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1992 Linebacker Derrick Oden National Championship

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4 TDA November 10, 2011


8 Where

does Alabama Land

10 Fantasy

football say what?

Tide Talk

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out what the team is saying

12 Catching

up with Derrick Oden


Connections 14 Life

after ncaa dj hall

16 ua

18 the


19 Larry's

player spotlight Marquis Maze



Look 20 the


40 An

upclose look at the lsu game

and more... 5 Volume 4 / Issue 7

Letter from the Editor: Dear Touchdown Alabama Readers, Even though the Tide is coming from a loss against the LSU Tigers, there isn’t much time for rest. Next on the schedule is the Mississippi State Bulldogs. While Mississippi State has been known to upset the Tide from time to time, the Tide looks to put the Bulldogs on a short leash and walk away as winners of this game in Starkville.

The Crimson Tide will play their last game of the season in Bryant-Denny next weekend against the Georgia Southern Golden Eagles. With the conclusion of another season for the Tide, this will also conclude this season’s double issues of Touchdown Alabama Magazine. Although the Tide suffered a loss, bowl hopes aren’t out of reach and the Tide is looking ahead. As the regular season is dwindling down, stay up-to-date with TouchdownAlabama. net or friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Courtney Upshaw # 41

This senior linebacker weighs in at 265 and stands 6-foot-2. Upshaw is a Butkus Award semifinalist, a strong Lombardi Award candidate and was a firstteam midseason All-American pick by He is tied 12th nationally with 11.5 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks. Upshaw is one of the leading-pass rushers in college football. He was awarded the Defensive Player of the Week honor against the Tennessee Vols and forced his second fumble of the season that game. Against the Florida Gators, Upshaw had four solo tackles with three coming from behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of 21 yards. Upshaw also had a sack ( -10 yards) against the Gators. Photo by Matt Gaston

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BCS Rankings 1. LSU 2. Oklahoma State 3. Alabama 4. Stanford 5. Boise State 6. Oklahoma 7. Oregon 8. Arkansas 9. Clemson 10. Virginia Tech

11. houston 12. penn State 13. South Carolina 14. kansas state 15. Georgia 16. texas 17. Michigan State 18. Wisconsin 19. Nebraska 20. auburn

Inspiration from the

“If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.”

“It’s awfully important to win with humility. It’s also important to lose. I hate to lose worse than anyone, but if you never lose you won’t know how to act. If you lose with humility, then you can come back.”

“Show class, have pride and display character. If you do, winning takes

“There’s a lot of blood, sweat and guts between dreams and success.”

care of itself.”

8 TDA November 10, 2011

Photo by ap


Tide Talk William Vlachos

“If we continue to keep the foot on the pedal and get better, I think we have a chance to do something very, very special this season."

Nick Saban

Marquis Maze

“I told the players that I was proud of the way that they played in the game [against LSU].You know, the fans can be disappointed, the coaches can be disappointed, everybody that is associated with the University of Alabama can be disappointed, but none of them feel worse than the players.”

“I think it's just the plays that they make to help their team: forcing fumbles, interceptions, guys able to go the distance on those plays too [are attributes of a playmaker ].”

Heisman Watch Barrett Jones

"It's no secret Trent is an outstanding player. I think he's gotten extremely comfortable on the offense as the year's gone on. He's in a great groove right now and that's a great feeling as an offensive lineman, blocking for a guy like that who you know is not going to be brought down by just one guy. It's an awesome feeling. It fires us up to block even just a little bit harder just because we know that long run could come at any time."

Games Rushes Yards TDS

Trent Richardson (2011)





Mark Ingram (2009)





Reggie Bush (2005)





Ron Dayne (1999)





Ricky Williams (1998)





Photo by Getty Images


9 Volume 4 / Issue 7


Fantasy Football Say What? By Thomas Watts

Photo by


n the past decade, fantasy football has become a major part of the sport. It is predominantly an NFL phenomenon since NCAA amateurism rules make it far more difficult to set up a college football fantasy league. Also, the number of players in college football makes it a difficult undertaking to construct. There are roughly 14,000 athletes in FBS, while there are only 1,696 athletes on NFL rosters. How do you play fantasy football? It doesn’t focus on team statistics, it focuses on individual player statistics. A fantasy general manager builds a team of players across the NFL or NCAA. Those players’ individual stats contribute to the general manager fantasy total for the week. Most leagues allow one or two quarterbacks, two running backs, two wide receivers, a “flex,” a tight end, a defense and a kicker to make up a team. The flex position can be either a wide receiver or a running back, depending on what players are available. Additionally, a general manager can stock his bench with whatever he or she sees fit.

10 TDA November 10, 2011

Photo by michael C. hebert saints

What sort of fantasy numbers are current Tide players putting up? Trent Richardsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s career day against Ole Miss was worth 37 points, according to the ESPN scoring system. Any player who posts over 30 points is almost a guaranteed win for that owner for the week. Richardson has done it multiple times this year.

Photo by jimmy cribb

The Alabama defense & special teams have also posted strong numbers, which translate into strong fantasy production. The game against Arkansas would be the highlight of the season for the units due to Marquis Mazeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s return for a touchdown, as well as two turnovers and limiting the Razorbacks to 14 points. Fantasy football is a fun distraction for sports fans, and it adds a different flavor to certain weekends. Fans do not have to cheer for a hated team, instead they simply have to cheer for their players. Alabama alumni in the NFL are putting up strong numbers for their fantasy owners, and current Alabama players are turning in staggering numbers for NCAA fantasy leagues. TDA

How does a fantasy team gain points? The formula for each position is slightly different. A quarterback earns one point for his fantasy team per 25 yards passing he gets, as well as four points per touchdown pass. The quarterback can lose two points per interception or fumble. A running back gets one point per 10 yards rushing or receiving, and six points per touchdown scored. They can lose two points per fumble, just like quarterbacks. Wide receivers and tight ends are scored the same as running backs. Defenses gain points per turnover, or special teams play, and lose points depending on how many points the opposing offense scores. Kickers get three points per field goal and one point per point after conversion. Between weekends, fantasy general managers can make trades, and claim players from the free agent pool to improve their team. Photo by Jamie Martin

How are Alabamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s former players doing in NFL fantasy? Julio Jones is currently tied for 42nd overall fantasy point for wide receivers after missing week six against the Carolina Panthers. DeMeco Ryans and Kareem Jackson have helped the Texans defense to a 7th overall ranking in fantasy points. Jarrett Johnson is part of the Ravens unit that leads the league in fantasy points for defense. Finally, Mark Ingram is ranked 27th among running backs this season.

11 Volume 4 / Issue 7

Catching up with

National Championship linebacker compares


Derrick Oden

defense to



By Donald F. Staffo

was a linebacker and captain on Alabama’s 1992 national championship team. The Crimson Tide team that not just upset, but soundly beat Miami 34-14 in the Sugar Bowl, and in doing so took the swagger out of the heralded Hurricanes.

Somebody forgot to tell Alabama about Miami’s mission because the Crimson Tide, confident but not the least bit intimidated by Miami’s trademark braggadocio, stunned the ‘Canes and shut their mouths.

The table was set. No. 1 Miami vs No. 2 Alabama for all the marbles in the USF&G Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Two undefeated teams. Miami, with its bad-boy reputation gained by its unsportsmanlike attitude and behavior, was 11-0 and on a 28-game winning streak. The Canes came into the game an eight-and-a-half point favorite, the largest point spread in Sugar Bowl history.

“We heard all week leading up to the game about how [the Miami players] didn’t give us any respect,” stated Oden, who related how one of Miami’s players came up to his teammate and roommate Roosevelt Patterson and belittled him. “As a group we went to a Sinbad concert and Coach [Gene] Stallings told us that we had to dress up, and these [Miami] guys came in wearing camouflage. They just did things without class. Everything they did was classless.

The Crimson Tide was 12-0 and had won 22 in a row. The Hurricanes, cocky and bragging during the week leading up to the contest, were expecting to win their second straight national championship and become the first team in college football history to win four titles in six years and five titles in 10 years, and in doing so solidify the we lined up program as a dynasty.

