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Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (aka. WLUSP, pronounced “Wah-loo-sip”) is Laurier’s official autonomous, student-run media organization. A non-profit corporation, WLUSP is best known for the publications it produces that serve both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. Over the past 90 years, Student Publications has been proud to produce award-winning, relevant media that engages, informs and entertains the Laurier community. Our local publications include The Sputnik newspaper, Blueprint Magazine, Radio Laurier, the Carnegie yearbook, The WLU’er student planner and numerous websites. If you want to reach and inform the 4,000 students, staff and faculty that make up the dynamic Brantford Laurier community, then take a look at our publications and let us know how we can help you to make the most of these exciting advertising opportunities.

The Sputnik is a bi-weekly paper with a circulation of 1,500 distributed to 23 on and off-campus locations. The Sputnik provides news coverage, entertainment and insight for Laurier Brantford’s student body and the Brantford community. PUBLICATION DATES Sept 2** Premium Issue (+25%) Sept 21st, Oct 5th, Oct 19th, Nov 2nd, Nov 16th, Nov 30th

Full Page

Jan 11th, Jan 25th, Feb 8th, Feb 15th, Mar 8th, Mar 22nd

Half Page


B&W ----------------------$240 +HST $148 +HST $128 +HST $106 +HST $ 84 +HST


$175 +HST ------------------------

1/4 Page

1/5 Page

COLOUR $650 +HST $590 +HST $498 +HST $478 +HST $456 +HST $434 +HST

1/8 Page

10”x 15.86” 10” x 7.5”

10” x 3.75”

7.5” x 5”

5”x 4”

Blueprint is WLU’s official magazine. Editorially independent, each theme is focused around issues of art, culture and commentary. Submissions are accepted on a freelance basis from students, alumni and community members. *1500 issues printed quarterly *Distributed to Waterloo, Kitchener & Brantford *Available at over 80 on and off-campus spots *Greater visibility with 70:30 content to ad ratio

Rates Inside Cover Full Page Half Page Quarter Page

$452.00 $282.00 $159.00 $100.00

The Adventure Issue

September 1

The Spectrum Issue

October 26

The Hidden Issue

February 8

The Seasons Issue

March 21

Radio Laurier is WLU’s official campus radio. Streaming online, we reach more than 1000 unique listeners each week. Radio Laurier streams through Stream On and TuneIn App, through

ADVERTISING RATES Pre-stream clips- Exclusive (one week/Mon-Sun) $100

Radio Laurier offers diverse programming operated by students in a professional studio On Air Advertising (30 second spot setting. Radio Laurier is also the official radio airing 100 times) broadcaster for Laurier Athletics, $175 broadcasting football and basketball games Broadcast Sponsorship (8 mentions to listeners all over the world. an hour for broadcast) Event Sponsorship

Do you have an event that you want Radio Laurier to DJ? Contact:

$100 $500

The Carnegie Memories are important to every student at Laurier Brantford. The Carnegie is a yearbook that is dedicated to providing all students with photos and reflections on the year that was, and the experiences they were a part of on campus. This item is something every graduating student will want to order to share with their friends and family. For these graduates, Brantford will always feel like home. This is an opportunity to reach students, and their loved ones as they celebrate this important milestone in the Brantford community. ADVERTISEMENT SIZE




8”w x 11”h

$690 +HST


8” w x 5.5”h

$123 + HST


4” w x 5.5”h

$81 +HST


4” w x 2.75”h

$59 +HST

Online Advertising


THESPUTNIK.CA WEB AD RATES: Secondary Page Banner 960px w x 119px h Semester Rate: $850.00 + HST Homepage Banner Semester Rate:

960px w x 119px h $750.00 +HST

Stationary Sidebox Semester Rate: Monthly Rate:

300px w x 250px h $700.00 +HST $150.00 +HST

Rotating Sidebox Semester Rate: Monthly Rate:

300px w x 250px h $400.00 +HST $50.00 +HST publishes online content to WLU students, alumni and faculty all over the globe. The site reaches an average of 1,500 unique visitors each month.

Banner Ad Annual Rate: Monthly Rate:

960px w x 119px h $1500.00 +HST $150.00 + HST

Rotating Sidebox Annual Rate: Monthly Rate:

300px w x 250px h $1000.00 +HST $125.00 + HST

Stationary Sidebox 300px w x 250px h Annual Rate: $1200.00 +HST

TERMS & CONDITIONS POLICIES: The terms and conditions, which apply to all advertising printed or distributed by WLU Student Publications, are as follows: All copy and type arrangements subject to approval of the publisher. Printing of key numbers not guaranteed. Advertisements are charged face measurements plus 1/8th inch above and 1/8th inch below to allow for shoulders. The advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in the advertisements containing the error. The publisher is not responsible for publications of incorrect material unless orders are accompanied by copy or legible proofs for identification. All telephone orders and cancellations must be confirmed in writing.

Liability is not accepted for any non-insertion of any advertisement. The publisher is not responsible for advertising material unless return delivery instructions are received within 30 days after publication. Contest advertisements must be submitted in advance and include rules. List of winners must be filed with the publisher. Contingent orders not accepted. An order not corresponding with the current rate card will be regarded as a clerical error and the advertising will be inserted at face rate. ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Advertisements accepted after the deadline are not guaranteed for print quality or clarity. Any copy changes made to an ad after the deadline wave the right to approval of ad before it goes to print.

DISCOUNTS: Discounts may be cancelled or withheld if the customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions. CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation after the deadline (Friday @ Noon) before the paper goes to print will result in payment of full. TEAR SHEETS: As of September 2012 all invoices are being sent electronically. Tear sheets will only be sent upon request from the advertising client. If you require a tear sheet it will be forwarded with a print copy of the invoice. High quality printouts and/or disk copies of advertisements produced by Student Publications can be purchased. NSF CHEQUES: A fee of $30.00 will be charged to any account issuing a N.S.F. cheque.

INSERTS: Inserts must not contain 3rd party advertising. All inserts must be approved by the Advertising Manager. Inserts larger than one page will be charged a premium for additional pages. Inserts will only be accepted on non-glossy paper. Be advised that we only accept three inserts per issue. INVOICING & LATE FEES: As of 2015, a $70 design fee may be applied to any artwork completed by our designers. We do expect payment within 30 days, so please process your invoice within that time. There will be a $2.95 interest charge per month on late invoices. All prices are in effect until April 30, 2017, however we reserve the right to respond to unanticipated price increases.

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Wlusp mediakit brantford 2016 2017 digitalcopy