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CCO Awards - 2018 Outstanding Graduates & Excellence in Teaching & Paul Kitchin Award for Outstanding Community Involvement

May 30 - 31, 2018 Niagara Falls

A Message from the CCO Board Chair

On behalf of Career Colleges Ontario, I am delighted to congratulate all of the 2018 CCO Award recipients and nominees.

CCO received a great number of nominations for outstanding graduates and instructors from career colleges across the province. These nominations highlighted the inspirational stories and professional accomplishments from a variety of individuals who have achieved excellence in their respective fields and who have made significant contributions to their communities.

The winners for this year’s awards were chosen by an external selection panel that come from a variety of backgrounds in the career college sector. We know the decisions were very difficult to make, and CCO would like to thank our selection panel for their time and participation.

CCO is honoured to recognize the 2018 CCO Award winners and nominees, as well as the celebrated campus and charitable organization for their collaboration and outstanding commitment to community involvement – congratulations on your outstanding achievements! Sincerely,

JP Roszell, CCO Board Chair. 1

The 2018 CCO Awards Selection Panel Ann Robinson ARC Advantage Ann Robinson is the founder and president of ARC Advantage, an educational consulting organization for career colleges that specializes in: • • • •

The design of post-secondary training programs in a wide range of vocational areas Assistance with regulatory matters such as new school registrations and new program approvals Program assessments for government and professional association approvals Audits and inspections of career colleges to assess whether they are meeting performance standards either for internal quality control or for the maintenance of organizational approval/accreditation

She has over 30 years of experience in the career college sector, including 20 years as academic director of Career Canada College and more than a decade consulting with approximately 100 private career colleges. She has also worked with a number of professional and government bodies that have sought her assistance and advice in training matters over the years.


The 2018 CCO Awards Selection Panel

Dr. Terry Miosi Association Consultant Terry Frank Miosi retired as Acting Manager/Director of the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

He chairs the Advisory Committee for the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission and is a member of the Board of Yorkville University in New Brunswick. He is also the past Canadian Chair of the Sports and Games Research Collection, past president (Southern Ontario Region) of the University of Notre Dame Alumni Club and a co-founder of the Canadian Society for the study of Egyptian Antiquities. Mr. Miosi is a past member of the Premier’s Council for Economic Well-Being Taskforce on Lifelong Learning.


The 2018 CCO Awards Selection Panel Carol Bruni President of Regulatory Matters Carol Bruni, President of Regulatory Matters, is considered one of the foremost experts on academic program development and regulatory compliance in Canada. She brings an extensive background with over 25 years’ experience in the private career college marketplace.

Carol has been approved as an Adult Education program assessor, a Compliance Monitor and a Third-Party Default Management Reduction Plan consultant by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Carol currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Training Completion Assurance Fund Advisory Board and as an external advisor to Career Colleges Ontario’s Board of Directors.


Excellence in Teaching

Rick Levine Trebas Institute Teaching and leading have always been a part of what Rick has done in life. He developed a strong passion for this profession back in the late 1980s when he was Regional Director for a youth organization called BBYO. While it was a social platform for youth to meet and mingle, there was a strong educational component of religious culture and activism. This included creating and presenting educational content that was delivered to the members in both an engaging and meaningful way. It was during this community involvement and experience that he believes that it informed his ability to capture the attention of a group and deliver compelling sessions. As a result, whenever there was an opportunity to lead volunteer or professional development sessions, he was always one of the first to volunteer.

Now, in his sixth year at Trebas, Rick has consistently demonstrated both scholarly and professional contributions by integrating elements into the classroom, such as independent study, a respect for the students so he receives respect in return, and emphasizes to all his students to be critical, to understand what the consequences are of actions, deeds and to appreciate what they learn from it. Because he believes the pace of life continues at break-neck speed, he updates his curriculum every semester. Also linked to professional contributions would be the fact that Rick believes wholeheartedly in inviting guest speakers into the classroom to give firsthand


accounts of their organizations. Over the years, he has invited many excellent speakers to the college, such as entrepreneur David Bercovitch, Jason Kee of Google/ YouTube and Craig Brockie of SOCAN. These folks are truly industry professionals, and they add a whole other aspect to the learning experience on campus and, notably, when Rick brings these speakers in to keep students current, he even extends this invitation to the public and the community.

