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Opportunities in the Field of Accounting There are various types of accounting jobs that one can opt for. You are aware that every company needs an accountant to handle their finances. A company will have a whole department dedicated to accountants but in small enterprise, we just have a couple of accountants. However, the fact remains that a company can’t function efficiently without an accountant. So there is a great career opportunity for accountants. If you want to join the field of accounting, here are the top 10 accounting job opportunities to choose from: 1. Accounting Analyst The highly-trained professional is responsible for analyzing and resolving accounting errors, facilitating payroll-related tasks such as determining property taxes, and overseeing the work of other accountants. 2. Tax Specialists Tax specialists are public or private accountants who specialize in specific tax services and advise companies 3.






about the tax advantages and disadvantages of business decisions. Internal Auditors Internal Auditors are responsible for compliance-related activities, like verifying a company's internal controls and checking for fraud, waste or mismanagement. They also perform operational audits. You will also get a good salary for this. Bookkeepers As a financial bookkeeper, your main role is to keep an official track of company spending. There are positions across a wide range of organizations, so its best you chose an industry you are interested in health, public sector, charities for example. The larger your company, the more opportunities for progression there will be. With experience and qualifications you could choose to be self-employed supporting several smaller businesses. Payroll Administrator A challenging role for any organization is payroll Administrator who makes sure that employers are paid the right amount at the right time.All organizations, however small or large, need to administer employees’ salaries. Certified Personal Accountants Of all the accounting jobs this one is catching the latest trend. Once you are a qualified personal accountant you can handle several clients all at a time. You can actually be your own boss and choose how much workload do u prefer and when. This is a job which gives you wings to freedom. Credit / Collections Specialists Credit specialists work with clients to settle accounts and are in demand as businesses focus on improving cash flow and profitability. Forensic Accountant A forensic accountant investigates illegal financial practices and prepares reports that show accounting improprieties and misconduct. This professional works closely with lawyers during legal proceedings, providing an expert opinion to prove or disprove financial manipulations. For more information about finance accounting jobs, please visit

Opportunities in the field of Accounting  

There are various types of accounting jobs that one can opt for. You are aware that every company needs an accountant to handle their financ...