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First of all, we and all the contributors hoped that you enjoyed the first issue of the Lower School Newspaper — as well as the school centenary celebrations. From a report on neo- Nazis, to the latest smart phone, this issue is packed with articles for all interests. Considering the month of November is dedicated to the fallen in war, we have replaced one of the



school crests at the top of the pages with a poppy. We hope that you enjoy this issue - and do remember to contribute with anything you want to see printed! Please come to the library on any Thursday Form period if you would like to contribute, or contact Mr Garfath and Jack & Jean Franco.

School News

SCHOOL CENTENARY INTERVIEW AND SUMMARY KEVIN PAULRAJ The Centenary Celebration was the 100th anniversary of Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School. And we were the first comprehensive school ever to book the Royal Albert Hall! Over 4,000 people watched the Centenary Celebration! The show consisted of the School's Schola Cantorum, Choir, Fanfare Brass, Big Band, First Orchestra, dancing by the Street Dance Crew and some Old Vaughanians, who performed songs heard at school shows through the years. The show itself was hosted by Stephen Cole. The Centenary Video, which explained the history of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School from 1914 to 2014, was seen on a breathtaking screen at the forefront of the Hall. The Centenary Celebration cost £50,000, all of which was donated by an anonymous Old Vaughanian. There were also appearances from comedian and former pupil Domi-

I: Who would you thank for organising the show? Mr Stubbings: Well, there are four people that come to mind: Firstly, Mr Price, who organized everything that happened on stage. Secondly, Mr Kehoe, who organised everything that happened offstage (from organising the tickets, to writing a 19 page instruction booklet for the form tutors about the procedure of the evening). Thirdly, two parents

who organized the entire video, and got exactly the right tone. Finally, the pupils, who were brilliant: 4,000 people were in the hall watching them and I received 400 emails saying how great they were. I: What would you say was your favourite part of the show? Mr Stubbings: My favourite part was any part I was in. Seriously though, it was the roll of honour for nic Holland, Father A. Pellegrini and two former the war dead. students. At the end of the show, all of the Cardinal I: For the Bicentennial Celebration in 2114, what do you Vaughan Memorial School balloons fell down from think the headmaster/mistress will have to do to surpass the ceiling, to mark the end of the ceremony. The this event? Headmaster kindly told us what he thought in an Mr Stubbings: I tell you what, I feel sorry for them! interview with The Vaughan Identity. He or she would have to fill Wembley Stadium. I’m glad it’s not my problem! Also, a lot of people pointed out that some of the current First Form or Second Form might be guests of honour for the Bicentennial Celebration.

3 Nov, 2014 Issue 2


It is unfortunate to say that these two words immediately fill me up with hatred and absolute disgust—hatred for the surprisingly large number who believe in the policies of this neo -Nazi, far-right party in Greece. At first sight of their symbol, it immediately screams ‘swastika’ (but in a misshapen format), and as much as they want to deny it, they are Nazis. Their tactics include attempting to

instigate fear into left-wing opponents, and immigrants (whether they be legal, illegal or seeking asylum). With cases such as the murder of a left-wing activist called Pavlos Fyssas last year in Greece, they seem to be attracting more and more attention. Similar to the situation of Germany after the ‘Wall Street Crash,’ Greece is suffering awful economic hardship in paying off debts. Citizens of Greece are becoming understandably infuriated with the economic situation as it is causing a declining standard of living, a lack of jobs and widespread Government shut-down of businesses. Just as the Nazi party of Germany did, Golden Dawn sought for a scapegoat—and came up with immigrants as the group to blame. Due to Greece’s geographical location, they receive large amounts of refugees from nations such as Syria, and as global conflict tends to increase, so does the influx of immi4


