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Our cover stars talk about the rewards of volunteering for carers

Britain’s Best Breakfast!

17th - 19th October 2014 Host a breakfast and help us raise money for East Sussex’s 60,000 unpaid carers Supporting Carers in East Sussex

Note from the Editor 3 Message from the CEO Jennifer Twist, Chief Executive Officer, Care for the Carers 4 - 5 New funding for carers’ services in East Sussex Find out about the shape of services for carers from October. 6 Volunteer Spotlight Cover stars Maureen and Katie talk about how they support carers and what volunteering means to them. 7 News Drug and alcohol service, FREE metal health educational courses and Department of Health survey 8 Dear CareLine Carer Kathy writes in about her experience with Coastal Wellbeing. 9 Have your say Read about your local Carers’ Voices Group and the budget it holds to fund support for carers locally 9 Care for the Carers AGM You’re invited to our Annual General Meeting 2nd October. 10 - 11 November Carers’ Forums, Know Your Rights You’re invited to find out about your rights as a carer, as well as your entitlements as a result of the Care Act 2014. Book Now. 12 - 13 Fantastic Fundraising Get involved with Britain’s Best Breakfast and find out about who’s supporting Care for the Carers. 14 Carers Groups Find out about your local carers’ group


David Thompson Editor

What a busy few months it’s been and what a jam packed issue this is! I would like to start off by saying a special thank you to our cover stars, volunteers Maureen and Katie, and to Kathy for writing in about her experience with Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) and for sending in a photo of her with her son - you can read her letter on p8. Over the past few months we’ve had some fantastic fundraising support! The Worshipful the Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Janet Coles, chose us as her charity for the year and on 1st August hosted her first fundraising event in support of carers - check out her upcoming events schedule on p12. Reid Briggs, insurance brokers from Eastbourne, have also chosen to support us and are aiming to raise £10,000 by taking on the Thames Path Challenge! If you would like to get involved and help fundraise for carers why not take part in Britain’s Best Breakfast? Read more about this ‘eggciting’ campaign on p13. I’ve also got a few dates for your diary; our Annual General Meeting (p9) is on 2nd October and the Carers’ Forums will be taking place on 17th, 20th and 28th November (p10) - spaces are limited at each event so make sure you book your place. Lastly I’d like to share some exciting news with you - CareLine is changing! On the following few pages you can read about the new funding for carers services from local government and the NHS, and the changes this will bring. One of these changes will be CareLine; starting this winter we will be producing a new carers magazine for East Sussex. This new magazine will have more pages, contain more information, useful tips and advice, and will be the magazine for all organisations who support carers in East Sussex.

15 Contact Care for the Carers How to get in touch or update your CareLine subscription

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think the new magazine should be called? What would you like to see included? Do you have a story you would like to share? Please do get in touch - email me at or call me on 01323 738390.

16 Support Us Make a donation to support the work of Care for the Carers

I hope you enjoy reading this edition,

Care for the Carers

Message from the CEO Jennifer Twist Chief Executive Officer, Care for the Carers

2014 is a significant year for carers both nationally and in East Sussex. Many local carers have contributed to the consultation on the Care Act 2014 this summer. The Act strengthens carers’ rights and represents a step change for the carers’ movement that should be celebrated, as well as bringing with it some challenges in delivering new commitments. Here in East Sussex, the County Council and NHS launched their Commissioning Grants Prospectus in February, seeking applications for projects that strengthen local communities and the health and wellbeing of local residents. This year, in the light of carers’ increasing needs and of the Care Act 2014, outcomes for carers took centre stage. The key objectives for carers’ services are: »» Identification and recognition »» Realising & Releasing Potential - education, employment and volunteering »» A life outside caring »» Enhanced health and wellbeing »» Young Carers’ caring roles do not adversely affect their wellbeing »» Parent carers of disabled children are engaged in the

implantation of the Special Educational Needs and Disability reforms Following a rigorous application process, the awards have been finalised and overleaf you can see an overview of the range of services that will be available to support adult carers from October 2014. It was a fantastic opportunity for Care for the Carers to seek funding to achieve the commitments we set out in our Strategic Plan. We are excited that our successful application means that we can develop our services to support and reach more carers, including the most vulnerable. As the Carers’ Centre for East Sussex, we will continue to provide Information and Advice, Carers’ Groups, Carers’ Voices, along with new training and development opportunities. Our aim is to offer quality support in a timely and flexible way, tailored to carers’ individual needs - this means some development of existing services and some new ways of working. We will continue to keep you informed through the new magazine.

