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March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

Poppies at Poppy Avenue! HFC’s Wizard of OZ Musical Nicole Armocida On March 18th, 19th, and 20th packed crowds were taken “Over the Rainbow” on a magical journey to see Dorothy and her three friends she meets along the way to find the Wizard of Oz! Dorothy played by Tara Raymond (senior), the Tinman Michael Durso (senior), the Scarecrow Zachary Fader (junior), and the Cowardly Lion Paul Pecorella (sophomore) and the whole cast have been working since the beginning of January to make the shows as magical as they were. During the first act Dorothy Gale and her beloved dog Toto (played by a real dog named Olivia) are almost forced to be separated due to the mean old Ms. Gulch (who is also the Wicked Witch) played by Brittany Champey (junior). When Dorothy’s Aunt Em (Rebecca Saltzman, senior) and Uncle Henry (Bobby Longo, sophomore) refuse to help Dorothy save Toto from Ms. Gulch, Dorothy becomes deeply upset and runs away. This is where she meets Professor Marvel (who is also the Wizard of Oz) played by Jake Vazquez (senior) who tells her that her Aunt Em is very sick. When Dorothy rushes home she gets stuck in a twister where upon landing, she is in a place called Munchkinland where her house lands on a Wicked Witch! Dorothy is met by Glinda (Jenna Wynne, senior) and the Munchkins

In this Issue... Wizard of Oz Pit & Stage Crew. . . . . . . .Page 2 Long Island Challenge Results. . . . . . . Page 2 March Jamboree. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3 Foreign Language Culture Night. . . . . Page 3 PHILMUN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4 Is There Really No Place like Home?. . Page 7 Spirit Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9 Senior Week . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9 Baseball. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 11 Sophomore Sports Night. . . . . . . . . . . Page 11 District Sports Night 2010. . . . . . . . . . Page 12 Seahawk Spotlight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12

who greet her to this new land. When the Wicked Witch’s sister finds out that Dorothy has killed her sister, she makes it her duty to get rid of Dorothy. Glinda suggests that Dorothy go visit the Wizard of Oz to try and return home. Glinda and the Munchkins tell Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to find this Wizard. As Dorothy is walking along the yellow meets a few friends. The first friend she Scarecrow. Dorothy asks the Scarecrow for difinds out that the scarecrow has no brain! She tells crow to come along and they continue to follow the road. Next, Dorothy and the Scarecrow run into the When they find out that the Tinman has no heart they come with them to find the wizard and they continue yellow brick road. The last person they meet on the brick road is the Cowardly Lion. They find out that no courage and suggests that he comes with them to the wizard. When they are on their path to find the ard of Oz the four friends encounter another one of Wicked Witch’s attempts to get Dorothy. The deadly poppies sing a lullaby so venomous that it anyone to sleep in an instant. Glinda stops this by snow on the friends. In the horizon, the four the Emerald City and are so much closer to getting been missing.

brick road she meets is the rections, but the Scareyellow brick Tinman. tell him to along the yellow he has find Wizt h e can put making it friends see what they have

When Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion make it to the Emerald City they are greeted by the Emerald City Guard played by Kristen Santoro (senior). The Guard lets the friends in to meet the Wizard, but the Wizard denies helping them unless they bring him the Wicked Witch’s broom. As the four friends head off to do this harmful task, the Emerald City Guard warns them that nobody has ever survived this task. As the friends are walking in the enchanted forest they encounter the Wicked Witch’s second attempt to get Dorothy,... the Jitterbugs. The Jitterbugs (a deleted scene from the original movie) make the friends dance until they drop so the monkeys can capture them. The Witch’s plan works and the monkeys capture Dorothy, but the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion manage to almost get Dorothy free. When the Wicked Witch catches wind of this she tries to set the Scarecrow on fire but instead Dorothy melts the witch! The four friends successfully get her broom and head back to the Wizard of Oz. Being the first people to actually complete this task, the Wizard is confused, but Dorothy and Toto actually discover that the Wizard is actually a human like Dorothy! The Wizard proceeds to give the scarecrow a brain, the Tinman a heart, and the Lion courage. The Wizard and Dorothy plan to take a balloon back over the rainbow back to Kansas. This plan fails when the balloon leaves without Dorothy! Dorothy is very upset about this, but Glinda tells her that if she clicked her heels three times and said there is no place like home she would go all the way back to Kansas. The four friends share a tearful goodbye and Dorothy is on her way. When she returns back to Kansas, Dorothy is greeted by her family and finally learns the meaning of “There truly is no place like home!”. This production was directed by Social Studies teacher Mr. Messinger and Art teacher Ms. Curiale. The Vocals were directed by Music teacher Mr. Moreno and the Pit was directed by Music teacher Miss. Bagley. Stage Crew was directed by Ms. Priester. This is the Musical Societies first show in a long time to have represented all grades at H. Frank Carey! The 7th and 8th graders were the Munchkins and the 9th through 12th graders were either the ensemble part or one of the lead parts! In recent years, the Musical Society has also put on the productions of Beauty and the Beast, Footloose, Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma, and many more! If you enjoyed this year’s production of the Wizard of Oz, make sure you go and support next year’s and the years to come! You can also try out and be part of the amazing shows and huge family!