nificant percentage consider themselves 'centre-right and/or centreIf we define extremism as the ableft', and some are even, shockingly, sence of pluralism, then we may un- former voters of left-wing parties, derstand the rise of the extreme right who are evidently fickle-minded! in Greece in terms of the country's nationalist culture, and the historical- In the recent 2014 election Golden ly embedded political division beDawn has, frighteningly, won three tween left and right. This political seats in Parliament; they’re a probculture is deep-rooted, shaped by the lem that needs to be dealt with mass nationalism post-independence, quickly and effectively. Being a leftthe country's bloody civil war and the winger (some may say far), I would military dictatorship. While both love to see them banned; any sign of agree on little, there is a shared cul- them should result in a legal punishture of intolerance, lawlessness and ment. However, that may only help defiance of authority, which are de- in the short-term. A ban is likely to fining features of Greek national be seen as illegitimate and create a pride. major backlash; it could see the Golden Dawn go underground and This nationalism is also being imbecome much more violent— planted in the education system. possibly even a paramilitary or terGreeks are taught to glory in lawless- rorist organisation, in a worst case ness and rebelliousness. They are scenario. raised with narratives of national heroes whose ultimate deed is selfThe question is less about whether sacrifice for their nation, such as the we should tolerate the intolerant in Spartans; and with a discourse which the short-term, and more about how portrays Greece as having been his- we can create a society that does not torically a victim of outsiders, be it produce a culture of intolerance in the Ottomans, modern Turkey, Ger- the longer term. What is needed is a many during the Second World War strengthening of civil society, and an or present day Germany. education system promoting discipline, respect for institutions and the Both of these factors—strong historic Rule of Law; in other words, a nationalism, and the economic turstrong, liberal, mainstream political moil created by the previous Govern- centre, which values not simply proment—have played a large part in cedural, but most importantly subGolden Dawn’s rise. stantive democracy. Recent polls show that while there is some truth in the view that the farright is backed by angry (insecure) young men, middle-aged voters are also among the most supportive, with rising popularity among the elderly and pensioners. Voters come from low but also middle educational backgrounds, and from most professions. Although most come from the right of the political spectrum, a sig-

Thankfully, at present, there is a (far) left-wing party in control of Greece: SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left). Hopefully, with this Democratic Socialist government in control, more of a controlled nation will be put in place; this ultra-nationalism will be significantly weakened, and in turn so will this hateful Nazi party.

Nov, 2014 Issue 2

HOW SAFE DO YOU FEEL? WHY BRITAIN SHOULD GEAR UP TOM McGRATH This may sound like quite a sensationalist question to be asking in a headline – more suited to the Daily Mail, perhaps? But it is curious how little many people seem to care about what keeps them safe, and what separates them from all those reported murdered or maimed in the news—in connection with Isis, for example. People often assume that the barriers protecting this country will always be maintained


no matter what; this is the UK after all. But how true is this? Increasingly, groups such as the Green Party have taken to blaming the country’s collective lack of spare change on our military spending (which currently stands as the fifth largest in the world at around £35billion a year). Given their own way, our military would be scaled back in order to reinvest money in the economy and to care for the environment. This could be a catastrophic oversight. In light of recent events in Ukraine, with Russia flexing her military muscles, and the Islamic State in open bloody defiance against the West, we must recognise that our peoples’ security depends on our ability to maintain one of the most powerful armed forces in the world. Britain has ended up fighting in almost every other country at some point in our history. We may have forgotten wars such as the Anglo-Chinese Opium Wars, but they most certainly have not. Even though the US still has the budget and firepower to annihilate the Chinese or Russian militaries several times over, they have become increasingly tentative

due to so many failed military interventions, dating back to the Vietnam War. For this reason, the Americans require an ally for support in any new conflict. If we are no longer able to be that ally, who can the Americans turn to? Germany? Japan? Their militaries are still recovering from the Second World War, with Japan’s constitution preventing them from making foreign military interventions, and Germany understandably reluctant to be seen as aggressors. France is the only option, but, with a declining economy and a stagnating population, seem unlikely to be able to maintain any real military force in the years to come. It therefore falls to us. We are set to have an economic boom – surpassing even Germany—to become the wealthiest nation in Europe. There is, then, no excuse. Mr Cameron seems to agree: he recently announced that the second of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers is not to be mothballed, and will instead come into active service. These aircraft carriers are to be the third largest ever built – only America has bigger - and will form the backbone of our defence, together with our world-feared Trident nuclear submarines (which can strike any target in the world, from anywhere in the world). After many years of comparative world peace, hu-

mans will undoubtedly renew their lust for war and aggression soon, as such evil from Isis shows. If Britain and the West fail to prepare, we can only expect terrorism to spread; this can, as so many tragic events prove, affect everyone. For this reason we must fight to save our military - so that they can fight for us. Nov, 2014 Issue 2

The Critics



The third series of this brilliantly funny BAFTA winning political prank show is finally up and running.

