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It takes a Community.

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It takes a Community to support outstanding care Thank you for your years of support. Your gifts help us provide outstanding compassionate care for today’s families as well as for those to come. Taking care of our community has become increasingly costly due to cuts from Medicare. Over the past two years, our reimbursement was cut 14%, and as this newsletter goes to print, it’s likely we’ll be cut another 2%. In addition to these cuts, Medicare also added new regulations that are costly to implement. Again, it’s your support that allows us to continue providing the highest quality care, and in fact, expand our services through programs like our James Avery Center for Grief Support and Recovery and our new memorial garden.

Greg Pang, CEO

At times like these we are reminded of how grateful we are for the support of our community. Please join us on May 3 in Longview for our fundraiser gala, hospice rocks! All proceeds from this event support charity care to help our most vulnerable patients. Event information is on the back cover or contact Julie at 360.414.5406 or Thank you for being a part of our Community. Sincerely,

Greg Pang, MHA, CHCE CEO

Community named Top Agency for fifth year in a row Community Home Health & Hospice is proud to be named a 2012 HomeCare Elite™ Top Agency for the fifth year in a row. A compilation of the top-performing home health agencies in the United States, the HomeCare Elite identifies the top 25 percent of nearly 12,000 Medicare-certified agencies nationwide. Winners are ranked on their quality outcomes such as patient experience, quality improvement and financial performance. CEO Greg Pang credits the agency’s home health team and outstanding leadership of Randy Dalton, RN, home health director, for the agency’s top ranking. He said, “I am so proud to work for a quality organization with such dedicated professionals. We have received this national recognition every year since 2008.” The HomeCare Elite is the only performance recognition of its kind in the home health profession.


Your gifts Our community has supported generations of patients who need hospice, home health services, home care and grief support. Your gifts are truly appreciated. A thankful family included this note with their gift in memory of their mother,

“We want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave our mom. You made a difficult year in our lives much easier.” This issue of Reflections gives a glimpse of the impact of your generosity. Thank you. Donations received October 1 – December 31, 2012 are listed below. Names in bold indicate gifts made in memory or honor of a loved one. We list all donations with the exception of those who wish to remain anonymous. If you see an error, contact Mary at 360.414.5405 or

In memoriam Marilyn V. Aanderud Hal and Debbie Bornstedt Rachel Dahl Alma M. Day Donna R. Dishman Cheryl C. Kelly Grace L. Kennedy William and Jane McGee Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Norquist Rochelle and Greg Olson Catherine and Rockland Raphael Paramjit K. Singh Dwight and Loretta Sutherland Pat and Dale Wallace Delmar and Joan Williams

D. Nadine Aldinger Anonymous John U. Aegerter Peggy J. Beard Arvid and Barbara Blix Theo R. Ferguson Margaret Glaser Adrienne E. Gorman Linda S. Ishiguro Ricky Parcel

Lloyd B. Allen Joyce I. Schaper

Richard S. Alvord Joyce Cothren

Richard Amundson Marilyn J. Reisner

Dave Anderson Denis and Barbara Kern

Diane Anderson Broadway School Staff Linda and Paul Ratte

Eunice A. Anderson Steven and Diane Kasson

Harold A. Arlint Edith L. Arlint

Glenda L. Ashe Denver Ashe Rudy Ashe Joan and Michael Jenkins Louise R. McLean Mt. St. Helens Cellars, LLC Susan Rodgers Calvin and Carol Smith Florence J. Wood

O. James Avery Imogene “Bonnie” and David Seesholtz

James P. Barnes Carol Ann and G. M. Barnes Charles and Mary Lang Walter and Norma Oyloe Sharon K. Quick Robert and Lin Stephenson Victor and Marlyss Thompson Dick and Barbara Westervelt

Sylvia Barnwell Shelton Luttrell

Harvey H. Bartelme Bart and Kris Bartelme

Ben R. Beard Peggy J. Beard

Joe Amrine, President Foundation Committee

Clara Beasley Peggy J. Beard

Esther M. Beck Judy and John Alholm Harold and Patti Gish Arlene M. Hall Beverlee J. Hood Edith R. Kinsey Loralee A. May Marjorie Reed Peter and Polly Robinson Ruth A. Mancini-Turner and John G. Turner

Eldon Belangy

Becky Belangy and Clifford Stephens

Earl Benefiel Dianne M. Benefiel

Ronald G. Berg E. Duane Blair William and Joan Boatman Dan L. Evans Marsha Gallow Robert and Peggy Johanson Stuart Lange Claire Miller Molly I. Monroe James and Kathy Rinck Amanda Titus Wasser & Winters Company Jess and Joelle Winters

Edward J. Berwind Colleen Blackburn Joseph McCormick Lucille McCormick

It takes a Community.