our application to continue our commissioned work with Young Carers. However, thanks to help from the local community we have the funds to continue supporting under 18s in the short term. Our key fundraising priority this next year will be achieving sustainable funds for Young Carers projects. We will also be working with our new partners, Voluntary Action Within Kent, who have been commissioned to support Young Carers in East Sussex. 2014-15 has further significance for Care for the Carers, as we celebrate our Silver Jubilee - 25 years working with and for carers in East Sussex. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who are supporting our fundraising during this year, not least the Mayor of Eastbourne, Cllr Janet Coles, and Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers and their teams of volunteers (p12). Best wishes,

Sadly we were not successful in


New funding for carers’ services in East Sussex The Commissioning Grants Prospectus is the way that East Sussex County Council and the local NHS allocate funding for services that strengthen local communities and improve the health and wellbeing of residents. The 2014 Prospectus Awards have just been finalised and on these pages you can read about the organisations that have been given funding to support carers in East Sussex from October 2014.

Alzheimer’s Society East Sussex Carers Information and Support Programme (CrISP) aims to improve the skills and understanding of those caring for a person with dementia, by providing support and up-to-date, relevant information. The programme provides opportunities for people to support and learn from each other in a group led by trained staff and volunteers. East Sussex Dementia Support Service providing support to people affected by dementia by helping them to maintain their independence, improve their sense of well-being, put them in more control of their lives and help them prepare for the future. It will also help people living with dementia to identify their needs and to access services. Singing for the Brain is a fun and relaxing social activity that can help promote confidence. Singing is a gentle form of exercise and also provides a way for people with dementia and their carers to enjoy time together, express themselves and socialise with others.

Supporting Carers in East Sussex


Care for the Carers

Association of Carers Computer Help at Home provides Carers with support to learn to use their own computer, in ways that will support them in their caring role, without having to leave the person they look after. Delivered by volunteers, sessions last for around two hours and continue for up to six weeks. Respite and Befriending provides carers with a free, volunteer-led, respite service by identifying a volunteer to form a befriending relationship with the person they look after and spend time with them each week. Respite is provided in a number of ways including in the home, attending a day activity or going for a walk. Carers Wellbeing Support Service enables carers to receive emotional support and develop a longterm befriending relationship through regular phone calls with the same, trained volunteer (often a former Carer). Carers are signposted / referred to other agencies for additional support. Carers experiencing complex issues receive short-term professional counselling via Skype / telephone. Carers are supported to plan / identify residential respite breaks.

British Red Cross Short term and crisis intervention - promoting health and well-being to carers and supporting this through companionship, conversation and practical support and/or enabling carers to take a short break whilst we support the cared for. Trained volunteers actively support carers to find opportunities to attend social groups, training or help seek employment through networking, if desired.

Care for the Carers The Carers’ Centre for East Sussex, providing information, advice and support and a range of diverse services for carers. These include: engagement and volunteering opportunities for carers, raise awareness, provision of counselling and peer mentoring, carers groups, activities and training. Please see page 3 for more information.

Coastal Wellbeing

Headway Hurstwood Park Enhancing the health and wellbeing of carers of people with Acquired Brain Injury. This project will provide a range of services for carers of people with acquired brain injury that include: Peer support and understanding of the demands of caring for a brain injured person; the opportunity and encouragement to invest in their own health and wellbeing to sustain them in their role.

