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Genetic Engineering? No matter what you call it, Genetic Engineering is changing the future of health, medicine, and crime scene analysis. Whether by cloning and over-expressing genes used for the treatment of disease, sequencing genes and studying their function, engineering plants to make them more resistant to disease, helping endangered species maintain their existence on our planet, or using genetic markers to solve a crime, molecular biologists make things happen. Cedar Crest College can show you how Genetic engineering is an exciting and growing field. Many new developments in science and medicine are the result of new and ongoing work with recombinant DNA technology. DNA fingerprinting uses the techniques of genetic engineering; new pharmaceuticals are developed with biotechnology; and inroads into cures for cancer and other diseases are just some of the places genetic engineering will leave its mark.

Skills Associated with Genetic Engineering Majors: Aptitude for accuracy and details Desire for precision Scientific inquiry interests Likes challenges, questioning, analyzing, and problem solving Desire to help humankind Make critical observations and decisions Operate scientific equipment

Sample Career Titles**: Academic Biotechnologist Animal Breeder Biologist Biomedical Engineer Biotechnologist Business Manager Department of Agriculture Worker Fish and Wildlife Services Worker Forensic Scientist Gene Therapist Genetic Counselor

Genetic Engineer Geneticist Human Geneticist Human Genome Researcher Industrial Biotechnologist Industrial Hygienist Medical Lab Technician NIH Worker Pharmaceutical Sales Pharmaceutical Worker

Professor Recombinant DNA Researcher Research Technician Researcher Science Lab Technician State and Federal Employment Teacher Technical Writer

**Some careers may require further training and/or educational degree.

Some Employers of Genetic Engineering Majors:

Pharmaceutical Companies State/Federal Government College/Universities Biological Book/Journal Publishers Consulting Engineering Firms

Agricultural Chemical Companies Medical Corporations Biological Testing Laboratories Business and Industry

Professional Organizations for Genetic Engineering Majors: American Society of Human Genetics

American College of Medical Genetics

Association of Genetic Technologists

Websites for Genetic Engineering Majors: The College Central Network O*NET OnLine Occupational Outlook Handbook National Institutes of Health Biology Communication Network Science Jobs American Institute of Biological Sciences

For More Information on Majoring in Genetic Engineering Visit: Dr. Amy Faivre, Chair, Science Center 119 610-606-4666 ext. 3580

For More Information on Genetic Engineering Careers Visit: Career Planning Center, Allen House 610-606-4648

Genetic Engineering  

Skills Associated with Genetic Engineering Majors: Aptitude for accuracy and details Desire for precision Scientific inquiry interests Likes...

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