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Supporting Carers in East Sussex

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Jennifer Twist Chief Executive, Care for the Carers

At the carers’ forums this summer, staying healthy was a much discussed topic, and many carers talked about just how hard it can be to prioritise your own health and wellbeing. Carers took part in a survey about the impact of caring, and confirmed that stress and anxiety are still significant problems for East Sussex carers (more information on p.12). Juggling caring responsibilities with work or running the household can leave very little time for you. If you’ve been caring for a loved one for some time, this balancing act will be something that you recognise and manage every day, but if you’re new to caring, you may be starting to think through how to construct your ‘safety net’. In this edition of CareLine we’ve tried to gather together information on some of the resources available to help with this – practical tools, training opportunities, and the chance to spend some time in the company of other carers who understand the challenges, pressures – and joys – of caring. We are launching two new projects. Louise Smith and Andy Fermor have joined us to work at the hospitals in Hastings and Eastbourne, alongside NHS and Adult Social Care colleagues to 2

Care for the Carers

ensure carers are supported when they or the person they care for is in hospital. We’re also delighted to be launching a new mental health carer support service. Funded by East Sussex County Council, the project will provide specialist support, as well as working with the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to implement the Triangle of Care (read more on p.8). We’re also excited to be opening up more opportunities for carers and supporters to make a difference, either by volunteering, or by speaking up for carers. Time is precious, so we especially value the work of our team of volunteers. We’re hoping that more people will join us – would you consider giving a few hours a month as an Ambassador? Or joining your local Carers Voices group to share your expertise with organisations seeking to build the best possible services for carers? Find out more on p.5, or do call us. And lastly, I do hope that you will be able to join us at one of our upcoming events - the Carers Forums in Oct (p. 11) and the AGM on 27th November.

New tools for carers Free information booklets


Time on your hands?


Support for learning disability family carers


for carers

Carole, at Care for the Carers, asks if you’ve thought about volunteering?

Sarah tells us about her work with family carers

Services for carers


Improving health services for carers


Where to get help with your computer & who to ask for employment advice

What we’re doing & how you can be involved

Carers In Touch

The latest news from the groups


Autumn carers forums 12 -13 Book your place at your local forum this October

Training for carers Everyday first aid & courses for carers of someone with


Coughs & Sneezes... Will you be getting a flu jab in preparation for winter?


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Do you look after someone? Do you look after a relative, friend or neighbour who couldn’t manage without your help? If you provide unpaid support to a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems, you are a carer. You might feel that you’re doing what anyone else would in your situation; looking after your mum, son, or best friend and just getting on with it.

We are your local carers centre Care for the Carers is an independent charity and we have been supporting unpaid carers in East Sussex since 1989. Our team of staff and volunteers can provide practical & emotional advice. We can put you in touch with other carers, and offer a range of groups, training and events.

A Note from the Editor David Thompson Editor

I’m currently sitting, looking out of the window and it’s is already beginning to get dark outside, and it’s only just gone 4pm! Well... summer seems to be on it’s way out, but that’s not a bad thing in my books as autumn heralds my favourite time of the year! Inside this edition Sarah and Carole, who are both from Care for the Carers, talk about the work that they do and how this benefits the organisation, but more importantly carers. You’ll also read about useful training available as well as the upcoming carers forums in October. Thinking ahead to the winter edition, I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got a story to share, or would like a particular topic covered, so please do get in touch. I hope you enjoy reading this edition,

we're here to help! Date for your diary Care for the Carers’ Annual General Meeting 27th November 1:30pm - 3:30pm Sussex Exchange, Hastings

Supporting Carers in East Sussex

If you are a member you will soon receive an invitation and meeting papers


New Tools for Carers my caring role what you need to know This booklet is designed to help carers who are unable to care for short periods of time, this may be due to illness, hospital admission or for any other planned or unplanned eventuality. Inside you are able to record information about yourself, the person you look after, their daily routine and weekly activities, as well as information about home life and emergency contact details. This booklet has evolved from the Personal Plan which many carers in East Sussex already use. If you have an up-to-date Personal Plan, don’t worry, you shouldn’t need to replace it until the details become out of date.