“When we played, we lined up toe-to-toe and kicked their butt,” he said. “We were just getting to [Miami quarterback Geno] Torretta. They couldn’t stop us. We just wanted it more. That was the end of ‘The U.”

“ When we played, toe-to-toe

and kicked their butt.”

The 1992 national champions won on defense. “Coach Stallings played ball control. He wanted to play field position. Our offense wasn’t as productive, so Coach Stallings would tell [the defense] at halftime that he was counting on us [to win the game]. “We were on the field a lot,” he admitted. “We got a lot more snaps [than the offense].” Oden, a Tuscaloosa native and graduate of Hillcrest High School, said that he gets asked every day how he thinks the 1992 defense would stack up against the 2011 Crimson Tide’s top-ranked defense and against the 2009 national championship defense. “I’m proud to be a part of that standard of comparison,” he stated before answering the question. “The mentality and tenacity on both [the 1992 and 2011] teams are the same. Both play for pride. They want to keep the other team out of the end zone. They don’t want the other team ‘to get in our house.’ The same with the 2009 defense.”

Photo by Bryant Museum

12 TDA November 10, 2011

A 6-foot, 237-pound first-team all-SEC selection on one of the most dominant Alabama defenses in a program that is historically known for its nationally-ranked defenses, Oden then modestly says that as good as that Bama defense was almost 20 years ago, it wouldn’t be able to stand up against the 2011 version.

Some wounds you can’t see.

“It was a different time, a different era, a different style of football,” he explained. “If you take all 11 guys from our team and put them side-by-side with this year’s team, these guys are bigger. With all the athleticism these guys have, they would dominate us.” Oden, who played in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins, said he’s a fan of the game that likes to break it down and see who wins the battles. Oden called the 2011 team “the best team in Coach [Nick] Saban’s five years here. The only thing that they don’t have is the national championship, but that’s just because the season isn’t over yet,” he said. “This is Alabama. We’ve got the best talent in the country. We’ve got a target on our backs, but that’s the way we want it to be. We’re big-time, but we’re not too big time. We’re humble.” TDA


Wounded in Al Diwaniyah, Iraq Traumatic brain injury, severe muscle damage

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13 Volume 4 / Issue 7



Life after NCAA


DJ Hall

By Stephen M. Smth

s a native of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., D.J. Hall became one of the most highly prized receivers in Crimson Tide history when he took on the role as a receiver in 2004 as a true freshman. Hall started his career as a true freshman under head coach Mike Shula. In his freshman season, he caught 17 passes for 186 yards and a touchdown. In the 2004 Music City Bowl, he led the team with five receptions for 51 yards.

185 yards, including two touchdowns. He finished the regular season with 63 receptions, including six touchdowns for 947 yards which once again led the team. In his final game for Alabama, Hall recorded a mere four catches for 58 yards, in the process breaking the school record for receptions in a season. Overall, Hall finished the season with 67 receptions for 1,005 yards. Hall became the first Alabama player to record five straight 100-yard receiving games. While Hall set many records during his time at the Capstone, he wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t so lucky after college. He went undrafted, signed a free-agent contract, got waived, signed with a practice squad, got released, entered a Canadian football team, got hurt and was left professional sports for good. PHOTOS BY alabama athletics media department

In his sophomore season, Hall was the leading receiver for Alabama with 48 for 676 yards and five touchdowns. His 157 yards receiving against Utah State was a career high. Hall also achieved the distinction of being the only Alabama player to have consecutive games of 10 or more catches, coming against Tennessee and Utah State. During the 2006 season, Hall once again led the team with 57 receptions for 1,014 yards and five touchdowns, setting a new record for single season yardage. He also became the third all-time receiver with 122 receptions, and second with 1, 876 yards in his career. Hall broke several school records during the 2007 season, including most career catches, touchdowns and receiving yards. In a game against Tennessee, Hall had 13 receptions, a school record, for

While Hall set many records during his time at the Capstone, he wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t so


14 TDA November 10, 2011

after college.

Hall did enter the 2008 NFL Draft, but went undrafted. On April 28, 2008, Hall signed a contract with the New York Giants. He became the second Alabama player to sign with the Giants, after teammate Wallace Gilberry signed a day before. Unfortunately, before the regular season started, Hall was waived from the Giants. It wasn’t looking good for the former Tide standout. Down but not out, Hall was signed to the practiced squad of the Oakland Raiders on December 17, 2008. He kept all the doubters in mind as he trained and continued to think positively as a new member of the Raiders. “I just wanted to prove people wrong and let people know that God works in mysterious ways,” Hall proclaimed. After being cast away by the NFL, he decided to give the Canadian League a try. He signed a deal with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on February 23, 2010. After suffering a hamstring injury in training camp, he was released before the season started. After being released from the Bombers, he was signed to the Spokane Shock on November 1, 2010, and was released shortly after. Hall was signed by the Power later that year and, after a long battle with his health, finished that season with 20 receptions for 176 yards and five touchdowns. Hall’s football career ended after that season. Although Hall didn’t have a flourishing professional career, he had a sucessful career at the Capstone and will be remembered for that. TDA

15 Volume 4 / Issue 7

ua player spotlight

Danger on the Field By Kassidy Hill

“I'm a dangerous player.” That’s how Alabama wide receiver Marquis Maze describes himself. Many fans and analysts would agree. This senior from Birmingham, Ala., is one of the most experienced wide receivers that the Tide has to go to and has played in nearly 50 games just at the Capstone. The versatile runner has been playing football since he was four. And after playing behind All-American Javier Arenas for a while, Maze is finally getting his chance at punt returns as well. Eight games in, Maze has put up impressive stats for which Alabama fans are appreciative. His first game against Kent State was the most impressive so far, with 118 receiving yards. And then against Tennessee he had another 100+ yard game, with a season long 69 yard run. But that is just as wide receiver. He has been making a name as punt returner as well. Who can forget his 83-yard punt return for a touchdown against Arkansas? Maze says that this is his goal for every punt.

When most fans talk about Maze, one word comes to mind: fast. When Maze was asked when he realized that he was faster than all of the others, he got a small smile on his face before answering.

Every time I get “the ball in my hands,

end zone” I want to

“Maybe in high school,” Maze admitted. “I was a freshman and I started on varsity as a freshman and one day we was just racing and I raced the fastest, well supposedly the fastest guy on the team, and I beat him. It was a shock to me, but then that boosted my confidence and I wanted to race everyone and at that point I was just like ‘Man, I guess I’m pretty fast.’” That competitive spirit extended to Alabama, where Maze said he would start challenging guys on the team here to races as well. But first, others put him to the test. Arenas challenged Maze when he first arrived. And how did that go? “I beat him,” Maze laughs.

16 TDA November 10, 2011

But fast is not the only way Maze describes himself. Dangerous is another word he uses. Maze says that his favorite pattern is a crossing route play make it to the under the linebackers. For someone who weighs 180 pounds, running under linebackers would seem like the last place you would want to be. “It’s dangerous, but I’m a dangerous player and I’m not afraid to go in and get tackled by those guys either.” Of course it helps that this pattern allows Maze to get the ball in his hands early, which is what he considers the most important thing. Maze has earned himself a reputation as a jokester in press conferences. Nearly every interview begins with him fighting it like a little kid going to school. Then a laugh, and he is ready to go. But perhaps this is because a bunch of journalists are not nearly as dangerous and fun as linebackers in his way on a run to the end zone. TDA

Photo by Jamie Martin

“Every time I get the ball in my hands, I want to make it to the end zone,” he confessed.


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Larry's Lowdown dispatched them handily 30-10 in a game where the Bulldogs didn't score a touchdown until the forth quarter, may still be on their minds . But keep in mind that this is a team that scored 34 points against Auburn and 59 against Memphis. This is also a team that played LSU to the wire in thrilling 9-6 loss that could have gone either way. By the way, that's the lowest scoring game LSU has had this year.

