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The Official Newsletter of Care Net of Puget Sound · December 2016 · Volume 27 · Issue 4

Prayer & Praise •

Praise the Lord for the completed sale of the old Tacoma center building. He has answered our prayers!

Pray for staff and volunteers who are being called to new ministry opportunities and for those who are coming in to take their places.

Pray for a client who had a stillbirth. She’s struggling to “understand” and needs the Lord’s comfort and the peace that passes understanding.

Pray that staff, volunteers - and all believers - listen intently for the promptings of the Holy Spirit, using every opportunity to boldly minister to the deep needs of people in a broken world.

Pray for Parenting Program clients who are experiencing and appreciating God/Bible-centered child-rearing classes. Pray that their eyes will be opened to the Truth of the Gospel.

Praise God for a steady increase in new clients at several Care Net centers.

Pray for women who struggle with both physical and mental post-partum issues.

Praise the Lord for men who are eager to take parenting classes and for one young man who is coming to Care Net for relationship classes with a Christian male mentor.

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Heartbeat is a Publication of Care Net of Puget Sound

Each Care Net Center offers clients participating in our Parenting Program the opportunity to earn “Care Net Cash,” which they can use to shop in the boutique for baby and maternity supplies. Here are some current needs: Federal Way: Winter clothes for boys & girls (9-24 months), baby bath soap & lotion, diapers (NB), toddler car seat & infant car seat (neutral color, new only), humidifier Gig Harbor: Diapers (2,5,6), baby wipes, winter clothes for boys & girls (NB-3T), Car seat & car seat/stroller combo (new only), bumbo seat, mitts for baby hands, shoes for girl (9), high chair, rocking chair, baby bottles Kenmore: Baby cereal & formula, baby monitor, diaper bag, infant/toddler car seat (new only), diapers (4) Lakewood: Gift bags for layettes, baby gate, crib, DVDs for lobby (movies or nature scenes) Puyallup: Diapers (NB,4,5), breast pump, diaper bags, 3 cribs & mattresses, jackets (NB-3T), onesies, winter pajamas & clothes (NB-36 months), pack n’ play, fullsize stroller, 2 toddler car seats, 2 infant car seats, backpack for toddler, baby monitor, socks for girls (03T), baby gate, baby carrier Tacoma: Diapers bags, bassinet, 3 cribs & mattresses, bath towels & wash clothes Find current needs lists for all centers at

Care Net offers hope by providing compassionate practical care, Biblical Truth and life-affirming resources related to pregnancy, sexual integrity and abortion recovery.

God is good, and He is rewarding the work of Care Net of Puget Sound. In this year-end Heartbeat of the Ministry issue, we are delighted to share with you the evidence of God’s faithfulness and the fruit of your generous support.


Chad and Marcia want children. They have talked about it before and categorized it as a “longterm objective.” Before they launched into having a family, they believed they needed several more years to pursue successful careers, build a nest egg and reach a few more goals.

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Baby Boutique Needs

Heartbeat of the Ministry

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Coming Soon Sanctity of Human Life Sunday On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Roe v. Wade case, dictating that every state had the duty to give women full access to abortion. In the ensuing 44 years, the lives of more than 54 million unborn babies have been legally ended through abortion. Since 1984, it has been a tradition for churches across the country to raise their voices in counter-observance of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and to proclaim the Godgiven value of human life at every age and stage of development. This year, the date for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SOHLS) falls on January 22. Your church is invited to join this observance. Care Net offers a variety of resources, including the provision of a guest speaker who can enrich your service, small group meeting or Sunday school class by sharing about our ministry. For more information and SOHLS materials for your church, visit

Light & Life Banquet: Saturday, March 25, 2017 Mark your calendar now for Care Net’s annual fundraising dinner banquet. The banquet is another opportunity to learn more about the ministry and show support for truth and life. Make your reservation online starting in January.

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Last week, however, the couple was at Care Net, waiting and hoping for a negative pregnancy test result. They just didn’t trust the positive result they had gotten at home. But Care Net confirmed that they are indeed expecting a baby. Chad was in shock at this new reality, and he and Marcia cried together. Their counselor listened and provided a healing presence as they worked through their emotions. As they shared their hopes, dreams, disappointments and were able to talk through it, they were better able to put things in perspective. Marcia even began to smile as she pondered the unexpected news. The evening appointment ended with an ultrasound, and Chad and Marcia got to see the visual evidence of a new little life in their near future. They accepted it with growing delight, agreeing to come back for more support.