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March 2010


Wizard of Oz Pit

VOL. LV No. 3

Wizard of Oz Stage Crew

Christina Bush, Mike Costa, and Allison Adler

Jeffrey Samuel

This year, the Carey High School Musical Society performed a dazzling rendition of The Wizard of Oz based on the book by L. Frank Baum. The actors have spent many hours after school putting in work to make the show memorable. However, the show could not be as outstanding without the pit orchestra, conducted by Ms. Hope Bagley, a former munchkin in Carey's 1995 production of the musical. As Bagley puts it, "The cast can't do anything without us!"

The stage lights go up, the house lights go down, and there is silence in the whole theater. The actors emerge and the set is visible. But do you ever wonder how it all got there... How the sets were made, how they were brought out during that little time, and how It all just seems to fit perfectly? There is a small group of people who make all of this possible. Without them, you can say that there truly will not be a show. Stage crew does a wide variety of jobs. First , there comes making the sets, they’re told to make something, and they do it. It can be anything from trees to fences full houses. It has to be made and painted and this requires a lot of work. Then, when the show comes, they have to move all those props on and off stage and when the scenes change. This job is very hard and you have to be very precise. It also sometimes requires some strength because some of the props are rather heavy. It takes a lot of practice to get all the scene changes in one play down pat, but in the end it’s worth it. The lighting is also a very important job stage crew is in charge of. This takes a lot of precision and they have to pay close attention to the play in order to know what to do with the lighting. Doing the curtain and making sure that it’s closed and opened at the right times is also important to the play. All together, Stage Crew takes a lot of patience, a lot of dedication, and a lot of persistence. Even with the amount of pressure and difficulty, Stage Crew is a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to it every time. The members are a great, funny group of people who make it as great as it is. I look forward to it next year as they help with the next play or production.

Often, high schools hire professional musicians to play along with the cast, but the Carey Music Department prefers to use students. Due to the difficult level of the music, an audition is required to become a member of the pit. Despite the fact that the challenging music can frequently become frustrating, it can be very rewarding and help the students grow as musicians. "The students play music written for the pros. It is very challenging but has benefits. The students have to experiment with different rhythms and keys that they don't usually see until college," says Bagley. This year, the pit consists of some new student musicians and several experienced ones. Clarinetist Victoria Violo, a junior at HFC, participated in both Footloose and Beauty and the Beast. This year’s pit music exposed Victoria to different types of music she isn’t used to seeing but she feels that it helps her talent grow more. (Continues on page 9)

A Close Margin: LI Challenge Brian Camarda H. Frank Carey's Long Island Challenge team has been meeting periodically throughout the past few months to prepare for the next taping of the high school game show on MSG Varsity. On March 1st, team members Jeremy Poserio, Puikei Cheng, David Nieves, Kristina Troha, and Brian Camarda, along with advisors Mr. Messinger, Mr. Frino and ten other student supporters, all boarded a bus to compete in "The Challenge's" second round against JFK-Bellmore High School. The game show consists of four different segments; Multiple Choice, Lighting Round, Free Response, and Complete 180. In Round 2, questions ranged from facts about bears and lab equipment to questions about literature and Alice in Wonderland. After a very close and nerve racking game, along with a drawn out controversy over "pi," JFK-Bellmore overtook Carey and pulled out a win of 285 to 270. This year's Challenge team is the only team from Carey that has ever made it past the first round of "The Challenge" and will surely be remembered for that accomplishment. The Round 2 episodes recently aired on iO's MSG Varsity on March 21st, however, Optimum subscribers can watch the episodes anytime on demand on channel 614. Those who do not have iO can watch the episode online at

Published by the students of H. Frank Carey High School Franklin Square, NY 11010 Mrs. Valerie Angelillo, Principal Ms. Sharon Flynn, Assistant Principal Ms. Lorraine Wright, Assistant Principal Mr. John Kenny, Assistant Principal Editors in Chief. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christopher Sarfin & Arianna Krizek Layout Editor/Web master. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brian Camarda Entertainment Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Megan Camarda Business Editor/Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alana Mutum Photography Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kunal Mullick Historians . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Allison Adler & Theresa Simorella The Clipper Staff: Jen Aalbue, Amina Antoury, Nicole Armocida, Michael Babich, Nicole Barrantes, Alex Bieler, Deanna Brusca, Keith Camarda, Matt Capp, Stefani Cassidy, Puikei Cheng, Louie Cona, Raquel Cona, Christina Crescimanno, Shannon Darcy, Olivia DiMeglio, Alexandra DosSantos, Ronald Eith, Haley Friscia, Divya Ganeash, Kaitlyn Gioia, Maria Grisafi, Valentina Grisafi, Ryan Hensley, Basma Khafaga, Samara Khan, Sayyeda Khalfan, Nicole Lara, Becky Marks, Sabrina Melgarejo, Valeria Mendoza, Isabella Mongelli, David Nieves, Rebecca Pari, Jeremy Poserio, Fahad Rajput, Anastasia Reilly, Ruth Rodriguez, Gianna Roselli, Jackie Sabatino, Jeffrey Samuel, Monica Scatigno, William Schuster, Kerrianne Stewart, Chrissy Talbot, Kyrstin Topalian, Nicole Turato, Dorey Veron, Caterina Viti

