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Annual Review 2009 / 2010

“ Supporting all carers in East Sussex”

Welcome to our Annual Review

Chair Jenny Ballard

2009/10 was a very eventful year in the life of this organisation one in which we celebrated our 20th Birthday and continued to lay the foundations for the next 20 years. We know that the financial climate over the coming months and years will pre s e n t huge challenges for carers and for Care for the Carers. We a r e working hard both locally and through the Princess Royal Trust for Carers to try and ensure that local and national Government are aware of the crucial role of carers in any policy initiative, from ‘Big Society’ to ‘Personalisation’ and everything in between.

Locally, we continue to impress the need for support to carers, both practical and emotional, to help carers to maintain our vital role within our communities and families and our contribution to national wellbeing. We are very grateful to everyone who helped us to achieve so much over the year, in particular the Trustees - most of whom are carers themselves - our funders and donors and of course the marvellous staff and management team who are utterly committed to contributing their energy, commitment and expertise to the carers’ cause.

2009/10 was indeed an eventful year for Care for the Carers and not least because we started delivering a major Department of Health funded project that aims to find evidence of the importance of supporting carers in the NHS. The findings of this ‘Demonstrator Site’ will help make the case for future support to Carers in East Sussex and across England. The most important evidence is, of course, carers’ experience of using services, both those provided by Health and Social Care Liz Fenton and our own. We are also very keen to involve carers in all Chief Executive aspects of our work, from the Board of Trustees, to feedback surveys, to ideas about things we could be doing to provide better support to carers. We would very much like you to help us to publicise carers’ needs and come along to meetings and focus groups to share your views and opinions. We understand how precious carers’ time is, and how this involvement may not be a priority for you. However, we know that the most powerful voice for carers rights is that of carers themselves. We are extremely grateful to those carers who are able to work with us in any way to help improve the experience for all East Sussex carers.

HOT OFF THE PRESS!... Care for the Carers have been awarded the PQASSO Quality Mark Level 1 and we were the first Carers Centre to be awarded the PRTC Carers Quality Mark! Page 2

Adult Carer Support Service Adult Services The Adult Carer Support Team continue to identify, engage with and support carers in East Sussex by providing telephone advice, home visits, information sessions, specialist support groups and events.

Support to Carers The team provided support to 1131 carers, maintaining the steady increase of new referrals to the service. 80% were newly identified carers to the service. The team increased support to carers who have not traditionally taken up services: • • •

Working Age Carers: offering a twilight service to enable them to access support outside of working hours Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) carers: making good links with BME communities increased referrals by 30%. The Befriending scheme matched trained volunteers with carers who experienced feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Financial Hardship Carers are feeling the affects of the recession. Adult Carer Support Workers have supported an increased number of carers in financial crisis. £9,275 was raised for individual carers in non-statutory grants processed through Care for the Carers - an increase of 13% on last year. Support was also provided to access: • • •

Financial entitlements and statutory grants (e.g. Carers Allowance and Carers Grants) Grants for debts incurred due to caring role or for those below the poverty line Grants, including Occupational grants and charitable grants paid directly to carers.

Mr R now receives an additional annual income of £820 for life from an Occupational Charity thanks to an application made by his support worker Counselling Our popular counselling service, in partnership with Sussex Downs College, has recruited 12 volunteer counsellors and offered free counselling sessions to over 90 carers.

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Adult Carer Support Service Advocacy Pilot This pilot project provided independent advocacy for 77 carers of people over the age of 18 who were using Social Services or Social and Health Services.

“It felt very strange for someone to ask what I wanted, after so many years, but Katy has let me go at my own pace – which is slow – and says she will help me when I’m ready…I do not feel that I have to deal with things alone” “Katy was a great help to me. She taught me how to say ‘no’ if it was not what I wanted to happen” “ I felt so frustrated because I didn't have the confidence to say what I really wanted, the Advocacy Service helped me to choose what was right for me” Back Awareness Service Reducing the incidence of back pain and injury caused by the physical strain of caring. • • •

Service provided to 257 carers “Extend”, chair based exercise classes, are now offered in Hastings as well as Eastbourne Raising awareness and sharing expertise with Occupational Therapists, Children’s Disability Teams and voluntary organisations has led to improved support to carers.

