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How to Prepare for CDS Exams to Join NDA? Defence Services are one of the toughest job in the world. India is also a country having strong armed forces comprises with the three defence academies called Military Academy, Air Force and Naval Academy. These three academies are responsible for providing cadets and officers for the protection and security to the general public of country from other nations, young generations are allowed to join these academies to serve their country. However, joining a defence academy is not so easy for anyone in any country and India also follows a diligent process to select and train cadets.

In India, NDA stands for National Defense Academy is known for providing the training for joint services academy of three Armed forces Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. To join NDA aspirants need to appear for written exams conducted by UPSC followed by other tests and interviews like medical test, general aptitude, physical, social and psychological tests. Clearing these series of exams and tests are not possible for everyone, it requires a dedication with strong practice but if you are determined to join you have to take help of coaching centers and training institutes providing CDS coaching and training for UPSC CDS Exams. UPSC CDS Exams held twice every year conducted by UPSC for all three defense academies including Officers’ Training Academy meant for defense & security of India.

Eligibility Criterion and Age Limits for Exams If you are looking to join NDA, you have to prepare yourself mentally during the time of your last academic years in school. As 12th passed unmarried students having Physics & Mathematics subjects can only appear for the exams with the age between 16 and half years to 19 years are eligible for the exams. The exams are very tough so aspirants are advised to take help of professional institutes providing NDA Coaching with proper training to prepare for every stage of examinations and tests conducted during entire selection process.

Useful Instructions for Exam Preparation If you are very brilliant and intelligent you still need to take help of a training center where you can learn useful tips about exam patterns and problem solving techniques. To prepare for exams and increase the chances to clear it in least number of attempts, you have to study & cover all the topics very thoroughly, take help of your school teachers, friends, colleges and candidates joined NDA earlier. To update yourself in general awareness & current affairs topics regularly read newspapers, journals and other news magazines providing useful information. Check latest syllabus and exams patterns and solve the previous exams & sample papers to improve your speed and accuracy during the exams.

Exams Outlines and Interview Procedure The Exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year in April & August which consists of written exam followed by interviews covering topics like general aptitude, physical & psychological testing, team skills and social skills, along with medical tests. Every year over 320,000 applicants sit in the written exams and out of them only 9,000 applicants are invited for the face-to-face interview and finally roughly 300-350 cadets are accepted to the academy each semester which are distributed as 66 cadets in Air Force, 39 in Navy and 195 in Indian Army. Accepted cadets who have completed their program are sent to their respective training academies for one year of training before granting of commission. Determined aspirants with the help of CDS Coaching institutes can clear the exams and interviews, they just need to keep patience and keep trying their luck till the eligible age limits.

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How to prepare for CDS Exams?  
How to prepare for CDS Exams?  

CDS Coaching is learning and training institutes for three Indian Armed forces exams, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, organized by UPS...