Mississippi State,


Perfect Trap Game Situation


By Larry Burton

Photo by MAtt Gaston

ississippi State isn't having the year the coach, team or the fan base had thought they would have this year. Expectations were high because they were returning a team that finished the 2010 season with nine wins and were returning most of the key members from that team. A 10 win season was the least they were hoping for and challenging for the SEC West was not out of the question either. But this year, Chris Relf, the senior quarterback didn't come through as hoped or even play as well as he did last season and other players just didn't live up to their billings either. But the scary thing for those of us who study college football history know that this simply makes the perfect trap game for the Crimson Tide. Following a big win or an emotional loss the week before to LSU could make the team simply overlook this Mississippi State team and that could be the big mistake. The reason is, just because the Bulldogs haven't lived up to what they were capable of being this year doesn't mean that they can't get their act together for this one game and catch a Tide team flat following the "Game Of The Year" just the week before. Sports historians have seen this happen time after time. Nick Saban has warned his team about such a letdown, but the players looking at what they've accomplished this year against more successful teams may let those words fall on deaf ears. How seriously worried can the players be over a team with four losses and only five wins? Also factor into the equation that last year's game, when they

Another loss was to South Carolina, who had to come from behind to win a thrilling defensive struggle 14-12. In that game, they held sensational running back Marcus Lattimore to just 39 yards. That means they could give the Tideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s running game quite a fit in this game as they also held down the South Carolina passing game to well below their season average. So this is a game that the Tide had better show up prepared for. Mississippi State has an irritating habit of upsetting the Tide and they've done so in the not-too distant past. In fact, the record books will show that Alabama has only won three of the last six meetings between these two teams. Bulldog running back Vick Ballard is an all around SEC back who can make holes where none exist. He's averaging almost six yards a carry and can pound it between the tackles or break off a long run as he has this season with a 66 yard scamper. Arceto Clark, Chad Bumpis and Chris Smith are three very talented receivers, all sporting good numbers and now they have two quarterbacks who have started games this season to fall back on. Should the Bulldogs finally get their act together on one day, it could be bad news for the opponent and this week, the Crimson Tide is the team in their crosshairs. A win here could make up for the painful close losses they've had this season and they would love for this game to put them back into the conversation of young teams on the rise. Should Alabama take the first half off as they did against Tennessee, this game could be a disaster, so relax on Saturday, November 12, get your best snack together and get comfortable, because you won't want to leave for anything once the game gets started. TDA

19 Volume 4 / Issue 7

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By Daniel Evans

Coming into this season,

Mississippi State felt like it could compete for a SEC Championship. A heartbreaking loss to Auburn, followed by losses to LSU, Georgia and South Carolina quickly ended those hopes.

Mississippi State may not have

One thing is for sure: The Bulldogs offense usually goes as running back Vick Ballard goes.

In 2009, Banks made a name for himself by intercepting two Tim Tebow passes and running them back for touchdowns. Mississippi State eventually lost to the Gators 29-19, but Banks ignited the Starkville crowd and nearly played a large part in one of the biggest upsets in college football history.

Ballard has run for over 100 yards three times this season, and the Bulldogs are 2-1 in those games. In games where Ballard finds the endzone, Mississippi State is 2-1 as well. On the season, Ballard has 113 rushing attempts for 688 yards and five touchdowns. The problem, as Bulldog fans might point out, is that three of Ballard’s five rushing touchdowns came in Mississippi State’s opener against Memphis. The senior running back has only found the endzone one time in conference play and that was in the Bulldogs’ SEC opener against Auburn. Part of Ballard’s problem has been the lack of a passing threat for the Bulldogs. Quarterbacks Chris Relf and Tyler Russell have both seen action, but neither have been effective throwing the ball. That’s allowing defenses to load the box on Ballard and slow down the Bulldogs rushing attack. He is averaging only 64.5 yards per game since the Auburn game, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a threat. He’s becoming a bigger threat in the passing game, where he has caught eight passes this season, and he’s still averaging right around 15 carries a game. Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen loves to get the ball into Ballard’s hands early and often. Last season, Ballard carried the ball 19 times for 80 yards in Mississippi State’s 30-10 loss to Alabama.

20 TDA November 10, 2011

had the team success it was expecting before the season, but cornerback Jonathan Banks is having a terrific individual season.

Since 2009, Banks has made the swap from safety to corner. The move has probably helped his career more than anything, because he has become one of the SEC’s best defensive backs. This season Banks is second in the SEC with five interceptions in eight games. He also ranks fourth nationally. In the first quarter against Auburn, Banks intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown. This season he has been a ball hawk in the Bulldogs secondary. He has deflected 13 passes and broken up eight more. Banks is fourth on the Bulldogs in total tackles with 47. He ranks eighth in the conference in punt return average as well. In his career against the Crimson Tide, Banks has recorded 11 total tackles in two games without picking off a pass. With an offense that struggles to make big plays, Mississippi State usually relies on a defensive spark to score points. Banks is one of the most likely candidates to create that spark.

NO NAME 1 Chad Bumphis 2 Robert Elliott 3 Brandon Heavens 4 Charles Mitchell 5 Nickoe Whitley 6 Dylan Favre 7 Wade Bonner 8 Chris Smith 9 Leon Berry 10 Cameron Lawrence 11 Ricco Sande 12 Dennis Thames 13 Johnthan Banks 14 Chris Relf 15 Maurice Langston 16 Brantley Adams 16 Jameon Lewis 17 Tyler Russell 18 Brandon Hill 19 Arceto Clark 20 Louis Watson 22 Matthew Wells 23 Sylvester Hemphill 24 Jamerson Love 25 Corey Broomfield 26 Damein Anderson 27 LaDarius Perkins 28 Vick Ballard 29 Nick Griffin 30 Jay Hughes 31 Sam Williams 32 Marcus Green 33 Jamie Jones 34 K.J. Wright 35 Patrick Hanrahan 35 Dexter Shelton 36 Nick Bell 37 Sean Brauchle 38 Heath Hutchins 39 Dane Leake 39 Baker Swedenburg 40 William Berg 40 Derek DePasquale 41 Marvin Bure 42 Zach Smith 43 Asian Ruff 43 William Shumpert 44 Christian Holmes 44 Ivan Muniz 45 Michael Hunt 45 Adrian Marcus 46 Aaron Feld 47 Chris Cameron 47 Jonathan Phillips 48 Emmanuel Gatling 48 Randy Moulds 49 Chris Hughes 49 Krisjon Wilkerson 50 Chris White


CLS HT WT SO 5-10 195 JR 6-2 215 SO 5-10 175 JR 5-11 205 RFR 6-0 200 FR 5-10 200 JR 5-10 200 SO 6-2 210 SR 6-0 205 SO 6-2 225 RFR 5-11 195 RFR 5-11 190 SO 6-2 180 JR 6-4 240 SR 5-10 180 FR 6-4 190 FR 5-8 170 RFR 6-5 225 FR 6-2 202 SO 5-10 180 SO 5-11 180 FR 6-0 190 SO 5-11 235 FR 5-11 175 SO 5-10 180 JR 5-11 195 RFR 5-10 190 JR 5-11 215 FR 5-11 195 FR 5-11 175 RFR 6-1 200 JR 6-1 235 JR 6-0 240 SR 6-4 250 SR 5-11 235 SO 5-9 180 SO 6-3 265 SR 5-10 180 SR 6-1 205 FR 6-4 200 RFR 6-0 190 SO 5-9 180 SR 5-8 180 JR 5-8 190 SR 5-11 195 FR 6-2 195 RFR 6-0 240 FR 6-2 235 FR 6-2 190 SO 6-3 245 SO 5-9 225 SR 6-1 230 SO 5-10 185 FR 6-1 190 2L 6-0 220 RFR 6-3 180 FR 6-0 215 FR 6-2 200 SR 6-4 245