Advisor.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mrs. Dorothy Drexel Business Advisor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mrs. Terry Troha Newspage 2

March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

March Jamboree Chris Sarfin Friday, March 5 th marked the Annual March Jamboree at Carey. Members of multiple clubs and activities provided fun and excitement to kids of the Franklin Square community and the sons and daughters of faculty members. After months of preparation, days of execution and hours of endless assembling, the grandeur began at six o’clock as future-Carey students ran wildly about the gym, hoping to not miss out on a second of the festivities. Tickets poured from little hands as Totodiles were painted on faces, hockey pucks ricocheted off walls and photos were being printed of elongated noses and distorted chins. Although not as many clubs participated in this year’s Jamboree, there was still much hype at the affair; MSG Varsity took a candid video for their

first annual School Spirit Mania competition. If kids wanted humor, they could dress like a Pirette, rent a Stepper or knock out a teacher. Little Picassos could do spin art or decorate their own cupcake while more competitive kids could play fuse ball, soccer, raging bulls and throw a krabby patty. If they wanted to get more in touch with their animal side, they could pin the beak on the Seahawk, search for his eggs or simply just slap him high five in person, all to the excellent and upbeat music of the DJ Club. Student Government also set up a booth allowing attendees to write letters for troops in Afghanistan.

ated during the Jamboree to victims of the Haiti Earthquake. The Seahawk really flew to great heights this year as the Carey Clipper, winner of this year’s Most Outstanding Booth, decorated its Basketball Shootout with a giant seahawk that rose three quarters of the gym’s height and width. New Student Government Advisor, Dorothy Drexel and all participating clubs are greatly commended for the success of the event along with chairs Drew Zahradka and Ericka Cruz. Many former students who brought their sons and daughters to the event were happily surprised to see the tradition of the March Jamboree living on. It not only serves as both a service to Carey and the community, but as a reminder of the spirit and unity that binds kids and adults under one wing…the wing of a seahawk naturally!

Towards the end of the night, all those present stopped to crowd around and listen to this year’s musical, The Wizard of OZ. Dorothy, Tara Raymond, and the Scarecrow, Zach Fader, sang If I Only Had a Brain to the pianistic skills of Mr. Moreno. The night ended at nine o’clock as tiresome parents and kids left Carey with yet another successful March Jamboree. Some clubs generously gave profits gener-

Foreign Language Culture Night Carey Goes International Becky Marks - How would you like to travel to three unique foreign countries all in one night and without a plane ticket? That is exactly what students did on Thursday, March 10th at the Foreign Language Culture Night. There was a very large turnout with students from grades seven through twelve. This exciting night started out with dozens of different foods from cuisines such as Italian, French and Spanish. The foods were spectacular and some of the choices included delicious penne a la vodka, tasty chicken francese, fresh salad and incredible Spanish rice. The desserts were just as great with light, airy cream puffs and buttery croissants. The festivities continued with dancing and international music. Students enjoyed hearing salsa music and many danced to it, relishing the new experience. Foreign Language teachers came to the event and participated in the exciting activities. The Foreign Language Culture Night was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it. Hopefully, this event will return next year for another night of enjoyment.

MSG Varsity Arianna Krizek This year, MSGVarsity invaded Carey High School. In the past Carey High School students had been able to participate in MSGVarsity’s Jeopardy-like show, LI Challenge but this year MSGVarsity has expanded their view of our school. Just like in the past students were able to form a team to compete in the LI Challenge. Seniors Brian Camarda, Kristina Troha, PuiKei Cheng, Jeremy Poserio and David Nieves were chosen from numerous students who tried their hardest on the qualifying test. The Team “PB & J Plus DK” was able to advance to the second round after defeating Locust Valley on the first show in October. They prepared as hard as they could to verse JFK Bellmore this month but unfortunately lost. This did not diminish Carey’s spirit though! (Continues on page 11)

Above: Members of M.I.K.E. Club at March Jamboree

Adopt a Platoon

Louie Cona Carey’s Student Government has adopted a platoon of US Marines serving in Afghanistan. Various clubs, department and classes have donated hundreds of items for our men and women protecting our country overseas. The platoon is known as the Raging Bulls and we are sure that they will be very grateful for our generous support.