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after caring information for carers at the end of their caring role Moving away from a caring role can be a difficult journey. When a loved one dies or moves to a residential care home, you may need to tackle a series of practical arrangements at the same time as coming to terms with such a big change in your life. This can be overwhelming and you may feel like you don’t know where to begin or who to contact. During this time, it is important to look after your health & wellbeing - someone to talk to may be helpful , especially if you find yourself facing a mixture of emotions. You don’t need to rush, so when you’re ready, this booklet contains useful advice and information about where to start and who may be able to help.

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For your copy of the booklets shown above please call us on 01323 738390 or email Alternatively you can message us via our website 4

Care for the Carers

Time on your hands? I have learnt new skills, met new people, gained confidence and helped others.

By giving you definitely get something back

Have you thought about volunteering? As the volunteer coordinator at Care for the Carers, my role is all about recruiting, training and supporting volunteers. I am a great advocate of volunteering, not just because it’s my job, but because it has been a big part of my personal journey through life. As a volunteer myself

In my experience, many carers don’t see themselves as carers, they are just doing what anyone else would in their situation. However, this can mean that they’re in danger of missing out on support and services that are available. This is where I need your help.

Could you be a volunteer ambassador for Care for the Carers? We’re looking for volunteers to help by promote Care for the Carers and raise awareness of the important role that carers play. With your help

we can ensure that carers, who don’t see themselves as carers, are recognised and hear about the support they could get. We also have a variety of other volunteering roles at Care for the Carers and some involve as little as a couple of hours a month. You might like to have fun doing some fundraising or perhaps drive a young carer to club. Have a think, you may have a skill that could support us in some way. I appreciate that as a carer your spare time can be very limited and precious, but if you would like to get involved in some way give me a call, I am always happy to have a chat. My number is 01323 738390 or email me at

Carers Voices Groups Would you like to have a more active role in tackling the key issues carers in your area say are important to them? We are looking for carers to join three new carers voices groups, each representing a different area of the county. These will be made up of 10 carers, and 10 representatives of organisations who support carers, from each area. Groups will meet at least 4 times each year. Any carer can apply to become a member of the carers voices group in their area. We are looking for members who can attend regularly, and can support you with respite care costs and travel expenses. To join a group or to find out more call us on 01323 738390 or email


Information & support services for Carers they care for. I then feed back what you’re saying to the decision makers to help change things for the better.

Support for learning disability family carers Hi my name is Sarah Stevens, I have been at Care for the Carers for about 4 ½ years and I run the Learning Disability Family Carers Involvement Project. The project helps family carers of adults with learning disabilities or autism to have their say on important issues about services affecting them and the people

Computer help at home for carers Do you have a computer, laptop, iPad etc? Is it sitting in a corner gathering dust? Have you forgotten your password? Do you lack the confidence to use it for certain things, such as Skype to keep in touch with family and friends, shopping or banking online, writing letters or sending emails? 6

Care for the Carers

As formal meetings are not always the best option for everyone, a network of family carers has been established which helps more carers to have their say in a variety of different ways. Every three months members of the network receive a newsletter (by e-mail and post) which includes useful information, a survey and an update on what you’ve been telling us - who’s heard your views and what’s happened as a result. Latest news and updates, including the newsletter, are posted to our Facebook Group, which is a place where carers can ask questions and discuss issues in a secure online environment.

If the answer is yes, to any of these and more, then you could benefit from the Association of Carers’ Computer Help at Home service. This service is available in the Hastings & Rother area. Computer Help at Home is the perfect way to improve your IT skills and gain confidence using your own computer in your own home. They find a volunteer with good computer skills, who knows how to help with the kind of

Each month coffee mornings are held around the county, where family carers can come and have a ‘cuppa and a chat’ and say what’s on their mind. There are also more formal meetings held throughout the year for carers to discuss issues that arise. Hearing from a wide range of family carers is an important part of the planning and development of learning disability and autism services. You have direct experience that can make a real difference. If you are a family carer of an adult with a learning disability or autism, we would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch! Call me on 01323 738390 or email me at

problems you are having, who will come to your house for around 2 hours each week, for up to 6 weeks and help you feel confident using your computer. Volunteers are available to help provide this service, so if you would like to receive it, please get in touch with us on 01424 722 309.