HOMETOWN LAST SCHOOL Tupelo, MS Tupelo HS Okolona, MS Okolona HS Bessemer, AL Jess Lanier HS Clarksdale, MS Clarksdale HS Jackson, MS Provine HS Bay St. Louis, MS St. Stanislaus HS Mason, TN Fayette Ware HS Meridian, MS Meridian HS Griffin, GA East Mississippi CC Coldwater, MS Magnolia Heights HS Duncan, SC Byrnes HS Louisville, MS Louisville HS Maben, MS East Webster HS Montgomery, AL Carver HS Meridian, MS East Central CC Ridgeland, MS Ridgeland HS Tylertown, MS Tylertown HS Meridian, MS Meridian HS Columbus, MS West Lowndes HS Verona, MS Shannon HS Mobile, AL St. Paul’s Episcopal HS Monticello, MS Lawrence County HS Olive Branch, MS Olive Branch HS Aberdeen, MS Aberdeen HS Palm Bay, FL Bayside HS Hazlehurst, MS Hazlehurst HS Greenville, MS St. Joseph HS Pascagoula, MS Mississippi Gulf Coast CC New Augusta, MS Perry Central HS Hattiesburg, MS Oak Grove HS Brandon, MS Northwest Rankin HS Scooba, MS Kemper County HS Springdale, AR Springdale HS Olive Branch, MS Olive Branch HS Springville, AL Alabama West Point, MS West Point HS Bessemer, AL Jess Lanier HS Biloxi, MS Mississippi Gulf Coast CC Saltillo, MS Itawamba [MS] CC Memphis, TN First Assembly Christian Columbus, MS Heritage Academy Nashville, TN The Woodlands, TX ColoradoSchoolofMines Vicksburg, MS Vicksburg HS Altoona, AL Susan Moore HS Fulton, MS Itawamba Agricultural HS Fulton, MS Itawamba Agricultural HS Puckett, MS Puckett HS Houston, TX Cypress Creek HS Meadville, MS Franklin County HS Alabaster, AL Thompson HS Homewood, AL Homewood HS Palm Beach Gardens, FL Dwyer HS Starkville, MS Starkville HS McAllen, TX Rowe HS Sumter, S.C. Crestwood HS Mobile, AL Davidson HS Bay St. Louis, MS St. Stanislaus HS Vancleave, MS Mississippi Gulf Coast CC

NO NAME 51 Deontae Skinner 52 Ferlando Bohanna 54 Trevor Stigers 55 Quentin Saulsberry 56 Corvell Harrison-Gay 57 Johnathan McKenzie 58 Brandon Wilson 59 Archie Muniz 60 Devin Jones 61 Gabe Jackson 62 Addison Lawrence 63 Dillon Day 64 Eric Lawson 64 Mark Lynn 65 Ben Beckwith 65 Joshua Jackson 66 D.J. Looney 67 Tobias Smith 68 Templeton Hardy 69 Reggie Odom 70 J.C. Brignone 71 Sam Watts 72 John McMillian 73 Paul Thompson 74 Mark Melichar 75 Blaine Clausell 76 Phillip Freeman 77 Sam Latham 78 Damien Robinson 79 Derek Sherrod 80 Malcolm Johnson 81 Robert Johnson 82 Thomas Webb 83 Charles Bailey 84 Reed Gordon 85 Brandon Henderson 86 Michael Carr 87 Kenneth Baldridge 88 Kendrick Cook 89 Allen Tolbert 90 Pernell McPhee 91 Rodney Prince 92 Kaleb Eulls 93 Jeffrey Howie 94 Fletcher Cox 95 James Carmon 96 Shane McCardell 97 Josh Boyd 98 Curtis Virges 99 Sean Ferguson


CLS HT WT RFR 6-2 235 FR 6-0 235 SO 6-5 260 JR 6-2 305 FR 6-3 220 RFR 6-6 265 SO 6-0 245 FR 6-5 255 SO 6-0 270 RFR 6-4 305 JR 6-4 300 FR 6-4 260 FR 6-6 320 SR 6-0 230 FR 6-3 285 SO 6-2 300 JR 6-1 300 SO 6-3 305 SO 6-3 300 SR 6-0 295 SR 6-1 300 RFR 6-4 305 SR 6-1 290 FR 6-3 300 SR 6-5 300 FR 6-7 305 SR 6-6 305 SO 6-1 280 FR 6-8 330 SR 6-6 305 FR 6-2 205 FR 6-0 195 SR 6-5 255 SO 6-1 185 FR 6-4 220 SR 6-2 245 FR 6-1 195 FR 6-2 220 JR 6-3 250 SO 5-11 230 SR 6-4 285 SR 6-1 280 FR 6-4 255 JR 6-4 330 SO 6-4 300 JR 6-7 345 SO 6-5 245 SO 6-3 295 FR 6-3 290 JR 6-3 255

HOMETOWN Macon, MS Memphis, TN Ridgeland, MS Coldwater, MS Laurel, MS Starkville, MS Tuscaloosa, AL Houston, TX Olive Branch, MS Liberty, MS Coldwater, MS West Monroe, LA Olive Branch, MS Madison, MS Benton, MS Canton, MS Birmingham, AL Columbus, MS Como, MS Deland, FL Pass Christian, MS Conyers, GA Paragould, AR Madison, NJ Birmingham, AL Mobile, AL Wesson, MS Cordova, TN Olive Branch, MS Columbus, MS Tuscaloosa, AL Hattiesburg, MS Starkville, MS St. Augustine, FL Vicksburg, MS Fayetteville, GA West Point, MS Lithonia, GA Attalla, AL Duluth, GA Pahokee, FL Irondale, AL Yazoo City, MS Medina, PA Yazoo City, MS Baltimore, MD Beaumont, TX Philadelphia, MS West Point, MS Miami, FL

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By Daniel Evans

Last Season,

Darius Eubanks made one of the biggest plays of the season for the Eagles when he forced an Appalachian State fumble that sealed Georgia Southern’s victory over the Mountaineers. This season, Eubanks has continued to play great football. The outside linebacker leads the Eagles in tackles with 43. He has intercepted one pass, forced a fumble, broken up a pass and deflected two passes this season. The junior’s leadership has helped the Eagles hold opponents to just under 20 points per game this season. Although Eubanks is a great player, he also has a lot of talent around him defensively. Redshirt freshman Deion Stanley has made a huge leap this season. Stanley has joined Eubanks as one of the top players defensively for the Eagles. He’s second only to Eubanks on the team in tackles. Fellow linebacker Josh Rowe also helps. Rowe was a second team All-Southern Conference pick last season at linebacker. He’s tied for second on the team in tackles and he’s also second for the Eagles in quarterback hits. Eubanks and his teammates have their eyes set on a SoCon championship. Although a loss to Appalachian State in late October made that a more difficult challenge, Georgia Southern still hopes to accomplish that goal

22 TDA November 10, 2011

Three years ago,

it looked like Jaybo Shaw would be running Paul Johnson’s triple option offense at Georgia Tech. Last March, Shaw elected to transfer to Georgia Southern. When asked why he was transferring, he cited academic reasons and the ability to compete for a starting job before his senior season. In limited playing time with the Yellow Jackets, Shaw had success. In a start against Duke in 2008 where starter Josh Nesbitt was injured, Shaw threw for 230 yards—the most ever by a Tech quarterback in his first career start. Now, Shaw is leading a very successful Georgia Southern offense that runs the triple option. Before a loss to Appalachian State, the Eagles were unbeaten and ranked as the nation’s top FCS team. Shaw has been a huge part of the Eagles’ success. He has carried the ball 94 times this season for 330 yards and seven touchdowns, a mark that leads the team. He’s also started all eight games at quarterback, completing 53.4 percent of his passes for 817 yards and five touchdowns. Last season, Shaw ran for 16 touchdowns. He owns the school record for rushing attempts in a game with 36, a total he reached in a game against Furman last season. Of course, Shaw is just one facet of a fantastic Eagles rushing attack. He ranks fourth on the team in rushing yards, behind Robert Brown, Jerick McKinnon and J.J. Wilcox. When Shaw has to throw the ball, he likes to spread the ball around. Receivers Jonathan Bryant, Kentrellis Showers, Zach Walker and Jerick McKinnon all play a large part in the Eagles passing game. Of course, Georgia Southern wants to line up, run the option and make defenses play smart football. Shaw fits right into that system because he has been doing it his entire career.

