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March 2010


Jersey Shore... An Abomination!

VOL. LV No. 3

Keith Camarda I think the average individual aware of MTV or reality television in general, has heard all about the latest craze on tv known as "The Jersey Shore," that premiered a few months ago. If you haven't, well lets just say you've been living under a rock. As popular as this show has become, if you think about it, people’s perception of what 'good entertainment' is nowadays I feel is pretty disappointing. Sure, the show may be fun to watch and laugh at, but all the attention it has gotten, I feel, is a bit ridiculous. Let's not forget the certain controversy the show has stirred up, regardless of how unnecessary or necessary it was. It's certainly inevitable that younger audiences would be attracted to such a show like Jersey Shore, regardless of how stupid and pointless it may come across. When asked why, many people probably couldn't give you a legitimate reason. As humorous as this may seem. No one particularly enjoys a person going off and ranting about how 'bad' or controversial a show may be, such as the Jersey Shore, yet I feel it should be discussed as to how it has shaped television and entertainment in recent months, whether it be bad or good. However, I certainly am not saying that the show is utter garbage and that I am completely against it because I will admit I myself have watched it a few times myself, but that does not change my perceptions of what the show represents. It's funny, yet sad how the show seems to be what many people think is quality television. Once again, I am not speaking for a huge mass of people, but only from what I have observed based on just a small community of kids and people.


orothy has been cast to OZ not once, twice but three times over the last forty years here at Carey. In 1971, Carey presented its first rendition of the infamous musical followed by a sold out show in 1995 featured below front page of the Carey Clipper. With today’s new state-of-the-art sound and lighting, the yellow brick road is more colorful than ever before! The tradition lives on!

Like I said prior, the show may be fun to watch and also have a good laugh, but it also promotes certain behaviors that young people certainly do not need to be influenced by. For example, certain doctors and dermatologists have criticized the show for "glamorizing" tanning, as well as criticizing MTV for glorifying behaviors that are dangerous, such as drinking and casual sex for the purpose of higher ratings. These statements and ideals can certainly be debated, but you cannot deny that these things are certainly being portrayed in a casual light. I personally agree somewhat with the criticisms, yet I also think an individual should not give so much attention to the issues and harp on them as much as some have because in the long run, I don’t think it will change anything. The show is what it is with its horrible cast members. Unfortunately, this is what television and mainstream entertainment has become, whether we like it or not.

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The Carey Dads’ Club The Carey Dads are dedicated to the support of the students, staff and administration at Carey High School. Come to a Dads’ Club Meeting! First Thursday of every month at 8 pm in the H. Frank Carey Senior High School Cafeteria (Dining Hall South).

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