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Various Types Of Nurse Jobs Nurses serve in various capacities treating and caring for patients. They are classified according to the qualification they have, the positions they hold, the patients they take care of, their specialization and the environment they work in. Qualified nurses, particularly registered nurses, have a wide range of nurse jobs to choose from especially since there is a shortage of this type of nurses. A registered nurse works under the supervision of the doctor in charge. They are responsible for administering injections and medications as well as taking vital signs of patients. They also assess patients while charting out a care plan for them. There are also other nurse jobs known as nurse supervisor or head nurse. These are professionals that while taking care of patients also have the responsibility of managing the nursing activities. These work in a hospital setting and as the supervisor they assign duties, arrange schedules, the monitor other nurses and how they interact with the patients. They also ensure that there are adequate equipment and supplies that enable nurses to take care of patients adequately. Nurse practitioners are the most advanced nurses’ category. They can diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication without the supervision of a doctor. In the absence of a doctor they see patients and they can specialize into midwifery, family care, neonatal and women’s health. Apart from the general qualification for nurse jobs in US, nurses can be categorized according to the area of specialization. This specialization enables a nurse to treat specific illnesses and needs in a patient. For instance acute care nurses take care of patients with acute illnesses such as heart attacks and they are qualified to do advanced procedures. They work in hospitals and they take care of patients before and after surgery. Oncology nurses work with cancer patients in hospices, hospitals and homes. There are areas of specialization within this category such as chemotherapy and radiation. An oncology nurse may have up to a master’s degree and they can specialize further as pediatric oncology nurses. There are also psychiatric nurses that deal with mental issues that come about as a result of substance abuse, medical issues or other mental problems. They work hospitals and community centers. Another category of nurses works with certain sections of the population such as the children and the elderly. Pediatric nurses work with children basically from infancy to 21 years of age. They diagnose common childhood illnesses, treat injuries and prevent diseases. Gerontological nurses work with the senior members of the society in hospitals and nursing homes. They formulate treatment schedules for chronic illnesses as well as provide support for family members. In nursing homes, apart from dealing with illnesses like strokes, Alzheimer’s and fractures they also perform administrative duties.

Some nurses work with patients recuperating at home from childbirth, accidents and illnesses. Some nurse practitioners specialize in women’s health needs which are usually very different from men’s health in terms of response to disease and wellness. When you get to a hospital the first person you are likely to encounter is a nurse and these are different. Nurse jobs in a hospital setting differ depending on where in the hospital they work. Emergency room nurses are usually at the casualty department and are trained to take care of patients in acute pain. Operating room nurses take care of the patients before and after surgery. They assist the surgeon and monitor the patient pre and post operation. Another category of nurse jobs in a hospital are nurse anesthetists. These work in the operating room and help to administer the anesthesia and monitor the patient during the surgery. They are registered nurses with special certification that allows them to work as well as the anesthesiologists who are qualified doctors. School nurses work within a school environment and assist in counseling, physical education, nutrition as well as health services for both students and staff. Community based nurses and occupational or industrial nurses are in high demand and they work within the community and the industrial settings respectively, promoting good health and offering basic medical assistance. There are two new fields of nursing that are emerging in forensics and law. These usually assist where a crime has been committed and offer medical advice to professionals in the legal field. Original Source:

Various types of nurse jobs  
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