I.C.E. Project

Coastal Wellbeing aims to support and encourage people to create positive change in their lives through Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP). WRAP provides people with a framework to explore what they can do to maintain their wellbeing. WRAP uses action planning for the times when life gets challenging, providing options and choices to help maintain wellbeing, including crisis planning. WRAP groups are facilitated by two Accredited Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators who create a safe, trusting environment so group participants feel supported, heard and informed.

The Improving Carers’ Experience Project (I.C.E) aims to produce good quality information for carers of people who have mental health problems (such as depression, anxiety, psychotic conditions, bi-polar disorder etc). The project will offer carers’ information courses and provide a booklet and website containing information that carers have said they find relevant and useful. Other activities will include offering training to local staff on carers’ needs and how to work with and support them. The service welcomes the involvement of any carer who would like to volunteer to help; there are a number of very flexible ways to contribute to every aspect of the project.

East Sussex Motor Neurone Disease Association


The MNDA Carers Support Project is specifically designed to provide care, support and respite care to carers who are working day and night to support, care and help those living with MND. They are never “off duty” and this project will help to relieve, albeit for a small amount of time, them from their daily tasks at home.

Ambitions Vocational Services is a free service to adult carers living in East Sussex to support their vocational aspirations. A skilled Vocational Specialist will work alongside individuals to identify and achieve their employment, educational and volunteering ambitions. Support is available in group settings, via telephone/email or at one-to-one meetings.

For more information, including contact details of the organisations mentioned on this page, look out for your copy of the NEW carers magazine for East Sussex this winter.




Where has the year gone? It has been a time of reflection for many of us at Care for the Carers and as it is our 25th Anniversary we have been thinking about the difference the charity has made to carers’ lives over the years. So much of what we achieved wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fantastic volunteers. We are incredibly fortunate to have a great team of volunteers who support carers. Without them we would not be able to deliver services as we do. They play a vital role within our organisation and we value and appreciate all they do.


e Maur

It is a privilege to be associated with Care for the Carers. I have been a volunteer with this dedicated organisation for seven years and I have met many wonderful people who spend their life caring for their loved ones. As volunteers we need to be good listeners - carers frequently do not want to worry their families so sometimes prefer to talk to us about problems and their concerns for now and the future. With all their worries and problems (tiredness is a major one), their sense of humour shines through. I have the greatest admiration for carers and feel it a privilege to support them in their dedication.


Volunteering for Care for the Carers provides me with valuable opportunities and a sense of accomplishment. I’m proud to be part of a high energy team dedicated to helping put unpaid carers back on the map. I invite you to join me in supporting the unseen heros of our community. Knowing I have loosened the burden for someone makes volunteering worthwhile. When raising funds I enjoy the energy of the team spirit and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Our cover girls on this issue of CareLine are Maureen and Katie: Maureen is one of our loyal long standing volunteers and Katie is one of our newest recruits to the team. Maureen has provided a listening ear and supported many carers as a befriender over the last seven years. Katie has got involved with promoting our organisation and is working hard to support us with fundraising for The Eastbourne Mayors Charity of the Year. We currently have about 90 volunteers ranging from 16 to 80+ years, they come from all walks of life and volunteer for different reasons, but what they all have in common is a desire to support carers in some way. Some provide support on a regular basis and some are more ad-hoc, the great thing about their involvement is they can do as much or as little but it all makes a difference. So from all the trustees, management and staff at Care for the Carers a huge thank you to all our volunteers.

Get Involved! If you’re passionate about carers and would like to join our team of volunteers get in touch. Call Carole, Volunteer Coordinator at Care for the Carers, on 01323 738390 or email Alternatively visit and apply online!


Care for the Carers

News National Carers’ Survey Every other year, the Department of Health requires all Adult Social Care departments in England to survey carers to find out about your needs & experiences of social care and the impact of caring and your quality of life. This year Adult Social Care will be sending out about 1,000 surveys during the first week of October to carers in East Sussex. If you do receive a survey next month then please take the time to complete and return this if you can. Your views matter and can make a difference to Adult Social Care services in order to improve things both for carers and those they care for.

