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History of Electric Motor In modern time, everything that we are seeing in our machineries or in personal appliances are being powered by electricity but do you even wonder what makes it run? For example, an traditional wall fan or stand fan that we desire dispel heat is powered by electric motor. There are several electronics and also even large industrial machineries are runned by these engines. Water pumps are runned by electric motor. But do we even know when did these electric motors first exist? Define an Electronic Motor? Electric motors involve rotating loops of wire which are runned by the magnetic force exerted by a magnetic field on an electric current. They transform electrical force into mechanical energy. In a lame man’s term an electric motor is an electric machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. These machines operate through the exchanges between an electric motors magnetic field and winding currents to create force within the motor. There are lots of inventions which are similar to electric motor during the early 1800 but many of those inventions leads to the creation of electric motor. This motor is usually displayed in physics experiments. American company like the General Electric Company develops three-phase motors. Westinghouse modified versions of electric motors. Then after all inventors and scientist develops electric motors other organization created the same electric motor which is lightweight and compact which is cheaper. Almost 30,000 companies worldwide use electric motor for different functions. And these motors comes in different forms and different prices. In the UK alone, demand for electric motors grew by 30% then Asian giant manufacturers produced almost 40,000 {units|models] of electric motors every day for just European markets. Click to investigate

History of Electric Motor  

In modern time, everything that we are seeing in o...

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