NHS Carer Liaison Service (Department of Health Carers’ Strategy Demonstrator Site) •

• • •

Care for the Carers in partnership with NHS Hastings and Rother secured over £500,000 from the Department of Health to pilot innovative ways of delivering better support to carers Care for the Carers has been funded to support NHS staff in primary care and East Sussex Hospitals to develop good practice in identifying, involving and referring carers to appropriate services The pilot builds on the very successful work of the Hospital Liaison Service and extends this model to GP surgeries This project will be externally evaluated - this evaluation will form the basis for future funding The evidence thus far shows that supporting NHS staff to identify carers has led to an increase in referrals to the Care for the Carers service.

Befriending Scheme The befriending scheme has so far successfully ‘matched’ trained volunteers with 18 isolated carers who face particular challenges or who may be experiencing intense feelings of loneliness and dislocation from their local community. We are currently attempting to source funding to continue to provide this much valued service beyond December 2010. We have had 49 requests for Befriending this year. Page 4

Young Carers Service The Young Carers Service continues to support young carers to improve their quality of life by helping them manage their home, social and school lives. Raising awareness of young carers in the community and in schools has led to a 51% increase in new referrals and 65% increase in caseload from last year.

Young Carers Clubs 27% more young carers attended in 2009-10 • • • •

Hastings club met twice a month Eastbourne met once a month In the west of the county, the club moved from Ringmer to Laughton where there is more room for the expanding club 10 volunteers provided additional support/activities.

85% think that clubs were important to them 95% made new friends When asked “what do you like best about club many said “making friends, getting out and playing”

1 to 1 Support 52% more young carers received intensive support dealing with issues such as: • • •

Making applications for funding for families with financial issues Family work to reduce caring roles and improve relationships Therapeutic work to maintain and improve mental wellbeing.

Day trips, Activities and Short Breaks • • •

Trips to Drusillas, Lazer Quest, Knockhatch, Chessington, and Big Swims for club members 35 attended residential breaks at Bowles and the Young Carers Festival 20 young carers auditioned for Glyndebourne’s Youth Opera: “A Knights Crew”.

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Young Carers Service Young Adult Carers Project (YAC): Supporting young carers as they become adults The YAC Facebook site has invited young carers aged 16-24 to become members. • • • •

Providing social networking opportunities Information about services Access to carers assessments Interactive advice from trained staff.

Schools Project: A resource for all schools in East Sussex to identify and support young carers •

• •

Intensive support to 5 schools and 1 college to develop beacon practice in respect of young carers (Bishop Bell, Bexhill High, Lewes Priory, Helenswood Lower and St Richards and Bexhill College) Raising awareness of young carers in the community through Local Partnerships for Children Raising Awareness of young carers in schools - 2000+ students and staff.

Involving Young Carers in the service: • • • • •

Evaluating the service Recruiting Staff Participating in BBC Children in Need film about the service Applying for funds Participating in refreshing the young carers’ strategy

Youth Yap Quarterly magazine: Produced by young carers. Full of information and great for keeping in touch.

Caravan Three young carers successfully applied for funds to purchase a fully accessible static caravan in Combe Haven Holiday Park to enable families to take affordable and accessible holidays. The caravan has proved to be very popular and is fully booked during the school holidays. They also raised funds for site fees by pitching to the PCT’s Dragon’s Den and applying to Hastings Lions. Page 6

Partnerships Supporting carers to use their voice and raising awareness of their needs and concerns is central to what we do. Having a break, some time for leisure activities, talking with other carers or even learning new skills can be very important.

Carers In Touch… ...has continued to offer social/support opportunities and training sessions. In 2009/2010 there has been a 57% increase in the number of sessions provided compared to last year: • • • •

Former Carers Group developed Carers Groups met in Uckfield, Lewes, Hailsham, Seaford, Rye, Bexhill, Wadhurst and Hastings Hands on Caring course Supporting partners to provide training and development opportunities to carers: −

Free computer lessons- nearly half of the carers went onto a long term computer training course

Caring with Confidence course

Mindfulness Course and Carers’ Break

Stress-less workshop

Events: •

• •

Care for the Carers held its 20th Birthday party at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne. It was attended by 114 carers and 57 guests. We were reminded of where we started by Mary Colato and Paul Endesby and celebrated our achievements over a lovely meal and musical entertainment. The event was a great success, feedback from those that attended was very positive. A Carers’ Conference enabled 50 carers to give their views on local plans for carers services. A Conference for Professionals where we supported our Health and Social Care partners to work well with carers.

