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JISC Collections has licensed a range of multimedia archives that, in the past, had to be separately searched, browsed and accessed, making it harder for users to take full advantage of the depth and breadth of the available content.

One platform, over 500,000 multimedia items JISC MediaHub provides a single point of access to three major multimedia archives purchased on behalf of members. It enables cross-searching and exploration of TV news, documentary films, still images and classical music from the following archives: • Digital Images for Education The result of a significant procurement during 2009-10, this archive comprises over 56,000 images and 600 hours of film selected by the education community to capture world, UK and local events during the last 25 years. Sources include the AP Archive, Getty Images, ITN, Design Council Archives, Imperial War Museum, Royal Geographical Society, and PYMCA.

• NewsFilm Online Over 3,000 hours of digitised news stories from the ITN/Reuters archives, comprising some 60,000 stories. The sources include the complete Gaumont and Paramount newsreels, from 1910 and 1934 respectively. Previously unbroadcast and unseen material, such as rushes and programme scripts, are also included. • Film & Sound Online Over 2,000 items, comprising 17 separate collections of digitised film and sound, including Imperial War Museum film footage, and scientific content from the Wellcome Library and the Biochemical Society. The archive also includes over 50 hours of classical music recording from the Culverhouse collection. JISC MediaHub also enables users to search and view external collections such as the Open Video Project, Wellcome Images, ADS, ARKive and the First World War Poetry Digital Archive. A full list of media collections is available at


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• Film & Sound Online Over 2,000 items, comprising 17 separate collections of digitised film and sound, including Imperial War Museum film...