Has Channel 4’s Gogglebox become television’s most popular show?

From presenting George Osborne with a GCSE maths textbook for help with the economy, to attempting to get Tony Blair sainted, Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse use their tremendous wit and shameless tenacity to ‘fight back’ at the ‘hypocrisy, corruption and greed’ of today. No company or politician is safe from their antics. In the last couple of series, they have embarrassed the likes of Google, Amazon, the EDL, Fox News, the Conservatives, FIFA, Qatar, too many red carpet celebrities to name and, of course, the Lib Dems. For this series, the pair are confronting similarly ambitious targets including the UN, Coca-Cola, Bill Clinton and the whole of Las Vegas. Dale Maily, a parody right-wing borderline-racist news reporter, tackles the thorny issues of the legalisation of cannabis, and gun ownership in America. Here, he beautifully undermines the National Rifle Association’s extraordinary views – sometimes without them even realising. On occasion they may appear arrogant, but this is a small price to pay for this outrageous take on tackling the problems we face in society, and will leave you wondering aloud: How did they get away with that!? It isn’t exactly subtle – but it’s refreshing to see the fat-cats take a beating from something less jaded and formulaic than Have I Got News for You, which looks positively drab in comparison. These two are clearly fed up with keeping calm and carrying on, preferring to channel deep dissatisfaction into a satirical fight back. They may miss on occasion, but you will love the show nonetheless.


Channel 4’s hit television show has finally reached its fourth series. But why is it so popular? After all, it is just people reacting to what they watch on TV! From Brighton to Derby, families from all over the country have their say on the subjects that have taken place in the past week. The show regularly pulls in viewing figures of over 2 million. It is the families on Gogglebox that make the show so special. For example, the famous “silent” Jay, who has had a new haircut for this series, has still only murmured a few syllables in the programme. However, it is probably Stephanie and Dominic Parker, the Home Counties couple who get increasingly drunk as the show goes on, who produce the most comical lines as they sit on their sofa - glass in hand as well as hand in hand. It is the show that sees us watch people watching TV— a very ironic fact; nonetheless, it is still a great television programme. Gogglebox manages to take views from all areas, societies and faiths. It uses the humorous views of the television fanatics, and mixes it with the shows that we all watch, therefore creating a very personal programme that many can relate to. It is odd that this idea was not thought of before, yet that is the magic of the show. Gogglebox is now one of Channel 4’s most successful shows; it is delivering remarkable figures and just keeps on growing.

Nov, 2014 Issue 2

The Critics

WORLD CINEMA GOODBYE, MIYAZAKI JACK FRANCO “A pig who doesn't fly is just a pig” Porco Rosso, Studio Ghibli

that would go on to be his right-hand man at Studio Ghibli. Lupin III, as successful as it may have been, both for Japanese and Western audiences, was not enough for the 23 year old animator from Tokyo. He left his work at A Pro to go to the emerging RAI Studios. It was at RAI that he created one of my all time favourites: Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro (1979). And of course the all time winner, Sherlock Hound (*yes* the majority of my Italian language childhood relied on Dog Detectives.)

Miyazaki's vocation culminated with the founding of Studio Ghibli in 1986. He started his brainchild with already vast experience with Feature films, Japan's Studio Ghibli has been the mainstay of both having already directed Nausicaa Of the Valley of Asian and world cinema for decades, and is nothing the Wind, along with his Lupin and Sherlock. short of extraordinary. From Laputa: Castle in the Before entering the animation ambit of the cinema Sky (1988) to era-defining Spirited Away (2001) and industry, he worked as a Manga artist, and in fact a now The Wind Rises, Hayao Miyazaki's role as direc- large majority of his films were adaptations of his tor in these films gave these masterpieces a unique less successful venture into graphic novels. Porco touch. However, 2014 was the final Scene in an Rosso, (endure the repetition of film names for Act spanning five decades. After over 20 animanow) was a remake of The Age of the Flying Boat, tions released, and three Academy Award podium released in the 50s as a comic strip. finishes among his successes, Miyazaki will leave Miyazaki and Takahata barrelled their way through this year a revered genius, with his spark delighting dozens of longer features, racking up honour after millions across the globe. honour, nomination after nomination; writing Spanning 51 years, Miyazaki's career in the film industry yielded some of the gems of the 20th century – Porco Rosso (a tale of an Italian-turned-pig bounty hunter for all of you who don't know) and My Neighbour Totoro to name a few.

