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“ Susie Willis, Chief Executive

Care Network Cambridgeshire (CNC) exists to help people to stay healthy, independent and to keep in touch with their community. Our impact for this year, which we celebrate in this report, exemplifies the tireless effort of our staff and volunteers. We give you our heartfelt thanks, you make a real difference and it is our privilege to be part of such an amazing experience of local, social action. Exceptional achievement by CNC this year was demonstrated by increasing our service reach into Peterborough. Following a 6 month research and set up phase to understand what was needed and how we could best add value, we developed a pilot to be delivered from Peterborough City Hospital ‘Joining Up the Dots’, which supports people with complex discharge needs who are at risk of becoming, or already experiencing a delayed transfer of care. We are delighted to report that all of our strategic priorities for 2018 were achieved. We are now able to visually demonstrate our one client journey through CNC and our different teams are working in a far more cohesive and holistic manner. This has also enabled us to review our resources of work and make more efficient use of staff time. We have started to increase the diversification of our funds by bringing in an additional £129,000 of income to the organisation through a Trust and Foundation Fundraising Campaign.

Steve McGrady, Chair

In December 2018 we collaborated with a group of key stakeholders from across all sectors within the county to develop our strategic priorities for 2019, which look to contribute towards the overall ambition, to be achieved by 2021, by challenging us to: build stronger relationships, review our resources of work and develop brand and image, as well as growth and expansion.

Looking ahead, there are significant challenges for residents in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, as our health and social care systems come under increasing financial pressure. We know that our local CCG will be under funded by £43 million in 2019, and £200 million over the next 5 years. This will have a real impact on the people who use our services. We will not rest on our laurels in regards to this funding imbalance and will be playing our part in campaigns and lobbying efforts, as well as continuing to respond to anyone who needs our help. We will be there, supporting, empowering, and working alongside individuals and communities.


OUR SERVICES – ONE CLIENT JOURNEY In 2018, the development of our ‘One Client Journey’ enabled us to take big steps to improve the experience of people using our services, reducing the number of people they speak to, and ensuring they are able to build trusting relationships with one member of staff or volunteer.

You’re welcome!

Thanks for helping me with these plants



Encouraging intergenerational interaction

Open Arms, tackling loneliness through practical support for local people to help residents reduce experiences of loneliness.


Community Centre

Connecting people to promote wellbein

Groups everyday!


“People at the hea

Working with local people to help them make their communities great, supportive places to live. Supporting community car schemes to get people to essential appointments and social experiences.


Friendly cafe


Chatty cafe today!

Frankie’s Gardening Services “No job too small”

We Care Agency

Providing perso to help people b confidence and live their lives in they want to.

COMMUNITY NAVIGATORS Helping people make choices about the things that are important to them.


? Enabling discharge from hospital

Stopping hospital admissions


e and communities ng and independence

How’s the leg?

Fine thanks. Lovely to have some company!

art of everything� HELP AT HOME Providing practical and emotional support whilst people recover, rebuild their independence or get the right long-term support in place.


onlised support build their self esteem to n the way

Wellbeing walk this Thursday


THE DIFFERENCE WE MADE We are so proud of what we achieved in the last year, connecting people and communities to promote wellbeing and independence.

Community Navigators





people referred

contact sessions


volunteer hours


felt more positive


maintained or gained independence


said their circumstances had improved, over a third said the impact was significant


Help at Home people referred

contact sessions


volunteer hours


felt less isolated


maintained or gained independence


said their situation had improved


Community Development Community Development Team has supported

302 Community Groups across Cambridgeshire

with 2037 contacts to develop resilient communities with strong connections.

awarded to 34 groups through our Healthy Fenland Project.

car schemes

people referred for one to one support


sessions of support given on average


people received support through group interventions

ÂŁ39,556 x55


The community car schemes that we support provided 40,133 essential health and social journeys, which covered a distance of 711,165 miles


felt better equipped to manage their wellbeing after the group


DOING THE BEST FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS Volunteers are central to everything we do and are a part of all of our services. In October 2018 we were awarded Investors in Volunteers status. Gaining this accreditation is an important part of our continued commitment to giving volunteers a brilliant experience.

On average our volunteers have been with us for 4 years. Our longest serving volunteer has been generously supporting people in her community for over 15 years.