During the annual loves to get packages from March Jamboree at home. He was especially happy Carey, a Raging Bulls to get a package from Carey booth was created which featured coloring pictures and letter at Christmas time.” writing to our - Mrs. M. Picculo troops. Everyone from children to adults have supported this cause and we’re sure our troops will be proud of our efforts. Student Government is hoping that the Raging Bulls will receive their packages by Easter. Mrs. Piccolo, a former Carey teacher, has a son who is apart of the Raging Bulls and we are proud to support her family and our country.

FBLA Induction of Members Ceremony On Thursday, March 25th, FBLA held its FBLA Induction Ceremony at 3:15 in the Little Theater.

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March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

Ready for the Camera: Carey MUN Goes to Philly! Nicole Turato The Carey Model UN club traveled to Philadelphia this February from the 25th to the 28th to take on PHILMUN. As the delegates debated a vast amount of topics concerning the Middle East, the delegates were also able to see the city of Philadelphia, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The snow didn’t stop this group of driven individuals. This trip ended up being a huge success for all that went. Three individual awards were received by our delegates. Kristina Troha and Frank Sivilli won the Best Delegation award representing Burundi in the Legal committee. Cori Ilardi won the Best Position Paper award representing the World Economic Forum in the NonGovernmental Organizations committee. Finally, Raquel Cona and Nicole Turato won the Outstanding Delegation award representing Japan in the DISEC A committee. Due to all of the hard work from every delegation, H Frank Carey came home with the Outstanding Large School Award. This award proved that every delegate worked very hard and were driven to do their best. What made this whole trip even sweeter was the fact that MSG Varsity followed this entire conference. Two delegates from Carey, Louie Cona and Val Mendoza, were followed for the entirety of the conference. They were each interviewed and followed in committee. MSG Varsity has created a TV show that will showcase the life of a Model UN delegate. The show airs for three weeks every Sunday at 8pm from Sunday, March 14th. This trip was a memorable and successful experience for all who went!

Above: Louie Cona & Valeria Mendoza Below: All of H. Frank Carey’s Model UN at Philadelphia

H. Frank Carey Haiti Run for Relief The ever-so-generous Carey High School is once again saving our planet one step at a time. Carey will be having a 5k relief walk/run for Haiti on Friday, April 23 at 6:30 p.m. The walk/run will start at H. Frank Carey High School and continue throughout the community. Carey has been known for its constant efforts to help our planet with events like Relay for Life and Rock n’ Wrap It Up. You can pre-register by Friday, April 9th with an entry fee of $20.00. The first 250 entrants will receive a Haiti Relief T-shirt. For more information you can call Mr. Kenny at 516-539-9453.

Holocaust Survivor Karl Schapiro Visits Carey

special thanks to the

Staff Reporter We’ve read the horrific tale of a 20th century tragedy in textbooks and journals, but this month Carey students were able to interact with a real Holocaust Survivor. Karl Schapiro, a resident of Flushing, spoke to the 8th and 10th grade class about his experience as a Holocaust survivor in the Carey auditorium after 50 years of silence. Seventeen men, women and a baby hid out in a 30 foot long bunker (the size of only two living rooms 3 feet tall), dug out under a barn in a village in Southeast Poland from 1943 to July 1944. The confined space had nothing more than two kerosine lamps for lighting and a pipe for fresh air. A hidden entrance was in a clump of hay leading to the trapped room underground. They received little more than one to two slices of bread, one to two quarters of water and occasionally a potato per person. Lice, disease, silence, starvation and isolation often dominated Mr. Schapiro as he and millions of other Jews hid from the Nazis in a desperate attempt for survival. After being liberated by the Russians and departing a village once occupied by 5,500 Jews, Karl became a refugee. He spent a brief period of time at the Displaced Persons Camp in Germany before immigrating to New York in 1948. We went on to earn a Master’s degree from Columbia University, worked as a Director of Engineering in hospitals and AT&T, and designed ships for the U.S. Navy. Today, two percent of the United States population and two of one thousand of the world’s population is Jewish. Schapiro not only retold his horrific tale,but used his story to relate to students at a personal level. We often find a scapegoat without substantial evidence to reason conflict just as Hitler lacked evidence in blaming the Jews for Germany’s economy. Most importantly, Schapiro came to HFC to further his mission for this to never happen again and to honor the 1,250 Jewish children who were murdered. In the words of philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

for their support of the Carey Clipper and H. Frank Carey High School meetings are the first monday of every month in dining hall south.

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March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

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March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

Is There Really No Place like Home? Should Teens Escape Kansas?

Karen Fernandez (Grade 8) “It is better to get out, but in the end there’s no place like home. Whether home, on stage, at school or at the dinner table, home is there to help you in the future. ”

Ms. Curiale (Art Teacher) “Of course, but sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate coming back. A man will travel the world in search of what he needs and return home to find it.”