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Partnerships Information •

• •

CareLine Magazine - keeping 4200 carers in touch with regular and up to date information and giving them the opportunity to respond to consultations about service development. Also available on cassette/CD. ENews has been provided to a further 270 people. Information pack for Former Carers to help them adjust to their new situation Carers Personal Plan to help carers to share vital information in the event of an emergency

Involvement In 2009/10, the East Sussex Carers’ Planning and Development Group continued to provide an independent voice for carers and had input into: • • • •

Joint East Sussex County Council and PCT Reward and Recognition Policy Life Chances Strategy Carers Week ESCC & PCT Carers Commissioning Strategy.

Facilitating and enabling carers’ views to influence the development and implementation of local Carers Commissioning Strategy

Representation Sharing the views of the carers we meet, and ensuring that this influences local strategy. • • •

Supporting Health and Social Care to develop their Joint Carers’ Commissioning Strategy and action plan Supporting the development of carer involvement in East Sussex Representation on all key strategic groups

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Finance Unrestricted Funds and Designated Funds In 2009/10 we received a total of £1,067,080 in unrestricted, designated and restricted income. In unrestricted, £595,386 was our pooled budget from ESCC and East Sussex Primary Care Trusts. £24,694 was support from management costs from our restricted funds and £677 was income to support carers events. A total of £620,757. We ended the year with a net income of £791 in unrestricted funds which was better than predicted in budget preparation. We received in designated funds, £17,886. This was made up with general donations from individuals and companies and investment income of £8,611. Due to the relentless work of the outreach workers, they managed to obtain £9,275 in grants for carers for anything from beds to sofas to washing machines to carpets, to respite and so on. Restricted funds We received a total of £428,437 for our restricted funds. The increase from last year, was mostly due to funding granted by the Department of Health for a new two year project . We received £188,370 which supports eight full time staff and a manager one day a week. We also received a grant £40,000 for a one year pilot for Advocacy, which was extended for a further three months. This has now ceased. BBC Children in Need renewed our young carers project worker funding, £18,585 and we received £27,210 for additional work for our Learning Disabilities family project worker. £25,000, was received for a new post for a Schools Liaison worker for young carers, £16,765 for Young Carers activities and £2,000 for the very popular Young Carers Festival. The most unusual funding we received this year, was for the purchase of a static caravan, £16,438. Emotional Support training was arranged with Brighton Carers Centre and Carers First Ashford with funding of £2,850 and the Hand on Caring course was created with £2,760. “Extend” chair based exercise classes were opened in Hastings with a grant of £3,608 to run alongside the established course in Eastbourne. We held a professionals conference and our 20th Birthday party with support from donations. So a busy year!!

We spent £333,977 in restricted funds leaving a net income of £94,460 Reserves : Trustee Contingency £117,124 Computer Equipment Reserve £10,262 Greencoat House Assets £16,298 included in tangible assets Specific Activity Reserve (Designated) £30,068 - for future specific activities.

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Finance This a summary of the charity’s audited accounts as at 31/3/2010. A full copy is available on request. Statement of Financial Activities

2010 £

2009 £

Donations and legacies East Sussex County Council pooled fund

5428 595,386

578 580,865

Other income resources



Investment income Grants repaid Total incoming resources

775 0 1067,080

10,043 (25,372) 775,174

Resources expended Direct charitable expenditure Support costs Governance Total resources expended

647,148 188,014 95,686 930,848

483,924 164,838 92,952 741,714

Net movement in funds



Funds brought forward at 1 April 2009



Fund balances at 31 March 2010



2010 £ 31,560

2009 £ 29,344

Current assets Debtors Cash at bank and in hand

54,821 359,615

41,451 212,052

Creditors: amounts falling due within one year Net current assets

(32,477) 381,959

(5,559) 247,944

Total assets less current liabilities



Income funds Restricted funds Unrestricted funds/Designated funds Other charitable funds Total funds

238,976 173,752 791 413,519

144,517 132,771 0 277,288

Incoming resources

Balance Sheet Fixed assets Tangible assets

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Personnel & Donors Board Members Jenny Ballard (Chair ), Angela Chapman (Vice Chair), Fari Rassekh, Mark Rowe (Treasurer), Ruth Waller, Kenneth Hales, David Allam (appointed 27 Nov 09).

