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• Teaches people how to move to benefit their everyday life. • The aim of CrossFit is to bring together broad, general and inclusive fitness.


These values are for the CrossFit NTX located in Denton, TX. • On-Ramp (must be completed to join CrossFit group training) is $240 for 3 days a week for one month. These classes cover nutrition and the 9 basic movements for CrossFit • Squat, Front squat, Back Squat, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Sumo dead lift high pull and Medicine ball clean. • If a person misses a session they have to make it up before being allowed into the group training class. This make up session costs $20.


Anyone can participate in CrossFit. Individuals from 4 year old children to 85 year old women have participated in CrossFit.

Specific classes have been designed for children of different age groups.

CrossFit Silver is a scaled CrossFit program designed for senior adults.

BENEFITS • CrossFit touches on every aspect of an individual’s body by using a variety of different exercises that incorporate the five components of fitness. • It’s goal is to improve the health, strength, and level of fitness for those that participate. • Involves exercises like weight training, aerobics, calisthenics, sprints, plyometrics, etc.

NUTRITION • Carbs: 40 % of caloric intake consuming low-glycemic food • Fat: 30% of caloric intake consisting of mainly monounsaturated fats • Calories: .7 to 1 gram of protein for every pound of lean body mass • Diet should include garden vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds • Try to consume as little starch as possible, stay away from sugar and high-glycemic carbs • rice, bread, candy, potatoes, sweets, sodas, and processed foods (NO,NO,NO!!!!)


1. WARM UP A. MOBILITY - Foam Roll: Adductors - Rack: Calves - Band: Pec & Neck

B. DYNAMIC WARM UP 2 rounds for quality: - Ring Squat to Row, 20 reps - SLRDL, 10 reps/side - Jumping Butt Kick (2 legs), 10 reps

C. SPEED & AGILITY LADDER - Front Skiier - Forward In-In-Out-Out - Side Skiier - Side In-In-Out-Out - Backward Skiier - Backward In-In-Out-Out


“Pratik Patel, a research assistant in the FIT Lab, investigated whether conventional aerobic training of CrossFit could deliver a greater positive impact over an eight-week period for obese and sedentary adults. At the beginning and end of the eight weeks, he measured the participants’ ability to process oxygen while running on a treadmill (VO2 peak), 40-meter dash time (speed), broad jump distance (power), max rep push-ups and sit-ups in 30 seconds (muscular endurance), sit and reach distance (flexibility) and stork balance (balance). He found the greatest difference between the two groups was VO2 peak. The CrossFit group used oxygen more efficiently, Patel reports. Both increased their VO2 peak over the eight-week period, but the standard protocol group improved by 7.7 percent. Also, the CrossFit group spent significantly less time exercising. The CrossFitters averaged 38 minutes (+/- 15) per week with 13 minutes (+/- 1) per workout, while the standard protocol group was stuck in the gym for 190 minutes (+/- 11) per week with 63 minutes (+/- 4) per workout.”


This is Crossfit  

A look into the greatest work out on earth.

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