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Even t Plan n in g Toolk it Your guide to planning and hosting successful, trauma-informed events and programs related to sexual & relationship violence.



Th i n gs-t o -Co n si d er Ch eck l i st

In t r odu ct ion Hosting community events about power-based violence, such as sexual and relationship



violence, can be an effective and rewarding way to raise awareness, foster dialogue, build skills,

[ ] What are my goals for the event?

[ ] What are the expected costs for the event?

strengthen relationships, support essential services, and otherwise contribute to positive social

[ ] What type of event will most effectively achieve my goals? (See pg. 4)

[ ] Have I created a budget sheet?

change. This event planning guide was developed by Campus Advocates Respond and Educate (CARE) to Stop Violence to assist you with planning and


executing successful community events about

[ ] Who do I want to reach with the event?

power-based violence, not only during Sexual Assault

[ ] What time(s) and location(s) would work best for this audience?

Awareness Month in April and Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, but also at other times

[ ] What are the sources of funding for the event? [ ] Have I requested/applied for funding early enough to allow for revisions and resubmissions of the budget, if needed? PLANNING DETAILS

throughout the year.


For any given event, it is helpful to start with an overall

[ ] What date(s) do I want to hold the event?

vision. Close your eyes and imagine that you just finished hosting the perfect event. What was the focus of your event? Where did the event take place? What happened during the event? Who was there ? and how were they impacted? What did you ultimately achieve? Consider your event?s goal(s) and use this toolkit as a guide for executing a successful trauma-informed event.

Abou t CARE t o St op Violen ce CARE to Stop Violence provides free, confidential advocacy and

[ ] Are there similar events happening around the same time that could be potential collaborations?

[ ] What trauma-informed practices will I use to ensure my participants?physical and emotional safety ? before, during, and after the event? (See pg. 6)

[ ] For outdoor events, should I plan for and advertise a ?rain date? in case of inclement weather?

[ ] Have I considered the accessibility needs and logistics for the event?

LOCATION [ ] What type of space do I need for the event, and what spaces are available?

simultaneously empowering the campus community to prevent violence through educational presentations, events, and outreach

[ ] What are the setup needs for the event (e.g., stage, lights, tables)?


[ ] Have I reviewed all policies related to my use of the space?

Collabor at in g w it h CARE

[ ] Have I reserved the space early enough to guarantee use for the event?

The CARE to Stop Violence team is always looking for opportunities to raise awareness of power-based violence and

[ ] If I am planning an outdoor event, what spaces can I use as a backup in case of inclement weather?

CARE?s services. Our Outreach Team specializes in collaborating on events with groups on and off campus. CARE Outreach Peers are available to table at your event, provide a brief informational announcement about CARE to the audience, or help you plan and execute your event. Use this form to contact our Outreach Team: 2

[ ] What can I include in the event to encourage attendance (e.g., guest speakers, refreshments, other incentives)?

[ ] Are there any major holidays, observances, or University activities that could impact attendance?

therapy services to primary and secondary survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment, while

[ ] Who are collaborators I can approach to help promote/support the event?

[ ] Will Responsible University Employees and Mandated Reporters be in attendance? (See pg. 7) M ARKETING AND PROM OTIONS [ ] What are the most effective methods of advertising for my audience? [ ] What marketing avenues will I use for the event? [ ] Should I invite media to the event? If so, are there any privacy concerns or need for a photo release? Photo: Decorations, like these candles from CARE's Purple Light Night, can help make a space feel warm and inviting. 3

Cr eat in g a Pr oject Plan After you have identified your event goal(s), create a project plan. Your plan can help you keep track of progress towards your event and create accountability within your organization. Developing a plan with areas of work and project due dates should be one of the first steps in the event planning process. An effective project plan should be clear, realistic, and complete. Please refer to our Things-to-Consider Checklist (pg. 3) for planning suggestions.

Photo: T-Shirts from CARE's Clothesline Project

Ev en t Go a l s & Ty p es o f Ev en t s Before you can begin planning an event, it is helpful to establish the goal(s) of the event. Different types of events and activities will impact your audience in different ways. Make sure to develop your event with your community?s needs in mind. Aw ar en ess

Healin g

Awareness events are useful for sharing information about power-based violence, promoting resources, and establishing new relationships in the community. Awareness can be an essential first step toward other goals.

