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Creative Work Manuscript

Lai Bundan Thai Tarot Card

Theerawat Pojvibulsiri (Aksornsanan)

Department of Computer Generated Imagery Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Assumption University

Background or Significant of the Project

Thai motifs or Lai Thai, appear around us, in architecture, mural painting, decorative, etc., especially in Thai Lacquer Works or Lai Rod Nam, gold colour on black background that is very beautiful. All of them were set in a good and beautiful composition with interesting objects. Thai Lacquer Works are mostly seen in temples, door and window panels, scripture cabinets, etc. There are various types and designs of Thai motifs from Late Ayuthaya to Early Rattanakosin period, angels, nature, animals, insects, florals, and also small motifs, from the original colour, gold and black, can be changed into the different way by using graphics softwares, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We can reproduce Thai motifs from the original sources, to the new design, styles and mood & tone by using different colour scheme and composition. Thai motifs in this design work called “Lai Bundan Thai”, lai thai that is inspired from the past. Tarot card, is one of the most popular playing cards, Waite-Smith tarot, classic illustrations from Art and Craft Movement, inspired me to create “Thai Graphics Tarot Card”, that using Thai graphic elements, layout, typeface and colour scheme. I designed only 4 cards from Major Arcana (No.6 The Lovers, No.8 Strength, No.18 The Moon and No.19 The Sun) and 1 back card, using Thai clip arts from reproduction process to compose as close as with the meaning of the original card.

Project Objective

4.1. To preserve Thai Art and Culture. 4.2. To show how to use Thai motifs to design the Western tarot card and all elements in each card can reflect the meaning of the card.


Thai Inspirations. We can create the new story-telling by using Thai motifs, re-arrange or re-compose to the different composition, using different colour scheme, size and position, the perception with Thai motifs from the past will be changed. 3rd CA CREA TIVE WORK F ACULTY SHOWCASE 2017


Process of Design or Art Works

6.1 Photo Taking Walking into many places, temples, museums, taking photos as much as I can, especially in Thai Lacquer Works, I spotted on angels, nature, animals, florals, insects and also small motifs, some are cute, some are beautiful with neatly details. 6.2 Reproduction Turning photos to vector graphics, by using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator via tracing process.

6.3 Design When I’ve got vector graphics from reproduction process, I will pick or choose some appropriate elements to design the beautiful design works, set up in good composition and the design have to express the meaning of each card.

Material and Techniques of Design or Art Works

Materials that I used are hand-made paper, frame, and inkjet printer.

Reproduction Process

Is the process that makes or turns any original images to vector files (.ai in Adobe IIllustrator) Original Images, there are photograph (Thai heritage culture), scanned image and drawing or painting. Thai Heritage Culture, there are temple, crush, mosque, chinese shrine, architecture, ornament & motif, Thai lacquer work, Thai mural painting, stucco & sculpture, signage, type & lettering, everyday stuff, people, plant, flower, vegetable, animal, etc.

Reproduction Process : Tracing Process

Trace : the easiest way to reproduce Thai graphics from original image, just one click and wait for the result in Adobe Illustrator - Open original image in Adobe Photoshop - Change document colour mode to grayscale - Adjust black and white contrast - nvert colour to “black” object on “white” background - Use “Stamp” or “Torn Edges” filter to clear the intensity - Use brush to paint/draw any missing area and eraser to erase any unusual parts - Save file with the new name - Place file to Adobe Illustrator - Trace image to vector - Fill colour



Picture of Designed Works

Knowledge After Finished Produce Art or Design Works

Knowledge that I gained are; 9.1 The history and meaning of Waite-Smith tarot card, who is the creator and illustrator, why they thought and expressed the meaning of tarot card via illustration. 9.2 The history and information of the place that I went to take photos. 9.3 The reproduction process, how to change photos to vector files.