Rick advises and mentors his students in class. He makes it known that he’s accessible to the students and that he can be reached by phone or email at any time. It’s not unusual for him to stay well after class to pursue a point or debate an issue as he feels that, “Sometimes these are the best learning opportunities.” When asked about some of his memorable teaching moments, he said, “One of the most admirable aspects of the Trebas experience is the diversity of the student body. People from all over the world look to Trebas Institute as the one element that pulls them all together: The desire to be in the industry they love, with tolerance and respect for every type of student.” Prior to his time at Trebas, Rick founded a guitar duo that specialized in providing music entertainment for Chapters/Indigo bookstores as well as smaller, boutique venues like the McMichael Gallery, The Canadian Film Centre and charitable groups. Lasting over 12 years, the experience not only rounded him as a performer, it also exposed him to many musicians that had an astounding lack of knowledge on the business side of the music industry.

As a result of this, he started his own company, ICEBOX Music. He became a music publisher and eventually offered music business services that included providing support to music industry clients including special event production, music business bookings, promotion, marketing and radio tracking. He learned on his own what needed to be done within the music industry and saw how many emerging artists were struggling to turn their passion into a business.

Rick eventually transitioned to teaching, and presently teaches or has taught the courses: Music Publishing and Copyright, Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship and the Broadcast Industry.


Outstanding Graduate in Business

Carla Paiva triOS College Business Technology Healthcare Carla Paiva’s story is one of resilience to failure and characterized by her perseverance and pure optimism to be successful in life despite all odds. Carla was born and raised in Açores Islands, Portugal. She was raised and taught by nuns and priests in an orphanage that sheltered abandoned children and abused mothers. While living in this environment, Carla had to learn and mature fast as being a “normal” child was not possible in these circumstances.

At 14, a call from Canada changed her life. Her biological father reached out to her and in the same year invited her to visit Canada. A year later, in 1999, Carla immigrated from Açores Islands to Canada. It was extremely challenging to adapt to a new country and the language as she could not read, write or speak English. She started ESL schooling at Turner Fenton Secondary School. English was not her strength, so she read books, listened to music and spoke only in English. Needless to say, many times people laughed when she spoke. Carla laughed with them knowing that one day she would overcome, as hard as it was!

While trying to finish high school, Carla had to work four part-time jobs in order to support herself and survive. She graduated with grades in the high 90s, and Carla was also nominated to receive her first achievement award. Life moved on and Carla got married, however, after 10 years had to go through a painful divorce. As a mother of two boys, life was tough again - this time as a single mother without a job or adequate finances. She struggled, feeling stuck and afraid of not being able to give her


children what they needed. Relentlessly she applied for jobs and succeeded when she interviewed for a Legal Assistant position. Her passion for education rose to the surface again and Carla took this opportunity to another level when she joined triOS College and enrolled in the Paralegal program.

Carla started what looked to be a mission impossible and wore three hats - full-time employee, full-time student and single mother. Each role had high expectations, but she accomplished each one of them. Her vision of success was her fuel to persevere and finish what she started.

As Carla says, “We are all diamonds and all we need is a little buffing in order to shine brighter. I am thankful that I was able to find the right tools at the right time. triOS College was able to accommodate my needs and provide me with the right tools. I was able to re-build myself. This commitment and decision has been a tough career change and yet the key for many successful years to come.”

Carla is now a certified Paralegal, a Coach Practitioner and the proud holder of several awards including the Paralegal Faculty Award for outstanding achievement and graduating with Distinction. In fact, as this is being written, 50 women have been selected in Canada to receive an International and Powerful Women’s Award, and Carla is one of them. She will receive this award on International Women’s Day. Carla has been successfully employed with Licata Disability Management for the past 2 years. She was initially employed with them in the capacity of a Legal Assistant responsible for documentation, research and filing. However, after she started her Paralegal course with triOS, they accepted her as a Paralegal intern and on completion of her internship, Carla has now assumed greater responsibilities in line with those of a Paralegal and manages WSIB claims, CRA issues and Disability Tax Credit applications besides continuing with her role of being a Legal Assistant. “I am thankful and honoured to be given the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives now. The fact that I can communicate in Portuguese, Spanish and English allows me to accommodate people’s needs worldwide. While coaching others, not only do I connect with them but I can definitely relate to their situations and struggles...

Presently, I am working on my first book, which I have held this vision for many years and I am finally working on it. There’s one thing I strongly stand for, the word IMPOSSIBLE does not reside in my books!”