Paul Pecorella (Grade 10) “Yes, students should get away from is stressful. You need to see the life around you.”

Damien Fiorello (Grade 12)

Ms. Priester (Stage Crew Advisor) “I think it’s good to go away because it helps you grow up.”

Jenna Wynne (Grade 12) “It’s good to get away even for just a little while so you can appreciate what you really have.”

Michael Durso (Grade 12) “There really is no place like home; yes, breaking away is important, but it’s important to remember where you got your start.”

Brenda Darcy (Grade 7) “Yes, because home is where the heart is. It’s where you grow up and have memories with family. When you leave, you realize that’s where everything happens.”

“I feel that it is a good idea for someone to get away and see the world when they get to the appropriate age. Staying home with your family is great but enjoying freedom in your life is also very nice.”

Zachary Fader (Grade 11) “Yes, where else would you get good food from?”

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March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

Is There Really No Place like Home? Should Teens Escape Kansas? Fahad Rajput

Jenn Dahl

A major issue growing in our society is whether people should move away To say, “there’s no place like home” is underestimating the ability one has to from their friends and family to go out and explore. What I mean is, should a teen move away from their parents, hometown, and so on? Although many people would argue that they should go out and explore, even if it requires them moving far away from their hometowns - I respectfully disagree. I believe that teens should be able to go out and explore, but they should also be in touch with their parents and families in general. After all, your parents did raise and nurture you. They put every penny earned into making a better future for their children. Leaving them and not staying in touch with them would be a horrible way to thank them for all their efforts. Your parents do want you to grow up and have a successful life but they don’t want you to totally abandon and forget them. Besides, disappointing your own parents and your own family, (teens that stop talking to their parents all together), often don’t succeed as much as people who stay in touch with their family. They often have to go through all their struggles alone and do not have many close people whom they have known since they were children. Would you want to be in a position where you have no one close to talk to? Many teens today have decided to move away from their parents, creating this controversial issue. Teens from all over the world move to different places around the world as soon as they gain their independence. This, I myself, and many others believe is wrong. Teens should always remain close to their parents, families, and hometowns, and retain full support from them. They can help you with many things including real life help, economic help, and can simply just sit and talk to you. After all, your family members are the only people who have known you since you were a child. Are you the one that’s sitting there saying, “I will always stay in touch with my family no matter where I am?” Suppose you move to the other side of the world, how often will you see them? How often will you have dinner with your family? How often will you be able to sit with them and just talk? You won’t. Why put yourself in that kind of a situation? Stay close to home.

Feel free to email the Carey Clipper at with any suggestions or comments!

carry their home with them. In my opinion, “home” is just a term for the place you feel most comfortable and where you go to relax and concentrate. But often times many people consider that a single unmoving place. In reality though, I think it’s easy to change that place, or even have numerous “homes.” For example, I’m currently in the position of choosing to go away to college or stay home. And it seems the only positive about staying home is the money I would save. That’s not saying it isn’t a big enough reason to do it, but the negatives will definitely cost much more than the money saved. Moving out of your childhood home is supposed to be one of the hardest things to do, but those that get away always seem to come back to visit with a completely new perspective on things. Getting away is the chance to become independent, mature, and on your way to a wonderfully diverse future. But not only is leaving the nest good for the four years of college, but also for the rest of your life. Many times the first taste is what gives people the urge to go out and explore even more. Imagine all the options you will have by severing the ties to a single home. Throughout college, you can not only live in a dorm on campus, but take study abroad classes as well. Now you’re not just a few hours away, but there may be oceans in between you and your family, your home. But this is a good thing! You’re engulfing yourself in so many different cultures and new ways of life. It would be a waste to confine yourself to that single bed and single town just because it’s familiar. Oftentimes you hear about the stories where children grow up in small towns thinking that what ever their parents have done, they must too. This is the idea that life is unchanging and where your home becomes your tomb. However, for those who manage to fight back and escape they get a new chance to live, learn, and experience what they never would have otherwise. Especially in examples where one’s culture or expected lifestyle is the driving force behind their futures. Staying at that “home” may seem easy, but it will never give you the chance to try new things. Leaving home is giving yourself that chance to be inspired. You could visit countries and truly give yourself a new outlook on food choice, language knowledge, and all forms of art. All of which you could never have achieved if you let yourself focus on a single “home.” Ultimately I firmly disagree with the phrase “there’s no place like home” because of the simple reason that home should not be a single place. Home should just be that feeling of belongingness, which won’t ever leave, even if you do. You also should not place such a high price on a single insignificant thing, like your “home.” It’s not good to just stick to the easy route. Newspage 7

March 2010


Jersey Shore... An Abomination!