NO NAME 1 Jerick McKinnon 2 A.J. McCray 4 Derek Heyden 4 Prince McJunkins 5 Robert Brown 6 Zeke Rozier 7 Darreion Robinson 9 Zach Walker 10 Josh Rowe 11 Ezayi Youyoute 12 Russell DeMasi 13 Darius Eubanks 14 Jaybo Shaw 15 Carlos Cave 15 Aaron Griffin 16 Antonio Glover 17 Billy Greer 18 Charlie Brower 18 Lavelle Westbrooks 19 JJ Wilcox 20 Nico Hickey 21 Hudson Presume 22 Seon Jones 23 Johnathan Bryant 24 Riyahd Jones 25 Emmanuel Orange 26 Tray Butler 26 Josh King 27 Javonte Martin 28 Devin Scott 29 Deion Stanley 30 K.R. Snipes 31 Dominique Swope 32 Nick Wright 33 Dion DuBose 33 Kendrick Wilson 34 Laron Scott 35 Miguel Gilmore 35 Michael Spaulding 36 Connell Reddick 37 Antwione Williams 38 Kyle Oehlbeck 39 DeVonte Lewis 39 DeontĂŠ Watkins 40 Michael Butler 41 John Stevenson 42 Boyd Sasser 44 Quaun Daniels 45 Adrian Mora 46 Brent Thomas 47 Omari Jones 48 Charlie Edwards 49 Brandon Lane 50 Garrett Brewer 51 William Maxwell 52 Javon Mention 53 Marcus Duvall 54 Korentheus Bailey 55 Austin Hagan

P HT QB 5-9 S 5-8 S 6-1 QB 5-11 FB 5-11 FB 6-1 RB 5-9 WR 6-1 ILB 5-11 QB 5-11 QB 6-0 OLB 6-0 QB 6-0 OLB 5-10 QB 5-11 FS 6-0 PK 5-11 WR 6-3 CB 5-11 SLOT 6-0 SLOT 5-10 DB 5-9 FB 5-9 SLOT 5-9 CB 5-11 CB 5-10 WR 5-9 CB 5-9 DB 5-9 SLOT 5-5 SS 5-9 LB 5-9 FB 6-0 CB 6-0 DE 6-1 DB 5-9 DB 5-9 SLOT 5-8 LB 5-11 DB 5-8 LB 6-3 LB 5-10 SLOT 5-8 DB 5-7 DB 5-9 OLB 5-11 S 5-11 OLB 6-1 PK 5-11 FB 5-10 DE 6-0 P 5-11 DB 5-8 OL 6-0 OG 6-1 DT 6-2 ILB 5-10 DT 6-2 OL 6-0

WT CLS HOMETOWN LAST SCHOOL 198 So. Marietta, Ga. (Sprayberry) 187 Jr. St Marys, Ga. (Camden County) 199 Sr. Atlanta, Ga. (Marist) 171 Fr. Wagoner, Okla. (Wagoner) 203 So. Macon, Ga. (Macon-Westside) 215 Sr. Cochran, Ga. (Bleckley County) 190 Jr. Bishop, Ga. (Clarke Central) 176 Fr. Wrightsville, Ga. (Johnson County) 219 Jr. Opelika, Ala. (Opelika) 184 Fr. Wauchula, Fla. (Hardee County) 188 Jr. Savannah, Ga. (Savannah Christian) 222 Jr. Thomson, Ga. (Thomson) 200 Sr. Flowery Branch, Ga. (Georgia Tech) 208 So. Macon, Ga. (Macon-Westside) 177 Fr. Rincon, Ga. (Effingham County) 180 Fr. Atlanta, Ga. (Douglas County) 190 Sr. Crosby, Texas (Blinn) (Crosby) 209 Fr. Dacula, Ga. (Mountain View) 178 So. Riverdale, Ga. (Riverdale) 215 Jr. Cairo, Ga. (Cairo) 195 Sr. Columbus, Ga. (Pacelli Catholic) 168 Sr. Bradenton, Fla. (Southeast) 196 Fr. Flowery Branch, Ga. (Buford) 168 Jr. Cairo, Ga. (Cairo) 171 Fr. Columbus, Ga. (Carver-Columbus) 194 Fr. Naples, Fla. (Naples) 190 So. Stockbridge, Ga. (Woodland) 188 Fr. Stockbridge, Ga. (Mt. Zion) 167 So. Tampa, Fla. (Plant) 170 So. Tucker, Ga. (Tucker) 190 Fr. Dry Branch, Ga. (Twiggs County) 198 Jr. Opelika, Ala. (Opelika) 209 Fr. Buford, Ga. (Buford) 182 Fr. Lithonia, Ga. (Martin Luther King Jr.) 235 Sr. Norcross, Ga. (Norcross) 174 Fr. Augusta, Ga. (Greenbrier) 179 Sr. Warner Robins, Ga. (Butler CC) 183 Sr. Orlando, Fla. (Huntington) 232 So. Fayetteville, Ga. (Sandy Creek) 182 Fr. Hephzibah, Ga., (Hephzibah) 212 Fr. Lovejoy, Ga. (Lovejoy) 200 Jr. Gainesville, Fla. (Buchholz) 157 Fr. Dacula, Ga. (Mill Creek) 167 Sr. Walkersville, Md. (Walkersville) 182 Sr. Stone Mountain, Ga. (Shiloh) 197 Jr. Stone Mountain, Ga. (Stephenson) 198 Jr. Millen, Ga. (Jenkins County) 201 Fr. Moultrie, Ga. (Colquitt County) 181 Gr. Dalton, Ga. (Dalton) 194 Sr. Tampa, Fla. (Plant) 220 Fr. Jonesboro, Ga. (Mundy's Mill) 208 Sr. Tifton, Ga. (Tift County) 173 Jr. Marietta, Ga. (Harrison) 244 Fr. Dixie, Ga. (Colquitt County) 294 Sr. Quitman, Ga. (Brooks County) 246 So. Tampa, Fla. (Plant) 219 Sr. Griffin, Ga. (Spalding) 315 Jr. Lula, Ga. (East Hall) 264 Fr. Dacula, Ga. (Mill Creek)

NO NAME P HT 55 Michael Shealy LB 5-11 56 Luke Cherry PK 6-3 57 Brett Moore OL 6-3 58 Garrett Frye OL 6-4 59 Zach York LB 6-0 60 Chris Gray OT 6-5 62 Zach Lonas OG 6-1 63 Brandavious Mann C 6-2 64 Hunter Lamar OL 6-3 65 Garrett Blaxton OL 6-3 65 Kyle Stroud OL 5-11 66 Brent Russell DT 6-2 67 Matt Mills OL 6-2 68 Matthew Gilbert C 6-2 69 Cole Peeples OL 6-3 70 Raymond Klugey OT 6-2 71 Dorian Byrd OT 6-1 72 Zach Reckers DT 6-2 73 Maurice Hunt, Jr. OL 6-2 74 Logan Daves OL 6-2 75 Manrey Saint-Amour OL 6-2 76 Trevor McBurnett OL 6-1 77 Blake DeBartola OL 6-0 78 Josh Petkovich OT 6-4 79 Oliver Kraemer OT 6-3 80 Kentrellis Showers WR 5-11 81 Mitchell Williford WR 6-4 82 Wilson Hudgins TE 6-0 83 Martin Weatherby WR 5-9 84 Patrick Barker WR 6-1 85 Allen Lee WR 6-0 85 Brian Wilcher SLOT 5-7 86 Markus Farmer WR 5-10 87 Willie Burden TE 6-0 88 Trevor Shaw DL 6-4 88 Tyler Sumner TE 6-2 89 Carter Jones LS 5-11 90 Josh Gebhardt DE 6-2 91 Justice Ejike DT 6-1 92 John Douglas DE 6-2 93 Rashad Williams DE 6-1 94 Roderick Tinsley DT 6-3 95 Edwin Jackson LB 6-0 96 Blake Riley DT 6-1 97 George Osunde LB 6-2 98 Jacob Bagley TE 6-3 98 Forrest Kelleher DE 6-2 99 Terico Agnew DE 6-4

