CareMax Offers Pain Relief and Personal Care Products in Australia

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CareMax Offers Pain Relief and Personal Care Products in Australia

Melbourne, Australia – October 26, 2018 – CareMax came to being with a singular objective which was to provide Australian customers with top performance healthcare products. Years later, the online store stands undisputed in the market as the number one source for quality approved products which are pre-designed to address varied demands. CareMax’s rise to success has largely been because of their customer-centric model where undivided attention is given to their clients who are the core of the business. Speaking about the reliability of their products, the Sales Director said, “As a company that specializes in medical-related products, we have on-board a team of specialists who have an in-depth understanding of healthcare products. It is from this rich knowledge base that we draw from when selecting each item that we stock, which is double-checked against internationally accepted standards. We have equally taken measures to ensure each product meets the requirements of the Australian Register Of Therapeutic Goods to erase any doubts as to the functionality of our devices.”

Clients who are after the Hitachi magic wand in Australia have a perfect alternative at CareMax who have a generic model that meets the approvals set for the local market. A limiting factor that makes the original Hitachi model not to be sold in Australia is it only supports 110 voltages besides the company’s policy to only sell in North America. CareMax has their generic model made to support 240 voltages while maintaining the same power output and performance as the Hitachi magic wand. Clients will instantly love the stronger vibrations from the wand massager and the ten pattern setting which provides freedom of choosing the most suitable vibrations. Talking about their TENS/EMS machine, the Marketing Manager said, “We are famous for being the number one suppliers of TENS/EMS machines across Australia given it was among the first product categories that we introduced to the market. The use of TENS is medically approved for resolving acute and chronic pain through the use of controlled electric shock. If you are looking for a drug free solution against constant body pains especially on the back and nerves, then TENS machines are an option you must discuss with your doctor. The safety measures of the units we have in stock mean they are totally safe, and they do not have any negative side effects when used correctly.�

The endless benefits that come with purchasing the generic Hitachi vibrating massager offered by CareMax make it an option client will never live to regret. First is the high-grade workmanship which gives it a design that anyone with a soft spot for style will instantly love. The incredible power of the massager is also one of a kind as on full blast it supports vibrations of up to 8,000RPMs. CareMax also has the massager built to support optional attachments for an entirely unique experience.

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