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Anti-cancer therapy - Diagnosing and Treating Dogs and Cats with Cancer The word “cancer” is not as scary today as it once was years ago. The medical advances have come a long way and can give longer life to cancer patients. Today, cats and dogs have an opportunity to obtain treatment that stops or slows the progression of cancer. This is accomplished without our beloved pets even knowing that they’re sick. By using potent but safe anti-cancer therapy and drugs, our veterinarian clinic has been able to provide these benefits to the pets we care for:    

No loss of appetite No vomiting No hair loss No lethargic reactions

To us in the medical field, these are true accomplishments. Not only will your pet not suffer the side effects, but you’ll be better able to cope and handle their disease, while still having hope that every day they’re getting stronger and stronger. We take our commitment to helping each animal and each owner very seriously. We become as attached as you are to

your pets. We want only the best for them. Schedule an appointment today to get your dog or pet’s yearly checkups, inoculations and tests up to date. Promise yourself that when you get your pet examined, that you’re actually giving him or her gift of life. A clean bill of health is cause for celebration. A negative test result just means that it’s time to take action to get your pet’s health restored. For more details you can directly contact us via phone or by visiting us. We are serving in Raleigh-Morrisville, NC: Contact Numbers: Falls Pointe (919) 841-4211 Grace Park (919) 462-1212 Glenwood (919) 783-7387 Oberlin (919) 832-3107 Mail Id’s:

Anti Cancer Therapy For Dogs & Other Pets at Care First Animal Hospitals  
Anti Cancer Therapy For Dogs & Other Pets at Care First Animal Hospitals  

CareFirst Animal Hospitals, Raleigh provide effective cancer treatment therapy for dogs, cats and other pets to ensure pet's good quality li...