himself into the history books, among the director greats of Fellini (8 ½, La Dolce Vita), Welles (The Trial, Citizen Kane), Scorcese (Goodfellas, Wolf of Wall Street) and Kubrick (The Shining).

But, as we all know, nothing lasts forever. MiyaMiyazaki's career in animation started in the mid- zaki terminated his career with an explosion, his 60s at Toei Animation, Japan. Here, he worked as final Director's cut in World War Two aviation a drop-in artist designing frames for a contempo- epic The Wind Rises (2014). A masterpiece, The rary TV animé. However, his breakthrough was at Wind Rises will be known as one of the most memA Pro studios, working as a director for the imorable parting gifts the world has ever received. mensely popular Lupin III animations. In this fruitful period, he met Isao Takahata, his co-director 7 Nov, 2014 Issue 2

The Critics


would expect from this movie. However, having been given a 12A certificate, one Yes, the four heroes of our childhood are would expect a movie appropriate for that back: Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael age. This being said, it is better suited to 9 and Leonardo have all returned to the big year olds than it is to anyone else; they will screens to continue their heroics on the be gleefully jumping up and down in their streets of New York . Jonathan Liebesman seats, overjoyed to see their idols on the big was tasked with directing a reboot of this screen looking realistic (thanks to 21st widely recognised story, inspiring children Century technology). But anyone above the everywhere to dream to become ‘ninja tur- age of 12 is probably going to be dissatisfied tles’. So, how well has the movie done? So with the result: it gets so cheesy and irritatfar, it has grossed $434.5 million, which is ing that you may feel like just walking it what is expected from a big budget movie out. like this one. Filled with one-liners and non-stop action, TMNT is full of what you Nonetheless, it doesn’t fail to entertain you. IMDB scored it a 6.2/10, and I will score it similarly, but with more mercy, at 7/10. With a sequel planned for June 2016, lets pray to the Ninja Turtle gods that it’s better than the first.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Fast and Furious: 7 The Theory of Everything Spongebob: Sponge Out of Water The Women in Black: Angel of Death American Sniper Annie Taken 3 Kingsman: The Secret Service

POPULAR MOVIES Gone Girl; Starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike




Dracula Untold; Starring Luke Evans, Charles Dance


Fury; Starring, Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf, Logan Lerman





NightCrawler; Starring Jake Gyllen-









Nov, 2014 Issue 2

The Critics


The MOBO awards were held on 22nd October 2014 in The SSE Arena. It was hosted by Mel B (former spice girl) and Sarah-Jane Crawford (xtra factor) .the award show had special performances from Jessie J, Krept & Konan, Meridan Dan, Nicole Scherzinger and Ella Eyre.

Best African Act: Fuse ODG Best Album: Sam Smith, "In the Lonely Hour" Best Female Act: Jessie J Best Gospel Act: Living Faith Connection Choir Best Grime Act: Stormzy Best Hip Hop Act: Krept and Konan Best International Artist: BeyoncĂŠ Best Jazz Act: Zara McFarlane Best Male Act: Sam Smith Best Newcomer: Ella Eyre Best R&B/Soul Act: Sam Smith Best Reggae Act: Stylo G Best Song: Sam Smith, "Stay with Me" Best Video: Skepta ft. JME, "That's Not Me"