‘STAR’ East Sussex Drug & Alcohol Service Are you worried about the effect substance abuse is having on someone you know? CRI are offering a weekly Carers / Concerned Others Support Group in Hastings and Eastbourne. There will be a third group in Uckfield at some point in the future. Group meetings look at how carers can help their cared for on their journey to recovery, but also acknowledge that, as carers, you are important too. If you have good mental health this can have a ripple effect ‘promoting recovery’ for all concerned. They will be working with family and friends towards making positive changes; including building motivation, coping strategies and living a healthy lifestyle.

Sussex Recovery College launches new prospectus FREE educational courses about mental health and recovery Sussex Recovery College Autumn prospectus is now out. Enrolment started last week at open days across the county. The Recovery College offers educational courses about mental health and recovery which are designed to increase your knowledge and skills and to promote self management. It is open to people with mental health challenges, their supporters and staff. Students work towards their own recovery goals and can become experts in their own self care. Courses are being held in three campuses across East Sussex. A few courses next term are particularly aimed at carers: •

‘An Information Course for Family and Friends’ by ICE (Improving Carers Experience)

‘Creating Caring Relationships’ by Sussex Partnership which brings together relatives, carers and staff who want to work better together.

‘Coping with my ups and downs’ is a new course aimed at adults with learning disabilities and mental health challenges, their family and carers.

97% students at the Recovery College say they would recommend the course they did. One relative said, ‘Thanks to the Recovery College I have got my sister back’. To find out more and register with the college, please call them on 0300 303 8086, e-mail or visit

For more information call 0300 30 38 160.


Dear CareLine WRAP I have just completed the 6 week Coastal Wellbeing course that I saw in CareLine. I was very lucky that this course focussing on the carers’ wellbeing was being run at a venue just 5 minutes from my home. The course consists of 6 sessions centred around a Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Having suffered from severe depression and serious physical health problems due to the stress of ‘caring’ it was just what I needed. My only son has Down’s Syndrome and my husband was diagnosed with early onset dementia aged 50 so it felt like my whole world was turned upside down. I still have difficult ongoing health problems remaining under the care of a specialist team at the DGH.

“ It is essential that we look after our own health ” As carers we are so busy looking after the person we care for that we neglect our own health and only get help when there is a major crisis and our problems become so severe that we are admitted to hospital having left it far too late to ask for help. I wish this course had been available to me years ago when I was struggling and becoming more and more isolated in myself. Now I feel able to recognise early warning signs – triggers that tell me to stop – look at what’s happening in my life and remember the “tool box” with items that I need to fall back on in times of stress and on bad days “when things get all too much.” The two course leaders go on the journey with us, so we all learn together and find out what will help us in the future to stay well. Above all it was fun, in a very relaxed atmosphere with everyone contributing at all stages of the action plan. I would urge all carers to try and attend the course if they can. I now feel much more positive about my circumstances and very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend the course. Kathy from Uckfield 8

Care for the Carers

Kathy & Timothy

Wellness Recovery Action Planning Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities? A 6-week WRAP group offers carers the opportunity to explore safe and simple tools you can use to maintain your wellbeing and support you when you are facing challenges. WRAP groups are offered by Coastal Wellbeing in a variety of locations throughout East Sussex and are free of charge. For those who juggle caring responsibilities and work there will also be a group running outside of normal working hours. For more information please call Molly 07507 734370 or email or call Lucy 07598 323254 or email wrap-for-carers/

Have your say Carers’ Voices The Carers’ Voices Groups are a place where carers, and local organisations providing carers’ services, meet to make a difference to carers’ services and policy. The groups aim to involve carers at a more local level and are held in each of the 3 Clinical Commissioning Group areas within East Sussex. They run 4 times a year and carer members are supported to attend meetings with reimbursement of travel expenses. The issues, concerns and activities discussed in the groups are then brought together and shared with key decision makers, such as East Sussex Partnership Boards.