WT CLS HOMETOWN 208 Fr. Batesburg, S.C. 206 So. Jacksonville, Fla. 255 Sr. Warner Robins, Ga. 245 Fr. Cumming, Ga. 204 Jr. Hartwell, Ga. 278 Jr. Landrum, S.C. 267 So. Acworth, Ga. 268 Sr. Forsyth, Ga. 260 Fr. Statesboro, Ga. 261 Sr. Reidsville, Ga. 266 Fr. Tucker, Ga. 291 Jr. Comer, Ga. 293 Fr. Johns Creek, Ga. 249 Fr. Marietta, Ga. 292 Fr. Conyers, Ga. 253 Jr. Norcross, Ga. 265 So. Macon, Ga. 243 Jr. Atlanta, Ga. 263 Fr. Lyons, Ga. 293 Fr. Blue Ridge, Ga. 246 Fr. Suwanee, Ga. 284 Fr. Lawrenceville, Ga. 271 Jr. Fayetteville, Ga. 270 Sr. Palm Harbor, Fla. 244 Fr. Marietta, Ga. 168 Fr. Dublin, Ga. 203 Jr. Duluth, Ga. 218 Fr. Loganville, Ga. 184 Jr. Roswell, Ga. 190 Jr. Ponte Vedra, Fla. 193 Jr. Savannah, Ga. 174 Jr. Dublin, Ga. 165 Jr. Savannah, Ga 241 Jr. Statesboro, Ga. 286 So. Alpharetta, Ga. 229 Jr. Pooler, Ga. 215 Sr. Moultrie, Ga. 235 So. Douglasville, Ga. 258 Fr. Covington, Ga. 245 Sr. Augusta, Ga. 253 Fr. Roswell, Ga. 284 Sr. Soperton, Ga. 213 Fr. Atlanta, Ga. 278 So. Crescent, Ga. 236 Jr. Alpharetta, Ga. 245 Jr. Waycross, Ga. 225 Fr. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 218 Jr. Stockbridge, Ga.

LAST SCHOOL (Batesburg) (Providence) (Northside) (South Forsyth) (Hart County) (Landrum) (Etowah) (Mary Persons) (Statesboro) (Pinewood Christian)

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(Eagle's Landing)

GSU Exclusive

Georgia Southern Eagles


By Stephen E. Smith

any Alabama fans barely notice that the Eagles are on the schedule just before the Iron Bowl. The Eagles are a force to be reckoned with in the FCS. For those who don't know, the Football Championship Subdivision is the subdivision for smaller schools. The Football Bowl Subdivision includes the SEC, Big 12, Pac 12 and more. The reason the lower division is called the championship subdivision is because there is a playoff system instead of a bowl game system.

It is important for the Crimson Tide to not overlook any opponent, and to avoid the feeling of complacency that led to three losses last season. Here are some things one may not know about the Georgia Southern Eagles.

Photo by gsu athletic media

With all of the productivity of Georgia Southern's triple option, do not expect the Eagles to run over the Crimson Tide defense, not that anyone would. The reason the triple option is not run by every team in America is because athletic defenders can stop the offense.

The FBS is filled with the most athletic college students in the country, Through six games, the Eagles are undefeated and ranked No. 1 in the Football Champi- and Alabama is arguably the top defense in the country. Don'ta Hightower, onship Subdivision. Arguably the most efficient rushing offense in either subdivision, the Damien Square, Courtney Upshaw and Eagles average over 350 rushing yards per game. This dominance on the ground comes Nico Johnson will shut down the triple from the triple option offense. The success and failure of the triple option is in the hands option. of the quarterback. TDA The triple option is all about the quarterback's decision making skills. While there are variations, the blueprint of the triple option is an option between a fullback dive and a running back-quarterback option. The quarterback reads the defensive end, then the outside linebacker. If the defensive end follows the fullback into the hole, the quarterback pulls the ball, runs down the line and attacks the outside linebacker.

But enough about the x's and o's, what about Georgia Southern? Located in Statesboro, Ga., the Eagles have won six national championships in the program's history. The Eagles are a member of the Southern Conference along with the Samford Bulldogs of Birmingham. The Eagles are No. 1 all time in NCAA-1 FCS playoff appearances with 41 and No. 1 in championships with six.

Look for Robert Brown to carry most of the load for Georgia Southern when they come to Tuscaloosa. Averaging over 100 rushing per game, Brown has four touchdowns this season.

24 TDA November 10, 2011

News around the By Jeremy Salter


Auburn Tigers:

The Tigers are coming off a bye week before facing the Georgia Bulldogs. The Tigers needed a bye week after a brutal October schedule. The Tigers are bowl eligible and have a chance to at least win eight games this season. They have three more games coming up with the last game the Iron Bowl. Two of their last games look winnable but it’s going to take a lot if they are going to find a way to beat Alabama. The good news for the Tigers is that their players are healthy again, including Emory Blake. The Tigers must now get ready to find a way to win their next games. Look for the Tigers to try to win the rest of their games this season including trying to beat Alabama again.

LSU Tigers:

The LSU Tigers are rolling after a very tough defensive battle against Alabama. The Tigers won in a close one thanks to Alabama struggling with special teams. After winning what many called the game of the century the Tigers are in the lead for the SEC West division. They are in control of their own destiny and must continue to win. If they win out they will most likely play in the BCS Championship game. The rest of their season looks winnable and their defense is still nasty.

Ole Miss Rebels:

The Rebels are still having a tough season. They still haven’t won any conference games this season. They are also coming off a disappointing loss against Kentucky. The good news for Ole Miss is they have Louisiana Tech next that they should win. The Rebels still have to face the LSU Tigers who are undefeated. Ole Miss also must be able to get their season on track if they are going to be able to beat their in-state rival Mississippi State also. The Rebels will have to find a solution for the rest of the season.

Mississippi State Bulldogs: BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA

TO L L FREE 8 8 8 -­215-­9992

The Bulldogs have had a disappointing season only winning one conference game against Kentucky thus far. Even though they have had many losses this season, they still have a chance to go to a bowl game. They must now prepare for a brutal Alabama team that should be angry after a tough lost against LSU. After that they still have a tough matchup against Arkansas. The Bulldogs must keep their team together if they are going to be able to make it to a bowl game. They also have to be ready to face their rival Ole Miss at the end of season.

25 Volume 4 / Issue 7


Crimson Tide

Photos by MAtt Gaston

Heisman Worthy

Is Richardson Heisman Worthy?

The Stats Say YES By Daniel Evans


uring Trent Richardson’s freshman year, people started tossing around his name as a potential future Heisman Trophy winner. But, Richardson had to wait for Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram to graduate to take his turn in the limelight. Now it is Richardson’s time to shine.

Against Mississippi, Richardson’s talent could be summed up by a single highlight. The running back took one of his 17 carries left, reversed field while juking Rebel defenders, and stutter-stepped his way around a helpless Mississippi player at the 10 yard to run in a 76 yard score. On the night, Richardson scored a total of four rushing touchdowns—bringing his season total to an incredible 16. So, how real is all of the Heisman talk surrounding Richardson?

In today’s time, the award seems to go to the best player on the best team more than it actually goes to the best player in the country. For Richardson, it really doesn’t matter. He has the stats and he plays for one of, if not the best, team in college football. In 2009, Mark Ingram ran for an incredible 1,542 yards and 15 touchdowns in the 13 games before the Heisman Trophy was awarded. He will always be remembered for taking over the Crimson Tide’s game against South Carolina by dominating out of the “Wildcat” formation. Richardson’s 2011 season compares to Ingram’s 2009 well statistically. In only seven games this season, Richardson already has 912 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns.

28 TDA November 10, 2011

Photo by Jamie Martin

Let’s not keep this discussion to just Ingram though. How does Richardson compare to other Heisman winning running backs? The numbers say that he matches up pretty well.

In 2005, Reggie Bush led USC to the national title game while rushing for 1,658 yards and 15 touchdowns. Trojan fans will rightfully make the argument that Bush contributed on special teams while at Southern Cal, but in his Heisman winning season he only ran one punt back for a touchdown. Richardson has already equaled Bush’s rushing touchdown total and he’s on pace to rush for more yards as well. Of course, it should be noted that Bush no longer has his Heisman Trophy.

In 1999, Ron Dayne was one of the most dominant running backs in college football history. Richardson probably won’t match his 1,834 yards rushing, but he’s closing in on Dayne’s total touchdown mark of 19. Also, unlike Dayne, Richardson is a dual threat out of the backfield because he can catch passes. Dayne caught only one pass in 1999, while Richardson has already caught 15 this season.