Outstanding Graduate in Human Services Brianna Pamenter Westervelt College Brianna Pamenter was an exceptional student who had a thirst for knowledge and a drive to make the Human Services field more accepting and inclusive for not only the community at Westervelt college but for her own in Oakville. While still a student, Brianna was presented with an opportunity to volunteer with a through that, struggling within child identified on the Autism his home environment. Brianna Spectrum who was facjumped at the opportunity to support ing barriers within this child and his family, which constantly his school setevolving in her own studies at school. During ting and, her volunteer hours, Brianna opened up a whole new world to this individual through modified behavioural programs as well as constant structure, communication and reinforcement, which in turn helped to build bridges not only in the school environment but also within his circles of support.

During her practicum, Brianna received several nominations for the externship award for outstanding performance. She graduated with honours, was the DSW Valedictorian, and is a member of the DSW Professional Advisory Committee. She works at several jobs supporting a vast clientele of different ages and abilities and still finds the time to volunteer in the Human Services field. Brianna’s positive attitude, dedication and passion for her career choice are outstanding, and Westervelt College’s instructors note their exceptional pride in Brianna as a graduate and of her accomplishments.


Outstanding Graduate in Trades Craig Elliott Institute of Technical Trades Many of our students have had difficult pasts, but Craig overcame extraordinary odds, including: immigration to Canada at age 10, raised in poverty by a single parent, dropped out of high school, incarceration and house arrest from 16-20, more jail time in his 20s, loss of home and depression.

Staff at ITT realize mentoring is as important as training, and Craig convinced them that he was serious about making a commitment. Craig graduated with a program certificate and obtained licences for CWB in SMAW ( flat, horizontal, vertical and additional overhead) with above average results as well as CWB in FCAW (flat).

He is still working at the same company, has had a salary increase and is building a life with his fiancĂŠe. In his words, “I am awake for the first time in my life.â€?


Outstanding Graduate in Health Services

Cristina Barcellano Medix College Cristina demonstrated a love of learning and level of commitment necessary to succeed in college and beyond. She sees life as a blessing. It’s an outlook she’s maintained with great determination and optimism, despite having a debilitating disease. When Cristina began her program, she was receiving daily dialysis, which she never allowed to interfere with her attendance. Her courage, faith and positive attitude in dealing with this chronic disease was an inspiring influence on her classmates and staff. Despite having this illness, Cristina was determined to accomplish the goals she had set out for herself. She had worked hard to receive funding through Second Career and was not going to let her failing kidney stop her.

In the midst of her academic year, Cristina received the life-saving call that a donor was found, and in true Cristina fashion, she was more concerned about how the surgery was going to affect her completing her program. She was convinced she would still be able to complete her program on time, despite the 6-12 month recovery time. To the amazement of her physicians, Medix College and her classmates, 11

Cristina returned to class after less than two months. She made arrangements with her Second Career counsellor and the college to attend classes both in the morning and evening. She successfully completed all course requirements and finished the program as previously scheduled with no delays and with Honours.

Cristina is employed full-time with Drs. Manal and Ashraf William Ebeid medical office.

She is an active member of her church and community. She is always ready to lend a helping hand when called upon and does so with a beautiful smile. If a student or member of the community needed help, she would not hesitate. Despite her own personal health issues, she would never say no to a friend, classmate, colleague or member of her community. As new students entered the class, she was the first to welcome them and extend her phone number for any assistance they may need when studying.


Outstanding Graduate in Applied Arts

Joshua Georgiades Trebas Institute Originally from a smaller town in Washington State, Joshua’s story began when he went on vacation to visit Ontario and the Toronto International Film Festival. After working as an electrician for ten years, he decided to take a chance and pursue his passion by enrolling in film production studies in Canada, He came back once again to Toronto to look at various film schools and, according to Joshua, when he “discovered Trebas, (and) I decided that a private college, Trebas specifically, was the way to go for me. The smaller class sizes, open and caring instructors, and intensive curriculum was exactly what I was looking for.”

Joshua has shown leadership in the way that he was extremely eager to study video lighting techniques and spent extra hours on projects and by fine-tuning all assignments that he would hand-in to his instructors. He was the kind of student that others began to follow, as he would help keep the flow and mood positive, in editing as well as his many other classes that included directing and cinematography. His cinematography instructor, Francois Aubry, thought that “Johsua had an awesome grasp of three-point lighting techniques, which became one of the primary reasons why he became involved in doing excellent cinematography on many Trebas student films.” Joshua has inspired fellow students to step out of their comfort zone and be extremely creative with their work at Trebas Institute. He put in many extra hours on prepping, filming and editing projects, not only on his own films but the films of his fellow students as well. He worked hard on his portfolio, which became very important after graduation


on the job hunt. At that point, we recommended that he apply for an open position at Red Cloud TV - Klondike Strike. He then took part in a very competitive multi-stage interview process, with the final challenge of producing a video from scratch for their upcoming conference.