Nov, 2014 Issue 2

The Critics

BOOKS TREASURE ISLAND MR EYNAUD There are certain books that are so rooted in our culture that you somehow feel you have read them even if you have not. “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens is one of them. “Treasure Island” is another. I remember being given this book when I was nine years old. It did not have any pictures; just a colourful cover showing a one-legged man with a parrot on his shoulder leaning on a crutch and dragging a young lad tied with a rope. I only read the book two years later at school where it was a set textbook. My friends and I loved it! We would look

forward to the English lesson when our Jesuit teacher, Fr Greally, would read the next instalment to us, doing all the voices and involving us all conspiratorially in the great adventure. It is a book I have reread many times. “Treasure Island” is a tale of pirates and buried gold; a tale that has inspired so many other stories on pirates and buccaneers. It is a coming-of-age story as the young boy, Jim Hawkins, having acquired a map that appears to point to Captain Flint’s long-buried treasure, leaves his mother and joins a group of adventurers on the good ship Hispaniola in search of this treasure. Joining them on board is a larger-thanlife character, Long John Silver, a onelegged sea dog with a parrot on his shoul10

der. Silver befriends Jim and introduces him to the rest of the crew, who unbeknown to the Captain of the ship and his officers, are prepared to take over the ship once treasure has been found. There’s a mutiny, battles on the island once a landing has been made, treachery and death, before justice is seen to be done and the book reaches a satisfactory conclusion. Robert Louis Stevenson published his classic pirate tale in 1883. A fast-paced story of adventure, with mass appeal, it soon became popular across the world. Stevenson was to write several other great books like “Kidnapped” and “The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde” but it was this tale of 18th century buccaneers in search of a buried fortune in gold and jewels that is most associated with his name. It is a story that holds immense appeal for children and adults; children usually identifying with young independent Jim Hawkins and adults with the ever-scheming, intriguing and enigmatic Silver. There are other memorable and fascinating characters like Billy Bones, Ben Gunn and Squire Trelawney as well as minor players like Blind Pew and Israel Hands. The book has been filmed many times. Many famous artists have provided illustrations for the several editions published over the years. It is also available in several editions as a graphic novel with pictures and words telling the story. My favourite illustrator has been N. C. Wyeth whose drawings for “Treasure Island” capture brilliantly the menace, danger and sense of high adventure in the book. Search him out on Google to see if I am right. You may find that the language appears somewhat foreign to you. You may also find that the book starts slowly compared to other modern books you have read recently where there is the equivalent of

a chase sequence in the first few pages. Stick to it however and it will cast its spell on you. Soon you also will be singing along with the pirates: “Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest – yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”


Moriarty : Anthony Horowitz returns with his latest adaptation of a classic, the sequel to his earlier novel, House of Silk.

Orfeo : Richard Powers’ ‘Bioterrorist Bach’ infects the Man Booker Prize long list.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things– Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller chronicles novella transports you through the world of Auri, one of the book’s most enigmatic characters.

The Critics

GAME: FIFA 15 (8.8) PHOENIX GUWA Perhaps more than ever, this year’s FIFA comes down to the little details. If you played last season’s game, then the whole thing will seem very familiar. But look at it this way: FIFA 15 is FIFA 14 executed with style and elegance, giving the game a sense of refinement that the game was lacking last season. If last year’s game was a skeleton of what FIFA wanted to achieve over the course of this console generation, consider FIFA 15 the first layer of meat on top of that.

can make changes more quickly and easily, with big, bold icons being the design order of the day. It's much easier to assign different instructions to individual players, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to specifying which attacking players you want to drop back, or whether you want your striker to run in behind the defence. You can also switch between basic counter-attacking, long-ball, and possession based schemes at the press of a button. The kinds of options available are in no One noticeable change is the way as exhaustive as in the improvement of the goallikes of Football Manager, keepers. The new animabut they at least provide a tions have turned them into simple means of having your great shot-stoppers; they players move in a way that will fling themselves across suits your favoured style. the goal to push away long Unsurprisingly, FIFA 15 is a ranged strikes, or stick out a much more enjoyable game leg if they have already when you have possession, dived and the deflection has taken the ball to the opposite corner. They will get up quicker to collect loose balls too. Taking this all into account, it is a pity that they are prone to letting in shots that travel close to their bodies, or conceding to low strikes through their legs. They will visibly panic in the goalmouth scrabbles, getting in the way of defenders, and rather than when you lose generally causing more the ball. Therefore, this problems than they solve. year, it favours players with For the most part though, good ball control and pace. they are hard to beat and Whether you are running that is as it should be. into a space or wriggling through tackles, you will be Team management menus able to keep the ball at your have been reworked so you feet much more easily. It is

much harder to score from corners as it was before but if you have a couple of quick strikers, then you will gain plenty of joy, especially if you use finesse shots when you are clear of your last man. Defending is still a tricky art to master, particularly because referees have a tendency to blow their whistles at minor infringements. You will concede free-kicks for: body-checks, shirt-pulls, and even unintentional collisions. Attackers anticipate sliding-tackles more often and usually you will find that your defence is not getting much support from your central midfielders.

manager of a credible team.

