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Making life easier in the home continued In the kitchen

Teapot tipper

Pan handle holder

Chopping board with spikes

Perching stool

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO Reach cupboards

Use taps and switches

Cutting, chopping, preparing and cooking food

Moving around the kitchen Eating and drinking

Laundry and ironing

WHAT IS DIFFICULT FOR YOU • Cupboards are too high or low • Cupboards are too deep • Cupboard doors are too heavy • Taps or switches are too awkward • Can’t reach taps or switches

Liquid level indicator

Large handled cutlery

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS • Re-arrange things in cupboards/on surfaces • Buy Easi-Reacher or Handi-Reacher

COMPLEX SOLUTIONS • Lower or raise cupboards

MORE COMPLEX SOLUTIONS • Alter spring in door closers

• Fit tap turners

• Alter kitchen

• Change switches • Raise or reposition taps • Fit lever taps or new taps • Food processor • Perching/high stool • Buy a trolley

• Work surface too high or low • Hard to grip packets or jars • Hard to grip knife • Pans or kettles too heavy to lift • Not enough space

• Sit at a table • Change height of • Range of kitchen gadgets work surface available: knife with a thick • Make space under handle; chopping board work surface for with spikes; pan handle knees when sitting holder; teapot tipper; lid gripper. • Re-organise furniture • Adaptation to kitchen

• Cutlery is hard to grip • Food/plate keeps slipping • Can’t carry food to table • Can’t lift cup • Washing machine is too high or too low • Putting up ironing board

• Large handled cutlery • Non-slip mat • Lightweight insulated cup • Use a cup with two handles • Wall-fixed ironing board • Change washing machine or iron

• Review mobility equipment used • Buy a trolley

• Raise/lower washing machine

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