“I am proud to say that he rose to the top of the list in this competition and won the job over graduates from every other film school in Toronto”, said Kalman Szegvary, Head of Film and TV Production at the college.

“Joshua was definitely a strong member of our student film group and was helpful with the camerawork aspects of various film projects. This helped make the work of all the students look much more professional,” Szegvary adds. This attention to detail and professionalism was highlighted recently when John McNeely, Supervisor at Red Cloud TV, said, Within the first month at the firm, Josh quickly became a trusted and dependable member of our team. He plans and executes film shoots starring executives with the utmost professionalism.” This, along with his high marks, great portfolio, and the fact that he was able to get a job in his chosen field as a director-producer with Red Cloud TV, has inspired his classmates.

When the Canadian Institute for the Blind approached the Trebas film department to assist with the production of a video promoting and explaining their new interactive teaching facility, Szegvary reached out to his student for assistance and Joshua was the first to offer his help with the entire production.

Joshua evoked a passion during his studies, evident as he didn’t settle for second-best when completing his projects. Be it in directing, editing class, shooting workshop scenes or doing script breakdown work in production management, he was not afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them. This passion has paid off, as he is now directing and editing, working in his chosen field.


Paul Kitchin Award: Outstanding Community Involvement About the award: The Paul Kitchin Award for Outstanding Community Involvement is awarded annually to a CCO member college that has exhibited, through community involvement, exceptional service in the enhancement of the prosperity of Ontarians. This year’s Awards Gala Dinner Bryan College Student marks the first year Outreach Program the award is beNominated by VHA Home HealthCare ing presented. Faculty at Bryan College describe the characteristics of an exceptional massage therapist as not only one who is knowledgeable of the compulsory techniques of the profession but also empathetic and caring, and thus possessing skills that cannot be taught but rather experienced.

It is from this perspective that Bryan College organized to collaborate with VHA HealthCare, a not-for-profit charitable organization that offers primarily free-of-charge health care and support services to clients via the Local Health Integration Network. Through the Bryan College Student Outreach program, both organizations sought to provide the most vulnerable, stress-laden members of their community with a respite from the demanding realities of long-term or intensive care.

Notably, Bryan College and VHA HomeCare established ongoing outreach opportunities to provide complimentary massage therapy to sick or terminally ill children and their parents at SickKids Hospital in Toronto. Families of loved ones undergoing treatment at SickKids Hospital are often stressed and the children typically endure a daily regime of recurring medical tests, emotional exhaustion and social isolation from their peers. The Bryan College Student Outreach program provided the children at the hospital and their parents with a welcomed chance to relax and heal.

The outreach treatments were scheduled in advance and were convenient for the parents


and children, taking care to impose little or no additional travel time or disruption on the families.

Students performed one-hour massage treatments on clients under the direct supervision and support of a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and faculty member from Bryan College. Each student performed 4-6 treatments per outreach, and only students who had previously completed their requisite practice at the college were permitted to participate in the program.

Families who took part expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to step away from the stress of hospital life, noting that “It brought a little sunshine and relief” as well as a “nice way to get away from it all.”

The outreach had a transformative impact on the students as well. “Hands down, the most amazing experience in my time at Bryan College. It changed my perspective about my role as an RMT and was a healthy reminder that compassion goes a long way,” said Arthi, a student at Bryan College who participated in the outreach program.

“This program has made a difference in the lives of our clients and has benefitted them with little bit time out from the daily challenges”, VHA Home HealthCare wrote of the outreach effort in their nomination of the college to receive the Paul Kitchin Award. The outreach conducted at Sick Kids Hospital is an extension of the Bryan College Student Outreach program. The program provides students with additional experience and unique opportunities to work with members of the community who face physical, emotional, mental, and socio-economic challenges to health and wellness in a variety of settings.

VHA Home HealthCare and Bryan College have coordinated two outreach events at Sick Kids Hospital and plan to offer more opportunities in the future. The next VHA/Bryan College outreach event at SickKids is scheduled for July 3, 2018. Special Judges Panel: Paul Kitchin, Former Executive Director of Career Colleges Ontario Anne Burrns, Former Executive Director of the National Association of Career Colleges Dave McCarroll, CPA, CA. Terry Miosi, Consultant for Career Colleges Ontario


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CCO Awards 2018  
CCO Awards 2018