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Making life easier in the home In the living room

Plug with handle Chair raisers



WHAT YOU WHAT IS DIFFICULT HAVE TO DO FOR YOU Get in and • Standing up from out of chairs sitting is difficult

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS • Block of foam in chair base • Buy a new chair – get professional help to make sure the height is right • Regular gentle exercise • Get up regularly, to keep mobile

COMPLEX SOLUTIONS • Buy electric riser chair

MORE COMPLEX SOLUTIONS • Ready made chair raisers if your chair is low

Open and close windows

• Can’t reach windows • Not secure to leave windows open

• Move furniture out of the way • Gadget to open/close window

• Environmental controls

• Remove window opener • Install extractor fan • Install new windows

Control heating

• Can’t reach controls for fire or heating

• Change switches • Fit timer switch

• Install new or additional heating system

• Move heating controls

Switch lights • Can’t reach switch on and off • Switch is difficult to use

• Light switch toggle • Socket extension • Handi-plugs

• Environmental controls

• Move light switches • Replace light switches

Keep warm

• Affording the fuel • Carrying the fuel • Control heating

• Insulate your home • Get a grant • Ask for a winter fuel payment • Change to a • Use a trolley – if you can cheaper heating safely lift the fuel into the system trolley

• Replace the fire

Watch TV

• Hear the sound of the TV

• Use subtitles

• See GP

• Get a room loop • Request an assessment for a hearing aid

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