In 1998, Ricky Williams was untouchable. Everything Texas did offensively went through Williams that season. He ran for 2,124 yards and 27 touchdowns in eleven games, while also catching 24 passes and a score. Although he may not have to equal Williams’ totals, Richardson is on pace to run for 28 touchdowns this season.

In 1995, Eddie George ran for 1,826 yards and 23 touchdowns. He was a fantastic receiver out of the backfield as well, catching 47 passes for 417 yards and a touchdown. Richardson probably won’t catch even 40 passes—he’s on pace to catch 28—but he might score as many times as George did during his Heisman campaign.

So, how does Richardson compare? If Alabama wins the SEC West---a big presumption, but likely a necessary one for Richardson to be a Heisman winner---the Crimson Tide will have played 13 games before the Heisman Trophy is awarded in December. Taking his averages per game for this season, it is fair to project what Richardson’s numbers might look like at the end of the season. Right now, he is on pace to run for 1,694 yards and 28 touchdowns. He’s also on pace to catch 28 passes for 332 yards and two touchdowns. As unfair as it might be, Richardson might have to put up crazy stats to have a real shot at the Heisman this season. The award has become a quarterback award. Since 2000, Ingram is the only non-quarterback to win the award. This season there’s a lot of worthy quarterback candidates too. Stanford’s Andrew Luck is among the players getting a lot

of media hype and the Cardinal remain undefeated through six games this season. Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson is doing it all in Madison and Boise State’s Kellen Moore could wind up number one on a lot of ballots because of what he has done for the Broncos over the last four years.

Ingram won the Heisman in large part because it was a season where no other player was able to get a firm grasp on the lead. Sam Bradford was injured in Oklahoma’s opener, Tim Tebow was playing in a stalled offense and Ingram played well in some of Alabama’s biggest games. Ingram was even able to overcome nearly being eliminated after his worst game of the season in the Crimson Tide’s narrow escape over Auburn by playing well the next week in Alabama’s win over Florida in the SEC Championship game. It also helped that Ingram played on the nation’s best team that season, the 2010 BCS National Champions. Richardson probably won’t have a chance for a mulligan if he hopes to win the Heisman. In his worst game statistically this season against Kent State, Richardson ran for only 37 yards but still scored three touchdowns. He’s scored a touchdown in every game this season and eight straight going back to last season. Statistically speaking, Richardson appears to be in good shape to become Alabama’s second Heisman Trophy winner in three years. TDA

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29 Volume 4 / Issue 7

Gridiron grub

Gridiron Grub Southwest White Chicken Chili Photo by


Heat the oil in a 4-quart saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the chicken, chili powder, cumin, onion and pepper and cook until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are tender; stirring often. Stir the soup, water, corn and beans in the saucepan and heat to a boil. Reduce the heat to low. Cover and cook for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Sprinkle with cheese

News around the Prep time: 12 minutes Ingredients:

1 tablespoon olive oil 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, cut into cubes 4 teaspoon chili powder 2 teaspoon ground cumin 1 large onion, chopped 1 medium green pepper, chopped 1 (10.75 ounce) can Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup (Regular or 98 percent Fat Free) ¾ cup of water 1 ½ cups frozen whole kernel corn 2 (15 ounce) cans white kidney beans (cannelloni), rinsed and drained 2 tablespoons shredded Cheddar cheese

30 TDA November 10, 2011

By Jeremy Salter


Vanderbilt Commodores:

The Commodores have had some disappointing losses this season. Their last game against Florida, the Commodores almost came back but lost by three points. The Commodores are still playing great football and have a shot to make it to a bowl game. The Commodores still can turn their season around. Running back Zack Lacy is also having a great season. Quarterback Jordan Rogers is also playing great too. The rest of their schedule looks winnable with their next game coming against Kentucky. They also have a tough defense that is one of the best when it comes to take aways.

South Carolina Gamecocks: South Carolina was in control of the East but now is in

second place. They have lost a very tough conference game against Arkansas. Their team is not as good as it was with the loss of Lattimore and Garcia. South Carolina still has a chance to win the East if Georgia manages to lose a game. South Carolina must also find a way to win the rest of their games. They have a game next against Florida which could be a close one. They also will have to face their non-conference rival Clemson.

Recruit of the week

Flying Under the Radar

Amari Cooper Looks To Add Depth By Coe Robbins

Photo by

next year. And don’t forget about Duron Carter who looks to contribute in 2012 as well.

f you want to consider the “steal” for this class, then look no further to Miami, Fla., and you’ll find Amari Cooper. The 6-foot-2 prospect had a hip injury his junior year where he ended up only playing four games and contributed sparingly. Because of the injury, many high profile college programs looked over him for more sought after prospects. “In my previous years, I was not getting recruited hard and I was disappointed in myself but I was still optimistic,” Cooper said after his announcement on ESPN. “I believe I can be a star player, so I kept just working hard and it finally came.”

Cooper leads the Miami-Dade county area in receiving as of Oct. 19 with 26 grabs for 603 yards, averaging a little over 23 yards per catch, and five touchdowns. In a game on Oct. 14, Cooper and his high school Northwestern defeated Columbus 40-32 after being in an early 15-point deficit. Cooper finished the day with eight catches for 169 yards including an 80-yard touchdown grab that started the rally. Cooper also intercepted the pass at the end of the game to seal the victory. Rival’s lists him as the No. 58 prospect in the country and the seventh best wide receiver in the 2012 class. ESPN also has Cooper on the coveted ESPNU 150 as the No. 62 prospect in the country and was invited to play in the Under Armor AllAmerican Game and the Army All-American Bowl. ESPN’s recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill says Cooper could be a gem for the Tide after flying under the radar for so long.

was just one “ofItthe best campuses

It wasn’t until during summer camps where coaches began to that I visited. pay attention to Cooper. Cooper visited Tuscaloosa in July and after wowing the coaching staff, Cooper was offered a scholarship to play for Alabama. After some deliberation and thinking, Cooper chose Alabama over the likes of Florida State, Ohio State and Miami among numerous other offers.

Goodabout it.”

“I felt like it was just the best choice for me,” Cooper said. “I felt like the opportunities there that they presented to me were great. It was just one of the best campuses that I visited. I just felt good about it.” For Alabama, it’s a huge snag. The Tide gets Cooper alongside Chris Black, another wide receiver prospect from Florida, in the 2012 class that will lose leading receivers Darius Hanks and Marquis Maze. Cooper will have to battle however with returners DeAndrew White, Kenny Bell and Christion Jones for playing time

32 TDA November 10, 2011

I just felt

“It’s great that he kind of emerged,” Luginbill said. “Sammy Watkins did this a year ago who is now starring for the Clemson Tigers, really emerged in the summer heading into the fall of his senior year and really blew up.” “You go back a couple of classes and defensive end Carlos Dunlap ended up signing with Florida,” Luginbill said. “I think he waited until August leading in to his senior year [to commit], and nobody really knew who he was so it can happen, you work at it, you go to the camp and combine circuit, but for Alabama this is critical because they needed to have some playmakers out of this class because you don’t know what’s going to happen with Dorial Green-Beckham, the number one target on the board at wide receiver and probably for everybody, but with Chris Black and now Cooper, they’ve really loaded up.” TDA

TIDE TRIVIA 1Terrence Defensive back Mike Washington and Cody set an NCAA record with__________ in a single game? a. two blocked field goals b. three interceptions c. four fumble recoveries d. five sacks

2 Which Alabama halfback was both inducted into the college football Hall of Fame and given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? a. Millard “Dixie” Howell b. Johnny Mack Brown c. John Henry Suther d. Hoyt “Wu” Winslet

3 “Bear” Bryant is joined by which other Alabama coaches in the College Football Hall of Fame? a. Frank Thomas and Gene Stallings b. Harold “Red” Drew and Wallace Wade c. Wallace Wade and Frank Thomas d. Gene Stallings and Harold “Red” Drew

4 Those three coaches account for how many of Alabama’s national championships? a. 8 b. 9 c. 11 d. 12

5 Since 1901, there has only been one full-time head coach with a losing record leading the Crimson Tide. Who was it? a. Mike Shula b. Mike DuBose c. Ray Perkins d. J.B. Whitworth ANSWERS: 1. A | 2. B | 3. C | 4. D | 5. D

33 Volume 4 / Issue 7

2009 National Champions

The 2011 Season Is


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NY Alumni Chapter

Bama Takes A Bite Of The

Big Apple Greater NY Alumni Chapter By Kassidy Hill


houts of “Roll Tide” are common in the state of Alabama, but cross the state lines and it seems no one else quite understands the significance of the phrase.

team play in Rhode Island.

