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How To Score A Better Rank In The IIT-JEE Examination After Higher Secondary Exams, most students are preparing to appear in JEE Main Examination. Since only a few weeks are left, students turn to crash courses to polish their problem solving skills and solve tougher questions in lesser time. So practice is the key to success here.

Your chances of clearing JEE Main with a good rank will depend much on your practice. Get hold of the latest pattern model question papers and solve as many as questions as possible. Latest pattern question papers are available in the market prepared by various coaching institutes. Since the time remaining is less now, join a suitable crash course and sharpen your skills. Crash Courses are the best alternatives to check your preparation level and improve your problem solving time. There are plenty of online crash courses available through which you can practise questions of different patterns and difficulty levels. Candidates appearing for JEE in online mode can opt for online crash courses to get themselves comfortable with the question paper in online mode. Practising a lot for JEE in online format will also help in improving your speed while solving the question paper in online mode.

The time remaining for JEE Main 2014 Examination this year is getting lesser by every passing day, so if you haven't practised a lot in the online mode, its time you join the online crash courses and online mock test series for JEE Main 2014 and enhance your chances of scoring a higher rank in JEE Main 2014. E learning mobile apps are fast becoming popular and replacing the conventional text books in what can be said as a era of technological dawn. Conventional text books, though, the more often used medium of study, can't be carried everywhere as they tend to burden your bags and shoulders. E learning apps can revolutionize the way you study , the way you prepare, the way you research for the sought after facts. With all the study material available online, there is simply no need to carry your practice books everywhere. Online test material as well as study material is optimized and prepared to fit into your study time-table Register for online study programs at CareerOrbits and start your preparations for JEE examination. Aspirants appearing for JEE main 2014 should immediately join the CareerOrbits' Crash Course Program for JEE main 2014 to boost their chances.

How to score a better rank in the iit jee examination