Saunders Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 4

Beauty | SKIN


iving Nature was created in 1987 from a belief in the natural; creator Suzanne Hall was inspired by the healing properties of native New Zealand plants and its uses as effective skincare. Now, the New Zealand based company is a leading natural skincare distributor, exporting its products to 14 countries, but despite its’ prominence in the multi-million pound beauty industry, Living Nature maintains uncompromising integrity, solely concerned with sustaining the standards that its’ clients have known and trusted for 25 years.

In celebration of the 25 years they have cared for our skin, Living Nature have uncovered their latest beautifying product; the Ultra Rich Body Cream. Accumulating a quarter of a Century of expertise and knowledge, their latest creation symbolises everything that Living Nature stands for; 100% natural products that enhance the skin

Ultra Rich Body Cream £27; SenSpa Boutique

with the most nutrient-rich and nourishing ingredients. The Ultra Rich Body Cream renews, nurtures and balances the skin with ‘active manuka honey, with its natural humectant properties, moisturising cupuacu and murumuru butters and natural oils; a deeply hydrating and soothing cream, and the perfect treatment for dry skin.

Special Offer A Gift For you... Book a personalised Skin Consultation, just £15, with one of our fully trained and experienced skincare therapists and receive a £20 voucher redeemable against any SenSpa, Living Nature or Willow products at the SenSpa Boutique. For more information call

01590 624467

Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 5

Beauty |


Halle Berry


he former Bond-girl uses fruit acid cleansers and Vitamin C on her skin to keep it looking supple and fresh Sounds fantastic but probably comes with a hefty price tag…You can do it better… by making your own fresh fruit cleansers; inexpensive and flexible so you can adapt them to suit your skin, so you know exactly what ingredients are in it, and feel confident that it will only do wonders for you.

miranda Kerr


he well-known Australian model lives by organic rosehip oil as part of her daily routine to keep her skin looking youthful. You can do it better…Living Nature’s Organic Radiance Night Oil not only contains rosehip oil, but also carrot, jojoba and frankincense oils and calendula. Creating a magical beauty sleep treatment to nourish, rejuvenate and heal the skin whilst you sleep.

Serena WilliamS The world famous tennis player has been known to enjoy a pure Evian water bath, costing $5000. You can do it better…at SenSpa you can enjoy one of our spa evening experience packages Unwind in the hydrotherapy facilities, immerse yourself in the warming pool waters, relax in the soothing thermal rooms and refresh in the cooling ice room and experience showers. Spa experiences from just £59;


Do it better than the celebrities Jennifer lopez Jennifer Lopez treats her body to all sorts of expensive lotions and potions, but luxury does not have to come with a celebrity price tag. You can do it better… SenSpa’s Nutrient Rich Relaxing Body Oil is a luxurious must have product for your bathroom cabinet. Use it as a daily moisturiser to hydrate and nourish your body or for massage as the non-sticky oil is velvety soft and easily absorbed – try using before bed and allow the gorgeous essential oils relax you and take you off to sleep. Nutrient Rich Relaxing Body Oil £18.95;

We lo



Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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entlemen, there is no time G like the present. As we discovered in our last MenSpa

article, our guys are loving skincare and spa treatments more than ever. So it is time to let go of the preconceptions and stereotypes and start showing your skin some love.

The thought of a ‘Daily Routine’ may be a daunting one to those foreign to ‘products’ but it can be as simple as you want it to be to leave your skin feeling smoother, hydrated and nourished, (and extremely manly). Not only is caring for your skin good way to fend off the wrinkles and keeping our body soft and supple; you will feel fantastic and confident knowing that your skin is healthy as well as looking great. So to kick start your regime we have a few simple steps so you can see for yourself what caring for your skin does for you…


PLEASE KEEP THAT BAR OF SOAP FOR YOuR BODY ONLY Soap is too harsh for that handsome face and will strip it of all its good oils, instead opt for a daily facial wash or cleanser. Top Tip: The Willow Organic Men’s Face & Body Wash is refreshing and cleansing for the skin and has the delicious fragrances of cedar wood & spicy citrus.



GENTS, iF YOu’RE GOiNG TO DO iT, DO iT RiGHT! Now that you have a face wash, you might as well finish the job properly with a quick moisturise. It will only take a minute, your skin will feel great and it will prevent you from having dry-winter-face-syndrome – it’s a win win. Top Tip: Chaps, with a quick moisturise you could wave goodbye to shaving rash!