Chief Executive Liz Fenton

Senior Managers Mel Stratford, Jennifer Twist, Zoe Martin, Marie Casey (appointed 29 June 09) Liz Lash (left 8 Aug 09).

Staff Lindsay Anderson, Andy Bedell, Virginia Briant (appointed 19 Oct 09), Sarah Burchett (left 20 June 09), Sarah-Fay Burt, Cheryl Butler, Andy Cheng, Liz Clarke, Debbie Curtis (appointed 02 Nov 09), John Darling, Amy Field, David Fordham (appointed 08 Dec 09), Pat Garrett, Carole Gregory, Fiona Guyton (appointed 1 June 09), Claire Mercer, Francesca Middleton (appointed 29 June 09), Gillian Moore, Sue Munson, Kim Northfield, Hazel Ociepka (appointed 23 Nov 09), Bethany Parker (appointed 02 Nov 09), Maggie Pitcher (appointed 07 Dec 09), Katy Razavi (appointed 13 July 09), Kate Richmond, Laura Rickaby, Elizabeth Scott (appointed 5 Jan 2010), Luke Shevels, David Smith, Keith Smith (left 2 Sep 09), Sarah Stevens, Marty Waite, Katherine Wheatley (appointed 14 Dec 09), Rachel Wilson (left 19 July 09).

Volunteers Trish Barnard, Margaret Bennett, Lorna Bird, Maggie Bray, Margaret Bryan, Michael Carey, Christine Cookson, Andrea Durnam, Liz Francisco, Kim Hedges, Jane Kingham, Jenny Lovell, Joyce Martin, John Morrison, Maureen Parrish, Stella Redknap, Sue Wheeler, Joyce Wright, Sarah Clark, Sally Francis, Philip Bailey, Megan Greenfield, Decimus Mc Nally, Laura Wilde, Debra Butler, Victoria Gosden, Lucy Morgan-Jones, David Harris.

Funders and Donations East Sussex CC - Adult Social Care and Childrens’ Services, East Sussex PCT’s, Youth Opportunity Fund, BBC Children in Need, East Sussex CC Learning Disability Development Fund, Princess Royal Trust for Carers, The Lottery Awards for All, Lloyds TSB, East Sussex Youthbank, Department of Health, Hastings and Rother PCT, J Pasfield, S Farndale, Innner Wheel of Uckfield, J & EJ Cambridge, Mr and Mrs Hawkins, AT & SE Saunders, S Bowen, Mr Ansell, Rotary Club of Hastings, R Daltrey, The Catherine House Trust, Isobel Blackman Foundation, The Magdalen and Lasher Charity, Battle Muffin Club, Family Action, The Frank Battle Trust, A Lacy-Tate Trust, Family Holiday Association, St Vincent de Paul, The Argus Appeal, Inner Wheel of Lewes, SH Lyle, Eric Ford Trust, Geerings of Ashford and many other individuals who supported the Birthday Party and donations for specifics.

Thank You! We are also grateful to the many other individuals who supported us financially during the year. We are sorry there is not more space to name you all individually, but we do value your contributions, however large or small.

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Ways You Can Support Care for the Carers Care for the Carers is a registered charity and our services are reliant on the funds we receive. We are very grateful to our many supporters for their contribution to our work on behalf of Carers in East Sussex. In these days of financial austerity, we need your support more than ever. There are many ways you can support us from giving us feedback on our performance to volunteering to direct donations and sponsorship.

Please indicate your support by filling in the box below: Registered Charity No. 1074906

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Annual Review 2009 - 2010  

Care for the Carers Annual Review and summary of accounts from 2009 - 2010

Annual Review 2009 - 2010  

Care for the Carers Annual Review and summary of accounts from 2009 - 2010