Interested? If you would like to join you local group email Rachel at or call her on 01323 738390.

Carers’ Voices Group Budget Each Carers’ Voices Group manages a small budget provided by East Sussex County Council. These funds have been made available for projects, events and activities that support carers in their caring role. This may include (but is not limited to) respite, health & wellbeing opportunities and carer training such as first aid and manual handling. Each group will consider applications from their area. Applicants may be asked to attend a Carers Voices Group meeting to discuss their application and will be required to feedback as to how the funding has been used to benefit carers locally.

EVENT DETAILS On behalf of the Board of Trustees, you are invited to our Annual General Meeting DATE AND TIME Thursday 2nd October, 2014 Meeting 1:45pm to 3:30pm LOCATION The Kings Centre, 27 Edison Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6PT Meeting will be held in the Sussex Suite R.S.V.P Please R.S.V.P by Friday 26th September CONTACT Telephone: 01323 738390 Email:

Successful Funding Applications The Hastings & Rother Carers Voices Group is pleased to announce the first successful application for £500 was agreed by the group. The Dementia Support at The Bridge group has been set up by carers of loved ones with Dementia for similar carers in the Hastings and St Leonards area (although all are welcome). They meet Mondays and Fridays at The Bridge Community Centre in Priory Road, Hastings. Visit their Facebook page to find out more For more information, or to apply to your local Carers Voices Group Budget contact Rachel on 01323 728290 or email


You’re Invited to your local Carers’ Forum

Know Your Rights Do you know your rights? What does the Care Act 2014 mean for carers? Are you ready for your new rights? In May the Care Act 2014 became law, introducing new and clearer rights for carers. However, many carers are unaware that this piece of legislation has been created, let alone the rights it gives them.

Take part in the experience exchange at your local carers’ forum and share your knowledge and expertise with other carers.

You’re Invited

Most importantly, we want to hear what you have to say book your place at your local carers forum and let us know what you think about this new legislation and your rights as a carer.

Local professionals who support carers will also be on hand for you to meet and find out about their services.


This November, to coincide with National Carers Rights Day, you’re invited to your local Carers’ Forum to find out about your rights as a carer, as well as the services and support you are now entitled to as a result of the Care Act 2014.

Benefits Advice

Carers don’t just need access to services and support, they also need the funds required to take care of themselves and the person they care for. That’s why we have invited representatives from local benefits advice services to help carers navigate the welfare maze.

Book Your Place by Friday 31st October 1. Your details Name Address

Postcode Telephone Email Please contact me to discuss my requirements e.g. dietary, mobility, language, sensory impairment I would like to bring the person I care for There is an additional cost of £5 per person, please enclose a cheque made payable to Carers 10Care Carefor for the the Carers

2. Choose the forum in your local area If you are unsure, please contact us or leave blank Hailsham - Monday 17th November Hailsham Civic Community Hall, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, BN27 2AX Plumpton Green - Thursday 20th November Plumpton Village Hall, 1 Westgate, Plumpton Green, BN7 3BQ Bexhill - Friday 28th November Manor Barn, 8 High St, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN40 2HA 3. Post your reply form to our freepost address Care for the Carers, FREEPOST RTAC-GURC-XUJC Highlight House, 8 St Leonards Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3UH

Light Lunch Provided

When & Where? Monday 17th November 10am - 3pm Hailsham Civic Community Hall

Carers Rights Day Friday 28th November

Friday 28th November 10am - 3pm Manor Barn, Bexhill

Carers Rights Day is about getting carers the information and advice they need to claim benefits, access practical support and find out how technology can help take the pressure off. Each year Carers UK organises Carers Rights Day to:

What is a forum?

Increase the take up of benefits – it’s estimated that millions of carers’ benefits aren’t claimed each year.

Thursday 20th November 10am - 3pm Plumpton Village Hall

A forum is a public meeting which asks questions about services important to carers, gathers carers’ views and opinions and reports these back to decision makers.