Carers & Work Employment advice for carers Newhaven Community Employment Partnership (NewCEP) is a project that concentrates on offering the people living in our local communities the opportunity to access information, advice and guidance in relation to all areas of training & education, employment and volunteering. Rachel Hesterbanks, Contract Lead at NewCEP, said: “I’ve been a carer

How the Carer Information and Support Programme can help The Carer Information and Support Programme (CrISP) brings family and friends of people with dementia together. Alzheimer’s Society developed the Carer Information and Support Programme (CrISP) to give people a chance to come together and help find ways to deal with life

for nearly 10 years now and with the right support, I have managed to keep on working. However, I had to learn what support I was entitled to and what my legal rights are quite quickly to ensure that I could ask for the support I needed, from both my employer and my local community services.”

Do you know what help and support you’re entitled to?

people in East Sussex. They could help you to recognise your potential and realise your goals while understanding your caring commitments. If you would like to find out more why not contact NewCEP on 01273 516347 or email us on

NewCEP is a locally based charity working within your communities, providing Training information, advice, Careers Guidance and employment related support to

caring for someone with dementia. The programme includes two parts. The first is for the family and friends of someone diagnosed recently and the second deals with issues that come up as dementia progresses. The programme is designed to educate carers and families of people with dementia about how to cope with day to day life and how to plan for the future.

and advice it enabled me to discuss and share my experiences, and I found support and ongoing friendship with other people in the group.’ To find out more about the Carer Information and Support Programme (CrISP), in East Sussex, please contact the Alzheimer’s Society East Sussex Office on 01424 773687.

A carer who recently attended CrISP said: ‘I would recommend anyone to go on this. In addition to information


Working together to improve health services for carers Carers included A collaborative team approach to mental health services. Sussex Partnership, the local provider of specialist mental health, substance misuse, learning disability and prison healthcare services, is working with carers in East Sussex and Care for the Carers to introduce the Triangle of Care in their Assessment and Treatment Services (ATS) across the county. ATS are the first point of contact for most people with specialist mental health services and are where your GP will refer you to if you or the person you care for needs help. They are organised around hubs in Hastings, Eastbourne and Newhaven with satellite services reaching inland.

The Triangle of Care is an approach developed by Carers Trust, with carers and health staff, to improve the involvement of


Care for the Carers

carers in mental health services. It sets out six key elements to achieving a ‘Triangle of Care’ between the mental health professional, service user and carer; seeing the carer kept involved and informed throughout the assessment, treatment and aftercare planning of the person they care for. Would you like to help make sure that mental health services value carers as partners in care; and keep them involved an informed in the treatment of the person they care for? To ensure that the six key standards set out in the Triangle of Care exist and remain in place within services; small teams of local carers, staff and carer organisations meet regularly to assess current practice and make improvements to services in their area. Join your local assessment team If you are interested in working with Sussex Partnership they would love to hear from you. Call Rachael Kenny, Patient and Public Involvement Manager, on 01273 778383 ext 2276 or email her at rachael.kenny@ and she will put you in touch with your local group.

Raising awareness of carers at the Conquest I’m Louise Smith and I am Care for the Carers’ new Carer Awareness and Liaison Facilitator based at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings. I will shortly be joined by a colleague working in the same role but they will be based at the Eastbourne District General Hospital. It is my role to support the staff at the hospital to identify and support carers. The aim of the service is to improve the experience for carers when those they care for are inpatients at East Sussex Hospitals Trust. Having previously supported people with Dementia, I’m really looking forward to bringing my experience to this role. I am excited about this new opportunity and delighted to be part of the Care for the Carers team. I look forward to keeping you updated.

Improving mental health services in East Sussex Carers’ Action Group

action plans. Once issues have been identified, a plan is then drawn up to include what action needs to be taken, by whom and when with documented evidence of the outcome.

If you have a spare couple of hours once every six weeks and would like to help improve mental health services, come and join us.

Certain issues which are considered most important are taken up to the Carers’ Reference Group for possible further action. The meetings are chaired by a member of staff and minutes are recorded and sent out to its members.

The Carers’ Action Group was set up some years ago in order for carers to work together with Sussex Partnership NHS Trust’s mental health services with the aim of improving services. Carers include those whose loved ones may live in the community, at home or as an inpatient.