We repeat, it will only take a minute to apply, just a little after shaving and no more painful face, it’s as easy as that! Try a sensitive moisturiser if you need something a little kinder for that manly chin of yours.


LAST BuT NOT LEAST! Don’t quit now, you are doing so well so whilst you’re at it, take 2 minutes to apply some moisturiser to the rest of your body. Especially vital during the chilly winter months and great for keeping the physique looking smooth and toned…don’t pretend that doesn’t sound great! Top Tip: Try Willow’s spicy citrus & cedarwood face & body lotion, perfect for a simple routine as it is gentle enough to use all over the body as well as the face, to save you time and leave you smelling fantastic.


Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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of a


all Gents who want to smell great but aren’t sure where to start! Choosing a fragrance is a tricky Cjob,alling and with so much choice out there it’s hard to know where to begin.

Aromatherapist Debra Mulkern considers the main scents that make up men’s fragrance to be green, woody, earthy notes such as: vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss, ginger, patchouli, cedar, and tobacco leaf. But you need to firstly consider which fragrance family would best suit you… Fruity? Spicy? Fresh? Woody?

A lover of sweet, fruity scents? Choose cologne with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli, amber or musk. You might like: Paco Rabanne’s ‘1 Million’ - a sweet, spicy scent with hints of leather, mandarin and patchouli. Or the Oriental scent of Tom Ford’s ‘Noir’, with top notes of citrus, Italian bergamot and verbena and base notes of amber, patchouli leaf, vetiver and vanilla.

A fresh, crisp fragrance is more my style… You would like a fragrance containing galbanum, mint and white cedar. Try ‘Silver Mountain Water’ by Creed Cologne with mandarin, green tea and galbanum; a scent that is favoured by David Beckham. Davidoff ‘Cool Water’ is another refreshing scent, with mint, coriander, geranium, cedar, oak moss and musk.

Fancy yourself as more of a rugged woodsman type?

Did you know... Fragrance dos and Don’ts Don’t be stingy


ftershave was originally developed as an antiseptic, for shaving cuts and nicks; the alcohol reduced the chance of infection and helped to close the pores and keep the skin healthy.

A well-made cologne takes skill and costly ingredients to create. The fragrance you use does not need to be a big brand name but it is a good idea going for a name you recognise and asking other chaps which colognes they wear, but please note that fragrances smell differently on different people, so do not just copy your mate! Eau De Cologne £45;

Opt for a fragrance containing: cedarwood, ambergris, tobacco leaf, leather and clove. Penny Woodward, owner of The Perfumery at Lymington suggests that the wood facet gives warmth to a fragrance. You might like: Willow’s Organic Eau de Cologne, a masculine but fresh fragrance with notes of spicy cedarwood and citrus tones or Davidoff’s ‘Adventure’ which has base notes of Peruvian cedarwood, and heart notes of black sesame – the bearded, motor-bike loving Ewan McGregor was once the face of this daring scent.

Do use those handy scent cards and don’t test colognes on your skin

this will only confuse you and your nose! Choose a couple of fragrances, pop the cards into different pockets and then smell them again in an hour. Scents change over time; the top notes, the initial fragrance that you might love at first will fade and the base notes will linger, so you may find you change your mind about a scent depending how it reacts.

Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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Editors Favourites Escape Magazine Editor Maxine Erasmus reveals her favourites for this Winter.

‘Best Spa in the South’ Your beliefs have been confirmed…your favourite Spa is the ‘Best in the South’, and it is thanks to you, our seasoned Spa-goers that SenSpa won the prestigious Good Spa Guide Award and were finalists for in the customer service category. The fantastic accolade recognises SenSpa’s ‘consistent excellence, impressive hydrotherapy complex, high-quality treatments and friendly, knowledgeable staff’. The award also says a lot for SenSpa as it demonstrates a consistency in excellence throughout the Spa; encompassing the whole SenSpa experience, from the luxury Spa Days, unrivalled treatments and five star facilities to the team that keeps it all going; a brilliant achievement for both SenSpa and Careys Manor Hotel to be hugely proud of.