Angie has struggled with drug problems in the past. She came to her ultrasound appointment with her mother and boyfriend, Will. While Angie was quietly passive, her mother took charge in a somewhat overbearing way. Will had a slump to his shoulders and a “why-am-I-here?” attitude. He was very downcast. The nurse requested that the mother leave the room during the ultrasound. She explained to Will and Angie that they needed to make decisions as adults, decisions that would be best for the two of them and their baby. The nurse began the ultrasound and showed the baby’s heartbeat and pointed out the baby’s parts, and Will’s entire countenance changed. The transformation was incredible - he became joyful and determined to support his girlfriend in her resolve to make significant life changes and carry their baby.


Currently offered at two centers, four-week Childbirth Classes are taught by Certified Childbirth Educators and are offered at no cost for clients. Among practical lessons about labor and delivery, the instructors have the privilege of communicating an awe and appreciation for God’s marvelous design in the conception, birth and nourishment of children. One pregnant couple commented, “It was a blessing to come to these classes to prepare for the birthing experience. Our teacher was so patient and kind and answered all our questions. She took each question as important. It was comforting to know that many things we were feeling and experiencing were completely normal.” Qualified instructors are needed to expand Childbirth Education to all six Care Net centers. Please contact your local center if you are certified and would like to volunteer.

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Care Net of Puget Sound

Ministry Testimonies: Programs HEALING TIDE

In the last year, there has been a shift in the type of clients who are reaching out for abortion recovery services. They are younger, and they are broken and hurting in ways with which only the Holy Spirit can help. At the same time, it is clear that God has preparing the way for us to serve in these new situations. Last week we connected with a young woman who escaped from the sex trade. Thankfully, we already had a volunteer who had previous experience working with trafficked teens. She was ready to respond and minister to her. We also had a call from a young man crying out for help as a result of his girlfriend’s abortion. He is experiencing depression and anger and found us online while researching how abortion affects men. Praise the Lord that a Men’s Task Force is already working to enhance Care Net’s Healing Tide ministry to men! Healing Tide’s director and leaders covet your prayers as new challenges arise. Please continue to pray for clients who are seeking to find true healing and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.


The Lord has truly blessed Smart Programs, providing opportunities and resources to make a vital impact within our community. Seven years ago, we had one program: Smart Love - abstinence education for teens. Today, Smart Programs has seven unique programs. 1) The original Smart Love is now Smart Love Jr. - sexual risk avoidance (SRA)/abstinence for junior high students. 2) Smart Love Sr. - SRA for senior high students. 3) Smart Home - “How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex” for parents. 4) Smart Home Workshop - a 10-hour workshop about parenting, sex education and child safety. 5) Smart Freedom - Sex Trafficking Awareness for teens. 6) Smart Freedom Adult - Sex Trafficking Awareness for parents, teachers and community advocates. 7) Smart Steps - Healthy living talks for schools and teen programs.

As new programs are added, the need for volunteer speakers also expands, the staff workload to oversee each program grows, and, in God’s providence, the demand for Smart Programs increases. Last year, over 9,100 students and adults took part in a Smart presentation. And God isn’t letting this outreach ministry rest: in the coming year, Smart Programs will be launching a new program to used in Care Net centers. None of this could happen without your financial, volunteer and prayer support. “I realized that sex is a huge step, and I want to wait until I’m married and have that love security.” -10th Grade Girl “I absolutely loved the presentation. I’ve learned that I’m much more valuable than I thought.” - 10th Grade Guy

2016 Ministry Testimonies: Support & Service

Ministry Testimonies: Wise Counsel 24/7 HELPLINE: 1-888-NOT-ALONE


One of Care Net’s Parenting Support clients is a native of another country. Aylin was introduced to Jesus as a child by a missionary. She is pregnant with their first child and has ended up in the U.S. without her husband. He is still abroad, trying to get his travel documents and hoping to arrive before his My parenting mentor baby’s birth. is one of the most treasured people in my In her third trimester, life. I respect her and Aylin had not had admire her words and any prenatal care or the truth she shares. support before coming She has uplifted my to Care Net of Puget spirit, and I look forward Sound. She used Care to my weekly sessions Net referrals to connect with her always. with a midwife and is - Parenting Support Client now availing herself of every possible Parenting Class in preparation for her child. She had received some false information about C-sections and breastfeeding in her home country and, to her great relief, has been reassured about some important truths about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Surrounded by fellow believers ministering to her through Care Net, Aylin has a new sense of peace and is feeling so loved and supported. In turn, she is also a blessing to those who get to work her, demonstrating kindness and even praying for her mentor at the end of classes. Our great prayer is that God will pave the way for her husband to get here and be with her in time for their baby’s birth.