In memoriam


Mazie Berwind Colleen Blackburn Joseph McCormick Lucille McCormick

Lorraine A. Bielski Robert Bielski

C. Allan Billington Ann M. McKune Patricia “Tish” Tugaw

Dorothy Bjur Julie and Bill O’Connor

Patsy R. Blair E. Duane Blair

Miriam Blindheim Donna M. Rodgers

Patsy J. Boone

Longview Classified Public Employee Association Mary L. Miller

Edward F. Booth Mary E. Booth

Mickel Bopp Doris M. Bopp

Harold Boultinghouse Peggy M. Jones

Milton “Cliff” Boydstun Raymond and Patricia Berg Thomas and Glenda Gillihan Verna J. Gillihan Dorothy and Ron Joslin Lynn McGraw Stephen and Bonnie Simpson

Joseph Mike Bradica Richard Lee Construction

Sarah E. Bradley Veryl and Larry Anderson

Carol Brodie Oosje and Will Walker

Sharon G. Brown Daniel and Michelle Graves Richard and Pat Hughson Diane R. Risko Ellen M. Tweet Marlene and Dean Tweet

Harold R. Bruner Harold J. Beck Loren Bruner Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Norquist Carol K. Steen Barbara J. Sudar

Helen C. Burgoyne Dianne and William Whitten


Clara Burnham Tucker and Muggie Mayeda

Del Burnham Tucker and Muggie Mayeda

Sharon L. Burrese Robert E. Burrese

Dave L. Burt Walt and Joyce Bogdon

Gayle L. Burt Jack and Helen Greenman

Blake H. Burton Woodland Lodge #2394

Forrest M. Campbell JoAnne R. Campbell

JoAnn H. Campbell Arlen L. Black Bonnie and Douglas Heartley Malea A. Keeton

Marian Cantrell Daniel and Sandra Stanley

Ann Caren Edward Caren

James D. Casey Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Norquist

Albert Caskey George and Denice Baxter Willard and Alma Conley Joanne Jones Neil and Janice McGee Laura McVicker and family Cynthia and Leonard Pressley John and Vickie Rhodes Robert and Carolyn Streeter

Scott D. Cedergren June L. Pierce

Alice Chambers Jerry and Karen Larson

Larry E. Chapman, Sr. Margie I. Chapman

William F. Cheatley K. Marcia Cheatley

Allen L. Cherrington Duane Bruner Logging, Inc. Phil and Jeanie Emmenegger Patty and Niel Keatley Toni L. Settlemier Daniel and Sandra Stanley

Geraldine A. Church Cynthia and Michael Cook

Victor Cianci Dr. and Mrs. John Burkey Frank Cianci

Pat Doebele William and Diana Kamp Gordon and Mary Matlock Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Norquist Dr. Thomas Tossberg Susan and Bernie Wright

Susan L. Claypool Raymond and Patricia Berg

Freda M. Smith Clayton Becky Belangy and Clifford Stephens

Helen L. Clayton Daniel and Shelley Clayton Bonnie and Douglas Heartley Sharon F. Pittman

Wayne E. Clayton Bonnie and Douglas Heartley Sharon F. Pittman

Edmond “Hap” Close Nathan J. Close

Alma A. Cochran William C. Cochran

Elda J. Cody Jerry and Cheryl Kazeck

Lois Conrad Beverly Keith

Alan O. Coppock Roy and Marilee Irwin

Joyce L. Coppock Roy and Marilee Irwin

Marlene E. Coulter Karyn Christison Jones and Chuck Jones Roy and Minerva Christison Taryn and Bill Edwards

Doris M. Courser Craig and Mary Lou Courser

Allen J. Cox, Jr. Robert and Carolyn Streeter

Shirley A. Crape Lavern J. Knutt

Lisa M. Darr Daytime Nighttime Pinochle Club

Lucrecia De La Pena Judy and John Alholm

Gloria J. DeMers Conrad and Dixie Leaf

Colleen L. Dickson Leesa Jane Graichen E. Marvin Melville David and Mary Sue Olson Patricia “Tish” Tugaw