Health, Happiness & Hydrotherapy SenSpa stands for health, happiness and hydrotherapy, three words that are important for your overall wellbeing, so a visit to SenSpa is in fact absolutely vital - news that i am sure is music to your ears! Hydrotherapy can revitalise, relax and improve your health. With the application of hot and cold water being a hugely effective treatment for pain, illness and stress. Warm water has a soothing effect on the muscles, calming the nervous system and helping the release of our natural pain-busting endorphins; whilst cold water is a fantastic circulation booster and a great way

to tone the body. Our members at SenSpa love the benefit of their Health Club having award winning hydrotherapy facilities so they can incorporate relaxation and water therapy with their fitness regime to keep their muscles de-stressed and achefree.

So, visit SenSpa, our healthy happy escape with award winning hydrotherapy, and I promise you will never want to leave. Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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A Bride’s Diary


Book wedd ing Bridesmaid venue ? ’s d Lose weig resses ? ht and feel great on ou r wedding d ay

ith one month to go before the big day, your concern lies with the organising of the Wedding cake, venue and bridesmaids, not the annoyingyou-can’t-enjoy-food diet that you had every intention of keeping to. Wave 105 Drivetime Presenter Rick Jackson and his wife Sarah decided to leave their wedding stress to the professionals at Nutrichef. They opted for a 1 month meal plan where they were able to concentrate on wedding plans and enjoy the run up to their special day feeling energised, healthier and excited, with every meal being freshly prepared for them and delivered to their door.

Week 1 This week has been great, we haven’t had to worry about food, the Nutrichef meals are so easy to reheat and I have enjoyed knowing that what we are eating is healthy. We are both very busy people; we always have a heavy work load and work long hours and find little time to keep fit and eat as healthily as we should. But this week, Rick and I have managed to combine the meals with a light exercise regime – at this rate we will definitely achieve our goals in good time for the big day!

Week 2 The meals are going great! They are so convenient and suit our busy lifestyle perfectly, even when I have been out of the office and on the move, plus the food is really tasty. We love not having the responsibility of planning our healthy meals – in the past we have found it so confusing trying to plan healthy meals and when you weigh up the costs on a daily basis of doing it yourself versus the Nutrichef plans – it is certainly comparable.

A Day of Nutrichef… Breakfast Apricot Crumble Bar


Week 3 We feel fantastic – less bloated for a start and far more energised. We are also noticing changes in weight. For me it was more about feeling and looking good for the wedding but for Rick, losing a bit of weight was a bigger draw.

Crunchy Root and Apple Slaw & Fruity Rice Salad

Dinner Chicken and Watercress StirFry & Noodles with Spring Onions

Week 4 We have really loved the Nutrichef meal plans which enabled us to focus on wedding plans and work without the added worry of planning healthy meals, let alone having the time to do the shopping for it. We both feel fantastic. In just one month Rick has lost more than a stone. We liked that we always knew that we would enjoy the meals that were delivered and Nutrichef were very flexible – Rick doesn’t eat much fish so they found alternatives for him. Not only were the meals great, all the staff at Nutrichef were helpful and friendly and Barbara Cox certainly knows her stuff! From now on we will definitely eat more fish. Rick hadn’t eaten fish for 25 years until I had the Sea Bass…now we eat fish at least once a week. We are also more aware of preparing meals not only freshly, but healthily and we try to avoid processed foods so Nutrichef has also helped to educate us as well. Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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Winter Workout

Your very own

Wake up and warm up!

Survival Guide


Jump out of bed with vigour this chilly season and try this Winter warm-up created to get your body moving and you motivated for the whole day. Get started by putting on your favourite playlist – music makes us feel happy and gets those endorphins firing!

Now for your warm up: • • • • • • • •

Jog on the spot for 2 minutes Lift those knees as high as you can and continue for 1 minute 10 star jumps 15 crunches (keep them slow and steady for greater results) 10 Lunges (5 per leg) Plank (hold for 30 secs, rest, then hold for another 30 secs) 5 Squats (Slow and steady – your gluteus maximus may not love you after this but you will love it) Jog for 2 minutes

Fabulous Flapjacks Your New BFF (Best Flapjack Forever!) We have discovered your new best friend; it’s the perfect pre and post gym reviver, breakfast booster and afternoon energiser…Nutrichef’s delicious flapjacks! Created using the same principles as their healthy meal plans; the flapjacks are lower in calories, fat and sodium than many of the competitors and will keep you fuller for longer than other snacks, providing you with vital energy whenever you need it.

