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Born in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Bry Ortega started his career with a music prosperity very alive. Influenced by his father, he has studied various instruments until finding with percussions his best electronic sound. In 2007, he became part of a huge project as a drummer, the band A.U.B. (Angels of the last battle). This project has had much power around South America and their great sound sent them on an European tour. Bry's parallel taste has always been into electronic music. A passion that came from his acoustic appreciation and curiosity with the old vynils his father had. His main inspirations come from the sound of Jazz and Soul. Today he dedicates himself to eletronic music as a Producer and DJ. He brings his drum techniques in his live shows and also creates a different atmosphere while performing. bry ortega has been called one of the top 10 brazilian producers. his live project combines composition with tracks and also throws in multiple instruments and touch-sensitive rigs like alternative electronic drums, ipad synths along side midi controls. his live project creates a huge interaction between artist and public. “ortega’s modern project awakes nothing but curiosity of music lovers� - Paulo, vibe nov, 2012.


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Bry Ortega Into the Wild


THE WESTIN Los Angeles

SIRILO Queretaro, MX

VENICE Los Angeles



MALIBU Los Angeles

Bry Ortega Presskit  

Music producer Bry Ortega's America Tour 2013 Presskit. Find out all about him.

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