Mart Diedrick Summer O’Neill

Mary Diedrick Summer O’Neill

Roger Dooley Woodland Lodge #2394

Margaret Downing Shirley L. McCullough

Milton “Mick” Doyle Margaret A. Doyle

Tommy J. Drennan Frances M. Drennan

James J. Duby Diamond Showcase

JoAnne E. DuVall June L. Pierce

Rodney Eddleston Marykay and Gian Morelli Elizabeth Stork

Sylvia M. Edwards Carol K. Steen

Opal Ehlers Janice Thompson

Donald F. Eisele Else Eisele

Burl Elliott Verna J. Gillihan

Patricia J. Elliott Debbie D. Estrada

Sandra English Anonymous

Dana Louise Enyeart Susan and Jason Heartley

Phyllis A. Erickson

Memory Cave records tender messages Entering the pitch-black Memory Cave is like stepping into a tiny elevator without lights. Then you notice the fluorescent black lights and colorful markings on the wall. In neon greens, pinks and blues, the hand-drawn messages call out remembrances of departed loved ones: “Miss you momma” “I love mommy I believe in you,” I will never forget you, dad,” “I love and miss you papa.” The Memory Cave is tucked inside the new James Avery Center for Grief Support and Recovery in Longview. Anyone may step into it and use the markers to remember a loved one. There is something profoundly healing about recording a loving tribute for all to see.

Mildred Johnson

Olivia Euren Bradley L. Euren

Willis Euren Bradley L. Euren

Minnie Evenson Alice E. Tillmann

Howard L. Everman Jan and Ronald Everman

Viola M. Everman Jan and Ronald Everman

Karen Ann Falk Brian E. Richards

Walter B. Falk Vicki and Duane Dietz Steven and Diane Kasson Ed L. Reeves Brian E. Richards

Chuck Farmer Robert T. Peterson

It takes a Community.


We appreciate our volunteer Board of Directors, Foundation Committee and Clark County Advisory Board members for their ongoing support.

Board of Directors

Foundation Committee

Clark County Advisory Board

Daniel A. Spjut, President Corey E. Balkan, Vice President Jaime L. Boaglio, Secretary

Joe Amrine, President Karen Gidderon, Vice President Larry McRae, MD, Secretary

John Nord, Chair

Joseph R. Amrine Eric C. Brudi Allan Erickson Laird D. McRae, MD John E. Nord Gerry A. Reitsch Barbara F. Samples, RN Scott M. Studley Betty R. Vilhauer Bruce N. Warrick

Ed Holloway Russell Kastberg Nick Lemiere Kristina Mack Molly Monroe Lee Nichols Mike Reardon Rhonda Sandretto Cheryl Spencer Pam van den Driessche

In memoriam


June W. Farmer W. J. Stuart Farmer

Maxine Farmer Robert T. Peterson

Alta Grace Ferryman Jeanne A. Ferguson

Elizabeth C. Fogle Lois J. Brudi

Joe P. Foley Judith A. Kramer

Mona R. Foshaug Nancy and Larry Marko

Charles Fulbright, Jr. Lois B. Fulbright

Charles N. Fulbright, Sr. Lois B. Fulbright

Daniel I. Fulbright Lois B. Fulbright

Marjorie P. Fuscus Mary Ellen Zimmerman

Robert K. Galloway Dearman and Darlene Galloway Sharon Galloway


Alyce Jeanne Gelston Ronald G. Gelston

Donald R. George Emma George

Robert W. Gibson Joe Gibson

Elna E. Gore Cynthia and Michael Cook

Lorena F. Gore Cynthia and Michael Cook

Maryann B. Gore Cynthia and Michael Cook

Robert H. Gore Cynthia and Michael Cook

Arthur Roy Gorley Gayle and Michael Gorley Lyndon “John” and Gail Gorley

Sarah “Suzie” L. Gorley Steven and Diane Kasson

Ernie A. Graichen Malea A. Keeton

Jack R. Gregory Steven and Diane Kasson

Lois A. Griffiths Roman and Rose Heinzman Robert and Lin Stephenson

Paul Anderson Heidi Johnson Bixby Mike Ciraulo Carol Fox John McKibbin Betty Sue Morris Larry Smith Elson Strahan

Florence Guitteau Dr. and Mrs. John Burkey

Gilla K. Hagen Patricia “Tish” Tugaw

Ronald D. Hahka Sharon and Monte Kress

Fred H. Handley Judy and John Alholm Rhonda J. Gallaher Good Sam Sneekers RV Burton and DeLoris Gravelle Beverly Keith Neil and Janice McGee Laura McVicker and family Josefina and Claro Salvo Katie Salvo Elizabeth Stork

Elaine A. Hardecker Angela O’Reilly

Lewis B. Harris Howard and Paula Balgley Family of Lewis B. Harris Laura McVicker and family Ronald and Dorothy Wiest

Patricia Hayes Sarah C. Boylan Ted and Zula Bryan

Mida Jean LeSollen Sharon F. Pittman

Lynn M. Heard Richard and Linda Gamble

James E. Heartley Bonnie and Douglas Heartley

Mabel L. Heartley Bonnie and Douglas Heartley

Anita L. Hemminger Daniel and Sandra Stanley

Robert J. Heniges E. Marvin Melville

Doris J. Herring Loralee A. May

John J. Hobizal Robert and Jeanne Shoemaker

Lola Jean Hogg Susan and Lester Farrand Ginny Hazen Donna and Paul McLain Carolyn Wenner