A New Year - A New You Weightloss Workshop - 16th January | 6pm £35 per person Forget fad diets, this workshop is all about changing your thoughts about food and engaging the underlying reasons why you have developed bad eating habits in the first place. Kay Howard, Hypnotherapist-Weightloss Specialist will inform you about different psychological techniques including hypnosis and explain how a change in ‘mind-set’ can help you lose weight. Then, enjoy spending the rest of the evening experiencing SenSpa’s award winning spa facilities. To book call 01590 624467 or visit Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 11



The Happy Day Detox Helpful Herbs Senior Herbalist and Co-Director of Herbs Hands Healing Jill Davies, has lent us her expertise and has just the thing keep you energised and healthy all Winter. •

Hawthorn is perhaps the best native food remedy for poor circulation. It increases blood flow to and from the heart and all its veins and arteries. At the same time it increases oxygen levels, helping deprived cells which have been shut down by poor circulation. It is also a natural beta-blocker, a high level antioxidant and will help emulsify unwanted fatty deposits. The iconic herb for low immunity is Echinacea (organic). For ‘preventative’ purposes, daily small doses are advisable, whilst for flu and colds you can use a slightly higher dose.

Body Booster

We aren’t talking about eating only celery and water for a day… we just want to give your body a day off from the naughty foods that we all consume too much of during the chilly season. During Winter you need to stay inspired, positive and not give up on your body; it will only make it harder when Spring returns. Enjoy this day of healthy tasty foods that you love once a week so and your body can feel fresh, healthy and happy all Winter.

Breakfast Fruity favourites! Pick the fruits you love and enjoy a tasty morning boost add a spoon of fat-free yoghurt for extra taste.

Lunch Salad doesn’t have to be boring, pick the leaves you like best, then add some tasty good fats like: olives, nuts and olive oil! Tomatoes and peppers will add some colour and grated carrot will give a lovely burst of sweetness. Try some raw mange tout and baby sweet corn for a crunch and some pumpkin seeds will finish it off perfectly!

Dinner Keep it lean; grill your favourite meat or fish and a selection of your favourite vegetables. Try some courgette, carrots, red onion and sweet potato, for a great array of flavours.

Give your immune system a helping hand with this deliciously fresh and fruity smoothie for breakfast or snack. Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and super healthy! No fancy method in making this one…simply add all of the ingredients to your mixer and blend to your preferred consistency. 3/4 cup orange juice 1/2 pink grapefruit 1/2 lemon 1-2 tbsp fresh ginger, (no skin & crushed) 1/2 cup fat-free yoghurt 2 teaspoons raw honey

Escape Magazine Winter 2012

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Wellbeing |


Seasonal TREATMENT The Thai Herbal Poultice Massage


his will be the favourite Winter treatment; incorporating the traditional remedy of heat and specially blended Thai herbs wrapped in a compress, steamed and then used to relax and ease tense muscles before a soothing full body oil massage – sounds perfect? it is! This one and half hour treatment is fantastic for soothing tired overworked muscles, stiff joints, aches and pains. You will find the warmth of the poultice and the divine aroma of Thai herbs a comforting and relaxing feature to an already luxuriously calming massage and an important process of helping to totally relax the mind, body and soul. The herbal compress, called luk pra kob or “herbal pressing sphere” is made from a muslin ball, is used first to relieve and warm the muscles; this is excellent for promoting healthy circulation and toning the skin. The poultice, filled with 13 therapeutic Thai herbs including lemongrass, tamarind and lotus, is steamed and then applied to your body in a rolling, kneading motion to gently warm and soothe the muscles. Following the poultice enjoy a relaxing full body oil massage using Swedish techniques with long strokes and a medium pressure; starting traditionally with the feet, the least sacred part of the body and working up towards the head, the most sacred, concentrating on the neck and shoulders to combat tension and aching muscles. The Thai Herbal Poultice Massage is truly heavenly and one not to miss this winter; the perfect way to boost circulation and the immune system during the colder months, if not just to experience the magic of traditional Thai tranquillity. £90; Thai Herbal Poultice Massage - 90 mins