Becky is a Care Net volunteer. She recently responded to a couple questions about her service. Why do you volunteer at Care Net? I believe with all my heart that this is exactly where the Lord wants me to be and what He wants me to be doing. What do you love most about serving at Care Net? • The wonderful opportunity to work alongside some of the best staff and volunteers in the whole world. • The fantastic chance to meet new people from all walks of life. • The amazing honor and privilege to be involved in the care of young women’s, dads’, grandparents’ and siblings’ lives. • The blessing of being encouraged to share the lifegiving message of salvation, which is powerful to break chains and bring eternal life! • And, finally, the opportunity to make a small dent in the bigger picture of life vs death. What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering with Care Net? Follow what God wants you to do, and, if it’s volunteering at Care Net, well, hold on for a most incredible ride to experience the most terrific work EVER! It’s second only to being a wife, mom and grandma.

Carol called Care Net’s Helpline early one morning and was surprised to get a live voice. While she was initially hesitant to talk about her daughter who is six months pregnant, she slowly opened up and shared her grief and concern. Her daughter and son-in-law are addicted to prescription drugs, and he is actually dealing them. Carol has limited contact with the couple for these reasons but knew that her daughter was pregnant and unsure if she was going to carry. She was also aware that her daughter had not had any obstetric care. A fellow believer, Carol was intensely concerned about the life of her unborn grandchild and felt that God led her to Care Net’s phone number. It was a great relief for her to have someone with whom to talk and get advice for action steps. Carol wasn’t sure if she would be able to get in touch with her daughter, let alone convince her to come to Care Net. Nevertheless, she reached out in faith, made an appointment and prayed with the Helpline counselor. She was so thankful for the faith-based support offered over the phone that morning. The Lord honored her prayers: clinic records showed that she and her daughter did come in to a center later that day!


Shannon seemed “on top” of things. She called to confirm her pregnancy test appointment and showed up on time. However, under the stress of the moment, she was unable to produce a urine sample for her pregnancy test. As she waited and relaxed, there was some extra time for spiritual discussion with her counselor. Shannon said that she believed in “something out there,” I felt comfortable enough with something bigger than herself; she wanted to be a better person. my counselor to confide the most embarrassing moment of my life Her counselor, Brenda, asked for permission to share the hope of the this pregnancy. She comforted me Gospel, helping Shannon use God’s Word to see her spiritual need and the and encouraged me with the only solution. Shannon read Bible passages aloud and was very receptive Lord's guidance. I feel blessed and interested in what she was reading. Tenderly, Brenda asked if there was anything that was keeping Shannon from trusting in Christ right now. and thankful for her prayers. Shannon wanted to accept Jesus into her heart, commenting that she -Care Net Client has a friend who has been telling her about Jesus for some time already. Brenda encouraged the client to talk more with that friend and even go to church with her. It was so evident that the Lord was calling Shannon: He used her friend, the pregnancy test delay and the volunteer counselor, by the power of His Spirit, to change Shannon’s heart. Praise God that He allows us to see His leading! Care Net sincerely believes that the Lord draws people to Him - we don’t need to be forceful or pressure anyone to accept Christ. The prayer is for genuine heart transformation - new life in Christ.

From Our Clients

Baby Boutique Impact A recent Care Net client was wavering on the edge of wanting to parent her unborn child and wanting an abortion. She was really struggling with the weight of telling her dad and her boyfriend’s parents about the pregnancy. When she entered the Baby Boutique, full of donated items from generous supporters, she broke down and cried. She was so emotional to see that there was help available for the materials items she would need. This was the reassurance she needed to choose life. Thank you, Care Net community, for providing encouragement to our clients as they see the baby things you have given to help struggling families! Find an updated list of items needed to stock center boutiques in this newsletter or online at

“I was pleasantly surprised - I didn’t know places like Care Net existed. I felt more at ease talking to the woman at Care Net than I would have felt at a doctor’s office. There was unhurried oneon-one time.”

Light & Life Banquet

March 25, 2017 Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center Join us for dinner, fellowship, client testimonies and a presentation by keynote speaker Joseph Backholm, Family Policy Institute of Washington. Online registration opens in January

Spring Baby Bottle Campaign Kick Off

May 7, 2017 Your changes, bills and checks make a big difference toward the work of Care Net, helping us offer hope and resources related to pregnancy, sexual integrity and abortion recovery.

Swing for Life Golf Tournament

July 14, 2017 Washington National Golf Course, Auburn Online registration opens Early Spring 2017.

4US Rally Round for Ultrasound July 28-29, 2017 Online registration opens Spring 2017

A calendar and details for all Care Net events can be found at

“Everyone at Care Net was kind, gentle and had an overall loving presence throughout my appointment today. They provided me with knowledge and information and listened with an open heart and mind.” “Someone actually listened to how I feel and could honestly give me information about all my options.”

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January 22, 2017

“My counselor talked with me about some of my doubts and about telling my father about the baby. She really put my mind at ease.”

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

“I felt happy, at peace, and I left with a smile. Safe.”

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December 2016 Hearbeats Newsletter  
December 2016 Hearbeats Newsletter  

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