For more information and to join the group please contact Christine Lockwood, email:

This group of carers and staff meet in a friendly environment to discuss issues, share ideas and devise

Do you care for someone with dementia? The Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is looking for people living with dementia, and their carers to take part in dementia research. The Trust firmly believes that involving people affected by dementia, in dementia research is vitally important. Your input can help to target research and improve the quality of treatment and care both locally and nationally. You could make a difference to the direction of research to provide better treatments and services for the future.

you think about their research ideas. Already your feedback has prompted researchers to re-think their proposals, making their studies more likely to be of benefit to people living with dementia. In the small group meetings with researchers, carers have said “I felt I was really contributing” and “I think this is important research….it is under recognised”. If you care for someone with dementia and you, or both of you, would like to give your views on current research into dementia please Jean Southey, Coordinator for Service User and Carer Involvement (Dementia). Call 01273 265928 ext 2552 or email

Researchers are very keen to hear from people who understand dementia, and want to know what


Carers In Touch . Carers’ Groups Carers' Groups

An update from Francesca

Our groups offer carers offer a warm welcome, conversation, guest speakers, information and a sharing experience.

Where has the summer gone I wonder? It does not seem that long ago that we were thinking of deckchairs and now it is the falling leaves of autumn.

Each group meets monthly on the following days: 1st Monday


Eastbourne #1 4 Monday Eastbourne #2 1 Wednesday Hailsham 2 Wednesday Seaford 3 Wednesday Pevensey 4 Wednesday Rye 2 Thursday Eastbourne Bookwatch 3 Thursday Wadhurst 4 Thursday Bexhill 1 Friday Hastings & St. Leonards 3 Friday Forest Row 4 Friday Uckfield 3rd Monday th




As you may recall, earlier this year we postponed Hands on Caring. The course will now start in the first week of November and will run for seven weeks in Hastings, Eastbourne and Uckfield. Each half-day session is designed to guide carers through some of the key challenges they may face: the maze of organisations who can assist, the practicalities of emergency planning, first aid, all things financial, preserving your back, looking after yourself and finally how to get your voice heard. We hope Hands on Caring will be especially helpful for those new to caring, but all carers are welcome to attend. In our last edition I mentioned that one of our groups was so well attended that it had divided into two. Well, another group will shortly be following in their wake and I am hoping that by the end of the year we will soon have a group in the Havens.









If you would like to find out more call Francesca on 01323 738390 or email her at

10 Care for the Carers

If you would like to take part or simply need further information, please call me on 01323 738 390.

New TN22 club for people with memory problems

The new TN22 Plus Club will meet fortnightly on a Wednesday and will offer a longer session -10.303.30pm - together with more activities, and will provide tailored support for those members with memory loss or dementia.

The TN22 Club, based in Hadlow Down, is expanding its service to offer support for people with memory problems and their carers, with the introduction of the TN22 Plus Club on 2nd October 2013.

As with the TN22 Club, the emphasis will be on a warm, welcoming atmosphere, companionship, varied and stimulating activities and, of course, a delicious freshly-cooked lunch!

Advocacy for Carers There’s no requirement to attend the original club in order to join the TN22 Plus Club as it is open to all, but for those with memory loss or dementia we provide a high ratio of helper support to enable members to attend the Club either with, or without, their regular family support or carer. Launched in February 2013, the TN22 Club has gone from strength to strength with its provision of a fortnightly get together for lunch, socializing, singing and trips. Its success is due to the goodwill of an amazing group of volunteers, all with a desire to support older people in the community. The new TN22 Plus Club already has a small band of friendly, enthusiastic, well-trained volunteers but is seeking additional recruits, in particular those who have a passion for supporting people whose memory loss or dementia may affect their confidence in socializing or taking part in activities. If you would like to find out more about the new TN22 Plus Club, either as a member or a volunteer, please call Suzanne Hammond 01435 661054 (weekdays 9-5pm) or 07592 021590 outside of these hours.