History of the Poultice The use and application of the Thai herbal compress has remained unchanged since the 14th Century, when the fragrant herbs and heated muslin parcel was used to treat inflammation of wounds and injuries sustained by soldiers hurt during battle. The herbs were often grown locally and chosen specifically for their medicinal properties, to be absorbed through the skin or inhaled through the nose during the treatment. Today at SenSpa we continue the Thai tradition of using the poultice to ease tired and achy muscles and like to maintain authenticity by importing our herbal poultices from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 13

Wellbeing |


Spice up your life We have 8 reasons why you need to introduce Chilli into your life; not only will it tantalise your taste buds and spice up your recipes but chilli has fantastic health benefits too, boosting the immune system and doing good things for your blocked nose!

They can help you sleep just a little bit of fresh or dried chilli pepper every day could help you fall asleep, and even help you stay asleep for longer.

Capsaicin found in chillies is great for blocked noses, thinning nasal mucus and clearing the sinuses.

Chillies are believed to aid weight loss – giving the metabolism a kick start and increasing the amount of calories that are burned after eating.

Buy fresh, crisp and juicy looking chillies. Fresh Chilli is best as much of the nutrients can be lost during the drying process.

Chillies are full of immune boosting antioxidants, including vitamins A, B & C and are a great source of iron, potassium and manganese.

Chillies make you happy! - The heat of the chilli causes the body to defend itself by releasing its natural painkillers, endorphins, which in turn leaves you with a natural “high”. Chillies boost circulation by stimulating receptors in the gut, which widens the arteries.

Believe it or not…Chilliies are grown in our nearby Dorset by the company ‘Peppers by Post’, including the Dorset Naga, one of the world’s hottest chillies!

Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 14

Wellbeing |


your Fitness Personality

Start Here It is a Friday evening…I’ll go for a jog before I do anything else!

After a successful Summer at the Olympics, us Brits have gone frantic for fitness. Do you ever wonder what your fitness personality type is? We thought so, which is why we created this fun quiz just for you…simply answer the questions and find out the perfect SenSpa gym membership to suit your fitness personality.

No I feel more motivated when I have a personal training session


A leisurely swim or sweat it out on the treadmill for 30 minutes?


After a bad day, a gym session helps me to de-stress



A successful weekend consists of relaxing, socialising and time at the spa




Happiest Healthy You work long hours during the week so there is not much time left for working out, but you enjoy feeling healthy. You enjoy maintaining your fitness and tend to do most of your workouts on the weekend, whether that is joining in a class or blasting it in the gym on your own… but sometimes you do just want to relax so having access to an award winning spa would be fantastic for a post-workout chill! You would love SenSpa’s convenient weekend membership; it fits in with you, so you can keep the week for work and the weekend for you.


Swim I love group fitness classes

I’m happiest when…

I’m at the Gym

Socialising with friends

My ideal exercise is a leisurely circuit of the gym




I love to try new activities




Fitness Fanatic You prefer going straight to the gym or pool after work otherwise you won’t find the time to train for your next event or reach your goal – you have to get the workout done and dusted before you can relax in front of the TV happily knowing you have had a productive day. Plus, the weekend is for unwinding from the week, going out for lunch and enjoying a glass of wine with friends. (Although occasionally you may find yourself on an early Saturday morning jog – we won’t tell anyone!) You would best suit A full SenSpa Health Club membership so you can get the best from the leisure and health club facilities at any time.

Spa Seeker You like options – sometimes you want to do nothing but relax and read a good book and other times you enjoy the social aspects of doing a fitness class like Aqua Aerobics, it makes exercise more fun! You would like to come and go as you please, whether that is to go for a leisurely swim, have a workout in the gym or visit the spa for the afternoon just so you can flick through the latest magazines in the Relaxation room. We would recommend a SenSpa Spa & Health club membership so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 15



Give the gift of time… time to be pampered, time to feel rejuvenated and time just to relax. Give someone the SenSpa experience; choose from our extensive list of spa days or evening experiences and show someone that you care. From £59;

Feel refreshed any time of day with a spritz of the Refreshing Face Mist for a fantastic burst of delicious orange blossom water, mandarin and limes. £15.95;

