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Outstanding Graduate in Applied Arts

Joshua Georgiades Trebas Institute Originally from a smaller town in Washington State, Joshua’s story began when he went on vacation to visit Ontario and the Toronto International Film Festival. After working as an electrician for ten years, he decided to take a chance and pursue his passion by enrolling in film production studies in Canada, He came back once again to Toronto to look at various film schools and, according to Joshua, when he “discovered Trebas, (and) I decided that a private college, Trebas specifically, was the way to go for me. The smaller class sizes, open and caring instructors, and intensive curriculum was exactly what I was looking for.”

Joshua has shown leadership in the way that he was extremely eager to study video lighting techniques and spent extra hours on projects and by fine-tuning all assignments that he would hand-in to his instructors. He was the kind of student that others began to follow, as he would help keep the flow and mood positive, in editing as well as his many other classes that included directing and cinematography. His cinematography instructor, Francois Aubry, thought that “Johsua had an awesome grasp of three-point lighting techniques, which became one of the primary reasons why he became involved in doing excellent cinematography on many Trebas student films.” Joshua has inspired fellow students to step out of their comfort zone and be extremely creative with their work at Trebas Institute. He put in many extra hours on prepping, filming and editing projects, not only on his own films but the films of his fellow students as well. He worked hard on his portfolio, which became very important after graduation


CCO Awards 2018  
CCO Awards 2018