VOL. LV No. 3

Keith Camarda I think the average individual aware of MTV or reality television in general, has heard all about the latest craze on tv known as "The Jersey Shore," that premiered a few months ago. If you haven't, well lets just say you've been living under a rock. As popular as this show has become, if you think about it, people’s perception of what 'good entertainment' is nowadays I feel is pretty disappointing. Sure, the show may be fun to watch and laugh at, but all the attention it has gotten, I feel, is a bit ridiculous. Let's not forget the certain controversy the show has stirred up, regardless of how unnecessary or necessary it was. It's certainly inevitable that younger audiences would be attracted to such a show like Jersey Shore, regardless of how stupid and pointless it may come across. When asked why, many people probably couldn't give you a legitimate reason. As humorous as this may seem. No one particularly enjoys a person going off and ranting about how 'bad' or controversial a show may be, such as the Jersey Shore, yet I feel it should be discussed as to how it has shaped television and entertainment in recent months, whether it be bad or good. However, I certainly am not saying that the show is utter garbage and that I am completely against it because I will admit I myself have watched it a few times myself, but that does not change my perceptions of what the show represents. It's funny, yet sad how the show seems to be what many people think is quality television. Once again, I am not speaking for a huge mass of people, but only from what I have observed based on just a small community of kids and people.


orothy has been cast to OZ not once, twice but three times over the last forty years here at Carey. In 1971, Carey presented its first rendition of the infamous musical followed by a sold out show in 1995 featured below front page of the Carey Clipper. With today’s new state-of-the-art sound and lighting, the yellow brick road is more colorful than ever before! The tradition lives on!

Like I said prior, the show may be fun to watch and also have a good laugh, but it also promotes certain behaviors that young people certainly do not need to be influenced by. For example, certain doctors and dermatologists have criticized the show for "glamorizing" tanning, as well as criticizing MTV for glorifying behaviors that are dangerous, such as drinking and casual sex for the purpose of higher ratings. These statements and ideals can certainly be debated, but you cannot deny that these things are certainly being portrayed in a casual light. I personally agree somewhat with the criticisms, yet I also think an individual should not give so much attention to the issues and harp on them as much as some have because in the long run, I don’t think it will change anything. The show is what it is with its horrible cast members. Unfortunately, this is what television and mainstream entertainment has become, whether we like it or not.

AP Night is being held Thursday, April 22nd. AP Human, Geography and Drawing are three of the new courses being offered next year. Students will be able to meet AP teachers of 2010-2011 courses. Students and parents will also meet a former graduate who will share his experiences in AP courses and how students will benefit from it.

The Carey Dads’ Club The Carey Dads are dedicated to the support of the students, staff and administration at Carey High School. Come to a Dads’ Club Meeting! First Thursday of every month at 8 pm in the H. Frank Carey Senior High School Cafeteria (Dining Hall South).

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Tuesday was Mix n Match day; people mixed and matched their clothes, colors, and patterns. Wednesday was StudentTeacher day. Students let teachers sit back for a day and teach their classes. The day turned out to be educational fun! Thursday was Poll-day, Seniors went into the auditorium periods 8-9 and were presented with polls in various categories such as Most likely to Succeed and Most Unique. Last but not least, Friday was "When I grow up day." Seniors dressed up to what they wanted to be when they grow up such as a doctor, police officer, teacher etc. It was definitely a memorable week for the class of 2010!

Frame Game Try to guess the Wizard of OZ phrases from the boxes below.

2. Lions and Tigers and Bears 1. Wicked Witch of the East

Help Dorothy find Toto!

During the week of March 22nd to the 26th, Senior Week took place for the Class of 2010. On Monday morning, Seniors walked into the cafeteria and saw their Senior Surprise on the wall. The surprise included an enormous sign reading “When you wish upon a star...” across the Senior Wall with a myriad of colorful stars stating the name of every Senior in the Class of 2010 while starbursts were also offered on tables. Throughout the day, Seniors dressed up as the favorite celebrities such as LadyGaga, Ke$ha, Bill Gates etc.

3. King of the Forest

On Thursday March 11th, Carey students showed their school spirit with VERY different styles. The Seventh grade were Hippies where students wore peace signs and tie dye colored head bands and t-shirts. The Eighth graders mixed and matched their clothes. Some students wore flip-flops and shorts with hats and coats; others just mixed their colors and patterns. The Ninth grade went preppy; wearing collard shirts, s w e a ters, etc. The Tenth graders w e r e jocks; students wore various sport jerseys, hats, and let’s not forget the eye black! The Eleventh grade went to the Jersey Shore! Girls caked on the make up, wore their hair with high poofs and obnoxious jewelry. Boys spiked their hair with tons of gel, golden chains, designers t-shirts and don't forget the shades! Finally, Seniors went nerdy with oversized glasses, backpacks, high pants, knee-high socks, suspenders, plaid shirts, pigtails, and comb-overs. This year’s Sprit Day definitely put FUN in fashion senses!

