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Tips in Creating Quality Wedding Invitations

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Greeting cards have a lot of uses, including turning them into wedding invitation cards . Having said that, designing wedding invitations is no joke, and its design and creation is sometimes overlooked in the planning stages.

Remember, marriage or matrimony is a big event, so the invitations should be able to live up to the ceremony.


Color themes and motifs The color theme of the wedding invitations should coincide with the wedding's motif. Having said that, remember that the colors should either complement or contrast each other


There are a lot of factors that you should consider in making these, given that you have to take a look at the creativity and the functionality aspect.

You wouldn't want elements of the same color etched on the greeting card right? Aside from decorative and aesthetic properties, colors help out in making the text legible and readable.

Here are some color

Motif recommendations Red and white

Purple and red Ivory and emerald Purple and white


Just remember two words: complement and contrast. The colors should help out, not destroy the overall appearance of both the invitation and the event itself.

Legibility text of the

It has to be legible and readable in order for the receivers to understand the meaning.

ON THE COVER Remember, the most important elements of the greeting cards are the text written in them, not the decorations or designs. meaning.

Make sure that the wording and information are correct

Ensure that everything stated on the card is correct and that the choice of words coincide with the event. Having said that, see to it that all the names, dates and just about every text on the card is correct – you wouldn't want a misspelled name and get the date wrong.

Although creativity is not scorned, it should be strictly limited and not be overzealous. Avoid cursive and highly complicated fonts. If you can use block letters and fonts that incorporate straight lines, then better. Bear in mind that not everyone can understand cursive! The color motif comes into play again – be sure that the text colors contrast the background and other elements. If the background is dark, use bright fonts and vice versa. Having said that, it is also a good idea to make the text color different from the color motifs. Try out metallic colors like gold and silver.

Put proper emphasis on the proper elements. For example, enlarge the text stating the names of the two souls that will unite, as well as the date and venue. Put the other elements, like the emcee and the list of guests, on the backseat.


s for the wording, be sure to be clear,

concise and creative at the same time. Use simple words, but at the same time, use them in an ingenious and creative way.


emember, wedding invitations are an integral part of

marriage. Obviously, they are to be sent to your prospective guests, so you'd want them to receive the best invitations. Follow the above mentioned tips and once you triple-checked everything, they're good to go!

Tips in creating quality wedding invitations