Speaking up for carers in East Sussex POhWER, an advocacy charity helping people who experience disability, vulnerability, distress and social exclusion, is celebrating three years of giving “POhWER to the people” of East Sussex. Founded in 1996, POhWER provides information, advice, support and advocacy in the UK but has only been providing services in East Sussex since 2010. Regional Manager, Daniel Blake, said: “POhWER has been supporting many adults living in vulnerable circumstances across East Sussex for three years and their carers. We receive feedback from all of our clients and it is often very positive indicating that the POhWER has made a significant difference.” POhWER’s professionally trained advocates support 1000 people across Sussex every year. Kate Bowen is an advocate for POwHER in East Sussex and works with people who have a range of different needs and are facing serious challenges.

carer but has never had anything to do with services before it can be quite daunting - how do they know what the person they are caring for might be entitled to, how to ask for help from Adult Social Care, and what support may be available to them as carers?” Recently Kate worked with a carer who was having communication problems with her son’s social worker, who she experienced as unsympathetic, Kate said: “Advocacy helped her to feel more confident and able to ensure both her and her sons views were taken into account when important decisions were being taken about his future.” She added: “Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, people find themselves in disagreement with Adult Social Care and if they are not happy with the services they may want advocacy support to ask for a review, to challenge a decision or make a complaint.” For more information about POhWER’s range of services visit their website or to get in touch please call 03004562370

She said: “For someone who finds themselves in the position of a


You’re invited to your local carers’ forum

Supporting Carers in East Sussex

At the last carers’ forums carers completed the Carers Week survey which asked you about the impact your caring role has had on your health and wellbeing. These findings highlight the impact that caring can have on mental wellbeing and the importance of carers knowing about the help and support available. We already know how difficult caring for a loved one can be, but your input into the survey showed how much carers can struggle to look after their own health.

of carers feel more stressed because of their caring role

of carers feel more anxious because of their caring role

of carers have suffered from depression because of their caring role

“Mental Wellbeing Matters” This October the carers’ forums will be looking at the Mental Wellbeing of both carers and the person they look after. Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust will be speaking at each forum about the Triangle of Care and how carers can be kept involved and informed in the mental health services of the person they care for. In addition, local mental wellbeing organisations will speak about the positive steps you can take to improve your mental wellbeing. Places are limited, book now

When & Where?

What is a forum?

Who can attend?

Each forum will meet from 10:30am to 2:30pm, with a light lunch provided. The dates and locations are shown on the map to the right.

A forum is a public meeting which asks questions about services important to carers, gathers carers’ views and opinions and reports these back to decision makers.

Each forum is open to all local carers. You don’t need to be a member or commit to attending regularly.

Book your place

call 01323 738390 email

BOOK YOUR PLACE 1. Your details Name Address

Postcode Telephone Email Please contact me to discuss my requirements e.g. dietary, mobility, language, sensory impairment I would like to bring the person I care for There is an additional cost of ÂŁ5 per person, please enclose a cheque made payable to Care for the Carers

2. Choose the forum in your local area If you are unsure, please contact us or leave blank Tuesday 22nd October Herstmonceux Village Hall, Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux, BN27 4JX Wednesday 23rd October Beechwood Hall, Beechwood Lane, Cooksbridge BN7 3QG Friday 25th October Robertsbridge Community Hall, Station Road Robertsbridge TN32 5EA 3. Post your reply form to our freepost address Care for the Carers, FREEPOST RTAC-GURC-XUJC Highlight House, 8 St Leonards Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3UH


Carers In Touch . Training for carers Mental health information course Improving Carers’ Experience Project are running three free courses in the next few months for people supporting relatives or friends who have mental ill health. This would include diagnoses such as depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar affective disorder or personality disorders (not Alzheimer’s or Dementia). The course is over eleven sessions and includes information on

Everyday first aid This winter, book your place at your local everyday first aid course. Everyday first aid makes it easy to learn the skills you’ll need to help in an emergency. Sessions last for two hours and aim to make you feel confident and willing to give first aid. A range of subjects will be covered, including what to do in the case of head injury, heart attack and stroke. Offered in partnership with British Red Cross and East Sussex County Council.

mental health, the professionals who work in this area as well as time to talk with people who are going through the same thing. Carers who have already accessed the course have said: “Very relevant”, “ We have learned a massive amount”, “It has helped me to accept my situation” , “A very positive experience’” Times and dates are not yet confirmed but if you’re interested, or would like more information, please call Alan Stenning on 01273 617100 or email

Most sessions will take place between 10am and 12:30pm. 2 October 4th October 9th October 18th October 25th October 11th November 13th November 18th November 20th November 25th November 7th November nd

Hailsham* Hastings Seaford Forest Row* Uckfield Lewes Seaford Eastbourne Pevensey Eastbourne Rye