Who can attend? Each forum is open to all local carers. You don’t need to be a member or commit to attending regularly.

Book Your Place Spaces at each forum are limited, please book by Friday 31st October 01323 738390

Make sure carers know their rights –many of those looking after a disabled or older loved one don’t identify themselves as carers and miss out on support. Even those who have been caring for years

sometimes aren’t aware of their entitlements. Guide carers towards practical support – Carers often do not realise practical support is available, like replacement care to give the carer time off, help with lifting and bathing, equipment and home adaptations that can be vital in protecting carers’ health. Raise awareness of the needs of carers – Carers Rights Day raises awareness of the needs of carers with the public, decision makers and professionals.

The Care Act 2014 Summary The Care Act brings those funding their own care into the care system with obligations on local authorities relating to information and advice, universal services, assessments and market shaping among others, all applying to self-funders. It also sets out a new model of paying for care, putting in place a cap on the care costs which an individual is liable for. Importantly, the Act strengthens the rights and recognition of carers in the social care system, including, for the first time giving carers a clear right to receive services. These are by far the strongest rights for carers yet.

The Care Act covers adult social care in England only. The Children and Families Act 2014 includes new duties for the assessment of young carers and parent carers of children under 18. A consultation on draft regulations and guidance took place during the summer of 2014 and final regulations and guidance will be published in October 2014 ready for implementation in April 2015. Excerpt from Carers UK Care Act 2014: Briefing


Fantastic Fundraising! Eastbourne Mayor Supporting Carers We are really pleased to announce that the Worshipful the Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Janet Coles, has selected Care for the Carers as her charity for the year. Cllr Coles said: “Carers are unsung community heroes who do so much to help others and it is important we support them. That is where Care for the Carers comes in, by offering invaluable assistance to these unpaid carers. I will be raising as much as possible throughout the year and hope people will join me in backing this very worthwhile cause.”

Reid Briggs aim to raise £10,000 for carers by walking 100km!

WOW! 12 Care for the Carers

There’s lots planned for the coming months, here’s a list of the upcoming events in the Mayor’s calendar. For more information visit our website South East Artists Art Exhibition Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th November Eastbourne Town Hall Cupcakes for Carers Friday 28th November Your home or workplace Host your very own cupcake fundraising event for your colleagues, friends & family Mayor’s Charity Christmas Concert Thursday 18th December Winter Garden, Eastbourne Tickets on sale soon!

This amazing feat will be taking place on Saturday 13th September when 9 walkers will be covering an enormous distance of 100km each (that’s 62 miles and more than 2 marathons)! The team are hoping to complete this challenge in under 24 hours; raising a grand total of £10,000 for Care for the Carers. The Worshipful the Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Janet Coles, will be getting up early to wave the walkers off as they begin their journey from Putney Bridge. From here the course will take them along

Mayor’s Charity Prom Fair Saturday 31st January & Sunday 1st February International Lawn Tennis Centre, Devonshire Park Mayor’s Charity Masked Ball Friday 6th March Winter Garden, Eastbourne Tickets on sale January 2015

the Thames Tow Path all the way to Henley. They will be joining hundreds of people raising money for charities around the UK as part of The Thames Path Challenge. We would like to say a huge thank you to Reid Briggs and we wish them the very best of luck on what will no doubt be, a very challenging venture. If you would like to support the walkers or see how they’ve been getting on in training, please visit the our website for more information



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GEHost a

Carers Trust have cooked up a new national campaign and we’re taking part to raise funds and awareness for East Sussex carers!

A huge amount of research has suggested that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what butter way to support carers than by joining us in this eggciting campaign! So, whether it’s a bowl of cereal, a pastry or a fry up, we are asking you to host a breakfast for your friends, family and colleagues to help raise money to support more of East Sussex’s 60,000 unpaid carers.