Barbara J. Hoggatt Greg and Sheila Kammann

John C. Hoggatt Greg and Sheila Kammann

Norma Hueth Bea Cawlfield Jane Ehlang Earl Hueth Mary E. Miller Lucinda Murfitt Bart and Candi Richardson Bud Sherman Rob and Jerrie Smalley Jerry and Betty Lou Stender

Glenda S. Humphreys Joyce Cothren Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Norquist

Juanita E. Hunziker Louis A. Hunziker

Steven K. Hurse Joyce Cothren

Shirley A. Isackson Sherri and Wendell Mosteller

Billee Jacobsen Teresa and Bruce Huhta Herb and Elaine Rietz

Ethel P. Jacobus Donald E. Armeni Loren and Laura Lee Bowen

John F. Jenkins, Sr. Ken and Maxine Jenkins Audrey and Tom Roberts

Darwin Johnson DeMaris Johnson

Henrietta Johnson Bernard and Kathy Siltala

Joe A. Johnson Sidney V. Nelson

Lydia M. Johnson Ronald and Margaret Johnson

Lyle Gene Johnson Eunice Johnson

Marjorie Johnson Glenn and Karla Shadoan

Raymond J. Johnson Mildred Johnson Ellen M. Tweet

Susan K. Johnson Dean and Shirley Johnson

Dr. William A. Johnson Ronald and Margaret Johnson

Dr. Clarence W. Jones Peggy M. Jones

Eleanor J. Jones Deborah and Ray Kampfer

Mildred L. Jones Dr. and Mrs. David Westrup

Irving Kallunki Sharon F. Pittman

Raymond L. Kasson Arlen L. Black Paul and Tamara Burgher Vicki and Duane Dietz Trudi Falk Michael and Bobbi Jo Firth Gayle and Michael Gorley Lyndon “John” and Gail Gorley Linda and John Grizzle Donald and Carol Jensen Steven and Diane Kasson Troy and Marla Kilgore Don S. Lieurance Curtis “Jeff” and Alana Marthaller David and Mary Sue Olson Performance Sheet Metal Employees Kevin and Susan Pointer Ed L. Reeves Gary and Karen Roth Doris I. Sperling Melvin and Linda Wilson

Linda A. Kastberg Russell and Ann Kastberg

David Kazeck Jerry and Cheryl Kazeck

Kandra Kazeck Jerry and Cheryl Kazeck

Floyd W. Keeton Arlen L. Black Malea A. Keeton

Thomas R. Keith Cheryl and Kennith Orr

Ronald Kessler Joyce Cothren

Ila N. Ketchum Cindi L. Ketchum

Murton M. Ketchum Cindi L. Ketchum

Donald “Don” H. Kissinger Sherry and Brian Heartley

Ina W. Knox Larry and Connie Freeman Mary E. Miller Willis and Betty Nixon

Barbara E. Knutson Roberta J. Brusco-Harding Charles and Danelle Craig Carol and Robert Dahlquist Frances M. Drennan Jackie K. Evenson Violet R. Wilde

Emmett M. Koelsch Robert and Carolyn Streeter

Vernon O. Kuehner Marvin C. Huffman

Dorothy Larson Jerry and Karen Larson

Barbara L. Lee Class of ‘51

Martin L. Lee Mike and Kathleen Bates Beverly J. Parvi

Evelyn E. LeMonds Donna R. DeSpain Carley LeMonds Chelsey LeMonds David and Diane LeMonds James and Sherry LeMonds Kami LeMonds Kim LeMonds-Hanley

Peter L. LeSollen Mida Jean LeSollen

It takes a Community.


In memoriam


Daniel V. Lickar Donald and Antonia Kane

Leo D. Lien Edna M. Lien

Kari Lien-Erdwins Anonymous Donna Lien

Carl Lundquist Neil and Pat Gansler

Marjorie Lundquist Ann M. Ford

James M. Macey Mary and Jeffrey Baldwin

Kathleen E. March VASA Order of America SVEA 469

Donald W. Marko Nancy and Larry Marko

Shirley V. Boltinghouse Marks JoAnn Aberle and John Schurman Kathleen Hoffmann Peggy M. Jones Sharon and Monte Kress Doris A. Larson Donald and Marcia Majors Ray and Patricia Marks Rosalie Shay Ronald and Dorothy Wiest