However the biggest events of their year are football games, which President Hollinger calls “The cornerstone of their activities.” With two places in the city to watch, alumni are presented with sports bars decorated in Alabama paraphernalia, waitresses in Alabama cheerleader costumes, shakers and of course the sound of Rammer Jammer playing through speakers.

“Through our programs, the Alumni Association promotes a spirit of fellowship among the alumni, provides a continuous flow of information on the progress and needs of the University and encourages united alumni support for its advancement,” as stated on the Alabama National Alumni Associaton’s website.

Along with football watch parties, road trips and fundraising events, the chapter plays hosts to guests such as DeMeco Ryans and Mark Ingram. The University of Alabama’s first Heisman winner, Ingram, has made a guest appearance at the chapter also.

Alumni associations across the country are working to keep that love alive and one great example is the Greater New York Chapter of the University of Alabama Alumni Association.

This chapter of the alumni is one of the larger ones in the country and one of two in the area. Under the direction of President Christopher Hollinger, the group has grown to a membership of over 6,000 Crimson Tide alumni and friends in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. It was also named the 2008-2009 Out-of-State Alumni Chapter of the Year.

President Hollinger says the chapter is there to serve the members and alumni, and it is certainly doing just that by bringing a little piece of Crimson Tide country to the concrete jungle. TDA

Some of the chapter’s activities include participating as a group in community service events around New York such as the 2010 Hands On New York Day and a career panel for students at Alabama. But, of course, they also still support their old beloved school. They have taken trips to the NFL Draft where former Alabama players are taken. They have also traveled to watch the men’s basketball

36 TDA November 10, 2011

Photo by scottie rodgers

Recently the Greater New York chapter took a roadtrip to College Park, Penn., and watched the Tide take on the Nittany Lions. This alumni chapter is active within the comuinty and hold numerous events throughout the year.

Practice for Performance

Paying your

Dues I By Johnny Jackson

n today’s society of how-to books, DIY websites and instructional videos, people think they are professionals when they are far from it. As soon as someone reads up on the fitness field, it seems they think they are an expert. It takes more than reading a book to become a professional at fitness, especially when you plan on training the public.

When someone anticipates on training athletes or the general public, experience is key. Experts should learn as much as they can about training within the field of fitness by conversing with professionals and gaining real-life experience. Some could say that trainers are closely related to medical practitioners in ways. While medical practitioners prescribe medicine, trainers prescribe the right amount of exercise in the safest and most efficient way for the client’s body. Training is an industry where you must pay your dues. Simply learn from the best in your field, read, learn and learn some more. After gaining real-life experience by working with a mentor, take the next step. Don’t just go through the motions. Put the hours in that are needed to be successful and focus on the outcome. Every second counts when you’re working with your passion. After working with a mentor try working with a client. Remember to always stay determined to be the best and make your clients be their best also.

Johnny's Tips: >> Stand out when it comes

About the Author

Johnny Jackson graduated from The University of Alabama with a bachelors degree in exercise science and he is no stranger to the Tide. He interned with The University of Alabama football team that won the SEC and BCS National Championship title. Jackson also interned with the baseball and track and field teams while at the Capstone from 2007 until 2010. As far as strength and conditioning goes, Jackson knows his strengths. He bench presses over 550 pounds and currently caters to serious high school, college and professional athletes that are driven to reach their full athletic potential. “I’m dedicated to getting athletes brutally strong, lightning fast and mentally tough,” he said. Jackson has a Strength and Conditioning article featured in each issue of Touchdown Alabama Magazine. To contact Jackson send your questions and concerns to:

News around the By Jeremy Salter


Alabama Crimson Tide:

The Crimson Tide is coming off a very tough loss against LSU. It was a game that many called the game of the century. The Tide lost thanks to missed field goals from special teams. The Tide still has a chance to win the West though. They must be able to win the rest of their games and hope for LSU to lose two games. The Tide is in great shape to win out the rest with the help of their great defense. Also, look for Heisman hopeful Trent Richardson to continue to have some great games. Look for The Tide to win the rest of their games, and also for a big Iron Bowl matchup later this month.

to hard work. >> Do the things other coaches and trainers don’t want to do. Clean the weight room, make shakes, stay positive. >> Don’t spend too much time around the crowd that complains.

Arkansas Razorbacks:

The Arkansas Razorbacks have had some comeback wins this season and have only lost one game. They are coming off a huge win and are third in the West. They also have a chance to factor in who will win the West when they play LSU. Quarterback Tyler Wilson also continues to have big games with a great wide receiving core to throw to. The rest of their schedule consists of conference games this season. Watch for the Razorbacks to try and help factor how the SEC west standings this season play out.

37 Volume 4 / Issue 7

Marr's Pond


News around the

Pond Poets

Tide Crimsoned

By Jeremy Salter

By Emily Edmonson

Florida Gators:

Tide Crimsoned by the Blood By the sweat, the tears Bear stood

The Florida Gators have finally won a game. They have snapped a four game losing streak and can turn their season around. After winning a very close one to Vanderbilt the Gators are just one game away from being able to go to a bowl. The rest of their schedule also looks winnable. Their next game is against South Carolina. This game looks as if they have a great chance of winning after losing to them last year. They also have to face their non-conference rival Florida State. It also helps that they still have their quarterback John Brantley back which can help the offense. Coach Muschamp has a great chance to have the Gators win out. Watch for the Gators to be able to win more now that their players are healthy again to help.

Waves, rolling Crystal, blowing Losses, few Wins, who knew History repeats The enemy we defeat Never a victim Always a victor

Kentucky Wildcats:

Tide Crimsoned Sabaned red From championship we rally to carry new legend...

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38 TDA November 10, 2011

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Dr. Samuel H. Chambers & Dr. James R. Hughes


• Whitening • Crowns • Bridges • Root Canals • Partials • Extractions • Cleaning • Dentures

It has been a very disappointing season for the Wildcats. It’s also been a losing season. The Wildcats are coming off their first conference road win against Ole Miss though. After losing their first four non-conference games they finally get a win they really needed. The Wildcats also may have found a quarterback. According to Coach Joker Phillips, quarterback Mike Smith is the new starter after Smith carved Mississippi’s defense. Now, even though with their season almost over, they still have a chance to turn it around and make it to a bowl. The problem for the Wildcats is that they still have to face Georgia, Vanderbilt and Tennessee. Watch for the Wildcats try to turn their season this year and try to make a bowl. TDA

Showing Pride Photos by MAtt Gaston

39 Volume 4 / Issue 7



Richardson Carried the ball 23 times for 89 yds and caught the ball 5 times for 80 yds.

Photography by

Matt Gaston



On the Attack Courtney Upshaw rushes LSU QB Jefferson in a heroic clash of

SEC Deffenses.

Photography by

Matt Gaston





News around the By Jeremy Salter


Georgia Bulldogs:

The Bulldogs are on top of the East. With South Carolina losing their last game, things couldn’t get better for the Bulldogs. They now might be playing in the SEC Championship for the first time since 2005. They are rolling after beating their rival Florida which they hadn’t done since 2007. Even though they are in first place in the East, there is still football left to be played. They have the Deep South’s oldest rivalry matchup against Auburn. They also have games against Kentucky and Georgia Tech. They have to keep winning or, South Carolina could creep back in to first place with a Georgia loss.

Tennessee Volunteers:

lots of autographed memorabilia!

After a month of struggling and four conference losses the Volunteers have finally won a game. They may also have finally found answers on offense with freshman quarterback Justin Worley. The Volunteers must continue to try and improve if they are going to finally win a conference game. They are 0-5 in conference play so far. They also have a tough game coming up against Arkansas. They may have a chance in their games in the rest of their schedule but it is going to take some upsets to get some wins. Coach Dooley is going to have his work cut out for him. Watch for the Volunteers to try and get their first conference win and try to continue pulling off some upsets. TDA


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