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Various applications of Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound machines are one of the most admirable inventions of science, since they have a large number of applications in medical as well as non-medical world. These machines work by sending the high frequency (above the normal human audible range of 20 kHz) electro-magnetic waves. These waves have a very short wavelength and thus can pass through the objects (and human organs), thus making them transparent. They have made the diagnosis of the internal parts of the patient’s body easier, so that further treatment can comfortably be carried out by the doctors.

Ultrasound machines have numerous uses such as for treating frozen shoulder, destroying the cancer causing cells inside the human body and screening the internal organs like brain and heart. They are highly useful in diagnosing the pregnancy irregularities, knowing the sex of the unborn baby (though it is illegal), and checking the position of the unborn child. However they don’t cause any damage to the cells and tissues.

Here are some of the most important applications of the ultrasound machines: 1. Treating contaminated water: The bacteria present in water can be killed by the ultraviolet radiations sent by the ultrasound machine. The fact that the unicellular organisms are unable to resist such high frequency helps to purify water for drinking purposes. 2. Industrial applications: The microscopic defects in the crystalline solids result in a large deviation from their usual properties, thus rendering them useless. The ultraviolet radiations are used to cure these defects. Ultraviolet machines act as cleansing agents when they clean the gold and other costly metals like platinum and titanium. 3.

Obtaining valuable information about the unborn baby: The fact that the UV radiations are able to pass through the mother’s womb has made the treatment easier. Here are some of the specific uses of ultraviolet machines in this field: For finding the position and orientation of unborn child. Testing the location and irregularities in the fetus.

To find the gestational age and growth rate of baby. 4. Treating cancer: The growth of cancer causing cells can be curbed by destroying them with the help of ultraviolet waves. They can treat tumors resulting in a great relief from pain. The high accuracy and efficiency of the ultraviolet machines have made them quite popular in quick time. 5. For dealing with tendon tears: Tendons are the joints between muscles and bones. Their constant rubbing and flexible movements make them prone to tears and damage. This can be a dangerous situation, especially in older age and extreme weather conditions and is called tendinitis. The treatment is a kind of rehab process in which the sound waves effectively treat overwhelming pains and inflammations.

Ultraviolet machines can be well be used at homes, as they are used at the hospitals. A large number of medical equipment dealers are ready to provide with you with the best machines at competitive prices. But one should always look for a FDA approved ultraviolet machine from a reliable dealer: whether online or offline.

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