Gary E. Martin Richard and Bonnie Kyro

Donald P. Mason Mary Jean Mason

Pamela E. Mattison David M. Mattison

June E. Mattson Joyce Cothren

William E. McAtee Kelly McAtee

Robert D. McCormick Colleen Blackburn Joseph McCormick Lucille McCormick

Inez M. McCroskey Marie J. Buchheit

Laura B. McCutchan Laurel Murphy and Edward Phillips

Gary A. McEachern Murray W. Diller Shirley L. McCullough

Larry D. McGuffey Rod McGuffey


Brian McLaughlin Jan and Ronald Everman

Garnett McLaughlin Jan and Ronald Everman

John J. McLaughlin Jan and Ronald Everman

Henry H. Mercer Dorothy M. Mercer

Danny L. Merchant James A. Merchant

Erna L. Merchant James A. Merchant

Eugene L. Miller, Sr. Sandra A. Miller

Marilyn L. Miller Kevin and Jana Miller

Ethel I. Millette Dean and Lisa Sorensen

C. H. Monroe Molly I. Monroe

Georgia M. Moore Doris M. Claypool Crystal and Flip Eiland William and Judy Wilson Gary and Melody Worth

Elacine Moreland Tony and Irene Jeanetta

Loyd Moreland Tony and Irene Jeanetta

James Morin Mary Cortese Lori and Danny Golden

Lloyd D. Moseler Neland and Joyce Haavig Dona and Rick Williamson

Allen D. Murray, Jr. Betty Bonser Darrell and Lovesta Davis Conrad and Dixie Leaf Loralee A. May Christine Murray Betty and Jerry Shields Judith E. Springer

Bob Murray Jeanne A. Ferguson

Ted M. Natt Emerald Sky Foundation

Rema V. Newton Sharon J. Bergman Michael and Bobbi Jo Firth Georgia M. Hatch

James and Sharol Mathis Robert and Carolyn Portner

Robert J. Nugent L. Charlene Dahlman Sharon and Wallace Dietel Dianne and William Whitten

Pat Olson Mary E. Miller

Ray B. Orr Cheryl and Kennith Orr

Michael Ostriker Albert and Shirley Kohnke

Donald J. Oswald Wilma M. Childers

Evelyn L. Oswald Wilma M. Childers

Gilma Oyloe Walter and Norma Oyloe

Philip Pahlke Patricia “Tish� Tugaw

Bernice B. Palmer Gary and Virginia Palmer

Wendell Pang Anonymous CHHH Board of Directors Merritt and Wanda Ketcham Marykay and Gian Morelli Gregory and Amy Pang Deborah and Craig Peterson Julie and Daniel Rinard Ronald and Barbara Samples Daniel and Deborah Spjut Elizabeth Stork Betty Vilhauer

Dorothy Patten Estate of Dorothy Patten

Mickey Paulsen Joyce Cothren

Alder A. Payne Daniel and Deborah Spjut

Zander Payne Daniel and Deborah Spjut

Neva Pellham John I. Haas, Inc.

Leona H. Perry Sharon and Jim Wedman

Leonard W. Petersen John M. Petersen

Marjorie F. Petersen John M. Petersen

Legacy gift supports immediate needs Community Home Health & Hospice was one of three grateful Longview charities that received $242,356 from the estate of E. Kenneth Henderson. The majority of his estate will be used as strategic reserves for maintaining our margin of excellence in patient care. Part of Ken’s planned gift will provide seed money for a memorial garden adjacent to our new James Avery Center for Grief Support and Recovery in Longview. The memorial garden will be named for Ken. The garden work will begin this spring and be completed over the summer. Board President Dan Spjut said of Ken’s gift, “The outdoor memorial garden will be a community resource – located in an accessible, yet serene setting with water features, a children’s growing garden and rock garden. Open to the public, the garden will help community members heal from grief and loss. We are grateful beyond words.”

Community philanthropist Ken Henderson

Ken was loyal to the Pacific Northwest, an active community member and generous philanthropist. He appreciated the hospice care our agency provided to his friends and family members. He spent time with his mother in our Hospice Care Center in the early years when there were only four patient rooms. He supported patient care and expansion projects through ongoing contributions. He passed away in October 2008 at the Hospice Care Center in Longview.

“Ken was a generous, kind gentleman. He was raised that way.”

The Community Legacy Society recognizes those who make a planned gift to Community Home Health & Hospice through their will, trust or other estate plans. Ken became an automatic member of the Community Legay Society with his planned gift. For information about making a planned gift or to notify us of your support, contact Julie at 360.414.5406 or

It takes a Community.


