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Yard is Carbon Neutral. Biodiverse Native Tree Planting Helping to revegetate Australia’s natural landscape. Like Yard Property, Carbon Neutral is passionate about the native Australian landscape. They specialise in biodiverse reforestation plantings and carbon sinks. So far, they have planted over three million trees.

About Carbon Neutral… Carbon Neutral is a not-forprofit carbon solutions provider and reforestation developer helping organisations and individuals across Australia minimise their impact on the environment by working with them to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. 

Carbon Neutral’s services include: > Carbon and sustainability consulting > Energy reduction strategies > Carbon footprint calculators > Carbon neutral certification > Carbon offsets > Travel, event and vehicle fleet inventory assessments > Plant-a-Tree Programmes > Biodiverse reforestation projects

Carbon Neutral Trees Multiple local native species of trees and shrubs are planted, with trees being legally protected on most sites. Sites will conservatively sequester between 150-250 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare over

their lifetime in the areas planted; this equates to approximately six trees per tonne. Species are selected according to soil type and local climate and include a range of local native trees, shrubs and understory. In most cases 10-40 different species will be established through direct seeding and /or planting seedlings. Carbon Neutral works with Land Conservation District Committees, Landcare Officers, Regional Catchment Councils and NRM officers. Mapping, weed and pest control, fire prevention and protection from livestock are all part of a comprehensive site management plan. Sites are monitored annually until established and in-fill planting is undertaken.

Our commitment to the environment. As a family owned company, we take pride in the way we do business. We’re committed to ensuring we operate in a responsible and sustainable manner and recognize the important connection between environment, good business and the community.

For more information. Visit our website or the Carbon Neutral website. t 9339 1006 22 May Street East Fremantle

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Yard Property has adopted a “we choose green” philosophy, and we’ve implemented a number of initiatives to show that we’re serious. With the assistance of Carbon Neutral, we’ve calculated our carbon footprint and estimated the greenhouse gas emissions created by our company’s activities. We also have a strategy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by reducing our energy consumption and waste pollution. The remaining and unavoidable carbon emissions have been offset with the planting of trees. Yard Property has chosen to support biodiverse native tree planting, which achieves a wide range of environmental outcomes while also producing a valuable carbon-based asset. Forest sinks have many community and environmental benefits beyond their carbon benefits which, depending on the site may include:

> Assisting with prevention of soil and wind erosion > Assisting with prevention of water logging and salinity > Providing habitat for wildlife > Providing wind breaks and shade > Improving biodiversity > Opportunities for social and economic indigenous participation > Improving the quality of land for local farmers > Increasing atmospheric oxygen 

On top of this, we also “plant a tree” for every home we sell and manage! It’s a good feeling knowing we are doing everything we can to minimise our environmental impact, now and for the future.

Yard Property is Carbon Neutral  

Yard Property, East Fremantle is now Carbon Neutral. As a family owned company, we take pride in the way we do business. We’re committed t...

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