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Creative Work Manuscript

The defeat of mankind

Rayut Soonkool

Background or significant of the project

Background and the importance of this piece. Start from the desire to help people become aware of the current environmental problems. Using the images of the current environmental situation. The damage is going on. Comparative nature is being encroached by mankind. And is going to be defeated If people are not aware of environmental issues.

Project Objective

1. People focus on environmental issues. 2.Trail using various forms to create art work 3. Learn the techniques of photography and image manipulation.

Department of Computer Generated Imagery Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, Assumption University

Concept “The struggle between nature and human.�

Process of art or design works

The process of this project started by dividing the work into 3 parts.


1. Concept Development 2. Sketch Design, composition 3. Computer Sketching 4. Lighting plan 5. Preparing appropriate prop and material for photo shooting. (crab, equipment, hamburger box, straw and etc.)


6. Shooting in studio 7. Selection images for retouching process (The beautiful crab stance 8. Retouching set image at 300 dpi and profile Adobe 1998 (Software techniques such as blending mode, layer grouping and the most important is an experience in working. And also a lot of research natural texture.)


9.Save file format as .tiff for maximum quality output 10. Print on canvas

Material and techniques of art or design works

- Material use fresh crab, paper box (hamburger box) and miscellaneous. Such as wire, glue, tape and straw. - Use Nikon D750 and shooting by basic 3 point lighting. - Basic camera setting as below: Color space: RGB Color profile: Adobe RGB (1998) Exposure time: 1/125

Picture of art or design works

Knowledge after finished produce art or design works

The difficult process is how to make good composition from using many pictures from various source. The pictures different in focusing and color. Software tool and techniques were using such as blur tool, blending mode, layer grouping and the most important is demonstrate in working. And also a lot of research natural texture. From shooting part, designer gained knowledge about set lighting and camera. The beautiful crab stance and selection appropriate material for photo shooting are including.