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on the job hunt. At that point, we recommended that he apply for an open position at Red Cloud TV - Klondike Strike. He then took part in a very competitive multi-stage interview process, with the final challenge of producing a video from scratch for their upcoming conference.

“I am proud to say that he rose to the top of the list in this competition and won the job over graduates from every other film school in Toronto”, said Kalman Szegvary, Head of Film and TV Production at the college.

“Joshua was definitely a strong member of our student film group and was helpful with the camerawork aspects of various film projects. This helped make the work of all the students look much more professional,” Szegvary adds. This attention to detail and professionalism was highlighted recently when John McNeely, Supervisor at Red Cloud TV, said, Within the first month at the firm, Josh quickly became a trusted and dependable member of our team. He plans and executes film shoots starring executives with the utmost professionalism.” This, along with his high marks, great portfolio, and the fact that he was able to get a job in his chosen field as a director-producer with Red Cloud TV, has inspired his classmates.

When the Canadian Institute for the Blind approached the Trebas film department to assist with the production of a video promoting and explaining their new interactive teaching facility, Szegvary reached out to his student for assistance and Joshua was the first to offer his help with the entire production.

Joshua evoked a passion during his studies, evident as he didn’t settle for second-best when completing his projects. Be it in directing, editing class, shooting workshop scenes or doing script breakdown work in production management, he was not afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them. This passion has paid off, as he is now directing and editing, working in his chosen field.


CCO Awards 2018  
CCO Awards 2018