To book your place Please call Francesca on 01323 738390 or email * Hailsham (11am - 1:30pm) Forest Row (1:30pm to 3:30pm)

Supporting Carers in East Sussex

14 Care for the Carers

Family inclusive practice training This free course from the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is aimed at staff and relatives, friends and carers of people with mental health challenges and/or dementia. What can we do to help create a team approach to mental health care for our loved ones? You are invited to help improve how Carers and Professionals work together on a day to day basis. Co-facilitated by one carer and one professional, this course is a safe place to talk and meet others in a similar position. The course aims: »» To make working together better for all »» To facilitate building constructive relationships between staff & carers »» To recognise strengths and find common needs and objectives »» To explore challenges such as confidentiality Venue HVA, Jackson Hall, Portland Place, Hastings TN34 1QN Date Monday 30th September, 9am to 4:30pm For more details email Deborah Becker at Deborah.Becker@ or to book your place email

Staying Healthy . Looking after your own health Winter flu jabs for carers As a carer you may be worried about getting the flu, not only because of the impact on your own health, but also because it could affect your ability to care for the person you’re looking after. The Government offers the flu vaccine to the following groups of people: »» Everyone aged 65 years and over. »» Everyone aged six months or over who is in a clinical risk group.

»» People living in long-stay residential care homes or other long-stay care facilities where infection could spread easily and put lives at risk. »» People who are in receiving a Carer’s Allowance, or who are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill. This will be given on an individual basis at the GP’s discretion depending on your need.

welfare of the person you’re looking after if you should fall ill, e.g. if there is no one else who would be able to step in. If you have health problems of your own, your GP should also check to see if you fall into one of the clinical risk groups. Your GP will decide whether you need a flu jab based on this information. For more information you should contact your GP Surgery.

If you’re not aged 65 or over, tell your GP if you receive a Carer’s Allowance or are the main carer for the person you are looking after. Explain your concerns for the

Support Care for the Carers If you would like to make a donation please send the form below, along with your donation as a cheque or postal order, to our freepost address. For more information please call us on 01323 738390

Name Address

If you are a tax payer, you can Gift Aid your donation and make it worth more. For every pound you give to us we get an extra 25p from the Inland revenue. My donation I would like to make a donation of


I enclose a cheque/postal order Please make cheques payable to Care for the Carers

I would like to Gift Aid my donation Postcode Telephone Email Please post this slip to our freepost address overleaf

A Lasting Legacy Please contact me to discuss how I can make a donation in my will


Taking a break The Kiloran Trust The Kiloran Trust has a large house situated in central London, able to offer Carers a subsidised short respite break away from caring. The Trust provides home-cooked meals three times a day, your own bedroom with en-suite bathroom - where you can relax, gather your thoughts - and even consider your own needs!

Every person who has been a Carer will understand those feelings of needing to escape; walk into the sunset and never look back - or just dream of a good nights’ sleep. Sounds familiar? Well at Kiloran you can read a book in the bath; sleep until noon; visit the sights in London or just sit in the garden chatting to other guests, who are Carers - and share your problems, your highs and lows - with people who understand.

around your needs as a Carer, how you feel, and offer advice and support for your caring role .Give some consideration to your needs and come and take a break at Kiloran, where we can care for you.

The staff are always there if you want a listening ear, it’s good to off-load to someone outside of your family circle. A chance to rest - and to remember who you are and gain strength from that.

Please note: This is available to Carers only - to give a time to relax and unwind.

If you are worried about costs we can try and help get financial support, just contact Norma Graham: 020 7602 7404 for availability and possible assistance with funding.

Kiloran’s services are centred

Contact Care for the Carers

freepost address

call us on 01323 738 390 or email If you would like more information, support or advice around your caring role, or to notify us of any changes, please complete this slip and return it to our freepost address.

Name Address

Care for the Carers FREEPOST RTAC-GURC-XUJC Highlight House 8 St Leonards Road Eastbourne, BN21 3UH

I would like to be called regarding: Support & advice around my caring role Information on carer services I have moved: Please update my address

Postcode Telephone Email Please post this slip to our freepost address

I am no longer a carer: Please remove me from the mailing list Please let me know about staying in touch I would like to receive CareLine: by post

by email

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