Jennifer Bell, our longest serving volunteer at our Volunteer Celebration Event in July. “I have had over 200 referrals, and found the experience enlightening and rewarding, though occasionally frustrating - it has not always been possible to have made as much of a difference as I would have liked. The variety of clients and range of tasks have always been stimulating, often providing challenges, eg. dog-exercising, major de-cluttering, and listening to personal confidences – never disclosed to anyone before. I hope to be able to continue volunteering for some time yet.”

WORKING TOGETHER Working in partnership is in our DNA. We have been collaborating with local communities since we were first set up, over 30 years ago. Over the years, who we work with has developed to make sure we continue to meet the needs of the people we serve.


Working on wards and with discharge teams to help get people home quickly, and stop unnecessary readmissions.


Working closely with Social Care Teams, building trust, and enabling us to bridge the gap for people trying to navigate the system.


Collaborating to share knowledge and skills, and ensure people are receiving the right support, at the right time.


Working with individuals, groups and neighbourhoods to take action to tackle loneliness, and help people to live good lives, locally.

HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE POLICY MAKERS Collaborating to share our understanding of the need in our communities, and finding ways to meet this together.


FUNDRAISING To make sure we continue to be here when people need us, we are focusing on diversifying our income. This year we ran a successful Trust and Foundation Fundraising campaign, developing relationships with 5 new organisations, and securing ÂŁ129,000 to support our services over the next three years. We have also recruited a permanent Fundraising Manager to join our Leadership Team. With the Manager in post we have completed a Fundraising Strategy, looking at what we are good at, and how we can raise money in new ways, so we are more sustainable. This includes making sure we are more open about asking for donations, that we are creating good relationships with our existing supporters, and building new partnerships with local community groups and businesses.

OPEN FOR DONATIONS The first step has been to make it easier to make a donation: Online through our website, or at Wonderful.org By texting CARENETWORK to 70085 to donate ÂŁ5. Each text costs your donation amount plus one standard rate message


THANK YOU Care Network is grateful for the support of our funding partners and donors, both those we have longstanding relationships with, and those we are starting out with. Together we are able to make a real impact on the lives of local people, and the communities they live in. In the last year we have been supported by:

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

South Cambridgeshire District Council

National Lottery Community Foundation

The Alchemy Foundation

The Betty Lawes Foundation

The Dulverton Trust

The Evelyn Trust

The Pye Foundation


FINANCES Care Network Income 2018-19 Charitable Trusts £49,143 National Lottery Community Fund £119,924

South Cambs District Council £14,500 Other £7,120

Innovate and Cultivate Fund £51,248 Health and Wellbeing Network £70,238 Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS CCG £174,148

Total £1,009,404 P12

Cambridgeshire County Council £523,083

Care Network Expenditure 2018-19

Project running costs £10,216 General running costs £62,530 Office accommodation costs £55,068 Governance £37,927

Publicity & Marketing £7,680 Capital equipment £2,465 Healthy Fenland Grant Fund £90,380

Staffing costs £697,891

Volunteer expenses £5,579

Total £969,736 P13

FEEDBACK We regularly get feedback from clients, family and professionals. They are a real testament to the professionalism and kindness of our staff and volunteers.

Wonderful kind lady, great, great help… after feeling so unwell it was nice to have someone to talk to, and that made me feel better… I was always doing volunteer work, out and about so it was nice someone came to see me.

[The Volunteer] was lovely. I was at the bottom of a hump in life and [the Volunteer] helped me over it … Helped me over a rough patch.


It was lovely to speak to someone who understood what the problem was - she was so kind…She helped me find a local person … Problem sorted out in a matter of days.

It was lovely talking to you and I have to say, people like yourself are true angels of the community. Thank you for everything you do.

You were there when no one could help us and point us in the right way if we need advice.

Without your input, the outcome would have been very different and your support has made a huge difference to her, enabling her to return home to a clean and habitable environment. Your “extra mile” approach has been even more evident than usual with this lady.

Where would I be if it had not been for your organisation, so supportive…It was lovely to be able to talk to someone… I became more confident.


Registered Address: 18 Broadway House 149-151 St Neots Road Hardwick Cambridgeshire CB23 7QJ

Email: admin@care-network.org.uk Phone: 01954 211919 Website: www.care-network.org.uk

Registered Charity Number: 1120693

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Care Network Cambridgeshire Annual Review 2019. We are proud to present our Annual Review, celebrating the difference our supporters, staff,...

Care Network Cambridgeshire Annual Review 2019  

Care Network Cambridgeshire Annual Review 2019. We are proud to present our Annual Review, celebrating the difference our supporters, staff,...