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The working mechanism of x-rays

Medical science and technology have discovered lots of applications and machines, which have become too indispensable for any hospital. Some of the examples are ultrasound machines, x ray machines, and the other lifesaving machines such as ventilator and ECG. X ray machine is too important and most commonly used machine. These machines are the devices that use X rays to produce the medical image of inside objects in the body of a living being.

X ray machines were first discovered by German physicist Roentgen. That was the most fundamental xray machine. Since then, the advancement in technologies has given rise to more advanced x-ray machines. And these machines serve the purpose of medical imaging techniques. X rays lie in the range of normal visible spectrum of human eyes because the frequency of these rays is 3 x 1016 Hz to 3 x 1019 Hz. These rays are also known as electromagnetic waves.

Working of X- ray machines is simple and easy to understand. X rays are more energetic in nature, so they can penetrate through the objects easily. This is the main phenomena and the working principle of X- rays machines. Overall working of X- ray machine is similar to a camera. For instance, if you click an image through camera and the camera exposes the light on the film present in camera and image is imposed over it. Similarly in x ray machines, there is a film on which X rays are exposed and image of the objects through which x-rays have passed, get printed on the film. These films are used by radiographers to analyze the internal parts such as bones.

X rays machine have an x ray generator. X ray generator consists of Coolidge tube, electrodes (anodes and cathodes) and electron emitting device such as the metal plate. Tube is responsible for the generation of x- rays. And this tube is kept at high vacuum in which the electrons are emitted by a metal plate. This emission takes place by energizing the metal plate by an energy source such as electricity. After the emission of the electron by the plate, they strike the anode. The electromagnetic waves of very low wavelength and high frequency are emitted which have such high energies that they can easily penetrate any materials.

When these generated x- rays strike the skin of a human body, they get reflected back which is responsible which produces effervescence on the screen. Near about 1-2% of the x rays strike the body and emerge from the body which produces the final image on X- ray film. This x ray film is known as radiographic plate and the image which is formed over them is called the radiographic image. Rest of 9899% of the X rays are absorbed and scattered by the body tissues or cells. In this, way X ray machine

works. All the above info puts light on the working, principle and phenomena of X rays machines which can be useful for you. Know more about Sony Print Media.

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