One of the biggest problems is the number of interruptions. Whenever there is a break in play, you will be treated to a replay of a recent incident which can be very annoying, especially after a goal when it is very difficult to get back into the game, or even to wait while players slowly jog over to receive a throw in. Don’t get me wrong, it might be true to life and anyone in the room who isn’t holding a controller will enjoy the spectacle, but it pushes the presentation to the detriment of the game experience. To conclude, if you are The very popular FIFA Ulti- looking for football that is mate Team mode shares this exciting, exaggerated, and highlight reel feel, with star immensely entertaining, players now available on FIFA 15 is the game to get! short loan periods for those Football can be an emotional sport and this year FIFA have made sure that you really feel this emotion by revamping old ideas and bringing in new ones. Arguably, it has fewer problems than last year but it is still not perfect. However, there is some good groundwork here that (hopefully) EA sports can build on ahead of the next season. times when you can't afford to purchase them. Rather than grind out those tough early victories using your team of bronze players, you can now just loan the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, immediately making you feel like the

11 Nov, 2014 Issue 2

Tech Talk

GOOGLE NEXUS 6: A look at Google’s latest flagship product JEAN FRANCO In the last month or so, the technological world has erupted with new releases, from the android watch, to the flashy, oversized iPhone 6. However, one release has certainly been ignored, and it is Google’s new flagship smart phone, the Nexus 6. The launch of the Nexus 6 places Google hot on Apple and Samsung’s trail. The Nexus 6 is equipped with Android Lollipop 5.0 as its operating system, a 6” quad HD display and a Snapdragon 805 2.7 gHz processor. To complement its incredibly powerful quad core processor, Google has added an equally powerful GPU (Adreno 420). However, the feature that will attract most customers will be its charging function; the phone can be used for up to SIX hours, after only about 15 minutes of charging, this

is due to its fairly large 3220 MaH battery. Furthermore, it has a camera which beats the iPhone 6 ( 13 Mega pixels), but also has optical image stabilisation and a 2 MP front facing camera. The Nexus 6 will be available in the last months of this year, for a rumoured retail price of £429 or $699. Pre-orders in the United States have already sold out.

ANDROID WATCH KENNY LEITAO The Android Watch is a a 280 x 280 screen resoluwatch created for Android tion. We have been told that phone users. The watch con- it will have Qi-wireless compatible charging (found in the Nexus 5 and Nokia handsets). The android watch is light-

playing music. It has a price of £120.00 and can be bought online. It is an amazing piece of technology to have. PRICE: £120.00 Sold online or at any good technology retailer

nects to the Android Phone and is able to access files and data that is on the phone. This makes it extremely efficient for when you are on the go. It has a 1.65 inch screen with weight and now supports


Nov, 2014 Issue 2

Music News


I am not alone in my desire for alternative music artists to someday reign high above the repetitive and uninteresting vocals or beat of a never-dying pop culture—a culture that continues to beat down many more diverse upcoming artists. Maybe it’s because the old culture of actually writing the songs that you perform has died; instead, songs are written in five minutes by committees in London or Los Angeles (this applies to nearly all of your idolised pop singers). However, alternative music is only to the taste of a select elite - probably the same select elite that decided to get this far in different. Ok, ok: maybe I am being a bit harsh. reading the article (an article that will eventual- I do like the NEW song ‘left hand free’ so the new album was not a complete waste of time. ‘Pusher’ and ‘Hunger of the Pine’ are also good tracks, but apart from that I find it hard to see the point of the album. However, I may have been a bit too damning, as in comparison to the last album, ‘An Awesome Wave’ it had a lot of expectation and pressure riding on it. Alt-J: This is all yours 7 / 10 ly review Alt-J’s new album). So I will get to the point. Why do I bother to write this much in defence of Alt-J, only for them to go ahead and do what they did in This is all Yours? Why would you push alternative music listeners over the edge by producing something that sounds like a rip-off of ‘Greensleeves’? But even worse, we leave Alt-j to make a completely new album, and they basically re-master half of their songs into something that sounds only the slightest bit