In memoriam


Mildred Peterson Quoidbach Rob E. Quoidbach

Dean R. Phillips Laurel Murphy and Edward Phillips

Meldene Deanie Phillips Anonymous Columbian Artists Association Ken and Gayle Dickerson Virginia Smith

Cecil H. Pittman Sharon F. Pittman

June Plummer Beaver Valley Grange #306

John A. Polm, Sr. John A. Polm, Jr.

Glenn H. Potter Eva L. Potter

Carol G. Quigley Joyce Cothren

Frieda L. Rasmussen Susan Hecht Skip Rasmussen

Paul H. Rasmussen Susan Hecht Skip Rasmussen

Richard Reed Leo Baltazar Darcie and Michael Chess Robert and Carmen Clayton Filipino-American Community Pat and Lolita Lewis Bert and Laura Martineau Russell and Mary Reed Terry Shadle

Laura Adeline Renn Constance D. Budge

Herbert E. Rhodes Janice and Gregory Ward

Jean M. Rhodes Susan and Jason Heartley

Fred D. Richardson Arlen L. Black Larry and Pearl Eaton Dave and Patty Johanson Paul and Sherron Moore Peter and Polly Robinson

Marvin E. Rinard Julie and Daniel Rinard

Rosalie A. Rise Ronald L. Rise

Keith R. Robeson Loralee A. May

James G. Rodgers Donna M. Rodgers

Lisa D. Rodgers Donna M. Rodgers

Gladys Rose Sharon Adams

Derry L. Rush Sr. Marcia L. Rush

Helen R. Ruth Mignon R. Mason

Margaret E. Rutherford David and JoAnn Matz

Cora M. Samples Richard and Bonnie Kyro

Betty A. Schloss Dr. Jacob L. Schloss

Doris Schraeder Maureen and Robert Schroeder

Frank L. Schubert J. Phillip and Marcia Doumit Shirley L. McCullough

John C. Scott Willis and Betty Nixon

Gladys E. Sharp Mida Jean LeSollen

Anna Sillik Sonseearay Robinson

Ralph Silvesan Lisa and Casey Rice

Patricia E. Skeans Mida Jean LeSollen Mary Ellen Zimmerman

Scott T. Smith Bradley and Laura Thurman

Steven R. Smith Woodland Lodge #2394

Maxine Sollman Janet and Russell Moon

Soren R. Sorensen Larry and Connie Freeman

Virgil Spellmeyer Kathryn Spellmeyer

Judith E. Springer Betty Bonser Mara and Denzil Williams

Walter Stabell Code 3 Training LCC

Suneva Myklebust-Stacy Karen and Kurt Hendrickson


Andrew Stein Donna K. Miller

Rosella Stein Donna K. Miller

Donald E. Streiff JoAnne R. Campbell Terri and Marc Hinton Barbara E. Lee John McCord Port of Longview Employees Association Maureen S. Rabideau Suzanne E. Streiff Penny Taylor Rocky and Lise Taylor

Clara Sundberg Genie Dillin Joyce and Pat Grendon Nancy and Larry Marko

James A. Sutton Steven and Diane Kasson

Charles E. Sweetland Charlene Matteson

Frank A. Sybouts Evelyn M. Sybouts

Curt L. Taft Susan and James Baker Ruth C. Bitner Eric and Amy Brudi Linda and Jack “Ray� King Calvin and Juanita Mustion Edward Putka and Mary Reinhorn Putka M. Lois Stephens John and Ruth Turner

Kathleen R. Terrell Bart and Kris Bartelme

Lloyd L. Thomas Nancy and Larry Marko

William Thomas Duane and Sharon Estvold Margaret Estvold Barbara and Robert Herb Pamela Kulcinski Donna Lien Vernon and Jelene Peterson Mark Richards Susan K. Richards Walstead Mertsching PS

Panzy Ellen Thomason Dennis and Carol Blix Kerry and Susan Brown Richard and Jo Ann Dutcher

Robert and Rosalie Eaton Sons of Norway Lodge 2-30

Reverend W. C. Thurman Bradley and Laura Thurman

Richard L. Tippery Cynthia and Leonard Pressley

Kenneth W. Tomlinson Ledgett Family Herbert and Yvonne Pecha Mona J. Schoonover

Dr. Thomas Tossberg Jerald Adams Barrie and Robert Altenhof Walt and Joyce Bogdon Dr. and Mrs. John Boucher Laura Brisboe Lois J. Brudi Dr. and Mrs. John Burkey Dr. Marion and Ruth Clark Cowlitz River Dental Anne DeFrancisco George W. Dunn Scot Dunn Gordon and Constance Ferrell Harold and Carol Findlay Edward and Carole Forbes Leslie Fowler Grabowski Robert W. Fox Barbara N. Freiberg Dr. and Mrs. Donald Fuesler Barry and Kathy Haas Helen R. Hafner Sara C. Hamilton Steve and Ann Hanson Daniel Harmon Dr. Philip and Alma Henderson Susi J. Hulbert Betty and Rhett Jackson Larry and Barbara Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Wendell C. Kirkpatrick Theresa LeBlanc Eric and Kendra Lofgren Richard and Judith Loomis Lower Columbia Pathologists, PS Mignon R. Mason Gordon and Mary Matlock Jan McDole Patricia and Robert McKinney Robert and Claudia Menzia Dr. Richard C. Nau Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Norquist