Events with a healing focus are designed to

Examples: Tabling, Clothesline Project, Denim Day

Fu n dr aisin g

Start by dividing your event into areas of

To put your project plan into action, you will

work, or its basic components (e.g., logistics,

need to assign steps to the members of your

outreach, funding). This makes it easier to

organization. Be sure to consider not only

identify specific planning steps. For example,

individual strengths but also opportunities for

organizing a spoken word performance at an

members to challenge themselves for personal

event might involve some of the following

and professional development. Remember to thank all individuals, groups, and

1. Identify potential speakers and the role you?d like them to play in your event. 2. Reach out to each speaker with your and receive feedback on how they

with other survivors and support networks.

might participate in the event.

Examples: Candlelight vigils, Self-care events,

3. Prepare an estimate of each speaker ?s

like trauma-informed yoga

honorarium, which typically includes

A St ep Tow ar d Pr even t ion

performance fees, lodging, and

Power-based violence prevention is an ongoing process of changing community norms and

money to support an issue or organization

event as a ?step toward prevention.? For

related to power-based violence.

example, an event focused on community

Fundraising activities can be incorporated

engagement would enhance the abilities of

into other types of events to support

community members to collectively change

power-based violence prevention,

policies, systems, and social norms.

sponsors that helped contribute to the event?s success!

Pr oject Du e Dat es

proposed event to gauge their interest

providing spaces for self-care, and connecting

individual behaviors. Look for ways to use your

Examples: Teal Color Run, Benefit

Design at ed Roles an d Respon sibilit ies


support survivors by uplifting their voices,

Fundraising events are designed to raise

advocacy, and services.

Ar eas of Wor k

transportation and add to your event budget.

Planning an event may take longer than you think, so it is important for you to give yourself plenty of time. Decide on due dates for specific steps and check-in meetings leading up to your event. Depending on the type of event(s) you are planning, you may need only a few weeks of preparation or up to several months. Your project plan should be shared with everyone involved in planning and updated frequently.

Af t er t h e even t , w e r ecom m en d h oldin g a debr ief w it h you r or gan izat ion . - Wh at w or k ed w ell du r in g t h e even t plan n in g pr ocess? - Wh at didn't w or k w ell? - Wh at w or k ed w ell du r in g t h e even t

Examples: Workshops on these topics, panel

it self ?


- Wh at didn't w or k w ell?

Concerts 4

- Wh at cou ld w e do dif f er en t ly n ext t im e t o im pr ove eit h er t h e plan n in g pr ocess, t h e even t execu t ion , or bot h ? - Wh at w er e ou r ar eas of st r en gt h du r in g t h is pr ocess (as in dividu als, as an or gan izat ion , or bot h )? Wh er e do w e st ill h ave r oom t o gr ow ? 5

Cr ea t i n g a Tr a u m a -In f o r m ed Ev en t

Addit ion al t ips f or cr eat in g a t r au m a-in f or m ed even t :


trauma by hearing what they have to say and

When creating an event about power-based violence, be mindful of the impact your event and its messaging may have on your audience, as well as the volunteers and staff involved in your event?s execution. An event about the prevention of violence will most likely have survivors of power-based violence in the space. The following are key components of a

Create an environment that is affirming and trauma-informed approach to hosting an event: inclusive of the diversity among survivors by: -


Safety ? ensure that the physical space and



as CARE, or the Counseling Center. -


Consider asking advocates, chaplains, or other

pr om pt ly r epor t in st an ces of sexu al m iscon du ct t h at t h ey becom e aw ar e of t o t h e Tit le IX Of f icer in t h e Of f ice of Civil Righ t s an d Sexu al M iscon du ct (OCRSM ).

trained individuals to attend your event to

RUEs, as def in ed by Un iver sit y policy,

provide support to attendees.

in clu de all Un iver sit y adm in ist r at or s,

Center the voices of those who have been impacted by power-based violence by:

Affirming that violence can be experienced by

Employees (RUEs) an d ar e r equ ir ed t o


Helping survivor-speakers prepare in

su per visor s, f acu lt y m em ber s, law en f or cem en t , coach es, t r ain er s, an d r esiden t assist an t s. It also in clu des

advance for the event (CARE can provide you

in dividu als w h o ar e per ceived as h avin g

leave your event, have access to resources,

because of the identities we hold, such as

with support for how to do this).

t h e au t h or it y or du t y t o t ak e act ion or t o


race, gender, sexuality, disability,

Having a back-up plan in case a

r epor t sexu al m iscon du ct t o t h e

Trustworthiness and transparency ? let the

socioeconomic status, etc.

survivor-speaker decides they no longer want

audience know what to expect at your event, -

Inviting speakers who reflect the audience

to share their story (sharing one's story can

your intentions, and where they can seek

you are seeking to engage.

be empowering, but can also trigger,

r equ ir em en t s, especially if t h er e w ill be

Partnering with groups that are often

overwhelm, or cause a range of other

su r vivor s sh ar in g t h eir st or ies at you r

underrepresented or unheard.


public space (example on pg. 9).


refer them to additional support resources, such

ar e con sider ed Responsible University

and impact everyone in different ways


with a content warning, if your event is in a


believing them without judgment. Be prepared to

M ost Un iver sit y of M ar ylan d em ployees

activities allows space for folks to disengage,

help, if needed. Additionally, have signage


Provide support to individuals who may disclose

M an dat ed Repor t in g




Letting survivors know in advance if media

Considering other ways or avenues for

Un iver sit y. It is im por t an t t o in f or m you r par t icipan t s abou t r epor t in g

even t . For m or e in f or m at ion on r epor t in g, visit ocr sm .u m . Un der M D Law , all adu lt s in t h e St at e

Awareness of cultural, historical, and gender

will be present so they can make an informed

survivors to provide other avenues for

issues ? ensure that all underrepresented

decision about how they want to participate

survivors to share their experiences (for

h ave an obligat ion t o r epor t su spect ed

voices are heard, acknowledge power

(photo/video, direct quotes, etc.). If you invite

example, have a visual display where

or con f ir m ed ch ild abu se an d n eglect ,

differences, etc.

media, please ensure they are aware of any

participants can write their stories,

Peer support ? ensure that your audience

boundaries survivor-speakers request (not

messages, etc.).

members understand their role in

having their name printed, their photo taken,

prevention and supporting their peers.

etc.). Additionally, contact the Office of

Collaboration and mutuality ? include

Strategic Communications, in advance, for

survivor 's voices in the planning process.

assistance and approval.

uplifting and represent various voices and stories.

h appen ed in t h e past , t o law en f or cem en t or Ch ild Pr ot ect ive Ser vices. Alt h ou gh t h e r epor t in g r equ ir em en t s f or m em ber s of t h e Un iver sit y Syst em of M ar ylan d (USM ) ?pr of ession al em ployees? ar e dif f er en t , gen er ally

Empowerment, voice, and choice ? ensure that your materials, speeches, etc. all are

Photo: CARE Peer Advocates at Take Back the Night 2018

even if t h e in ciden t (s) m ay h ave

expect t h at all USM st af f m em ber s w ill

Questions? Contact CARE's Outreach Team to request a consultation!

r epor t su spect ed or con f ir m ed ch ild abu se/ n eglect . Please r ef er t o t h e USM ?s

Ch ild Abu se & Neglect Repor t in g FAQ f or m or e in f o.

For m or e in f or m at ion on t h is appr oach :

Please n ot e: CARE St af f ar e n ot RUEs, du e

h t t ps:/ / w w w.sam h n ct ic/ t r au m a-in t er ven t ion s

t o t h e of f ice's con f iden t ialit y st at u s. 6


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Event Planning Toolkit  

This event planning guide was developed by Campus Advocates Respond and Educate (CARE) to Stop Violence to assist you with planning and host...

Event Planning Toolkit  

This event planning guide was developed by Campus Advocates Respond and Educate (CARE) to Stop Violence to assist you with planning and host...

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