13 Nov, 2014 Issue 2


V SQUAD AND SCORESHEET A dominant performance against Richard Challoner sealed the Cardinal Vaughan U15's first win of the season. We started the game strongly with Ryan Healy scoring a try with Edward Morgan converting within the opening five minutes. However, Challoner hit back strongly. A strong defensive line, led by Max Charlton, Aiden Turley and Logan Stewart held the Challoner on our own try line for five minutes, until Edward Morgan relieved the pressure with a kick up-field. For the rest of the first half we put pressure on the Challoner defence, and the offensive line lived up to the heroic defensive line of the early stages of the game. Our pressure was rewarded and Ryan completed his hat-trick scoring two tries within the first half, Edward converting both. We went into half-time 20-0 up. *** As the second half began our dominance resumed. We scored again early on in the second half with a great solo effort by Tom McGrath and conversion by Edward. Finally, Challoner managed to break through our defensive line and scored a try; however, they failed to convert. Despite the minor set back we hit back strongly with a team try, finished off by Noel, which secured more points for the Vaughan. Our lead was extended after Aiden Turley broke their defensive line with a powerful run resulting in a well deserved try.

Team (Tries) (Substitutions) 1. Benedict Gardner 2. Francis McGovern 3. Aiden Turley (1) 4. Bede Joly de Lotbiniere (Sam Leahy) 5. Laurence Joss 6. Ryan Healy (3) 7. Max Charlton 8. Logan Stewart 9. George Whear 10. Edward Morgan (David Gardner) 11. Francesco Zucchelli (Noel Sarmiento) 12. Tom McGrath (1) 13. Tommy Judge 14. Thomas Pearce (Phoenix Guwa) 15. Sean O’Brien (Myles Lewis) Subs: Sam Leahy Myles Lewis

The greatest game we have ever played. -- Mr Cooney


Phoenix Guwa Noel Samiento (1) David Gardner

Nov, 2014 Issue 2

SPORT ARSENAL’S INJURY CRISIS HOW WILL ARSENAL COPE? RYAN MORAHAN Currently, six players from the Arsenal roster are out injured, but is this just a sudden surge in Arsenal injuries, or is the problem based at London Colney?

played from 60 to 85 games and have consistently had the same number of injuries. The size of Arsenal’s players has been questioned for many years. Most of their squad wouldn’t look out of place in Cardinal Vaughan! Olivier Giroud (two months), Mathieu Debuchy (eight But, once again, this cannot be seen as an excuse, as weeks), Mesut Özil (two months), Laurent Koscielny many modern teams have small players - look at Messi (two weeks) are all prominent first team players. Yaya for an example. Also, players like Mertesacker, Giroud Sanogo (any day now) and David Ospina (two months) and Sanogo are some of the tallest in the league. are second choice players in their preferred position. This just shows the severity of the situation. As an Ar- John Cross, a columnist for The Mirror, believes that senal fan, I, like many others, am inclined to blame the the problems lie with the manager’s poor selection of coaching staff. But is there any evidence for this? players and a serious amount of bad luck. I, personally, am inclined to believe him, not only is he an Arsenal Arsenal have the most injuries per year in the Barclays fan, he is the ‘go-to’ man for all things Arsenal. The Premier League, and probably Europe. In 2002 squad depth for Arsenal is terrible. Manchester City Wenger promised to look into this, but 12 years later, can put out two XIs that would both be title contendchanges are starting to appear. Wenger changed the ers, and Chelsea have some of the best luck at the mosetup of Arsenal’s training ground, London Colney, but ment; every game they play can earn them a result, no still the injuries continue. Because of this, many theo- matter how poorly they play. Costa looked poor tories have emerged, but should any of these be investi- wards the end of last season but he has hit the ground gated by the Arsenal staff? running at Chelsea. Even if he does get injured, Drogba is an equal replacement. Former Arsenal midfielder, Gilles Grimandi, who is now a scout for the club, has his own idea. He believes The final theory is that when Gary Lewin left Arsenal’s that the problem lies in the style of football played by medical department we never really replaced him. this Arsenal side. Grimandi thinks that because of the That’s a phrase you hear a lot where Arsenal are conway Arsenal hold the ball, and the fact that their players cerned, and this has clear evidence. Lewin left in 2008, are smaller and thus weaker, they expose themselves to and Arsenal went from having an average of 60 injuries more knocks. That is only added to by the fact that we to 79 injuries. This appears to make sense, but is it true play four different competitions and are therefore that the cause was Lewin leaving? When anyone senior bound to get a lot of injuries. The cause can be broken leaves his post, the people below him struggle to maininto four categories: possession, tackles, player size and tain their standard, and only recently has he been exhaustion. properly replaced. If we look at possession, the statistics suggest that the team with more possession suffer fewer injuries. This is probably as they don’t have to put their bodies on the line with tackles and blocks that could cause muscle strain. Looking at tackles, in the last ten years, Arsenal have suffered the most tackles, with 4,938,500 more than Chelsea and 600 more than Tottenham Hotspur, so this seems like a logical reason for a serious number of injuries. Is there a serious correlation between matches played and injuries sustained? The short answer is “no”. Over the past ten years, Arsenal have