The Essential Relaxation Massage is perfect for anyone seeking pure relaxation and to soothe tired muscles. Or for an achy neck and shoulders they will love the Anti Stress Massage which focuses on tension in the neck, back and shoulders. £75;

Sen spiration Gifts for all occasions Spoil your loved ones with luxury this season. SenSpa has the perfect Birthday, Christmas and Valentines gifts…

Our gorgeous Essential Oil Floating Candles are a luxurious edition to your home spa, for a sensuous aroma and calming candlelight, simply light two or three in a bowl next to the bath then lie back and enjoy. £3.75 each;

We love the gorgeous SenSpa Organic Therapy range; it is perfect for those who love to feel pampered every day. For super smooth and exfoliated skin; choose the Invigorating Body Polish, perfect for beautifying the legs and exfoliating the whole body.

Recycled and handmade, A Spoonful of Silver’ offer a unique, ‘green’ craft product. With each piece of jewellery crafted from an antique silver plated spoon or fork. Every piece is researched to find the original pattern name and the date is was made so that every ring or bracelet comes with its own history. From £12.50; available at the SenSpa Boutique

£22.95; Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 16

Fashion |


your Winter Wardrobe W

e may not have had the warmest Summer on record but you can make it your warmest Winter by booking yourself in for some indulgent treatments and relaxing days to get you through the chilly season. Don’t throw your swimsuit in the draw and neglect it for the Winter. instead keep it ready and up to date for all of those well-deserved spa days and Winter Sun breaks that are going to keep you ‘chilled’ this Winter. Sunflair has a swimsuit just for you and as featured in our Summer Escape issue, you can find your body’s best swimsuit and enjoy strutting your stuff around the Spa with confidence. Imagine escaping to Thailand for a day; totally relax, sip Green Chai Tea and enjoy a traditional Thai massage. Then let the Hydrotherapy pool’s underwater jets and loungers release all tension before you indulge on an authentic Thai feast and an afternoon of tranquillity and time to read your favourite novel. A stylish swimsuit is most certainly a must have for such a luxurious day…

£58.50 £75.90 Keep up to date with Sunflair’s latest Swimsuits at the SenSpa boutique, visit; or call 01590 623551 to book an appointment with our fashion expert Monika ulamec for a free personal fitting consultation and discover your best body-loving Winter swimsuit!




Escape Magazine Winter 2012

| 17

The Guide |


The Guide Weight loss Workshop 16th January 2013 | 6pm | £35 Kay Howard, Hypnotherapist-Weightloss Specialist will share her expertise and talk to you about Mindful Eating, Gastric Band Hypnosis and other psychological therapies such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), that can help to change your ‘mind-set’ and aid weight loss. After your inspiring workshop, take advantage of full access to our award winning spa facilities. For more information or to book your place please call 01590 624467 or visit

NEW! SenHen Treat yourself to a pre-wedding pampering with a difference; this gorgeous group spa experience is just for hens seeking sanctuary, ultimate relaxation and a luxurious celebration unlike any other – the perfectly indulgent way to prepare for your big day. Only £99 per person

ExPErIENCE! Evening Indulgence Escape for an evening of luxury and time to unwind, de-stress and enjoy an unforgettable experience - discovering SenSpa’s award winning facilities (voted ‘best spa in the south’), and mouth-watering Thai cuisine accompanied by a glass of wine. Just £69 per person.

NEW! Careys Manor & SenSpa App Discover beautiful walking routes through the ancient New Forest, endless cycle paths and local events and attractions and all at your fingertips. The NEW Careys Manor App is a must have guide to the New Forest. Download it for FREE today!

WIN! a spa day for two You and a friend could win a luxurious day of pampering and relaxation at the ‘Best Spa in the South’. The gorgeous ‘Essence of SenSpa’ Spa day includes full use of the award winning spa facilities, complimentary refreshments and herbal tea, a choice of fitness or relaxation class and a delicious two course Thai lunch in the Zen Garden Restaurant.

For your chance to win simply tell us… What is the name of our ‘Seasonal Treatment’, as featured in this Winter Escape Magazine?


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Congratulations to Andrew Doig who won the Summer Escape Magazine competition. We asked you to fill in the blanks and reveal the name of one of our signature massages. The answer was SEN FUSION. Andrew has won a luxurious spa day at SenSpa escape-competition.html

If you think you know what it is, then simply go to

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