Dr. Milford and Marjorie Ofstun Ted and Ruby Palin Pam and Denny Pittelko Fanny Polo George and Marilyn Ramirez Dr. James G. Reisner Richard Rodgers John and Lynne Sathe Richard W. Sinnett Virginia Smith Jean L. Starr Earl and Kay Stavas Donna Thomas John Thornton Jacquelyn Tossberg Loretta and Alexander Urling Michele Waite John and Julie West Marjorie Westman-Field Craig and Melanie Weston Ann V. Wright James and Sherry Wrona

Juanita M. Traufler James and Charlene Brandt

Betty M. Troseth Allan and Linda Hage Dorothy B. Hanson Longview School District Business Office William Roche and Jullian Karr

Lester J. Tugaw Lois L. Gorans Zdilar Don and Roxanne King Linda and Jack “Ray” King Claudia Timmerman and Homer Ballos Teresa and Curtis Timmerman Patricia “Tish” Tugaw Pamela and Vance van den Driessche

Dorothy Varner Joanne Jones

Floyd Varner Joanne Jones

Frances Varner Joanne Jones

Larry A. Varner Joanne Jones

Bonny M. Wade Susan and Lester Farrand Ginny Hazen Donna and Paul McLain Carolyn Wenner

Arthur L. Walker, Jr. Randy and Lise Lyon

Ella M. Walker Fibre Federal Credit Union Employees Deborah Fiscus William and Louise Gibbens Beverly Keith Sandi Libby Laura McVicker and family Mary E. Miller Randie and Michael Olsen Larry and Christine Whiteside

Walker Family Carl and Darlene Wend

Virginia L. Wechner William B. Wechner

Werner “Curly” Weisenberg Maxine M. Weisenberg

Wend Family Carl and Darlene Wend

Rosemarie D. Westrick Judy and John Alholm Arlene M. Hall Jerry and Danica Stinger

Benny L. White June L. Pierce

Donald R. Whitney Betty Bonser Jacqueline J. McCloud

Angelika Wilde Richard and Linda Gamble

Ann Willard Anonymous Douglas E. Willard Fran Willard

John Raymond Williams Janet and David Dennis Diane Fulton Janet Glassett JoAnn and John Ostreim Kina Quartly Delores and Marvin Snider Mara and Denzil Williams

Esther Willman Robert and Joan Miller

Richard R. Wilson Phyllis A. Wilson

Richard G. Wirtz Vernette M. Deckman Three Rivers Golf Association 9 Holers Elaine O. Wirtz

It takes a Community.


In memoriam


Herbert Wolden Betty J. Wolden

Wanda Wood Joan M. Ward

Macyle J. Woodruff-Hewitt Patricia and Jerry Bayless Mary and Arthur Birkmeyer Duane Hewitt Daniel and Gayle Rua

Pearl Wyrick Harold and Jacqueline Crenshaw DeFrancisco Lampitt & Brado PS Scott and Valerie Snow