E fu E R F

er 1 7 t h b o t

9t -1


So, in the words of Carers Trust, let’s raise a (piece of) toast to the fantastic work that carers do and get ready to raise vital funds with Britain’s Best Breakfast!


o rg ur o . c f tc . y r w o f w t us sit w c i v a r t o 0 C o n 132 3 7 3 8 3 9


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th October 8 1 y a d r Satu f ting 5% o a n o d e Will b t sales to breakfas rs! the Care r fo e r a C kfasts ted brea n u o c is d 0 Also, s at £7.5 for carer

Toby C arv Eastbo ery, urne Sun

fast can As break ’re arly they be too e rs ring care also offe r arvery fo Sunday C .99! only £2

day 19 th

Octobe r All-youcan-ea t breakfa st for on ly £1.99 and unli mited fr ee tea & coffee for care rs and their fam ilies!

Cont Contact us for yact u brfeoar yoouur s b kf r vroeuackfaasst voucher t her

Supporting Carers in East Sussex


“Fun, informative and a great way to meet other people”

When & where Carers’ groups meet monthly on the following days: 2nd Monday 3rd Monday 4th Monday 2nd Tuesday 3rd Tuesday 1st Wednesday 2nd Wednesday 3rd Wednesday 4th Wednesday


Eastbourne #1

Eastbourne #2 Hastings #1 Peacehaven Hailsham Pevensey Rye

Eastbourne Bookwatch

4th Thursday 1st Friday 3rd Friday 4th Friday

Across the county we support and run carers’ groups for all carers. At these monthly gatherings you will meet carers from all walks of life and be able to share in the huge wealth of knowledge and experience that they bring. In addition to the carers’ groups, we also have specialist carers’ groups that meet monthly across the county; these are a safe space to talk about the issues that carers experience whilst supporting someone with specific health needs. See below for more information about the specialist carers’ groups currently available. With tea and biscuits a plenty, group meetings are a secure environment for you meet other carers, build friendships and share common interests and experiences.


2nd Thursday

3rd Thursday

About the groups

Wadhurst Bexhill

Hastings #2 Forest Row

Mental health carers’ groups

Learning disability & autism carers’ groups

The mental health carers’ groups meet monthly on the following days:

The learning disability and autism carers’ groups meet monthly on the following days:

Last Tuesday 2nd Thursday Last Saturday


Eastbourne Hastings

Last Tuesday First Thursday Last Thursday

Eastbourne Hastings Seaford


Carers’ groups are free and open to all carers in East Sussex.

14 Care for the Carers

To find our more about your local group call us on 01323 738390 or email

Do you love reading...? ...but find it hard to get to the library? As a carer you can get library books and other materials delivered free at home.

loan period of 12 weeks. They can also provide music CDs and DVDs, available at a small hire charge and for a 4 week loan.

The Home Library Service delivers books to people at home providing the opportunity to read a wide range of library books without having to visit the library. This can help those people that are housebound, have caring responsibilities or are unable to carry heavy books home themselves.

Books are delivered by Library Volunteers, all of whom are CRB/DBS checked before commencing their role. Some users of this service just want the books delivered but others very much look forward to and enjoy the company the volunteer offers.

Books come in standard print, Large Print or on audio cassette or CD and you can keep them for a longer

Name Address

To find out more and register for this free service. Call Abigail Luthmann on 01273 335383 or email

I am a carer Sign me up to receive CareLine Please update my address Please contact me about the help available I am no longer a carer


Please unsubscribe me from CareLine


Please send me the after caring booklet


I would like to know about staying in touch


Supporting Carers in East Sussex

Name Address

I would like to make a donation of

ÂŁ I enclose a cheque / postal order I would like to Gift Aid my donation

Postcode Telephone Email 16 Care for the Carers

Please make cheques payable to Care for the Carers

I would like to leave a lasting legacy, please contact me to discuss how I can make a donation in my will

CareLine | Autumn 2014  

CareLine is our free magazine for unpaid carers in East Sussex, filled with useful information, tips and advice; as well as what's happening...

CareLine | Autumn 2014  

CareLine is our free magazine for unpaid carers in East Sussex, filled with useful information, tips and advice; as well as what's happening...