Megan Camarda

4. Flying Monkeys

Megan Camarda

Senior Week

5. I’m melting!


VOL. LV No. 3

6. I do believe in spooks

March 2010

(Wizard of Oz Pit continued from page 2) Pit - Music has a very strong influence on the play, as it is essential to set the mood of the scene. This is especially true in the cyclone scene, in which chaotic runs are used to simulate the wind and muted trumpets mimic the clucking chickens of the farm. If the music isn't up to par, it can make the musical much less enjoyable for the audience. Hence, the members of the pit need to put in a great deal of practice time outside of school.

Answers to the right.

Newspage 9

March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

Newspage 10

March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

SPORTS SCENE Spring Track David Nieves Spring has finally arrived, and with it the Carey Spring Track team. Coaches, Mr. Princi and Mr. Insler, are excited for the upcoming year and are optimistic that it will be a successful one. The boys team is led by senior Steven Matthew, who will be aiming for an AllCounty season in the 100 meter and 200 meter dashes. Steve will also team with fellow senior Savan Parker, junior Joe Capobianco, and sophomore John Humrich to form a fast 4 x 100 meter relay team that qualified for the counties last year. The long distance runners are led by junior Mike Falco and have a lot of potential and talent. Humrich is an excellent hurdler, and with senior Chris Martelli, give Carey a solid group of hurdlers. The Nieves brothers can be found long jumping and triple jumping, and David and Chris both look to be in contention for county qualifications. The girls team is very experienced, with many seniors and juniors playing big roles. Senior Carli Messina and junior Alexa Bloore lead the distance runners and seem like they have been running forever. Bloore also plans on competing in the steeple chase, an event that Carey hasn't had a runner compete in for a long time. Junior Nicolette Sands is the top sprinter on the team, and will also compete in the triple jump, along with the 100 meter and 200 meter dashes. Joining her on the sprinting starting line will be sophomore Brianna Ferraro and senior Cassidy Duggan. Cassidy's younger sister, junior Tara, is a great hurdler, and will be looking for an All-County plaque at the end of the year. The year is looking bright for the Carey Spring Track team, and with many home meets this year, be sure not to miss any of the action.

MSG Varsity (Continued from page 3) MSGVarsity gave all of Carey yet another chance to show off the amount spirit students hold for their high school. MSGVarsity began a “School Spirit Mania” contest where people could visit MSGVarsity’s website and vote for whichever school they believed had the most school spirit, based on a picture provided by the school. The exciting picture taken from District Sports Night was able to carry Carey through the first round but in the second bracket Carey came to a narrow defeat. To cushion the blow MSGVarsity has also honored different students for their achievements and showcased Carey throughout their website. ModelUN’s recent trip to Philadelphia was documented while juniors Louie Cona and Val Mendoza were privileged to be interviewed. They also allowed MSGVarsity to follow them through committee to really see how hard members of ModelUN work. Balancing out the academics featured recently, the four main members of this year’s musical, The Wizard of Oz, were interviewed. A video compiling the interviews of Seniors Tara Raymond and Michael Durso, Junior Zachary Fader, and Sophomore Paul Pecorella can be found on MSGVarsity’s website along with an article covering the All District Music Festival. MSGVarsity also returned to cover the various sports played at Carey. Videos and articles can be found on basketball, football, and other Carey sports. Mike Lisi was interviewed about his potential college choices for an article while there is a video of the competition cheerleading team performing at the Long Island Cheerleading Coaches Association Large Squad Competition.

LAX player leaps during practice.

MSGVarsity also covered this year’s District Sports Night and March Jamboree.

Sophomore Sports Night Jeffrey Samuel Sophomore sports night this year was very fun for everyone involved. For the many people who showed up and the many people who participated, it was a very eventful and energetic night. There were many different events and a very close score at the very end. The two teams, orange and black, both worked very hard and led a very intense competition. There were many events like cage ball, hit the deck, tug of war, scooter races and much more. Through the whole event the orange team took the lead but the black team still held a really close score and made it a close game. Everyone was on there toes because the games came so close. The event truly went back and forth. In hit the deck, the black team took the victory, but shortly after that, the orange team quickly took the win for cage ball. It came down to a close ending in the last 2 rounds of tug of war. First, the girls on the black team won for the girls tug of war and tied it up but it came down to the final round of the men’s tug of war. When the game started the black team quickly pulled the flag across the line and gained there team much needed points. Both teams started chanting for each other and for themselves as they waited for the results. In the end the black team had won by a hair. The whole completion was very exciting and a lot of fun, and thanks to all the captains, advisors, and students who had made the whole thing possible.