I think, personally, that Cross has hit the nail on the head. We, as a club, are incredibly unlucky. This is not helped by the manager and his decisions, and players holding the ball too long. If Arsenal ever want to improve, the managerial staff need to have a serious rethink about the club’s philosophy.

15 Nov, 2014 Issue 2

SPORT Was Real’s victory down to Rodgers’ mistake? REAL MADRID 1-0 LIVERPOOL ALFIE COX           

22 Mignolet 19 Manquillo 37 Skrtel BKD 04 K Touré 18 Moreno BKD 23 Can (Coutinho) 21 Lucas (Gerrard ) 24 Allen 50 Markovic (Sterling ) 29 Borini 20 Lallana

          

01 Casillas 17 Arbeloa (Nacho) 02 Varane 04 Ramos BKD

Brendan Rodgers’s controversial decision was to either rest or drop players, for what should have been the biggest game of the season so far. The question is whether it was done with a view to getting a result

12 Marcelo BKD 10 Rodríguez BKD (Bale ) 19 Modric 08 Kroos 23 Isco 09 Benzema( Hernández) 07 Ronaldo


      

01 Jones 02 Johnson

      

03 Pepe 11 Bale 13 Navas 14 Hernández

against Chelsea - either by ensuring the young players have match time, or dropping the likes of Gerrard and 10 Coutinho 26 Medrán Sterling to make sure they are fresh for Chelsea. Ei14 Henderson 35 Torró ther way, Liverpool lost to Chelsea and Real Madrid. 31 Sterling Is it a gamble that back fired, did he need to take it 45 Balotelli and would Rodgers have been better off just playing his best team against Real Madrid, and maybe trying to win it? Liverpool were not close to winning at the The goal scorer in the 27th minute was Karin Benze- Bernabeu but would a full team have changed the ma; he turned in Marcelo’s cross, Mignolet unable to score line? Many people accepted that Liverpool probably thought they could not win it, so Rodgers put out do much to keep him out, even after some earlier a weaker team. Chelsea was the game he really wantsaves. ed to win and he did not win that either. Was Rodgers right to make the gamble? And what would have Real Madrid had 27 shots and nine on target, with happened if he had played a full team? Bale hitting the bar; Liverpool only managed four shots, with one from Lallana on target. 08 Gerrard

18 Nacho

Liverpool had the most fouls, with twelve compared to Madrid’s eight. Possession: Madrid 60% to 40%


Nov, 2014 Issue 2

Mr Kelly’s Quotes of The Month

‘Truth is not determined by a majority vote’- Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI ‘It is not hard to obey when we love the One we obey’- St. Ignatius of Loyola ‘Occupy yourself in beholding and bewailing your own imperfections rather than contemplating the imperfections of others’- St. Ignatius of Loyola

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