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MINDSET FOR SUCCESS By Bev James Business Coach and Mentor

Everyone can have a mindset for success, but the fine line between success and failure is dependent on the decisions we make and those we choose not to make. Here are some top tips for creating your mindset for success and developing the confidence to make things happen.

DEVELOP THE HABIT OF SELF-DISCIPLINE Self-discipline is a power trait that makes a huge difference. If you know you can rely on yourself to be disciplined in your career development approach, you know that there is the possibility of success. Without it, it is easy to feel defeated before you start. A self-disciplined approach will keep you on track and will deliver improved performance and successful results. Build your self-discipline muscle daily. Try asking yourself: ‘What changes in my own approach will make the most difference to my success?’ Consider the following: • What do you need to START doing? Taking action? Setting achievable goals? Monitoring your progress? Seeking advice? • What do you need to STOP doing? Procrastinating? Living in the past? Having regrets? Blaming others? Putting yourself down?

MASTER YOUR MOTIVATION The decisions you make will always depend on what drives you to succeed in the first place. For some it will be the heady draw of material success and a big pay rise, for others the desire for recognition in their future role and belonging. Some will be motivated by stability and some will act because they know they will succeed. Your motivation is always connected to your main goal. When you lose focus and direction, it probably means you have lost sight of why you are looking to move your career on.

When the going gets tough, it is the why that keeps you on track. The important aspects for staying motivated are personal to you but relate to: • Your vision for long-term success. • The level of excitement you feel about setting it in motion. • The commitment you are willing to give to make it work. • The depth of understanding you have about the benefits of taking the decision.

BE BRAVE The successes that mean the most in life tend to be the ones that are hardest won. When things come easily you may undervalue the prize. At the root of every successful endeavour lies the courage to face fears and take action. To fulfil our true potential we need to step outside the realm of our ‘normal’ behaviour and do something that stretches our boundaries, broadens our knowledge, raises adrenaline and challenges us to explore new frontiers. Being brave helps us to face up to anxiety and recognise it as a normal stage in learning something new. When selfdoubt strikes and asks: ‘What if I fail?’, ‘Is it worth the risk?’, ‘Am I good enough?’ and ‘Will I make it?’ there is only one form of defence that will combat all known doubts – that is to ‘adopt an attitude’ of bravery and step outside your comfort zone.

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