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Career After 12


Our school life is till 12th standard and then after all the students go in different field and we have to decide which career path is more convenient to you which will keep you interested as well as will prove to be fruitful for you. There are so many different fields and so many courses that you can do after you are done with your 12th standard. Students generally get confused as to which field to choose if you are from creative field and if you like to create and share then the best field for you is to choose designing that is either interior designing or fashion designing. These two courses are the best courses and there is so much to learn and so much to create that if you are creative then this is the perfect field for you and if you are looking for a course in these creative field and if you are looking for the good institute then you should go ahead and check the IDT institute of design and technology these is the best institute which will help you to get all the knowledge in the field that you want to make a career in. For more information visit this link:-

Career After 12th