Carey Baseball Matt Capp “The 2010 Seahawks return to the diamond for the first time since 1970 as County Finalists. Despite the Championship loss in 2009, the Hawks are eagerly awaiting the new season as they hope to complete their "unfinished business" and capture the school's first County Championship!” ( It explains it right there: another great season of Baseball on the way! Coaches of Varsity Carey Baseball, Mr. Marc Hedquist and Mr. Mike Farina, look like they’re prepared to lead the team to another great and fun year of baseball! The Carey Seahawks return to the diamond to try and seize the title of County Champs. After last year’s championship loss the Carey Seahawks are more determined than ever to take this title - not to mention the younger prospects in JV and JH. This year’s baseball tryouts seem to have produced some younger members to the JV baseball team. One of these new and young players is Andrew Rise who has proven himself to be a baseball player worthy enough to be on JV while still in the 8th grade. We are still waiting to see what the JH team will yield after the many tryouts that have ensued over the last few weeks. This year is sure to be a great year in baseball. Stay tuned!

“The league is challenging but our pitching and defense should put us in a position to compete with every team.” - JV Baseball Coach Patrick Frino

Lacrosse player practices for an awesome upcoming season. Newspage 11

March 2010


VOL. LV No. 3

SPORTS SCENE So Close!: District Sports Night 2010 Shannon Darcy & Michael Babich The 24th Annual District Sports Night took place 2-25-10 in our very own gym. It’s a night where all five schools in our district come together and compete in different events, including many different relay races, tug of war, cage volleyball, a poster contest and an exercise dance competition.

Later on was the Buddy Walker Relay. After our record breaking time last year and the return of the group of six that had anchored the previous year we had great expectations for them. The new starting six did not disappoint when we broke our record by 7 seconds by completing it in 35 seconds into first place. The final relay race was the chain relay. This is an event that needs not only speed but endurance. Lead by Chris Martelli and Greg D'Arienzo the athletes in this event pushed through and won their heat and had another very close win in the entire event. Next, after a close match in tug-of-war we were matched up against Sewanhaka. Though we had 12 strong boys and girls on the team we were no match for Sewanhakas Tug Team which gave us third in that event.

The night started off on an interesting note when Mr. Henry Simpkins surprised everyone by forgetting the words to the Star Spangled Banner. As the rest of the opening ceremonies concluded, all the teams went to their corresponding spots and the games began. The first announcement was the winner of the poster. This years theme was good will. All the schools did a great job representing this theme. The scores were announced and carey finished 2nd behind sewanhaka with a brilliant design by Justin Wisniewski and Lazaro Sepulveda. Soon after this, the relay races began. The first of these races was Hit the Deck. This race ended with what most would consider a photo finish. After the judges reviewed the times, Carey received first place over Sewanhaka due to the incredible speed of the team and the incredible diving finish of Melissa DeLeon. Up next was the scooter race, where we fell into second place behind Sewanhaka. Our next event was cageball. This was never our strongest event, but we played the best match we had ever played and came up just short in our match resulting in a disappointing 4th place.

Seahawk Spotlight By: Staff Reporter

The final announcement of the night were the scores of the dance. The hard work at practice trying to perfect every part of the dance paid off with a first place finish. Even with some last minute changes we pulled through and danced the best we ever had that night. All the events had finished and the teams participated in the closing ceremony. They all went to their sections to sit in and wait for results. The referee began announcing 5th place Elmont, 4th place New Hyde Park, 3rd place Floral Park,Second place, a slight pause with fans screaming in the crowd, Carey was called. It was a bittersweet moment for the team because they were expecting a win. Sewanhaka won by a small margin and we congratulate them for that, but all five schools should be proud of the efforts they showed through out the night.

Varsity Softball Chrissy Talbot The 2009-2010 Varsity Softball season kicks off March 26th against Farmingdale. Right now the team is looking strong with ten returning players. After coming in second place in the Nassau County finals the team has high expectations this season and “unfinished business” to tend to. Captains and pitchers Patty Callahan and Nicole Turato hope to lead the team to their most successful season yet. The team has strong gloves with Brianne Catalono and Kerry Gilroy in middle field, strong arms with Jess Doria in the outfield, and a lot of speed with lefty hitter Melissa Deleon. All in all, the season’s looking like a bright one. Come support the team over spring break at their first home game March 31st at 4:30 pm against Massapequa.

Alphonse Gentile (Grade 12)

Patty Callahan (Grade 12)

The name Alphonse speaks for itself. He’s done football in Junior High, Junior Varsity and was on Varsity for 3 years, later becoming an All County Captain. Since 7th grade he’s also been baseball captain of his JH and JV teams and was on Varsity for 3 years before becoming current Varsity Captain. He wishes to continue baseball in college. Alphonse, a long time athlete at Carey and within the community, is the perfect representation of Carey in its glory. Go Alphonse!

Patty is undeniably one of the most outstanding athletes and students Carey has ever had. She’s been involved in sports since Junior High, including Softball and Basketball. She was promoted to JV Softball in 7th grade and JV Basketball in 8th and 9th grade. In 8th grade, she was already on the Varsity Softball team! She won All County Pitcher 06’07’,07’-08’ and 08’-09’. She is a scholar athlete and academically involved at Carey! There’s no denying Patty is the definition of athletic greatness.

Newspage 12

March 2010 Issue  

March 2010 Issue of the Carey Clipper

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