Roy D. Yates Joyce Cothren

Kathleen Zilmer Robert and Rosalie Eaton

Betty Zimmer Jacqueline and Steven Nichols

Jack Zimmer Jacqueline and Steven Nichols

Molly Zimmerman Michael L. Jackson

Nettie L. Zimmerman Michael L. Jackson Janice and Gregory Ward

Fuller Family Constance D. Budge

Carol A. Gorley Neva Jo Suhadolnik

Dana Greenman Jack and Helen Greenman

Michael Greenman Jack and Helen Greenman

Helen Greenman Diane and Bruce Calhoun

Jack Greenman Diane and Bruce Calhoun

Rosemarye Hamar Evangeline Knudsen

Dory Hicks Michael and Becky Hicks

Dana J. Jester Sanda K. Helms Neva Jo Suhadolnik Dianne and William Whitten

Merritt “Buz� Ketcham Elizabeth A. Ketcham

Wanda Ketcham Elizabeth A. Ketcham

Doug and Lynn Lambert Jack and Helen Greenman

Evelyn M. Lippard

In honor Dawn Anderson Patrick Kelley

Dr. Linda Beattie Inlow Family of Lewis B. Harris

Ronald and Patricia Brown Terry Brown

Ronald Brown Terry Brown

Bruce Calhoun Jack and Helen Greenman

Diane Calhoun Jack and Helen Greenman

Joyce Cothren Gary and Vicki Bergseng

Donna R. DeSpain Neva Jo Suhadolnik

Roger Dunnington Ruth and Joel Klopp

Rose Dunnington Ruth and Joel Klopp

Deborah Elliott Evangeline Knudsen


Jean L. Carvey

Mary Jean McAtee Kelly McAtee

Claude Millard Daniel and Ruby Laulainen

Hurmalee Millard Daniel and Ruby Laulainen

Wendy Mitchell

Sandra Mitchell-Griffith and Gilmour Griffith

Gail Mortimore

Evangeline Knudsen

Connie Mullins Jack and Helen Greenman

Cleona A. Reinholdt Neva Jo Suhadolnik

David Reinholdt Neva Jo Suhadolnik

Robb Smith Jack and Helen Greenman

Susan Smith Jack and Helen Greenman

Bonnie Woodruff Dianne and William Whitten

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It takes a Community.


Annual King family fundraiser a success! The third annual King family fundraiser held last month was a resounding success. The event was attended by more than 200 people and raised $10,442 for charity care. For the past three years, George King and his family have held an art auction and dance benefit in memory of matriarch Janice King who was cared for by Community. Over the years, their fundraiser has raised more than $35,000 for our agency. By all accounts, Janice enjoyed a good time and she would have definitely loved this year’s party. Pictured from left to right: Greg Pang, CEO, Dan Spjut, Board of Directors President, Don King, Dick King, Jim King and George King.

Wish list Below is a snippet from our wish list. For our current wish list, contact Julie at 360.414.5406 or or see our website, Portable Oxygen Concentrator ................. $3,000 -5,000 Portable Oxygen tanks (M6) ....................... $60 Over Bed Tables................................................ $80 Child-size quilts................................................ $40 Vinyl covered lift chairs................................. $600 CD players ......................................................... $50 Chairs for family room................................... $500 Coffee tables and side tables for family room ....................................... $500 Loveseats for family room ........................... $1,000 Wireless TV ears for hearing impaired patients.................................... $50-150 Twin Vinyl Air Beds for visiting family members ...................................... $200 Non-perishable food and coffee for family room........................... $50 Audio books...................................................... $50 Sofa covers for family room......................... $75


Love to shop? Love people? Have a heart for hospice? The Hospice Thrift Shop is looking for volunteers. No experience necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know and then some! Volunteers receive a 30% discount on purchases. For more information, contact Debbie at 360.577.6292 or

Community Benefit Report

Fiscal year October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

Your gifts help families As a nonprofit community-based organization, we devote resources for the good of the people in communities that support us. This includes patients and families who live in Cowlitz, Clark and Wahkiakum Counties in Washington and Columbia County, Oregon. Our care extends to individuals who are uninsured and underinsured (charity care). Your gifts are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Federal tax #91-1399370.

Who we served 3,000

How contributions are used


2,500 2,000


1,500 1,000


500 0

Home health patients

Hospice patients and families

Home care clients

Charity care1................................. $369,916 Wish list2......................................... $37,874

“Thank you for all you do. You have personally touched my life several times by caring for people I loved. Your organization and staff are truly amazing.”

Children’s bereavement........... $14,106 Patient care endowment......... $7,189

Includes uninsured and underinsured patients, area of greatest need, telemonitoring, patient transportation and translation services, etc. 1.

Some supporters donate for specific purchases. For our current wish list, contact Julie at 360.414.5406 or or see our website,


It takes a Community. 15

PO Box 2067 Longview, WA 98632

Home At Last 2013: hospice rocks! Charity Care Fundraiser Friday, May 3, 2013 5:30 pm social / 7 pm dinner Cowlitz Regional Conference Center 1900 7th Avenue, Longview, WA Join us for a memorable evening of fun for a good cause. All proceeds will provide charity care for patients in need. We will be rocking in style to The King Brothers band. Come dressed as you are or as your favorite rock star, rock band or music trend. Have your photo taken with a rock “star.� We guarantee the night will be one to remember! Special thanks to our early sponsors: Anderson & Anderson Advisory, LLC, Collins Architechural Group, P.S., Fibre Federal Credit Union, Heritage Bank, Family of Janice J. King, Dr. and Mrs. Larry McRae, The Optimistic Diabetic, and Westby Associates, Inc. Host a table or purchase a ticket at For more information, contact Julie at 360.414.5406 or

2013 Spring Newsletter  

Community's 2013 Spring Newsletter

2013 Spring Newsletter  

Community's 2013 Spring Newsletter